OT for Feb 4 about Feb 3

As I write this it's "yesterday", Feb. 3rd, the anniversary of that plane crash in 1959. I had sort of vaguely heard Buddy Holly while he was alive but after the disaster his music was played a lot. With that extra airplay I became a wild full-fledged fan. I took my allowance (saved up over a month, I think) and, for the first time ever, with my own money bought a record. That was the collection of his hits, The Buddy Holly Story

OT 12-24-15: Folk Music, Protest Music

I might have been too young for the folk boom. When some people had tuned out rock n roll in favor of Pete Seeger et al I was still listening to The Orlons...and liking what I heard. Later I found out there was a "Cuban Missile Crisis". I missed it. I was too busy with "He's a Rebel", "Do You Love Me", "Green Onions" and "James, Hold the Ladder Steady". "If I Had a Hammer" was on the charts, though, and I did like it but in a musical way rather than as a cultural lifestyle.