Tom Petty, Another Victim of the Opioid Crisis.

Was just forwarded this via NPR (apologies, I'm loathe to support those Neoliberal hucksters pretending to be journalists).

The death of rocker Tom Petty in October 2017 came as a result of an accidental drug overdose with a toxic mix of drugs taken for several ailments, including a fractured hip.

The results of an autopsy were released Friday by Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner Jonathan Lucas.

My diary on electronica

Nowadays there is a fair amount of electronica on YouTube that really helps me with working existence. And this is, as of today Tuesday, the early part of the work week, so I'm in the soup. Some sort of musical accompaniment has to soothe the increasing annoyance I feel that, given the increasing foreboding we feel at the system's ultimate doom, we're still trapped within it!

Autumn Reading and Music selections from Alligator University

I've been missing the friendly confines of c99 for a while. As usual, wonderful, thoughtful essays have been consistently posted since my last visit. Now if you expect thoughtful from a reptile, think again. I left my swamp a few weeks ago to visit my sister Alice in Southern Florida. But, damn, this Harvey guy was the biggest blowhard I've ever come across outside of DJ Trump and HRC (aka HerM).

I'm not Jazz; I'm not Blues--I Am Rock and Roll

Nope. No music videos. Nope. No praise of musical style or of musicians. This essay is about musical preference and growth and maturation. Thinking about musical preferences in my case led me to consider how these preferences arose. I cannot talk in particulars because each of us has own preferences in music--and in friends, food, politics, and most everything else. If this essay turns to first person, as it frequently will, does not mean to imply about any one else's preferences.

Gaming Music may be the most relevent music today.

I can hear the cries of disbelief now.

"Gaming Music? Really? You're talking about those blips and bleeps and heavy metal loops that don't mean anything?"

Nope, not at all. What I'm talking about is the cream of the crop. The music that like opera and and the greatest of film soundtracks, manages to create an environment and an emotion. In many ways audio is more responsible for the immersion of some of the greatest pieces of interactive fiction ever made.