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Michael Savage is a barking lunatic who for three hours on the radio each day is violently insane. He jackboots up and down the dial bellowing blood-and-soil "borders, language, culture" atavism, a knuckledragging retroversion basically stolen by The Hairball to become the president.

Savage's real last name is Weiner, like the penis, and with his Savage Weiner penis he produced a son, Russell, who concocted a swill called Rockstar, a blend of caffeine and poison that the humans pour down their mouth-holes in the delusion they will thereby achieve "energy." I have a Resentment and even a Hate for this product, because I know that the original and true Rockstar was invented by Zack. I know this because I was present at the creation.

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A Day Late and a Dollar Short

Much of this week's news cycle makes it plain that as a species we react, but we're not very good at acting today for a better tomorrow. Give me mine NOW! It isn't just the hurricane and UN climate report that drive this lesson home to me but also the WaPo journalist slaughtered in Turkey by the Saudis - where has the outrage been about the Yemeni children whose blood is on our hands too. And how about the so called correction (crash) of the market this week "caused by the tariffs"...while ignoring the over valuation caused by corporations using their tax cuts to buy their own stock (which used to be illegal). So humans seem pretty good at jumping after they've been burned, but not so good at avoiding setting the woods on fire in the first place.

Obama Presidential Center Advances At City Hall, As Officials Vow To ‘Monitor’ Displacement

Hopey-Changey and his minions in City Hall (*Emanuel*) stick it to the citizens of Chicago, particularly its pooorest inhabitants, big time!

Obama Presidential Center Advances At City Hall, As Officials Vow To ‘Monitor’ Displacement
Officials acknowledged the $500 million project could push longtime South Side residents out of their homes.

an exposé of Pierre’s Intercept by the excellent Whitney Webb

(the ‘Bana’ psyop holding a bellincat T-shirt)

In my ‘All the Manufactured News That’s Fit to Believe™’, wd, Oct. 3, 2018; Café version, C99% version, I’d mentioned that the Intercept had done at least four four smears of Julian Assange, glorified the White Helmets psyop, and had featured this Tweet by Sharmine Narwani: “When @TheIntercept sounds exactly like the NY Times: Resident Syrian-nun-basher Jeremy Scahill interviews “leftist” Noam Chomsky who calls #Syria‘s jihadi-busting govt a “murderous regime” & thinks US troops should remain illegally in the sovereign state”  with this link to the Intercept.  I hadn’t checked the dates as to whether or not some were after WikiLeaks had published the CIA Vaults 7 and 8, come to think of it.  But certainly after those publications was when WikiLeaks was thrown off the anonymyzing donations funneled through the Freedom of the Press Foundation that Julian, Michael Ratner, and a couple others had started.

Planned Suicide Attempt by A Political Dissident To Go Down The Memory Hole Yet Again?

This morning the Twitter feed on my phone (though not on my laptop) surprisingly offered this headline, "Man Arrested for Allegedly Plotting to Detonate Bomb at National Mall on Election Day." Wouldn't have expected such a jarring headline from the notoriously mainstream social media platform. Has anybody even heard about this?


So, Kavanaugh seals the deal of the Supreme Court among all the goodwill and collegiality required for the occasion. That is to say, he affirms the trend already set by a court which had pronounced Bush to be the “elected” President in 2000, and had decided that corporations were people just like us, and so on.