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Donald Trump Now The Hugest Climate Catalyst #OnePlanetSummit #Climate

20171211_164312-3096x1742.jpg. Thank Donald Trump For Today's #OnePlanetSummit #Paris #Macron #Climate

Okay now, who will admit to reading with passing interest reports on Trump’s campaign speeches about protecting US jobs, Social Security, Medicare, stopping TPP, and more populist words? Anyone?

Sexual harassment and the Court of Public Opinion

This Axe Swings Both Ways

This essay is a conflation of two important but somewhat related issues: the protections against gender abuse and a substitution for established legal systems. I suspect most of the comments will deal with the first issue but the second issue is actually at least as important.

Is Trump Toast? Has this Been an Example of Mass Manipulation?

Hey, even I like a little soap opera now and then. Can't be serious all the time, although this is looking kind of serious.

I noticed that Senator Gillibrand came out today saying Trump should resign. This is after Senator Merkley and Senator Booker called for his resignation over the weekend and before Senator Ron Wyden did the same this afternoon.

More homelessness + lots of vacant houses = Capitalism

"People are less likely to walk up and kick you in the face if you’re sleeping during the day.”
- Orlando Ward

We are in the third longest economic expansions in American history. Unemployment is at a 17 year low. The stock and bond markets are at all-time highs.
So naturally, the working class is being crushed.

A Few Republicans Crawfishing on Medicare Cuts #TaxScam

20171125_082134-3096x1742.jpgQuite a few of my family members, including my wife jb and I, depend on Medicare for at least part or all of our healthcare. Staying awake at night concerned about where this all is headed.

A few Republicans are backtracking on Medicare cuts. Or at least the dirtbags are saying so.

Why Doesn't We Learn?

I don't get this continued attraction to the Democratic party by some on the left. Then again I do, it's like a cult, cults are hard to leave. Notice I didn't say, "the" left? I saw that in a Salon article posted here at C99 earlier where the author generalized that the left was the democratic party and vice versa. Time to end that bullshit.

The Weekly Watch

The US Economic Plan
Dumb down the People, Take their Money

(repeat as necessary)

The fatal flaw with this economic model is that after enough time, the people are broke and can no longer provide for the 1%. How dumb are we? I'll be better able to answer after Tuesday's election here in Alabama. They've got the propaganda machines running on high in anticipation. Do you think the Israeli embassy move is a distraction to insure passage of the tax scam? I wouldn't be surprised. Despite everyone's sense that T-rump is an idiot, I wonder how such a supposed dumb ass can yank the chain of almost every news outlet in the US at any moment. As Chris Hedges often says, things are not broken, they are going as planned for the 1%. Sadly, we think we live in a democracy when it is really corporate feudalism.

how it works.jpg

Paul Craig Roberts - why am I agreeing with him so much lately?

Dr. Roberts is an economist who had a cabinet level position under Reagan. His writing often has a rightwing slant, but he is an honest rightwinger (a paleocon?). He also has a distinct anti-Israel bias. Yet here he is begging the Left to rescue itself.

Cold Day In Hell Arriving? Collins Promised No Medicare Cuts

20171208_113007-3096x1742.jpgReal cold day when Republicans might save us.

Who cares, but #taxscam has dropped below News.Google front page. However many are still on the edge of their seats working for the damn thing to die.

Others are occupying offices and being arrested.

(Now who didn’t see this coming?): Hillary Clinton Supporters Are Apparently Plotting To Falsely Accuse Bernie Sanders Of Sexual Assault

The other day when i was reading about this #metoo crusade and how its been turned into such a farce by a lot of opportunistic people, I started to wonder why hasn’t someone tried to use it to nail the DNC’s and Dim’s most hated member. I thought maybe the Clinton Creature could have someone cook up another ‘Dossier’ or something and Obama could kick in a million (or two now that he’s out-grifting the Clinton grifters) to help pay for one better than the last one they bought.

Bernie Sanders predicts Republican response to 2017 tax bill

While probably none of us here totally agree with everything Bernie says, I think most of us would unhesitatingly agree that there is no finer practitioner of the art of discomforting Republicans than he. The 2017 Tax Deform Bill has passed but the sage Bernie predicted wisely before it did so: see this 6:47 video for a fine double skewering by the Bern

Friday Night Photos

Got something of the winter blues. We recently had a snowfall after rain with dropping temps, which created an icy nightmare. It's still hard to walk when I attempt my daily mile (no more cycling until next year).


Still feeling blue about losing Oscar, but little Fred is injecting fun around the household. Thank goodness he sleeps once in a while.

I'm no poet.

I stood upon the hill, that last bastion of the war weary,
I looked upon the city that cried for war.
I saw the corporate concrete capillaries,
maintaining the body belligerent,
lorded over by that which believed
That it deserved the powers of the King.