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Open Thread - 06-19-24 - Can the Democratic Party be Reformed?

It seems like to me the natural trajectory of politics in America has been for years, spiraling downwards. As long as I can remember a new administration would get elected to right the wrongs of the previous administration, only to proceed to screw things up worse than it was before. That administration would then be kicked out in lieu of the next administration that's promised to right the ship of state. And that administration would proceed to dig the hole deeper.

This cycle repeats itself time after time until it spirals out of control and, here we are, circling the toilet. Can you remember an administration that left the country in better shape than before it was elected?


Let's say Goodbye to eyo, and express all our love and respect, shall we?

Eyo, a site member stricken with Multiple Myeloma passed away on Tuesday evening, June 4, 2024.

I received the following email Monday before her last day:

"I am a friend of Liz Young’s. She wanted me to tell you when she has died. She is very close. She sends her very very best regards to “everyone @ C99”.

She told me how supportive so many at C99 had been to her when she was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma.

She is actively dying now and I imagine she will pass away today/tomorrow.

In solidarity~


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Lose, Lose, Lose

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We're losing on so many levels...Losing dollar dominance, Losing elections, Losing wars, Losing credibility (as we steal Russian assets), Losing our rights as citizens, and much more. Joe Biden is emblematic of our decline, as he wanders around at the G7 and apparently craps in his pants at the D-day celebration.

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