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Friday Night Photos Past, Present, and Future Edition

Happy Friday everyone. As always, post any photos you like.

On Tuesday the camera club I'm in had it's monthly outing at the San Diego Automotive Museum. I think they should change their name to San Diego Automotive and Motorcycle Museum since they have more motorcycles on display than automobiles.
As automobiles go, I like our past and I like our present. Can't say I like our future.

Everybody have a great weekend, stay cool in this heat and drive safe.


"Health Care Savings" Democrats are Pushing are a Fraud. Big Pharma Wins Again

I've been calling this The October Surprise.

It is a bit complicated, but I will do my best.

First, Barron's and many other publications leaked the news that this year's COLA will be the largest ever---somewhere between 10% to 11.4%. (It is usual for this news to get out now and the official notice will come later on in October.)

Open Thread - 08-12-22 - Courage

Courage comes in many forms. I believe it is inherent in all of us. Fear is the great inhibitor that may push it to the side or the catalyst that may bring it front and center. It may lay dormant, sometimes forever suppressed or it may ooze from every pore. Some may bluster about their courage only to fold under duress, some may be as timid as a mouse but rise as a lion in the face of adversity. Courage is an attribute that may manifest itself in ways that are totally surprising to the individual.


Why the Mar-a-Lago raid could be the best thing ever for the Left

Die-Hard Trump fans don't care about facts. I can sort of understand where they are coming from because of the way the Democrats went about going after Trump (i.e. the Dems started with the B.S. Russiagate). So if you stopped listening after that then you missed the real and substantial scandals of Trump.

Open Thread - Thurs 11 Aug 2022 - Sex and Gender in Archaeology Part II

Sex and Gender in Archaeology, Part II -

A few weeks ago I wrote a little bit about 'woke' archaeology. This week I want to discuss a couple of examples of the re-examination of archaeological remains (basically skeletons in burials) and how that re-examination has changed the sex assigned by archaeologists of the individual studied, and perhaps our overall view of the individual's society. Theory and 'facts' can change in Archaeology, and any other discipline, as science and knowledge changes (see this article, linked by Peachcreek in a comment on my open thread on woke archaeology, for a good summary of all this).

Guess which president made mishandling of classified documents a felony?