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War drums & regime change drums beating for Iran: Part III, the Geopolitics

Part I is here, Part II Café version;  the caucuc99% version.

First, the Geopolitics of Mackinder’s Heartland Sort, reminding us why Obama initiated his ‘Pivot to Asia’ policy that Beijing knew meant ‘China Containment’ policy, shrewd devils that they are:  ‘Iran’s Role in New Silk Road Emphasized’, May 17, 2017, financialtribune.com

The Democrats Heist Movie

Democrats are greedy bastards.

To be frankly honest, they couldn't give a shit about the poor, minorities, or anything else, it's all about the MONEY that those groups can give. As those groups have gotten poorer and poorer, the amount of money that they can squeeze out of their traditional groups has gotten smaller and smaller.

War drums, regime change drums beating for Iran: Part II

Part I is here, ‘As the drumbeats for war on Iran grow more thunderous, ‘education is key’, some history of Iran by way of a Twitter storify by Nyusha (an orphan of the revolution).  It’s longish, and as I’d resized Tweets for the Café, for c99ers, I’d reckoned you could simply click in to read at your leisure without reading the much larger Tweets there, and having to go scrollingsrollingscrolling down.  She’s dug up fantastic archival photos, artwork, and a lot of history that was quite new to me.

Petition to end the Federal Reserve Edited

Edit: I am not here to argue with anyone about whether or not this petition will do anything or the value of having a petition. I originally posted this as an information item in case anyone wanted to view the petition or sign it.

For those so inclined, I am posting a link to a White House petition to end the Federal Reserve. I have signed it myself, but can understand if people here are leery of doing so.

The Weekly Watch

Is This the Moment to Build a Movement?

I think it is time...past time...to unite the fight to end poverty in the world's wealthiest country, address the systemic racism reflected in our immoral prison system and police shootings, stop environmental degradation, and fund these cultural transitions (and restore a sense of humanity) by ending war. These four issues - poverty, racism, ecological destruction, and endless war – are intrinsically bound together. The Poor People's Campaign began forty days of action last Monday. Each week represents a different theme, and there are concurrent actions in thirty capitols.


Popes Have Long Opposed Human Rights and Supported Tyrants: A (Relatively) Brief History

Most are familiar with the Crusades and Spanish Inquisition. Fewer know about Pius XII's embrace of fascism, his cooperation with the CIA, John Paul II's alliance with Reagan in support of dictators, the political consequences of his appointment of right-wing bishops in the U.S. and Latin America - including Pope Francis - and the current pontiff's unknown history.

Bombshell looming Re: Inspector General's report?

Much of this essay relies upon an article published by Zero Hedge on May 17. The Zero Hedge article is based upon the reporting of Paul Sperry who writes for the Wall Street Journal. I really like Zero Hedge because they seem to be on top of news in real time. However the Zero Hedge site drives me crazy with their pop up ads. So be forewarned about the pop up ads if you go there.

A voice of knowledge and reason

Updated: This mornings interview on NZ National Radio

In the following interview Dr. Ramzy Baroud, a Palestinian journalist and author who was born and raised in a refugee camp in the Gaza Strip speaks with George Galloway, a British broadcaster and politician with intimate knowledge of the Palestinian condition.

'More supporters for Russia in Germany than for America'

This is my own translation (and therefore an unprofessional one with possibly many comprehension mistakes) of an article published by the weekly newspaper's online edition "Die Zeit".

Just to give you an idea about the atmosphere in Germany this morning before Chancellor Merkel heads to visit Putin.
Von Trump vergrault.

"Crisis of Integrity" at the Highest Levels

Former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson gave a speech at VMI and talked about the lack of truth, ethics and integrity in high places of American society, public and private.

"When we as people, a free people, go wobbly on the truth even on what may seem the most trivial of matters, we go wobbly on America", Tillerson told the graduating class of cadets at the Virginia Military Institute.

Eddie Cochran speaks for me, for all of us

We all should have and still should, raise a fuss and a holler, as it were. Hell my family didn't even have a car to borrow for a chunk of my youth and I couldn't have borrowed it to go a riding on Sunday
because my dad needed it to work his second job and I was very possibly working 1+ jobs myself.

The democrats who voted to confirm Gina Haspel for CIA director

There is a huge stain on this country that will never wash off because of the people who committed torture. For failure to prosecute the people who committed torture. For the democrats who voted to reward the person who oversaw torture to be the CIA director.