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Lobbyists rejoice as US sells more arms in 6 months than in whole of 2017

Well at least one segment of our economy is making money.

I suppose this probably puts the squelch to any “peace on Earth by Christmas’ fantasies I may have had. I doubt there’s going to be a whole lot of peace in many of the places those armaments went.

Lobbyists rejoice as US sells more arms in 6 months than in whole of 2017


Assange Is Going To Be Turned Over To The UK (Updated)

Ecuador to hand over Assange to UK ‘in coming weeks or days,’ own sources tell RT's editor-in chief

Ecuador is ready to hand over the WikiLeaks founder to the UK in “coming weeks or even days,” RT editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan said citing her own sources, as prospects of his eviction from the embassy are back in the media.

"The Democratic Party is the champion of voter suppression"

For decades we've heard the Democrats yell and scream and shed crocodile tears about the GOP's voter suppression efforts. Yet for some reason, the Democrats never seemed to be able to do anything about it.
The reason for the Democrats inability to fight back on this issue is extremely simple: They are hypocrites.

South Korea. Quagmire. Afghanistan. Quagmire. Iran?

c99 essay road.jpg
Bygod we were right. We were right all those times we argued over at TOP against going into, staying, escalating, and continuing the war in Afghanistan. And now all the other "Credit Card Wars". Maybe a new one with Iran is being planned on the road ahead...

Countering #TreasonSummit on Twitter

Seriously, it’s trending !  #TreasonSummit on twitter

Of course it’s treasonous to keep a campaign promise to ‘restore relations with Russia’, or for Putin to say candidly that he’d hoped Trump would win the election…based on that promise.  The transcript of the Press Conference is here, and more later on the breathtaking versions of the #Treason bellicosity, but it was foreordained with the many shouts to the Trump not to make the Summit due to the advancements re: Russiagate, not just the indictment of 12 GRU intelligence assets who’d hacked…the election, but also Two Uses of Russian Novichok™ !.  The second came by way of perfume with pollen on it that will soon prove to have come from a rare Venus flytrap that #Putin has in his conservancy at home.