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UK PROPAGANDA: "Historic Win, Short of a simple majority"

is like saying "won the baseball game despite not having hit any homers." Utter nonsense. Runs across the plate are what counts. And your Party Vote, Plus your affiliated Party coalition is what determines results. Just like in Israel.

That is the United Kingdom today.


Welcome to Saturday's Potluck

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”
Pablo Picasso

Today I am going to indulge in gossip/discussion about problem behaviors. A new problem showed up yesterday. A note on the front door mentioned I had two extra cattle in my field and pre-thanking for my patience, which is running thin at the moment. Yep, two young Angus heifers in the field, from the tracks they had been chased all around the buildings, various equipment and through the orchard. Some panel fencing used to protect the water pump and plastic pipes were moved to block the heifers in an area by the corral, gates had been left open in several places between various fields and several sections of fence was damaged by the heifers when jumping the fence and not clearing it completely.

The People's Party on Biden's first 100 days.

Thought I'd share an email:

The First 100 Days: Obama Delivered Trump. We Must Break the Duopoly or Biden Will Deliver Something Much Worse
Detroit, May 7, 2021 — The first 100 days of a president’s term are historically their best chance to enact their agenda. In 1933, as he took office at the height of the Great Depression, Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Democrats convened a special session of Congress and ran the legislature like a New Deal printing press.

The Biden Plan: a growth initiative borne of capitalist desperation

Climate change is "in the news" now. I really don't know why. Weren't the news-makers, the stenographers of power, all better off denying it until it kills them? You know, like the people who put up signs next to devastation zones saying "climate change is a hoax"? I live near people like this. Here's a thought: go to a factory farm, and tell the animals they're all going to be slaughtered. Would this knowledge do them any good?