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R.I.P. native (Roger Schuyler Lake)

We grieve to inform you all that our blogbrother native, the artist Roger Schuyler Lake, shuffled off this mortal coil early last night, Thursday, December 14, 2017, in his sleep.

Your comments and good wishes, which he heard with great delight, were of great comfort to him, and we thank you for them and for remembering him with such respect and fondness.

Things That Would Have Happened No Matter Who Won in 2016

There are some out there who say we'd be better off with a Billary presidency. I would like to compile a list of things that would have gone to shit regardless of who was president:

1. Net Neutrality Repeal

Some people don't think this would have happened under Billary, but considering Comcast and Verizon were among her largest bribe bundlers, they would have expected a huge return on investment had her pied-piper strategy played out as intended.

Rod Rosenstein gets the "Comey" treatment from the Dems

Question: where can one reliably get a daily dose of hypocrisy? (comments about TOP are excluded)

Answer: (do I really have to answer this?)

Remember the 6'6" weasel lurking around the Hoover Building a few months ago? You know, the fellow who allowed FBI agent Peter Strzok to change wording in Comey's public pronouncement from "gross negligence" to ""reckless carelessness" (the latter not being a term recognized in the statutes)
Yeah, that guy.

(File this under ‘You Think???): Was the Heated 2016 Democratic Primary Rigged for Debbie Wasserman Schultz?

I had to laugh when I ran across this. I’ve not seen any news on, or heard any discussion of the possibility or likelihood this lying, faithless, disgusting public parasite might have been doing the same thing she made certain the Clinton Creature able to do. But I sure as Hell am not surprised.

Btw, any news on her buddies, the Awan family? I wonder if they had a hand in this??

Was the Heated 2016 Democratic Primary Rigged for Debbie Wasserman Schultz?

Russian Hackers? Nah. Three kids playing hardball in Minecraft

To the average person, the Internet is just magic. They have no clue how it works or how you can mess with it. That ignorance makes it easier for TPTB to create boogeymen, like "Russian Hackers". But, techies, sometimes, are more interested in the facts instead of politics. Hence, this interesting story about the Mirai botnet in Wired Magazine (which I have called "Hacker of Fortune" since the day it was founded).

The Opposite of Identity Politics

Many, if not most, people at c99p are fed up with the Identity Politics (IP) hijacking of the Democratic Party. Here is an article that succinctly lays out what is wrong with IP and what the worldview of the downwardly-mobile white working class (WWC) is:

Class Dismissed: Identity Politics Without The Identity

Roy Moore lost to Doug Jones

The fact that the Republican Party supported him in the first place is a stain on it and that so many people voted for him even knowing that he was a sexual predator is disgusting and disappointing.
The Alabama governor said that she believes the women who made the accusations, but said that Moore had other values that are good for the Republican Party. Eew...

Donald Trump Now The Hugest Climate Catalyst #OnePlanetSummit #Climate

20171211_164312-3096x1742.jpg. Thank Donald Trump For Today's #OnePlanetSummit #Paris #Macron #Climate

Okay now, who will admit to reading with passing interest reports on Trump’s campaign speeches about protecting US jobs, Social Security, Medicare, stopping TPP, and more populist words? Anyone?

Sexual harassment and the Court of Public Opinion

This Axe Swings Both Ways

This essay is a conflation of two important but somewhat related issues: the protections against gender abuse and a substitution for established legal systems. I suspect most of the comments will deal with the first issue but the second issue is actually at least as important.

Is Trump Toast? Has this Been an Example of Mass Manipulation?

Hey, even I like a little soap opera now and then. Can't be serious all the time, although this is looking kind of serious.

I noticed that Senator Gillibrand came out today saying Trump should resign. This is after Senator Merkley and Senator Booker called for his resignation over the weekend and before Senator Ron Wyden did the same this afternoon.

More homelessness + lots of vacant houses = Capitalism

"People are less likely to walk up and kick you in the face if you’re sleeping during the day.”
- Orlando Ward

We are in the third longest economic expansions in American history. Unemployment is at a 17 year low. The stock and bond markets are at all-time highs.
So naturally, the working class is being crushed.