Democrats and the media are really flogging Russiagate

President Trump threatened to declassify documents about the Russia investigation today, and the news media was horrified.
Do you remember when the news media supported transparency in the White House? Journalists used to fight for transparency, even to the point of risking their careers.

Trump's Order for FISA Declassification

This essay is an attempt to try to sort some things out about what we are hearing in the main stream media and from many Democrats about Trump's order to declassify 21 redacted pages of the fourth FISA warrant on Carter Page. As an aside, Carter Page, himself has asked for the entire FISA warrant document to be released unredacted.

Chicago Officials HALT Obama Library Construction, Reveal Sweetheart Rent Deal

Awwwwww, poor Hopey-Changey. **sniff sniff** Don’t the people in Chicago want to be fleeced by this guy and his fake ‘legacy’ for the next (almost) 100 years? Go figure.

Chicago Officials HALT Obama Library Construction, Reveal Sweetheart Rent Deal

Public school teachers are driving the GOP nuts

Republicans have been pulling their hair out this year because of those darn public school teachers. The GOP has been demonizing them for decades to further their goal of privatizing all schools in America, which went into overdrive with the rise of the Tea Party.
Starting with West Virginia, the teachers finally started fighting back.

If TwitFaceGoog (TFG) worked for Democracy...

they'd undertake a massive campaign to educate users on how to tell the difference between claims and facts. They'd grace the People with the reasoning abilities to know when something is proven, disproven, or needs more information before deciding its value.

Teach people how rhetorical tricks and manipulative tactics are used on them. Teach people how trolls operate. How to check the sourcing, and whether there is more than one source.