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The Redbaiting Gets Ratcheted Up

This started with a tweet from a Biden surrogate:

Joshua Schulte: On Trial in NY

You’ll likely remember that Julian Assange has long believed that after WikiLeaks had published the CIA Vault 7 in 2017 was the date that brought the DoJ to put pedal-to-the-metal and charge him with 17 counts of espionage, and ‘persuade’ the London Police to drag him out of the Ecuadorian Embassy on April 12, 2019.  The po-po also stole all his electronic belongings and turned them over to the US DoJ, partially in the quest to discover who the Leaker was.

There was indeed speculation that if Schulte were to offer any defense close to ‘Assange made me do it!’, he’d be offered immunity from prosecution for his testimony.

A wall of text you probably won't want to read ...

          As anyone here should know I don't like "organized" political parties. However there is a particular group of people that belong in a special kind of hell.

          That collection of despicable individuals use a variety of identities. Mostly they like to proclaim they are "ProLife".

          I came across this today and found it particularly cathartic. It is fucking graphic, so you are forewarned.

The Weekly Watch

Costa Rica "On the Beach"

part 3 of 3

Let's finish the trip on the beach...Playa Zancudo. So we've seen the Southern Highlands, the Osa Peninsula, and now let's spend a week on the beach. I often wonder at my good fortune to be able to have such rich experiences. I paid my dues as a classroom teacher...but I loved my job in many ways. I have a pension...a good one run by a fellow originally from MN. We had the foresight to purchase an incredible piece of property at a bargain. Our home of over 30 years was raised by 50 of our friends and filled with good spirits over all those years. All people should be able to live in healthful communities and have enriching experiences. Let's continue our exploration and cross the Gulfo Dulce from Osa to Zancundo


Once more into the fray.

I know the entire C99 community is well aware that every passing day brings on even wilder and outrageous attacks designed to quash Bernie's momentum and derail his campaign. Those attacks run the entire gamut from outrageous obvious lies to slick and subtle rumblings. But we all get it, no one here is being fooled, not by any of it, whether it comes from within or outside of mainstream media. We simply aren’t buying bullshit today.

Tulsi's campaign is still alive

I am of two minds concerning posting this essay on the tail of my previous effort about the Economy. Some of you are of the belief, perhaps correctly that I have less than a half-mind, for publishing my earlier blasphemy against Saint Bernie a few hours ago.

Be that as it may, there is still hope.

Bernie in Mesquite Texas 2/14/2020

It was beautiful. I was sitting in the geriatric section but my two kids (ages 18 and 20) were just 15 feet from Bernie. The crowd was gigantic - they just kept arriving for hours. The first video shows the size of the crowd. A bunch of folks with total solidarity. And the organizers running around were fantastic. Looking very positive for Texas.