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The U.S./Saudi Arabia Genocide of Yemen for Greed and Power

(This is a picture of skeleton thin children starving in Yemen. You'll have to use your imagination or search the internet, I don't have the stomach for it right now.)

(Note: I've got a little 6 month old grandson visiting for the holiday. When I saw the picture of the starving child in Yemen, I saw his eyes looking at me. Angry? You bet.)

Check Your White Privilege?

That is the title of an outstanding critique of the "white privilege" meme that has been tossed around recently:

Money quote:

But a significant question facing progressives today is whether the use of the term "white privilege" helps or hurts building the kind of solidarity needed to promote racial justice and reverse runaway inequality.

Why is moving the Overton Window not mentioned in 2016 election autopsies?

So, there is another major essay trying to understand and explain Trump's victory. In case you haven't seen mention of it yet, I am referring to The Nationalist's Delusion, by The Atlantic's senior political editor, Adam Serwer. It is an excellent, though lengthy read, which reaches the usual conclusion: white Americans are bigoted.

(It’s Bill again): I published and then unpublished this the

day before yesterday because I thought it was funny but took it down because I could only find it in sources I didn’t like. Or trust might be a better word.

Now i’m wondering what the truth is about the situation. Did Bill do all this? Is ‘someone’ trying to put the final nail in the ‘two-for-the-price-of-one Clinton’s coffin? I understand fully that Bill most assuredly didn’t clean up his act after he left Washington in disgrace. Leoplard, spots, etc.

A vignette

On trial

Coming with wind

from over mountain

cold blows

and coal damns children

Needing a room without idiots

intoxication and hypocrites

does Medicaid pay?

Playgrounds behind gates


make bad laws

and, then, break them

never seeing bars

to wake them

On trial

beings loaned by universe

to this?

The "family values" crowd is MIA in the War on Thanksgiving

There really is a War on Thanksgiving(WoT), that commercially unprofitable holiday. It gets stronger every year. This year, we have the pre-Black Friday sales - pushing the Xmas shopping back to at least two weeks BEFORE Thanksgiving. In my town, the homophobic Salvation Army started their irritating, non-stop bell ringing on November first - three weeks before Thanksgiving. The junk email bombardment supporting this time-grab is completely out of control.

Trump is a Dumb Shit and So are We

You are what you eat. You break it, you pay for it. You elect a dumb shit, you are a dumb shit.
Confucius (attributed)

Remember when Rex Tillerson, the Exxon Secretary of State, reportedly called Trump a moron in a July 2017 meeting, i.e., when he was acting as Trump's SOS. He denied it and is still SOS, but we all know it happened and is true.

Between The Lines: US Army Prepping for Permanant War

Good Monday Morning, and welcome to my first official edition of "Between The Lines" which is where I take a look at the propaganda coming out of the US Military and determine what the most likely orders they've been given are.

First out of the chute, a little human interest story about Hats:

The Clintons are Dead to the Democrats

When you've lost Kirsten Gillibrand, Hillary's hand-picked choice to replace her in the Senate, your run controlling the Democratic Party is over.

New York Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand believes that former President Bill Clinton should have resigned in light of the Lewinsky affair.

Personhood For American Women

America's political system has a problem grasping the idea that American women are entitled to legal rights that are comparable to the legal and constitutional rights guaranteed to corporations.

Bill Moyers asks:

Why does the
right-wing anti-choice movement still exist when the majority of Americans want abortion safe and legal?

Following Roe v. Wade:

Reading Between the Lines

Occasionally I'll head on over to the Army Times to see what the bullshit being slung to the enlisted is currently.

And this thing is a goldmine of data for any intelligence analyst. Oh it's not what they say, or what the spin is. None of that is important. What is important is the underlying assumptions of common knowledge and the data that is given, assuming that such data is freely available.