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Anniversary Edition

This is the 200th issue of the WW. We've covered lots of ground in the last four years...traveled around the world a bit, worked in the garden and on the farm, maximized our health with good diet and life style, learned to avoid COVID-19, studied environmentally sound structures and alternative energy options, but the purpose and origin of this column has been to ferret out the weeks news and try to make some sense out of what has happened each week. In creating this series, I've found all news is bias by its nature. Which stories you cover, the sources you cite, the way the stories are integrated all reflect the compiler's perspective. I hope you've found some useful information in these pieces over the years. I know most weeks are a fire hose flow of links, but the WW is meant to be a menu of stories to select from...like a Sunday newspaper. That's one reason I usually try to include a comic or two. As a kid that was my favorite part of the paper. So join in as we ramble through this week's news and views.

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Censorship & Thought Crimes® Rising ★★★

‘How rock star Roger Waters was hung out to dry by Amnesty and Bellingcat for his views on Syrian ‘chemical attack’,  14 Oct, 2020, RT.com

“A leaked phone call reveals that outside pressure caused Amnesty to pull its promotion of a webinar featuring Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters – a vocal skeptic of the Douma ‘chemical attack’ that prompted Western powers to bomb Syria.

In August this year, environmental pressure group Amazon Watch broadcast an online panel discussion in support of Steven Donziger, a crusading attorney who dared try to hold US energy giant Chevron to account for widespread environmental destruction in the Amazon, and was left fighting for his life, livelihood and liberty as a result.

Friday Open Thread: "What are you reading?" edition. ~ 19 Women for the 19th Amendment


19 Women for the 19th Amendment

To honor the 100th anniversary of the U.S ratification of the 19th Amendment — which guaranteed women the right to vote — we’ve curated 19 of our favorite Orion articles written by women.

The Land Has Memory by Priscilla Solis Ybarra and Cherríe Moraga (Winter 2019)

A discussion on Latinx identity and intersectional environmentalism.

Eighteen more below the fold ....

MAS Supporters are Being Massacred by Golpistas in Bolivia

Jeanine Áñez speaks at the anniversary of the Bolivian Air Force, October 12, 2020

First: ‘Civil war elections in Bolivia’, Tomas Castanheira, 13 October 2020, wsws.org (w/ permission)

“Next Sunday, the first general elections will be held in Bolivia since elected president Evo Morales was overthrown in a US-backed military coup, placing in power Jeanine Áñez’s self-proclaimed government.

How Empires Behave---Badly

In the last days of his life Chief Sitting Bull wore the clothes of a poor white person in America. The traditional buckskin garments of his tribe, and all the other Native American tribes has been outlawed. No buckskin trousers. No feathered head dresses. The triumphant white government wasn't satisfied with genocide and removal to arid wastelands. All the visible signs of the Indian culture were meant to be obliterated.