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from the brave and award-winning journalist Eva Bartlett:

‘Seven years after Maidan divided country, Ukraine intensifies shelling of Donbass to sound of deafening silence from Western media’, March 2, 2021, ingaza.wordpress.com

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In re Alligator Ed

Hello everyone. You may notice that this post is not written in the same colorful prose that you may be used to. That’s because it is not written by Alligator Ed. I am the real-life brother of Alligator Ed who he referred to in several of his posts. I am very sad to say that Ed passed away on Saturday morning February 6. His death was unexpected and shocking although he had some serious health issues. He suffered a cerebral hemorrhage on Friday evening and died the next morning.

Retrospect on about one year of COVID...

...is it headed for the rear view mirror? Probably.

I wanted to post this commentary because I found it to be the best summary of the pandemic and our dysfunction in appropriately addressing the disease. Hope you enjoy the analysis. 15 min

transcript here for those who prefer reading

Biden's foreign policy is Trump's foreign policy

There's been a couple minor changes in foreign policy since Biden took over.
The Paris climate accord is a big example. Biden appears to be less chummy with Saudi Arabia and Israel. And he's less antagonistic against China.
But other than that the machine rolls on.

Today Biden says that we stand with Ukraine and will never recognize the Crimean annex.
Biden continues the useless and pointless policy of sanctioning Russia on everything.