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The nationwide campaign to stop progressive reforms of the justice system

When most people think of reforming the justice system it almost always starts and ends with BLM and Defund the Police.
But in fact there is a much more tangible effort being made by electing progressive district attorneys. That started with Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner in 2017, and continues with newly elected Los Angeles DA George Gascón.

Ice Cream & Surveillance--- Israel is Used to Having its Ice Cream and Eating it, too.

"By excoriating Ben & Jerry’s, the Bennett-Lapid coalition is, in effect, defending decades of illiberal policies: military rule of the occupied territories, creeping annexation and a blurred distinction between 1948 and 1967 borders that insists on Israeli sovereignty between the river and the sea.

“Where No Man Has Gone Before”

As economic inequality has continued to dominate our society, I am constantly reminded of the original Star Trek series, and more specifically a particular episode. This essay has really nothing to do with the future of space travel or exploration (a word the precedes exploitation). Instead I use that series to address what is going on Earth in the present as the original series did.