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Denying people medical care as a way of crushing Cuba

Since 1963 Cuba has been exporting its doctors to third world nations around the world.
There are currently over 50,000 Cuban doctors working in 67 countries. Cuba takes health care seriously. These are high quality doctors. Life expectancy in Cuba is higher than in the U.S. despite our embargo.

We Need a Tough, Smart Woman to Vote For

Ah, the joys of identity politics.

Elizabeth Warren is getting hammered for the response she made on Monday when asked by a voter about how to get men to vote for a woman for president:


Imagine insinuating that Hillary wasn't/isnt a tough, smart woman! Just look at the indignation and anger in those responses!!

"But private care provides options when the public system can't"

This is an open letter to an Andrew Yang supporter I stumbled upon on Reddit. You wrote the above as part of a larger comment on why Bernie Sanders and Medicare4All won't work. You broke my heart and made me cry, and you deserve a response. Pull up a chair.