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A State of Emergency


Hannah Gadsby, an Australian comedian, once commented that we tend to focus on the differences between men and women much more than the similarities. Fact is, she said, the similarities far outweigh the differences. For one, we are both the same species. So, if we wanted to talk about differences in stark terms, comparing men and women to zebras would yield far greater discrepancies.

Re: Seth Rich - Important Update on Ed Butowsky Lawsuits

Ed Butowsky has now revealed, in a lawsuit filing, that the source close to Assange who informed him that Seth and Aaron Rich provided the DNC emails to Wikileaks, is Ellen Rather, wife of Julian's deceased former attorney Michael Ratner.


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Epstein Procurer Ghislaine Maxwell's 1986 Frontpage Political Sex Scandal

Despite her 30 year career in political kompromat operations, the FBI and major media have ignored Ghislaine Maxwell. Here's where she got her start, as detailed in 1986 on Page One of one of her father's tabloids. Complete with canes and school boys:

The “Hack” of the DNC – What I Think REALLY Happened

My contention is that US intelligence tipped off the DNC that one of their employees was planning to leak their emails to Wikileaks, and that the DNC then brought in their computer consultants Crowdstrike to manage the situation. They then hit on the stratagem of blaming the Russian government for a hack of the DNC, such that “the Russians” could be blamed as the source of the DNC emails that they expected that Wikileaks would be publishing.

The Weekly Watch

Seeing the Trees and the Forest

Corporate media are expert at focusing attention on individual trees or items of their choice and ignoring the forests. Climate chaos is a good example. Lots of weather reports, but no focus on the real existential crisis because the fossil fuel corporations and the MIC is in bed with and funds the MSM. All the wars are another excellent example of the nature of the media's effective propaganda. How is it Americans can consider Assad and Maduro so bad, but not the Saudis who beheaded 37 dissidents in April with nary a whisper on US news. The idea that Iran is the world's biggest terrorist ignores the global role of the US. America is the primary terrorist nation provoking war and violence. Or what about the weekly murder of Palestinians protesting their open air prison? Israelis shot a child in the head last week. Another effective media technique is to ignore positive beneficial moves like Medicare for all as benefiting everyone. Rather their focus is "you will lose your private coverage and your taxes will go up!" We are being scammed by these corporate tools driving us ever closer to extinction for more profit. It is a sickness, and I don't see a way out.


AMLO ‘reaches out’ to the Zapatistas

Guess how well that’s  gonna work out…given who AMLO turned out to be. This is longish, but I hope you’ll enjoy reading about actual revolutionary socialists who dared to declare themselves independent of  the official government.   Most have managed to survive, and their example has spurred the formation of other indigenous autonomous zones in Mexico.  They are now under attack by AMLO’s government, and are ready to defend themselves.

Read the Testimonies of Residents Living In or Near the Douma Apartment Building (Location 2) Where 3 Dozen Bodies Were Photographed Several Floors Below a Chlorine Canister

These testimonies were presented yesterday (July 12) at a press conference held by the Russian Embassy to the Netherlands.


They were presented in the form of English-language slides that you can read here:

Friday Photography - Looking Back

Evening all. I haven’t looked through a lens in over a week, which is highly unusual for me, but life is quite unusual since my mother fell and fractured her hip only 48 hours after I arrived.

These two photos are from some days spent with my sister on Vancouver Island, which now feels like forever ago.