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Open Thread - 05-27-22 - Little Bird

Back on 4-12-22 I posted a comment about a little Northern Parula that had been banging on our window. Well, it's now 5-27-22 and it's still here, banging on the same window every day, multiple times per day, incessantly. As a matter of fact the little bugger is banging on the window as I write this.

Here's a video I recorded on 5-12-22, one month after my initial post (1:03 - captured with my phone):

NATO vs. Russian Federation

How far will NATO push their aggression in the neighboring states of Russia?

- Moldova
- Transdnestria
- Romania
- Hungary
- Serbia
- Montenegro
- North Macedonia
- Bosnia
- Herzegovina
- Slovenia
- Croatia
- Albania
- Latvia
- Estonia

Once upon a time NATO designated North Atlantic. What do these nations have to do with the
North Atlantic?

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