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A warning heard increasingly fervently among many alternative journalists and bloggers.

First: ‘Whom Not To Trust – U.S. Government Indicts Another Intercept Source;  Another source that provided government secrets to The Intercept has been uncovered and indicted by the U.S. government, May 9, 2019, moonofalabama.org

Back to Basics on #BernieOrBust

Creationism aside, we grew from photosensitive cells to primate bipeds which send computers into space. That is a mammoth scale of observation to cross. To do so, we've had to become very complex creatures, utterly dependent on an inherited social structure. Depending on where we live, those can be pretty nasty. Not just personally dangerous, but dangerous to all of us.

Active Shooter Capitalism: U.S. Goes Postal on it Biggest Creditor

WHILE YOUR ATTENTION WAS DIRECTED ELSEWHERE: The U.S. is fast choking off two of China's major oil suppliers, Iran and Venezuela, and last Thursday, a Treasury and Commerce Department order effectively closed the American market to Huawei, the biggest Chinese cell phone manufacturer. That follows an announcement on May 14 by the US Trade Representative of a 25% tariff on a $300 billion basket of Chinese-made goods.

Jeez, amy goodman; again with the White Helmets propaganda?

She’s good on some issues, but others…my stars.  H/t to Tony Cartalucci on Twitter (3-parts) for the heads-up.

 “Inside Syria’s Secret Prisons”: A Harrowing Account of How Assad’s Torture Machine Crushed Dissent’, democracynow.org, May 16, 2019