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Mission Impossible Op

I have avoided watching cable news since I quit politics after the Sanders 2016 campaign fizzled out. But the events of the last week and a half have provided the best comedy entertainment I have experienced since the death of Richard Pryor. I now keep the remote in my hand, switching every few minutes or so between Fox, CNN and MSNBC.

Short note on Kamala Harris

Sabrina Salvati brought this up too. If Joe Biden is not fit to run for re-election now, how is it that Joe Biden is fit to be President for the rest of the year?

Let's examine the corollary too: if Joe Biden is really endorsing Kamala Harris, why isn't Kamala Harris allowed to be President right now? Let's try her out; see what she does. Think of this moment as opening up the possibility of a "test-drive."

As I said in the last diary:

Breaking: Shocking Interview with the Shooter

I recently uncovered an exclusive video interview of the attempted assassination shooter.

The interview goes into detail about the shooter's motive.

Although it names names it is spoken in code. The target is referred to as "Uncle".

There is also some detail about the shooter's family.

Watch the shocking video below the fold