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The Candidate who picks up where Bernie Sanders left off.

I've been following the 2020 Presidential campaign of Andrew Yang fairly closely because he has a political vision that solves so many of America's problems. He delivers on all of Bernie's inspiring promises and puts the country on a constructive path. Like Bernie, he too will be running on the Democratic Party ticket, however, his political philosophy transcends their neoliberal corruption. If you're not familiar with Andrew Yang, this is how the New York Times describes him:

Among the many, many Democrats who will seek the party’s presidential nomination in 2020, most probably agree on a handful of core issues: protecting DACA, rejoining the Paris climate agreement, unraveling President Trump’s tax breaks for the wealthy.

Only one of them will be focused on the robot apocalypse.

Business Insider on the price of labor

My browser has "recommended reading pages" it offers me when I open a new blank tab.

Although I usually ignore these as most of them are blatant attempts to entice one to paywall-restricted contents, I found an article from Business Insider which is apropos to several of gjohnsit's essays as regards the price of labor.

Poor Peoples Campaign in DC today

I had hoped to be in DC today, but here's the next best thing. Our bus broke down before it arrived for us to load up. Of course that's much better than breaking down on the way...or the way back. Perhaps I saw more of the event from home online. It lasts three hours hours. I know that's too long for most folks. Just catch Rev. Barbers speech at 1 hour 20 minutes to get the gist. I'm curious if you think this is the movement we've been hoping for. It inspires me.


Internet Freedom Fight Keeps On

Senate Votes for Internet Freedom -- to Reverse FCC and Keep Net Neutrality. (CSPAN)

Internet Freedom Status

The clock has ticked down on net neutrality, and its guarantee of internet freedom. We won that freedom in 2015, after internet users sent four million comments to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The FCC then classified all internet service providers (ISPs) as common carriers, which, by definition, must treat all communications equally regardless of who it comes from, who it goes to, or what it contains. But last fall the new Trump Republican majority on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to take our hard-won freedom, and give total control of your internet connection to your Internet Service Provider (ISP), be it AT&T, Verizon, Spectrum, or any other. The FCC net neutrality kill order officially took effect June 11, 2018.

But the people's love of internet freedom endures. In a recent poll, 86% of persons stood against the FCC net neutrality kill order. That number includes 82% of Republicans and 90% of Democrats. That broad public support should brighten the outlook for internet freedom, as the fight continues on several fronts.

Bernie! Bernie!

"He’s too old.


Subjective and lazy.

Then there’s the canard that he’s some sort of traitor, sellout or sheep dog. More bullshit. This particularly specious whine is advanced by the bitter, callow victims of identity politics. He did his best from inside the democrat machine. Had he run as an independent, he would’ve wound up square dancing in the margins with Jill Stein.

U.S. Media: For the Sake of Our Children, Stop Enabling Pope Francis and Tell the Truth

  • On June 19, Archbishop Charles Scicluna, described as Pope Francis’ “top expert” on sex abuse, said, in effect, that his report on clerical sex abuse in Chile would remain secret. His plan for “healing” and “reconciliation” in Chile was rejected by victims of ecclesial sex abuse.
  • American Hypocrisy over Trump's Inhumane and Racist Zero Tolerance Policy Approved by God

    Liberals, especially the Hollywood liberals, progressives, especially the democratic party progressives, and democrats in general (because of Trump ya know) are all angry and indignant about the Trump administration "Zero Tolerance Policy" that has resulted in over 2,000 immigrant children being separated from their parents in the last couple months.

    Rightly so.

    torturing latin immigrant children: a growth industry [Grisly updates]

    (Or: how many sadistic sociopaths can dance on the head of a pin?)

    From Patrick Martin at wsws.org June 22: ‘US court documents reveal Immigrant children tied down, hooded, beaten, stripped and drugged’

    “Court documents made public in Virginia and Texas give a glimpse of the systematic brutality being meted out to immigrant children in both public and private jails. Children are strapped down, hooded and beaten, or drugged by force, as part of the everyday procedure in what can only be called the American Gulag.

    Friday Night Photos - Please Let Me Out Of Trumpistan edition

    With all the dire news this week, I took a quick turn through sepia Lothlorien....

    I would add the requisite Fred shot, but he's on strike.... (kibble issues).

    So, a cloud shot from a few days ago instead.

    If you too wish to leave Trumpistan posthaste,........ good luck!

    Make mine a double.

    Jimmy Dore: California Democrats Just Made The Death Of Net Neutrality Much Worse

    CA Democrats just slammed through a bill that creates the worst gutting of Net Neutrality in the country -- all for their buddies the ISPs (Comcast, et al). Yes, you heard that right - the freakin' Democrats.

    - ISPs can charge websites and small businesses "access fees" to reach customers, blocking any website that does not pay.

    U.S. sanctions card is losing its impact

    The thing with sanctions is that the threat is supposed to be enough to make others comply. If you have to use sanctions, you should never have to use them against your allies. The worst case scenario is for your allies to simply ignore your sanctions threat, effectively calling your bluff.
    That's what is happening today.