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Class and how they use words to hide reality

I've come to realize that there's a lot of confusion out there due to people using words with very specific definitions.
For example, when a Republican talks about "freedom" they don't mean "freedom from want".
They mean "freedom from government oppression", but only government oppression.
Private oppression? Republicans will either deny it exists, or justify it.
When a Republican is "pro-life" it only refers to birth.

Pullin’ their Counterpunches? (you decide)

Taken from the comments below ‘US and imperialist allies launch strikes against Syria’ april 14, wsws.org, april 14:

“i know I shouldn’t do it because it’s bad for my health but I sometimes tune in to Louis Proyect to see what spin he is giving these events. His latest is jaw-dropping:  https://www.counterpunch.or… [‘Chemical Attacks, False Flags and the Fate of Syria’ by Louis Proyect]

“Apart from the slimy tactic of drawing a parallel between the false flag interpretation of the alleged Syrian chemical attack and the theory that the moon landings were faked, he also says this:

The Infantilization of Americans

Almost every election cycle now, media pundits go through the rounds of talking about Democrats being at X%, Republicans being at Y%, and Independents seemingly getting larger. Outside of the media pundits, political activists and enthusiasts (for lack of a quick word) hypothesize that all that Americans need is someone to "listen to them" and someone to "rally them up".

America is Falling Behind in Renewable Energy, & That Makes Us Dangerous

Republicans say we don't need renewable energy. Establishment Dems make noises they care about our dependence on dirty fossil fuels, but Clinton and Obama both promoted natural gas (and thus increased fracking) as a bridge fuel to the future. Meanwhile, the rest of the world is rapidly moving toward a green energy grid.

"I've Got a Helluva Story To Tell": Ed Schultz Spills The Beans on MSNBC Collusion Against Bernie. The Media Blackout on Bernie Was Real.

Of all the things that unsettle me about the ever-changing, current hysteria enveloping the MSM-addicted masses, the thing that aggravates me most is how the Scorned Clinton Cabal and their lapdog minions on the payroll in the MSM have managed to keep up this totally ridiculous charade about the Russians tipping (or outright stealing) the election, depending on which grade of zombie you talk to.

Tested Negative for Lyme


So it was just a convergence of the sun, moon, and stars. Tick bite + bad weather arthritis + bacterial infection. They gave me an antibiotic for the infection. The doctor did not hesitate to draw my blood for the test. He said that rocky mountain spotted fever is rare here, but Lyme Disease is rampant. Sure had me freaked out for about a week.

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue--Syria edition

WARNING: This OT is not as cheerful as Something Old usually is. The subject is war. Next week the thread will be back to its usual self. Just letting folks know so they don't get blindsided (I hate getting blindsided myself, ever since a movie that purported to be a cheerful romance between two elderly people ended up being a wrenching narrative about Alzheimer's!)

A new low for the most revolting almost-member of the Trump Administration

I know that "revolting" and "amoral" are relative concepts in the Trump Administration, but I believe that I can say with some certainty that former Blackwater founder, and brother of Betsy DeVos, Erik Prince has got them all beat.

Neoliberalism: Transactions versus relationships

I have spent the better part of today in phone queues, trying to sort out a financial problem. As I sat on these queues, I was constantly propositioned with questionaires asking me how I like the service. Every time I walk in a store, I get asked if I have/want the "club card". Every day I get junk mail from every corporation I have so much as done a Google search on. All these robo-invitations are trying to get me to be in a "relationship" with a faceless corporation.

The Tuesday Talking Stick: Let's go to the movies!

Aviary Photo_131639099051793857_4.png

Because the adoptive family where I grew up as the only child went out of their way to me be non-communicative, at least with me, I think I must have inherited my gre·gar·i·ous side from my biological mother. Never actually met the woman, but I've discovered that she shared my habit of always wanting to make conversation both friends and strangers. Perhaps this explains why I would want to host The Tuesday Talking stick, and why I continue to enjoy hosting a monthly film discussion group called Spiritual Cinema Louisville.

That group actually has much in common with The Talking Stick and most open threads. After streaming a film or watching a movie on disk, we draw our chairs closer together and wait to see what happens. We, most often I, choose not to screen documentaries since that would be a visual presentation of take it or leave fact(s). We prefer films that provoke conversation rather than try to persuade ... films that speak truth although they may never have actually happened. By talking about what we have seen together, we hope to make discoveries that would not be possible {be sure your volume is turned on} if we stayed home and watched a film alone.