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Open Thread - Thurs 28 Sep 2023 - Strikes and Bikes

Strikes and Bikes:

So, Biden visited the picket line for the UAW. A first, or something. Wonder if he knew he did it? *sarcasm* The Guardian thinks the visit may resonate with blue-collar workers. It might, I guess. Or maybe the railway workers might have some thoughts.

Open Thread - 09-26-23 - The Fentanyl Epidemic

I received this private message from earthling1 yesterday. He gave me permission to share it with the membership, so I think it's best to just repeat it here, with great sadness.

Wanted to let you know that I can't host the OP for a couple of weeks. I am sorry for the short notice.

My eldest estranged son passed away last night and I need the time to process this.

You can, if you choose, reveal to the community he died of a fentanyl overdose and as tragic as that is, he had a dose of Narcan in a bag next to him, but nobody there to administer it.

Maybe that circumstance may deter someone somewhere from ever becoming involved in the scourge of Fentanyl.

He was 54 years old.