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Oh the Irony! Houston Police Union Prez Puts "Dirt Bags" on Notice While Crooked Killer Cop Heals in Hospital

On January 28, 2019, a no-knock warrant was issued by a Houston judge, based on information provided him in a sworn affidavit by a cop with decades long "service". The affidavit stated that a paid informant had purchased heroin from a home in Houston, Tx. It was likely Same Shit Different Day for both the cop who claimed he'd received the heroin, and the judge issuing the warrant. But it turned out to be all but your typical SSDD!

The bots and the bought -

Insofar as we are constantly hearing about the bots from the bought, we need to consider and resolve:

Are the bots at all more bought than the bought? Conversely, are the bought any less bots than the bots?

Does anybody know if any of them are compensated in Baht? Would it make any difference it they were?

Any assistance in resolving these matters would be greatly assisted.

The one nation flipping America the bird, and getting away with it

Venezuela only has one big export - oil - and almost no one willing to risk American sanctions in order to buy it. Europe won't defy us, and neither will much of Latin America.

But one nation you probably don't think about will dare to risk sanctions.

About this National Emergency...

Did Trump inadvertently say that building the wall on an urgent basis isn't really needed? It sure sounds like that's what he said. And why is it such an emergency now? After all he first started talking about the need for one back when he was running for president and after he won, his party held all branches of government for two years and Trump wasn't pressuring the republicans to build the wall.

Trillion-dollar-valued Amazon pays $0 in income taxes for 2018, gets multi-million refund

Damn. So many homeless, poor, sick, and hungry and Dr Blasio wanted to give Amazon the keys to the city. What a punk.

Trillion-dollar-valued Amazon pays $0 in income taxes for 2018, gets multi-million refund

Trillion-dollar-company Amazon skated through 2018's tax filings without paying a cent for the second year in a row. The e-commerce behemoth, which made $11 billion last year, will pay no taxes at all, thanks to 2017's tax reform.

Nuclear Nightmare

Nuclear nightmare is more immanent now as low-yield weapons roll off the assembly line, as James Carroll writes at Tom Dispatch, and the as the Nuclear Clock ticks closer to Midnight, as Scott Ritter writes at Truthdig. I am alarmed to learn from RT that Putin believes the Russian people will die as martyrs while the aggressors will simply die. But I am glad to see all this writing.

the US Bomb Iran for Peace Conference in Warsaw

The Trump administration had originally called the conference to bring Washington in from its isolation for having shredded its participation in the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action ‘allies’ of Amerika have found detrimental, as well as the increasing sanctions on Iran for which they’re creating alternatives for doing business with ‘the Pariah Terrorist Nation’ (NSTEX, for Instrument in Support of Trade Exchanges”.

Crucified on a Cross of Benjamins

One can only be gobsmacked by the Orwellian tactic of claiming that a quotidian phrase, uttered by millions for decades, has suddenly become an anti-Semitic insult. ("Its all about the Benjamin's, baby.") This is weaponized sophistry, aka casuistry. If we go down this road, saying "I wouldn't touch that with a ten foot pole." is going to be construed as anti-Polish. The metaphor of the boiling frog will be taken as an insult to French mentality.

The obvious (to me) response to the fabricated and orchestrated outrage about Representative Ilhan Omar's remark is to send her a $100 bill. If she is going to be crucified on a cross of Benjamins, she might as well have some of them.