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After missing the posting of this column last week, it feels like homecoming to publish today's musings. Last week we managed to avoid WWIII, as the missile that hit Poland was confirmed to be Ukrainian. Gonzalo said (5 min) thank God for the Polish potato farmer and his posted photograph of the missile, without which the war mongers might have called on article 4 of the NATO alliance. Both Gonzalo and Scott Ritter speculate the missile was fired as a false flag to escalate the current conflict. And so the NATO proxy war with Russia continues...

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Album of the Week - 11-26-22

Afternoon folks!

This week (surprise) there's more great stuff to listen to. There's a live Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown album, a collection of Leroy Carr recordings and a Neville Brothers live album. I found a long-lost album with Charlie Musselwhite, Harvey Mandel and Barry Goldberg lurking in my basement, cleaned it up and it sounds pretty decent now, perhaps a little of its period, but cool nonetheless. There's a collection of Gram Parsons and Flying Burrito Brothers recordings and an EP of Gram Parsons and the Fallen Angels a Rosanne Cash album and another moldy oldie album from the basement by the Five Man Electrical Band - I think it's their debut album. Finally, there's a part of a Dr. Feelgood live album that I will upload the remaining tunes from on Sunday sometime.

Enjoy the splendiferous bounty of my basement! Smile

Welcome to Saturday's Potluck - 11-26-2022

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”
Pablo Picasso

Very glad the site is back up and seeing the familiar names in daily readings. Change is often abrupt, this was not one I wanted to adjust to a new normal.

When discussing events and patterns in history I often use Oregon in the story telling for a couple of reasons. First, It was not considered claimed territory by any European nation and significant British and United States interaction with Oregon begins in the early 1800's. Colonization pattern is a repeat of successful practices used on the east coast since the 1500's. The second reason is I have had the fortune of knowing multiple individuals who had personal memories of living in various parts of the state since the late 1800s to present times. Those stories may not always match with official history, but have often been confirmed by reading old newspapers.

Friday Night Photos Holiday Feast Edition

Happy Friday and welcome back everyone. The last week without C99 was like a week without sunshine. It's good to have the sun back. Post any photos, memes, or music you like.

While most of us were all busy stuffing ourselves with turkey and all the trimmings yesterday these Cedar Waxwings were giving thanks and stuffing themselves on Toyon bush berries.


Open Thread - 11-25-22 - We Will All Go Down Together

I'm still decompressing from my week in hell. I've had this knocking around in my noggin for a few days. I haven't really formulated it into a complete essay, but for the want of something to read on this money induced Black Friday, I'll try to lay it out and maybe you all can help make it somewhat cogent.

The collectivism vs. individualism dichotomy is the focal point of the upside down world we've been living in the past few years, in my humble opinion. Individualism is being suppressed while collectivism is being forced upon us. The push is strong to corral us into a hive-mind existence, both in the physical and conceptual realms. There are strong forces at work as evidenced by this movement towards collectivism emanating from almost all of the western countries of the world, in unison.

We're supposed to give up everything we own, live in small cubicle-like dwellings and eat insects for sustenance. We're supposed to follow state diktats unquestionably and get in line for the latest thing. We're supposed to forget history, a history forged by rugged individualism. We're supposed give all to our so called "betters" for the sake of mankind, or some such. All for the good of us all, like good little automatons. In essence we will become The Borg.

The West is upside down.

Sports politics for Thanksgiving

1) As we settle in for another settler-colonial holiday, it appears that the time is ripe for an intrusion of those ugly matters of politics into our entertainment fare. There will, as you all well know, be sports spectacle on your tee-vee screens today. For the purposes of this article we will be referring to "spectacle sports," namely, the sports you see on that tee-vee.