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So, I'm Researching Paul O'Niell

I am in awe. My best friend who got me a job at Patchogue's Fabric Warehouse became the wizard behind the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. And I did not know that fact until he died at 61. High school, 1975. I'm 16 yo. He got me the job. I was the child of a poor Irish family subject to the economic vagaries of modern-day life.
We used to crab on the docks of Patchogue, and eat good crab and lobster on Sunday, thanks to my Dad, who knew how to crab.

I Can't Believe This Isn't Butter.... fly

Friday Night Photos

The last few days, every time I open the porch door, I'm dive-bombed by a cloud of Painted Ladies doing their thing on the soon-to-be-faded flowers.

Painted Lady.jpg

I call this Not Rush Limbaugh, because it isn't Rush Limbaugh; rather, a far more interesting collection of rushes

(Freaking hypocrites): Media Freaks Out Over Facebook's Russian Backed Ads - Forgets How Much Obama Paid to Tank Netanyahu

Media Freaks Out Over Facebook's Russian Backed Ads - Forgets How Much Obama Paid to Tank Netanyahu

On Wednesday, 16 Democratic senators and four Democratic representatives signed a letter destined for the Federal Elections Commission (FEC). That letter addressed their concerns regarding foreign meddling in American elections, citing the recent revelation that Russian interests may have financed pro-Trump ads on Facebook.

Why the Hell Did They Call Me?

So today I got a call from a company looking for a Geographical Info Systems Technician because they thought I'd be a good fit for the position. Oh, but wait, they want a Bachelor's Degree. And experience. And someone who can relocate.

This is yet another god damned fraud. There was likely no fuckin' job anyway.

Why call someone to 'offer' a damn job when they want more than the person has?

Fuck this shit.

See ya around,


Burns, Episodes 4 and 5 - CIA, what CIA? Jasons, what Jasons?

These two episodes are heavy on personal reminiscences of soldiers, very light on policy. Once again, not a word is spoken about the CIA. Let's dive in:

1. The Phoenix Program (also, see ADDENDUM)

We have pictures of elections in South Vietnam, but zero mention of the beginning of the infamous Phoenix Program, which began in 1967, in the time frame of these two episodes.

Good Bye, Cruel World, I am leaving

just wanted to say good bye to you good folks and express my thanks for all the news analysis, news gathering, efforts to soothe our troubled minds with musical offerings and being generous and patient with whatever I have said here. You were extraordinary kind to me.

I hope you will succeed to throw the international oligarchy out and change the system. I have lost my hope and therefore it's time for me to go and shut up.

How to Become Speechless and Dumbfounded in One Sentence


Donald Trump, President of the United States Empire, responsible for wars and abject poverty across the planet, in his U.N. speech on September, 19, 2017.

“When decent people and nations become bystanders to history, the forces of destruction only gather power and strength.”