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Nevada Caucus Data

          Grounded in a myriad of polls, sampling, and statistical techniques various individuals, organizations, and pundits have been leaking predictions from the wee hours of the day. As you all know I am a cranky old scientist and damn proud of it. I don't give much credence to such nonsense. I, on the other hand, thrive on data, modeling, and (most of all) clear thinking.

Nevada Caucus Results Coming In--Bernie Declared Winner!!!

Updated again. Congrats Bernie!!!

Politico's Tracker

Right now (9:54 PM NV time), second-alignment votes (1,046 of 2,097 precincts; 49.88%):


Politico is now showing Bernie as the winner. I'll change results as the day progresses, so check back!

Updates on J. Assange ahead of his Feb 24 Extradition Hearing

Phase one will last a week, according to District Judge Vanessa Baraitser; phase two will commence in May and take up to three weeks..

‘First they came for Julian, next for you’: Waters, Westwood join massive London rally against Assange extradition (photos and video)’,, Feb. 22, 2020

Not so crazy in these crazy times? Or more than crazy?

Now of course I don't know what 'more than crazy' could be. Destruction of our planet? Or destruction of our brains? Breaking the world population's heart? Underminding our humanity and replacing it with hate?

In any case, crazy is what crazy does, right?

I think this is a must read/listen conversation between Truthdig Editor in Chief Robert Scheer and William Binney, a leading intelligence expert who worked at the National Security Agency for 30 years,

Fifteen Years Ago Today I Saved Social Security

Today is the 15th anniversary of my saving Social Security from privatization. I remember it well and remember it fondly. Score one for the digital pamphleteer! I'm writing this to remind each of us here, myself included that passionate words, adherence to values, and solid framing can make a difference regardless of the size of your megaphone or your bank account.

Tucker Carlson rips our "ruling class" for trying to stop Bernie and Trump in Russia Hoax 2.0

Come on, how can you not like the fact that Tucker Carlson says this?

"Our democratic system is, in fact, under attack. That much is true. But it's not the Russians who were attacking it. It's not even the Chinese," Carlson said. "It's being attacked by our own ruling class."