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Revealed: Another Hillary Childhood Dream

To steal some of the glory from the first female only spacewalk team ... er, I mean to help celebrate female spacewalking achievements, Ms. Hillary Clinton recently reminded us that she was inspired by President Kennedy's famous Moon Speech in 1962. She wrote NASA when she was a little girl to inquire about becoming an astronaut. Sadly, she was told women weren't permitted in the astronaut program.

the Novichok™ Chimera fades further

Dawn Sturgess, guardian photo

The White Queen to Alice: ‘Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast’

First, a few excerpts fromNew Developments in the Skripal Case Reveal it for the Sham it Always Was’, Oct. 16, 2019, James Oneill,

Oneill brings the unbelievable narrative of the Skripals’ having been poisoned by ‘a highly toxic substance where only minute quantities are required to cause an almost instant death, and yet they went to a pub, to a restaurant, and to a lake to feed some ducks.  He spends time wondering why in the world some Russian Agents would poison a spy that the Russians had already repatriated to the UK, as well as his (assumedly) innocent daughter, there to visit her father before her upcoming wedding.

It's a Hard Row to Hoe

Despite staging the largest pre-primaries' rally this past Saturday, Bernie was blacked out over all the MSM Sunday news shows.

Meanwhile, Clinton's former neolibcon staffers, now aligned with HerHeinous proxies Warren and Harris, are amping up their attacks on Bernie by comparing him unfavorably to Paul Wellstone as well as other employing other grotesque charades to split the left.

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Fertile Soils and Fertile Minds

The YouTube algorithm has delivered some interesting comments/statements by teachers on my feed. I want to share a few of those. I'm so glad my teaching career was in a smaller rural school with quite a different environment. At any rate those interviews make it obvious why we don't have a thinking, civil population. My original notion for today's column was to focus on soil fertility. This is really the time of year to address that, so when its time for spring planting the soil is already prepared. Then I started putting these two concepts together in my mind...we can use agricultural practices to make soil fertile and we can use educational techniques to create healthy fertile minds capable of independent thought. Both touch the future in profound ways.

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Ute Bear Dance images

(a reprise from 2013; I needed some more Cowbell Bear Dance as an antidote to D-pression.)

One spring long, long ago, a man dreamt of A Bear.  It told him that if he would go to a certain place in the mountains, The Bear would teach him something that would make him and his tribe stronger and wiser.

The man went to the place and saw the Bear standing on its hind legs and clawing the trunk of a large Ponderosa pine tree.  When he approached, The Bear turned toward him, and began to move back and forth in a shuffling pattern.  As he danced, he sang a song and spoke words of strength and wisdom to the man.  The Bear said the man should go back to his people and teach them the dance and the song, and that they should celebrate the dance, and follow it with a feast.  It would be a good thing for The People.