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My friend lost everything in Hurricane Michael - UPDATED x 3!

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone for helping. You guys are awesome. Some folks have had trouble with the link, so you can go thru and use his email:

UPDATE 2: For those who wish to mail a check:
John Eugene Pline
4712 Park Blvd
Parker, Florida 32404

Public Service Announcement to C99 and All Radical Progressive Left Voices: Wikipedia Is Not What We Think It Is.

In light of the recent FarceBook purging of political websites (most notably anti-police and anti-capitalist, as well as RW ones) this story shook me too.

Liberal Politicians hide in moneyed bunkers and move phantom armies

Like Hitler in the last days under Berlin, neoliberal/neocon Democrats have completely lost touch with reality. They are convinced that one more try with Russiagate (or now Khasshogi-gate) will bring victory over the hated Trump. They fantasize that "we're not Trump" is going to raise a voter army from people who were screwed over by Obama, demonized by Hillary, and shut out by the Democratic Party insiders.

once upon a time we gave Peace a Chance

(Pershing II missiles being transported away from a US base in Heilbronn)

Will John Bolton rescind it?  By all accounts he was the maniac who’s convinced his Boss Tweet to pull out of the INF (Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces treaty).  Bolton will be in Moscow today and tomorrow and will discuss (cough) the issue with Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov, National Security Advisor Nikolay Patrushev,  FM Sergei Lavrov, and possibly Vladamir Putin on Tuesday.

Why my utopians vs. conformists distinction is important

Remember 2016? Our Candidate of the Left was Bernie Sanders. After having defeated the other Candidate of the Left, Hillary Rodham Clinton, whose election would have delivered nothing to the Left, Sanders was cheated of victory by election fraud. Sanders then endorsed Clinton, who then lost to Trump. And Trump delivered the Left less than nothing.

The Weekly Watch

Another Day Older and Deeper in Debt

We may be a day older, but apparently no wiser. It is the same con again and again. The debt is too big, we have to cut public services. And people buy it? They should listen to the two part interview with Jimmy Dore and Stephanie Kelton in last week's column. They ask the question, "How can a country that prints its own currency lack capital?". We print money nilly willy for wars and tax cuts...but not for the citizenry. It is a scam plain and simple. Some of the elite even admit it. Disney heir...“So anyway, 1%-ers are doing better than they ever have been doing, and guess what? You are paying for all of it.” (article and 4.5 min video) We seem to live in a nation of scams perpetrated by the oligarchs.

tax debt.jpg