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Snippy Text Messages From The Democrats

I get dozens of political texts every month from both parties. Over the last few weeks, the GOP messages have dwindled away while the Blue Team has ramped up their efforts with ever more outlandish passive-aggressive rhetoric.

Here are the four most recent blasts, all sent between 1pm and 4pm on May 29:


FINAL NOTICE: We need to confirm your status as a Biden voter

Open Thread - Thurs 30 May 2024 - Joy and Sorrow

Joy and Sorrow

Joy - Meet Nikko!
It's been a busy week, full of really good stuff, and really sad stuff. Last Saturday we drove a few hours down south and picked up our new puppy. Yes, we have a new puppy, one that was born in late March. Just couldn't be without a dog! So I found a Finnish Spitz breeder that was recommended by Jaska's breeder (now retired) and got on the list for a newly born puppy. Hubby drove us home, I held the new puppy the whole way. We both, puppy and I, loved it, stopped for a couple of potty walks, took the back way home (way less traffic) and played, nuzzled, cuddled, chewed, and slept the whole way (after he quickly got over his anxiety about leaving his former pack).

His first day home. Yes, that's a sock he has!

By the time we got home, I'd decided on his name, picking the one he responded to best. He is Nikko (Nee-ko) which is the Finnish version of Nico. And yes, he's a Finnish Spitz, like Jaska was.

About the train wreck (election '24)

So, what a ridiculous election season this is / will probably continue to be! I'm still convinced that the current match-up is some kind of sick joke, including the fact that I might finally have an opinion in common with a left-gatekeeping, pseudo-liberal, snot-nosed establishment bootlicker like Bill Maher. He has finally come out and had the temerity to suggest that there might still be time to trade out Other Uncle Joe for a younger candidate.