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Federal Judge Says Embedding a Tweet Can Be Copyright Infringement

This could change the internet as we know it.

Federal Judge Says Embedding a Tweet Can Be Copyright Infringement

Rejecting years of settled precedent, a federal court in New York has ruled [PDF] that you could infringe copyright simply by embedding a tweet in a web page. Even worse, the logic of the ruling applies to all in-line linking, not just embedding tweets. If adopted by other courts, this legally and technically misguided decision would threaten millions of ordinary Internet users with infringement liability.

In These Times We Could Use More Positive Stories of Those Challenging The System, Something The Media NEVER Touches (Especially When It Involves Socialism Taking Root In The Populace)

Hey there folks. Haven't had much time to get anything together here for a while, though I have loads of drafts sitting around. And don't anticipate that changing much for the near future, with this middle-aged father taking over full-time duties for two babies come the end of March.

US Pacific Command Admiral ready for war with China, but hopes it won’t happen

The 1% has geared up their military to protect their privileged place in the world and apparently we’re just supposed to sit her quietly and hope things work out for the best I guess. We’re being fed propaganda about Russians screwing with our elections while the military is in a part of the world in which we do NOT belong threatening yet another nuclear superpower with war.

Russia!Russia!Russia! is destroying The Intercept

The Intercept was founded several years ago as a bastion of “confrontational journalism” by a distinguished group of contributing editors, including Democracy Now! veteran reporter Jeremy Scahill and Glenn Greenwald. It sprang directly out of the work of Greenwald, a lawyer, who helped Edward Snowden survive to publish his groundbreaking 2013 and 2014 exposes of NSA domestic wiretapping.

I am indicted. Prosecution to follow.

Well, Mueller has found more stuff Who colluded with whom? None of this crap has anything to do with the "CHARTER". Deep State, in charge.

Indict someone

Indictment says, aside from these bad Russians there is no collusion with US personnel.

They said bad things on the inter webs and social media about the Creature to elect Trump?

Well an American grand jury has indicted 13 Russians for interfering with the US election

So, should every country who’s elections we’ve interfered with do the same?

Special counsel Mueller: Russians conducted 'information warfare' against US during election to help Donald Trump win

•Special counsel Robert Mueller said a grand jury had indicted 13 Russian nationals and three Russian entities for alleged interference in the 2016 presidential election

(The ‘land of the free’?): PHOTOS: Since Standing Rock, 56 Bills Have Been Introduced in 30 States to Restrict Protests

Say goodbye to your right to free speech. Say goodbye to your right to protest, or even speak out. Our ‘representatives’ that we elect and pay to be OUR voice are going to make sure that we go to jail (and more) if we get all uppity and even dare trying speaking up for ourselves.

By no stretch of the imagination can this be justified.

PHOTOS: Since Standing Rock, 56 Bills Have Been Introduced in 30 States to Restrict Protests