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catching up on Evo and Bolivia

…mainly by Tweet, because: images and captions, not always text.  Oddly, Mission Verdad English on Twitter hasn’t posted since Dec.6.

You’ll remember that Evo had gone to Cuba to attend to some medical issues on Dec. 7, and was quoted as saying that it was only a temporary visit.  El Pais had reported that Cuba was not Morales’ final destination. They claimed the politician is looking forward to settling down in Argentina once the nation’s newly elected President Alberto Fernandez is sworn into office next Tuesday.

It was always about Brexit.

As much as Labour tried to change the narrative to austerity, what motivated the British public to give Upper Class Twit of the Year Boris Johnson and his fox hunting buddies a five year license to trample all over the British commons was Boris' clear stand in favor of Brexit.

Open diamonds are flipped seats, which shows that nearly all of the flips from Labour to the Tories happened in majority Leave districts.

full chart here

Open Thread Friday

Self-care is growing in importance once again as our healthcare system is becoming less accessible to many citizens. From the early 1900's to about 30 years ago access limits were often due to physical location of practitioners and medical facilities. Most of us are now within a few miles of some type of medical care availability and cost has become driving factor limiting medical care.

Thoth's Prophecy predicts neoliberalism and neoconservatism 2000 years ago

Well, not quite, yet listening to the prophecy will certainly resonate with modern readers. Nothing new under the sun? Yes, perhaps in some basic ways as regarding the human experience. Perhaps we should consider humanity as an experiment in which sentient beings are allowed what control they possess against the forces of nature, revealing how little control humanity has over itself.

The God Thoth

Bernie Sanders shows why we need Medicare For All, seen in a single instance

There are statistics and there is life, which occurs to individuals. What is the impact of huge numbers on popular understanding? Does anyone comprehend what a billion dollars is? Well, it's 1000 million.

But who can grasp what 1000 million is when most people will never know what it feels like to have 1 million dollars? The scope is huge.

it’s not just what’s IN the $738 billion

bipartisan, House-passed 2020 NDAA…that’s important, but what’s been removed.

According to Patrick Martin,

“The most important aspect of the legislation, besides the vast total sum authorized, was the stripping out of the bill of virtually every provision in the original House version that would have set limits on overseas military operations by the Trump administration.

The House-Senate conference removed a ban on US military support for the genocidal war by Saudi Arabia in Yemen, and a provision requiring that Trump obtain congressional approval before initiating any military operations against Iran.