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#CNNisGarbage and actively trying to sink Bernie, while Liz the Consumer Protector is really The House Flipper who's getting more desperately vicious in tandem with CNN

Just a few things I'm going to lay here for the community.

Her true self is coming to the fore. And it's nasty, desperate and pathetic. Fortitude and character are put to the test during the more trying times of a campaign and she's failing spectacularly. She's not our ally. As someone at Chapo put it, "she went from overenthusiastic librarian to vicious middle manager asking underlings to come into her office real quick."

Is Elizabeth Warren Trying to Be Joe Biden's VP Pick?

The Great Handshake Freeze-Out of January 14 was the glacé cherry on a shit sundae of malicious, precisely calculated smears on Bernie Sanders. I initially thought that Elizabeth Warren brought some poltergeists from the Omnishambles Clinton campaign into the fold to advise her on gaining some momentum. I no longer believe that Warren was trying to only boost her polling numbers.