Tulsi On Point for Puerto Rico

Presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard has been joining in the protests in San Juan against the current governor of that territory, and she is calling for the governor to resign.

She sent out a number of tweets with videos, including an interview on CBSN (I assume that is CBS news online). She also breifly addresses the situation with Iran and the oil tankers.

the epic influence of CUFI on this administration’s I/P policies

Pastor John Hagee’s Christians United for Israel (CUFI) is more precisely: Evangelical Christians United for their own self-serving interests.  Founded in 2006, Hagee wanted to create an Evangelical version of AIPAC to hasten Biblical end-times prophecy.  The particulars of post-Armageddon Dispensationalist eschatology vary a bit from preacher to preacher, but in general it concerns the prophecy that post-Armageddon tribulation and rapture, Christ will come again when Israel stands alone.  Although I‘ve been familiar with the rudiments for a long time, what I hadn’t known until reading this series by Whitney Webb was that ‘stands alone’ included the destruction of the Al Aqsa mosque pictured above, and has for well over a century. In other words: no more Muslims praying at their third most-holy site in Jerusalem, no I/P two-state solution, and the continued immiseration and war on Palestinians.

Why it's different this time

Most of the conflict I've had on C99P has been about my support of the new progressive insurgency in the Democratic Party, and those who think I'm being suckered.
Most responses have been something like "We've seen this before in 2008 and 2016."
I finally figured out a way to empirically prove to those doubters why it's different this time, and it should've been obvious to me long ago.

It's the money!

Tulsi Continues, Slow and Steady

Donor Count

Now at 102,957 unique donors, the campaign's goal is 105,000 by this Sunday. That will leave them a week-and-a-half to get to around 110,000 unique donors by the time of the next debate. Reaching that level will give them a reasonable chance of reaching the 130,000 unique donor level required for the September and October debates.

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