Brett Kavanaugh is a Bad Man (edited to get name right - mea culpa)

I believe his accusers. Sadly, I don't think the furor surrounding his nomination is going to do a damn thing to help sexual assault victims. Neither major political party is going to propose laws or policies to help the millions of people who have been sexually assaulted.

We Need to Listen to the Survivors of Clerical Sex Abuse

Since the news about the now-Archbishop Theodore McCarrick’s alleged sexual abuse of minors and seminarians, and a Pennsylvania Grand Jury report detailing the sexual abuse of over 1,000 minors by over 300 clergymen, dozens of  “experts” have opined about what must change in the Catholic Chur

Brett Kavanaugh hearings: Comedia Insana--things not present and things hidden

Dear Swampers and those who prefer dryness (as in martinis), with my dogged persistence (what a mixed analogy), as a serious student of Swampology I have, with great effort, compiled a list of impediments to the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh as a supreme court justice.

thoughts on reasons key to amerikan forever wars: Israel & agitprop for Imperial world control

Military Defeats and Political Success’, James Petras, dissidentvoice.com:

“In a previous article (“US: The Century of Lost Wars“), I recorded the repeated US military defeats over the past two decades. In this discussion I will describe the role of military strategists who bear responsibility for the US defeats, but also for Israeli political successes.