Two Sunday Nov 11 PSAs

April 11: Global Day Of Action For Julian Assange’, Assange Defense. April 7, 2021, popular resistance

International rallies to mark 2 years since Julian Assange was arrested and imprisoned in HMP Belmarsh.'

Assange supporters Candles4Assange have put together an incredibly helpful list of actions planned for Julian Assange on April 11th around the world, to mark 2 years of his unjust imprisonment. The full Twitter thread is here but we’ve also listed each event by city below.

Welcome to Saturday's Potluck

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”
Pablo Picasso

Welcome to party. The subject is onions. If you are sensitive or working with strong onions may need to cut under running water or wear eye protection to prevent crying. I generally only cry when grinding the 5 pounds needed for a favorite relish.

Learning to master individual ingredients and the full flavor profile available with different cooking techniques provides culinary freedom. Below is a selection of video primarily on onions. The focus is on simplicity. The next step is adding additional foods, spices and herbs from around the world or the local growing enviornment to tantalize the taste buds and satisfy the soul.



I noticed in R.Rooster's essay (with the wonderful pictures) of a few days ago, that he mentioned the Mesquite tree. I know that in some places mesquite is considered invasive but in my area of TX, I think the opposite is true. Over the years I have seen a steady, relentless, elimination of the trees and plants of this countryside. We have eradicated most of our native plants and have replaced them with tightly packed neighborhoods, apartment complexes, strip malls, and highways. We have choked out the native habitats. The wide-open spaces and vistas that were prevalent here, are rapidly disappearing.