Thursday Open Thread 8-17-2017

The vibrations of change that began in Charlottesville will now be forever intertwined with our actions trying to increase our resilience with challenges of climate change, oligarchy dominance and unstable healthcare delivery system.

Most of the national discussion is being directed into longstanding racial issues and divides. The international reaction will probably be more significant.

The United States is the self-proclaimed policeman of the world and one of the major allies of World War II. Trump, our elected leader just defended individuals marching under the Nazi flag for their violent behavior. Not the honored American tradition and right of free speech which includes distasteful speech. Most of the Allies fought during the war on their soil with citizens and soldiers. The emotional scars to Nazi atrocities are deep. The international community will be re-thinking their long-term relationship with the United States.

Spidaro-Figueroa Article and the Media: Ad Majorem Francis Gloriam

The phrase Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam – For the Greater Glory of God - is the motto of the Jesuits and their founder, St. Ignatius of Loyola. The point of Jesuit Fr. Antonio Spadaro and Presbyterian pastor Marcelo Figueroa’s July 13 article in the Jesuit weekly, La Civiltà Cattolica, is the greater glory of Pope Francis. He is the “courageous” pontiff opposed to the “ecumenism of hate” formed by American “Evangelical fundamentalists and Catholic Integralists.”

Forgive my publishing this poem again, i must...


As I write, I worry about your futures

cause aspirations of two women, queens to be,

children of presidents,

Ivanka and Chelsea

dominate your playgrounds of artifical turf

lifted by money and the media it affords

seeping into the conscious of millions

overwhelmed by closets of red shoes

They may inherit the crown

Vegas bets so

Basic Rules for Fascist Governance (And Fuck Nazis, the KKK and the McResistance)

Dear Alt-Right and Toxic IdPol kids,

Please kindly shut the fuck up and realize you're all being fuckin' duped by the bourgeoisie.

Don't get the wrong idea here: If I were able I'd probably punch out a few Nazi skinheads and KKK members myself if the opportunity were there. It's what they deserve considering they push an ideology that advocates for mass murder based on skin color, ethnicity and disability (I belong to the disability category).

Welcome to the Bachman Future.

So, was looking at twitter, and noticing all the good, hearty DNC types distributing pictures of the Nazis and demanding that we bring them to justice. Good old fashioned mob justice carried out through everyone paying attention to the photos and checking their neighborhoods for the evil vicious ones who most assuredly might even be YOUR NEIGHBOR...

Aaaaand I realized if you swap out TV for Twitter... we've essentially created "The Running Man."

I need to know. I need to know, now! Alligator!

After some time here, and subliminal impressions made upon my reptilian brain pod, the frontal lobe has finally noticed that on every page, on the left, there is an Alligator at a Typewriter.

WTF is up with that?

It's not Joe or other founders as far as I know. It's a friggin Alligator, every page all day.

Who the hell uses a typewriter and wears a news hat from Citizen Cane?

Enquiring minds are enquiring.

Monolithic Insanity - or - You Can't Make This Up


At the very time of Heather Heyer's memorial - Armando posts a whiny rant about how he can't use the term Alt-Left because Trump has now used it. And of course it rises quickly to the top of the wreck list.

It is so illustrative of the shocking irrelevance of these neoliberal scumbags.

The End. Potus is an idiot.

Yeah, we needed to do something about Immigration, Healthcare, Gubmint Bureaucracy Overreach and Taxes.

That's why the Dems have been reduced to CA, OR, a few NE states and Hawaii.

What have we learned?

The Repubs are incapable of governing.

Chucky can obstruct as well as Mitch.

What has been the "Hot Topics" since January?

How much history should we erase?

The current brouhaha about removing Confederate flags and statues should be considered within the overall context of what history is acceptable. A Chicago Pastor wants statues of Presidents George Washington and Andrew Jackson removed.

A Chicago pastor has asked the Emanuel administration to remove the names of two presidents who owned slaves from parks on the South Side, saying the city should not honor slave owners in black communities.

Science Escape 5 -- Hmmmm . . . Where to Go? Where to Go? (Part 1)

Imagine yourself a young man--a helping hand on a farm--frustrated with the day-in, day-out work. Farm work is hard. You really don’t have the build for it--your friends always call you ‘skinny’. You do have a knack for fixing the farm machinery, though, and your step-parents, who own the farm, find that a very useful thing.

Open Thread on Race and Propaganda

Something Old, Something New will be back next week. I want to use my Open Thread this week to discuss an uncomfortable development in the ways we talk about race.

It seems that it's time to bring out this old speech, which has been in danger of being reduced to a cliche that people repeat but pay no real attention to:

New Dems Are Old Dixiecrats

I take a slow, enjoyable three day Sanity Break and all of a sudden I'm an Alt Left Fascist, racist Bernie Bro.

Fortunately I read The New Jim Crow over the weekend and here is Michelle Alexander's critique:


(p. 3 emphasis in the original text)

That is a key feature of The New Jim Crow. Who's behind the war on drugs in addition to Bill and Hillary Clinton?

The "Alt-Left" Slur and right-wing talking points

Establishment Democrats and conservative Republicans have something in common: they both hate socialists above all else. Even more than fascists.

Establishment Democrats and conservative Republicans have one other thing in common: they both use the same talking points of the far-right to smear socialists.


Science Escape 4 -- Breakthrough Starshot

Okay, so the universe is so huge there must be some intelligent life out there, Kepler is finding lots of planets relatively nearby, and Voyager 1 has found some things about interstellar space to be careful about . . .

But if we want to send probes (or even humans!!!) to nearby stars--where do we aim our spacecraft?!? Is that type of interstellar travel even remotely possible?!?

Our Galactic Neighborhood

WOW! Vice Interview with Charlottesville White Supremisist Leader

If you didn't see Vice (on HBO) last night, you MUST VIEW this 3 min clip. It's an interview with one of the Charlottesville Rally Alt-Right leaders talking about the success of their rally. His cold blooded demeanor even after the murdering Alt-Right thug plowed his car through a crowd of non-violent protesters is jaw dropping.

Rants, Muses, Books & Music (and Some Cooking Too).

It's good to see you. Come on in, leave your shoes in the hallway, we've got fire on the stove preparing lunch for later. In the meantime, browse the bookshelves and plunk down on the sofa with one, or pick out some tunes from the music library, or come in to the kitchen to help with the cooking. Our special blend of tea is steeping and will be right up.

Gulf nations losing patience with stalemate in Yemen

Although most Americans are ignorant of the war crime that is the Saudi-led invasion of Yemen, most everyone here is aware of the awful details.
The unprovoked war has already killed more than 10,000 and displaced millions, caused a massive famine and a cholera epidemic with around 500,000 cases.