Waving the Bloody Shirt: Then and Now

According to Wikipedia, and what I learned in public school, the term "Waving the bloody shirt" is a pejorative phrase, used to deride opposing politicians who made emotional calls to avenge the blood of soldiers that died in the Civil War.
In other words, it's a metaphor for unhelpful, grievance politics.

Except that wasn't true.
The origin of the term was far different.

"The Humans" ----The Fall of America---as experienced by the Working Class

The Humans is currently playing on SHO.


A boatload of reviews are calling this a Family Gathering drama/comedy. The reviews rave about the performances and stress the "eeiry sounds and sights." oooooh, scary. \s

Good video about the development of a culture of global kleptocracy and the Pandora Papers.

In my old home, which had a great many very wealthy people towards the end. Sometimes I would get into conversations with very wealthy people while I was going out at night socially. They just blew me away sometimes.

Nothing gets them more excited than talking about these schemes.. Their eyes just light up.