Friday Night Photos Blood Moon Edition

Happy Friday everyone. As always, post any photos you like.

The first of two lunar eclipses for this year occurred on the 15th. Unlike the eclipse we had last November, Mother Nature was good enough to provide clear skies this time.

The next lunar eclipse is in November. Be sure to mark your calendar.

Open Thread - 05-27-22 - Little Bird

Back on 4-12-22 I posted a comment about a little Northern Parula that had been banging on our window. Well, it's now 5-27-22 and it's still here, banging on the same window every day, multiple times per day, incessantly. As a matter of fact the little bugger is banging on the window as I write this.

Here's a video I recorded on 5-12-22, one month after my initial post (1:03 - captured with my phone):

NATO vs. Russian Federation

How far will NATO push their aggression in the neighboring states of Russia?

- Moldova
- Transdnestria
- Romania
- Hungary
- Serbia
- Montenegro
- North Macedonia
- Bosnia
- Herzegovina
- Slovenia
- Croatia
- Albania
- Latvia
- Estonia

Once upon a time NATO designated North Atlantic. What do these nations have to do with the
North Atlantic?