The Name of this Site is caucus99percent

First of all, I want to emphasize this comment made yesterday:

What I do continue to see though is what I term "broad brush insults". On both sides. Make a general statement about how bad this or that is and how stupid people are for doing this or that, while the generalized group targeted in the broad brush insult attack also include members of this site. On both sides. Without a clear distinction of intent those type of insults are easily transposed to any individual reading them. It's subtle and it hurts. It leads to division and is the antithesis of this site's premise.


I would hope folks keep this in mind as they pen their rants.


"Oh my, JtC how can you allow your site to be overrun by anti-vaxxers?!!!??"

Ivermectin (and others) clinical study

If you are interested in helping to advance the use of currently approved drugs for the treatment of COVID, keep this site in mind if you test positive for the virus:


Why is this study being done?
To understand if these medications prevent severe Covid and long-Covid symptoms.

COVID-19 increases inflammation in the body, which causes harm.

Mimi's Sunday Questions for the 19th of September 2021

1. Why are you all so smart?
2. How come you all have the charts and statistics and videos at hand any day, any hour of the day?
3. Are you all spies?
4. What do you spie out?
5. What drives you to spie?
6. If you do not spie, what else do you do?
7. Why do you inform us all, if nobody can verify, who you are and what you say?

The Weekly Watch

Falling into Autumn

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How's your fall color? Our trees have started early. The last few years the first blushes have been in October, but full color is common in early November. There's on and off years for color in the South. Some years it is straight to brown and falling leaves. Other years strong yellows. Some years it's reds. This year we've started with yellows. Mornings stay dark later every day till the time shift changes the sense of things again. Gardening is one way to stay in pace with the seasons. Just experiencing nature...the migrations of the birds and butterflies on their various journeys...many wintering with us...the burst of Asters from goldenrod to Liatris... in the quilt of seasonal colors. There's good and bad in every season. Leaves are a burden in the roadside drainage ditches and a resource in the garden. Looking through rose colored lenses seems appropriate under the harvest moon at the Autumnal Equinox.

Welcome to Saturday's Potluck

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”
Pablo Picasso

Is there a singular truth? Or multiple truths? Does our own historical experience influence which truth to believe? Does it matter? Some of the questions floating through my mind this week.

Plus what is the most immediate danger. Those yellow jacket trying to protect their nest under the roof ridge line? I slowly moved off the roof, will bring peppermint spray next venture up there. The neighbor's bull trying to break through the fence or the slippery rocks underfoot crossing the ditch back and forth to move my uncooperative cows? Or the unwashed masses unvaccinated amongst us trying to live their lives, earn money for food and shelter?

During the FDA meeting: The Risks Far Outweigh The Benefits