In Defense of Tulsi Gabbard.

The election of 2020 is approaching us fast, and the primary season will be here before we know it. Already, the 2020 democratic field has a few challengers. The darling of the establishment, Elizabeth Warren, has announced. From the insurgency ranks, outside of the establishment, is Hawaii congresswoman, Tulsi Gabbard.

The Weekly Watch

Planting Seeds...


I felt I was planting seeds as a teacher...not just ideas...but also an approach of using evidence to support our concepts. That's the nature of science, but not human nature. We cling to our beliefs and rarely examine our deepest held ideologies. It is a challenge for scientists too...to let go of ideas they find profound because new data indicates they are incorrect. Like most sectors of our lives, science has largely been purchased by the corporate oligarchs. They fund the research and and are highly involved in the hiring and firing of the staff. Recent decades have seen continuous cuts to government funded studies and increasing dependence on corporate and foundation moneys. The current situation with seed production tells the story.

Mueller knows that there was no collusion

Russia Gate is dead in the water and Mueller knows that Trump did not collude with Russia to win the election so why hasn't he closed his investigation? This article was written almost 3 months ago and yet here we are debunking the every day report that is going to take Trump down.

Mueller Takes Aim, but Is Trump in Trouble?

Judge won’t dismiss libel suit against Fusion GPS over dossier

It’s taking forever to turn the tables on all the players involved in the plan to steal the election for the Clinton Creature. Bobby ‘The Fixer’ Mueller is still rooting through people’s lives, trying to frame them with his fake charges. And that’s where the only humor in this situation comes in. Some people are fighting back. Some RUSSIANS!!!, that is. Funny, they seem to object to being ‘slandered’ by the crooks hired hired by the Clinton Creature and her minions.