I'm sorry, I thought we're in a Climate Emergency?

I used to get up early on Sunday mornings and wash my wife's car before she went to church. First thing she would say when she got back, “you missed a spot”. Trust me, I know what it feels like to have someone, metaphorically speaking, kick you in the private parts for all your hard efforts.

I see the world from a devil's advocate point of view. The glass is half empty, as it were. Or as my c99 bio includes, part time raving lunatic.

The Way We Were

          The sheriff was attempting to evict a woman from her farm on behalf of an insurance company. Michigan, 1952.

          Her neighbors (farmers) chose to intervene. Standing up to "authority" feels good, … Trust me on this one. And, when done as a community, it is even the safest option.


Donation pitches

I've a question for C99 community, should anyone know the answer.
I've been a registered democrat since 1970 and have voted that way pretty much every election with but a few exceptions, 2016 being one of those in which I vote for the Other woman.
I seem to get pitches for money from just about every Demo that is running for office or one of the Demo campaign committees (DCCC,DNC, DSCC, etc) and they all come with a "postage paid" envelope.

Glenn Greenwald Accused of Cybercrimes by Prosecutors in Brazil

Glenn Greenwald is now officially Next.

Greenwald has been accused of hacking the phone calls of Brazil's Justice Minister Sergio Moro when he was the judge overseeing the corruption case that ultimately cost former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva his freedom.

Things are starting to heat up between Biden and Sanders!

It appears as if the gloves are coming off.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and former Vice President Joe Biden ramped up attacks on each other Tuesday night as part of an escalating battle over their records on Social Security.

Sanders has hammered his rival for the Democratic presidential nomination, arguing that he backed proposed cuts to Social Security during his years as a senator.

Biden said he was committed to not only maintaining but also strengthening the program and released an attack ad Tuesday dinging the Vermont Independent as “flat-out wrong.”