Tulsi Update: March 24, 2019 (Donor Update, Monsanto, New Hampshire)

The Tulsi campaign informed us that they had gotten 1,600 new unique donors yesterday alone. This is trending from 2,000-2,200 three days ago, and 1,780 two days ago. At this point, Tulsi needs 370 new donors per day until May 15 to reach the 65,000 unique donor cutoff for the Democratic debates. She needs 19,159 more.

Bad Emergencies, Good Emergencies, and the Shock Doctrine

Politically aware people (and even a slim majority in Congress) are justifiably against Trump's assault on the Constitution over the Mexican Wall. However, Trump's veto will hold because the vote against the emergency declaration was a bare majority instead of a unanimous rejection of this blatantly dictatorial move.

The Weekly Watch

Pruning Out the Dead Wood...

I hope my fellow southerners have already pruned their fruit trees, shrubs, and vines. However you folks in the northern zones still have time. Pruning fruit crops is important to provide sunlight, aeration, and good plant health which in turn improve their yield. It also makes a good political analogy...pruning out the diseased and unhealthy components of government and society. So join in this social and political pruning thought experiment as well as a practical discussion of pruning techniques for fruit crops.


Nowhere to Go

I've had a hell of a week. Of course, that often goes without saying when one interacts with the U.S. medical establishment. But I thought my experiences of the last week might elucidate how far that institution has degraded. Some of you might be surprised. I know I was.

"I keep trying to be a cynic, but it's impossible to keep up."
--Lily Tomlin

Political Parties (Part Two): The Factions Within The Factions

FWF 1_1.jpg

Studies of authoritarian personalities have provided considerable insight into the conflicting political factions of “Conservatives” and “Liberals.” There also appear to be identifiable factions within these factions, with their own distinguishable value priorities. Thus, the major political political factions themselves experience internal conflict.

Rachel Has a Sad about Mueller Gate

After two long years of breathlessly reporting on every minute detail of Russia Gate, Rachel who was fishing in Tennessee had to leave the fishy alone and come back to talk talk talk talk talk as usual about Mueller sending in his report.

Crying for indictments? Maddow ‘holds backs tears’ as she discusses end of Mueller probe

Chalupa, Manafort and Agency fingerprints

I wrote an essay here on this a couple years ago. I suggest a reread of it.

Here is a comment I posted on the essay "All Roads Point to Ukraine" from last week. I would like to point out that Ukrainian fascists connected to the OUN-B organization in WWII were some of the primary benefactors of the Crusade For Freedom.

RT is having all kinds of fun with the Mueller Report

US media suffers panic attack after Mueller fails to deliver on much-anticipated Trump indictment

Important pundits and news networks have served up an impressive display of denials, evasions and on-air strokes after learning that Robert Mueller has ended his probe without issuing a single collusion-related indictment.