I'm not Jazz; I'm not Blues--I Am Rock and Roll

Nope. No music videos. Nope. No praise of musical style or of musicians. This essay is about musical preference and growth and maturation. Thinking about musical preferences in my case led me to consider how these preferences arose. I cannot talk in particulars because each of us has own preferences in music--and in friends, food, politics, and most everything else. If this essay turns to first person, as it frequently will, does not mean to imply about any one else's preferences.

Blast From The Past - A Little Impeachment Music Interlude

I remember my parents getting this vinyl single when I was a teenager. I wish the family still had it; it would be a valuable collector's item now. By some random process of free association, my thoughts drifted back to this old barbershop quartet number:

[video: width:800 height:500]

A little something to lighten up your day...

Gaming Music may be the most relevent music today.

I can hear the cries of disbelief now.

"Gaming Music? Really? You're talking about those blips and bleeps and heavy metal loops that don't mean anything?"

Nope, not at all. What I'm talking about is the cream of the crop. The music that like opera and and the greatest of film soundtracks, manages to create an environment and an emotion. In many ways audio is more responsible for the immersion of some of the greatest pieces of interactive fiction ever made.