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Some thoughts about the present state of some of the presidential campaigns.

a response to Cassiodorus' article about the West campaign.

West has hired one Peter Daou (PD) as his campaign manager. I wonder who is paying PDs salary. His lengthy interview with Sabrina did not convince me that he has seen the light. I think he is still an operative who wants to be important. I rather suspect that he has found that his status as exotic immigrant does not carry quite the clout that it once did.

The Weekly Watch

Sanction Insanity

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A study finds that the sanction regime often prolongs conflicts, collectively punishes whole populations and hinders third-party humanitarian efforts. Sanctions imposed by the US are nothing but war by other means. Ironically US sanctions are backfiring as nations dump the dollar and trade in their own currency...$114,500,000,000 in US Treasuries Dumped By China and New BRICS Member Saudi Arabia. All as US debt soars to the point that just interest payments are a trillion dollars a year and going higher.


Album of the Week 9-16-23

Afternoon folks!

There's a plethora of blues this week, there are albums from Junior Wells, Lil Ed & The Imperials, delta slide player Mississippi Fred McDowell and Charlie Musselwhite.

In the rock vein, there's another Spirit album and then you can get all folked up with albums from The International Submarine Band (Gram Parsons - Byrds, Flying Burrito Bros) first successful band, the Grateful Dead (acoustic) and serious folkie, Jody Stecher.

Have a great weekend and enjoy!