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America's poisonous monopoly economy

One of Trump's biggest lies is how "Mexico and China stole our jobs".
Mexico and China didn't steal our jobs.
They were given those jobs by the CEO's of America's companies.

I recall that back in the 70's politicians and pundits talked about economics and industry in terms of national security.
That stopped and was quickly forgotten under Reagan and neoliberalism.

Epstein judge released some sealed information

Huge cache of records details how Jeffrey Epstein and madam lured girls into depraved world

A chilling picture of how hundreds of girls and young women from around the world were trafficked for sex by Jeffrey Epstein, his madam, Ghislaine Maxwell, and — allegedly — a number of powerful business and world leaders emerged Friday in court documents unsealed in New York.


The Monday after the El Paso and Dayton shootings a man in Atlanta shot three people and then himself. It was just another shooting such as those we wake up to nearly every morning. I don’t recall this level of violence 20 or 30 years ago.

fascist Modi twists the screws even more tightly on Kashmiris

This is some of the backstory; I’d high-jacked one of my own recent threads when I’d seen this evil news on Twitter by Sameera Khan, as I must have written a dozen diaries on Kashhmir and the genocidaire Modi’s failure to hold a self-determination plebiscite over the past several years, among his many other dark deeds perpetrated on his own citizens.

‘India to build Israeli style “settlements” in Kashmir’, Ayesha Alam, crescent international  (a few bits):

The people of Kashmir have suffered decades of Indian military occupation and aggression including rape, torture and mass killings. Now the Hindu fascist Bharatiya Janata Party plans to build Israeli-style settlements for Hindus in Kashmir.

The international Nationalist Movements, 4 Chan and 8 Chan

I just wanted to point you to this discussion between The RealNews network's Mark Steiner and BBC's Mike Wendling about 4 Chan and 8 Chan.

As I never understood any of that, I found this quite informative. Here is the video and it was very necessary for me to have the transcript of it, which you find at the RealNews site.

Cardinals McCarrick, Wuerl, and Farrell: A Web of Sex Abuse, Bribes, Financial Misconduct and Cover-ups

These men claim to be religious leaders, spiritual guides, moral authorities. They are addressed as “His Eminence.” The man who appoints and promotes them is addressed as “Holy Father” and his government is the “Holy See.”