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Politico's Russia Derangement Syndrome

Once upon a time, there were journalists. But Satan appeared in his red cloak and horns, casting a curse upon almost all of them. Henceforward, they would become his slaves. No, they did not receive their official set of red cloak and horns, but they were rewarded with sizable paychecks. But with the riches came madness, one in which we alligators and neurosturgeons have labelled RDS. No, it's not RSD (really stupid Dimocrats).

Classism is a bigger problem than racism in our justice system

I don't believe that there is any place in society today where racism is more prevalent than in our criminal justice system.
And yet, how the unfortunate people that fall into the clutches of the police, courts, and prisons are treated is determined more by the color green, than by black or white.
This may be hard for some people to accept, so I have two studies to back up this claim.

WSJ confirms Carter Page was cooperating with FBI before he entered campaign

Overlooked in the furor of publication of the Nunes Memo, The Wall Street Journal published an article Friday that confirms major points made about Page in earlier research first posted by this author. See, https://www.wsj.com/articles/former-trump-aide-carter-page-was-on-u-s-co...

Oh jeeze, someone just poked the Bear. NOT a good idea IMO.

Commando op underway at crash site to trace MANPAD rocket origin – Russian MP

A Syrian special forces operation is reportedly underway in the area where a Russian Su-25 jet was downed by a MANPAD rocket on Saturday. The goal is to find evidence allowing the weapon to be traced to its origin.

The Weekly Watch

Collusion, Illusion, and Delusion

Will the Russiagate zombie ever die? Is there no wooden stake which will kill this vampire of distraction? Now, it is the FBI! But only after the Russians invaded the brain of Nunes. You mean the FBI was colluding? The FBI has a long history of being tainted with crimes which are obscured and hidden by illusion. Like maybe the JFK assassination, and MLK, and RFK? Perhaps even 911 itself? Lee Camp had a good 10 minute expose of things the FBI has lost.
While everyone is focused on the “memo” there's all kinds of destructive policies sliding through under the radar. Evils like resource extraction in parks. Rapid appointment of RW judges. Tariffs on solar panels to slow down green energy. Imperialist corporate conquests of poor countries using debt as the new chains of slavery. But what's new?

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Not Today

Many are the holidays observed by the Americans, and most of them are in some way strange. Smallpox and slavery sailing over on a boat; green-dyed Hibernians heaving freely in the streets; pounding big nails through a man’s wrists and ankles to affix him to an upright stick—if it is in any way weird or wrong, the Americans, they will wrap a holiday around it.

And so it is natural that on February 2 the Americans everywhere pause in their labors to await word from an oracular rodent who comes up from out of the ground to deliver climate wisdoms.

“Zoomancy,” that is the fancy Science Man word for such: humans scrutinizing the parts, patterns, particulars of non-human beasts, for clues as to past, present, future. This has been going on forever, from before even theretwinpeaksdalehead.png were Americans. The Incas, they would rip the lungs out of a llama, then inflate them by blowing into the trachea; priests studied the distended veins of the blatted llama lungs, discerning thereby what the Incas should do in the politics. A Babylonian with a question, s/he would walk up to a sleeping ox, and splash water on its head. The reaction of the ox would then be compared to a Chart outlining seventeen possible meanings: if the beast opened both eyes, that would be a “yes”; if both eyes remained closed, that would be "no answer, try again later"; if the animal rose up and drove a horn through your groin, that would mean “oh shit." Etc. The Lombards, they would bake the head of an ass, and then burn a piece of carbon on it. The names of suspected criminals were recited: if, as a name was pronounced, the judge heard a certain distinctive crackling, sounding from the carbonized ass-head, that meant the person was guilty. It should surprise no one that Confederate General Sheets is currently circulating a memo proposing that this practice be revived in the Americans’ immigration courts.

Forget the stock market. We are all getting poorer under Trump

Most of us have very little in the stock market.
However, what little we have is priced in dollars. So what has happened to the dollar since Trump took over?

Democrats have weaponized Identity Politics against progressives

I have no use for Identity Politics because it precludes solidarity, and solidarity is the only thing that will ever win against the extreme wealth inequality that is poisoning this country.
Now I have another reason to oppose Identity Politics: the cynical use of it by establishment Democrats against the progressive grassroots.

Vermont Miltary Boondoggle

Good coverage of how military pork barrel spending generates political corruption:

This is a story primarily about corrupt practices by the Burlington City Council, in its headlong determination to force a neighboring city to be the base for a weapon of mass destruction, the nuclear capable F-35 fighter-bomber (in development since 1992, first flown in 2000, still not reliably deployable in 2018, at a cost of $400 billion and counting).

What has Tulsi Gabbard been up to?

After reading the highly popular, slanderous diary on the GOS yesterday (note: substituting "she joined the National Guard so she could claim veteran status" for "served two tours of duty in Iraq" is just naked slander), I got curious about Gabbard's record.
The reason was several "sourced" claims about her voting record, which indicated she was Republican-leaning.