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What Mueller won't find

In the 1950s, when the science fiction genre started making itself felt in movies, there was always the pivotal scene where the protagonist discovers the dark secret but no one will believe him: a flying saucer hidden under the sand in a field, truckloads of pod people to replace real people, or that the friendly aliens' book "To Serve Man" wasn't a guide to helping humans, but a cookbook.

A Different Opinion about Anthony Bourdain

Whenever the corporate media start saturation hagiography, I become suspicious. The non-stop lionizing of Anthony Bourdain is the latest instance that set off my dissatisfaction with the conventional narrative. For the record, I have watched some of Bourdain's stuff. I found him to be simultaneously arrogant and self-effacing, simultaneously leftish and rightish - an icon of the rebel consumer crowd that Thomas Franks pilloried so well in the 1990s. In short, To me, Bourdain was just another sardonic bit of consumerist froth with huge dollops of dishabille and attitude, which is so essential in our egocentric, look-at-me society.

What are You Capable Of?

I had this dream last night about being back in high school. This time around I had a special vision where I could see inside other student's souls. It was a dark, uneasy nightmare where I could look at other kids and get these visions of what they were capable of doing in the future. Not the good things, the bad things.

The Weekly Watch

Tales of the Oligarchs
and other horror stories

The oligarchs have been working toward this moment for a while now. They have patience and almost unlimited resources. The Koch brothers provide an excellent example of the way we are controlled by corporate interests. Then there's the Mercers and their insidious manipulation of the system for their personal profit. Can't forget Eric Prince and Betsy DeVos and their efforts privatizing schools and the military. Oh yeah what about Jeff Bezos and his corporate empire? …and on and on. These are our rulers. Let's learn a little about them and their strategies as we explore the weeks happenings.

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Midnight Special - Government, Taxes and The Class War

This is a reply I made to my brother in an email. It was a conversation about a story how "high income earners are leaving high tax states". My brother is a conservative fairly right wing former republican (like alot of former democrats) who is strongly for limited government and taxes with the conservative belief that people should be able to "keep what they earn".

A few brief remarks

Hello there. I recently read some of the meta about what's been going on. One thing that caught my attention was the lamented absence of Hecate, Phoebe Loosinhouse, Dallasdoc and others people miss. I can't speak for them. No one person's reasons for writing or not writing on a blog are the same, even one with as generous a community as this one. But I can talk a little about the reasons for my own infrequent appearances here of late as compared to past years.

I threw away my vote yesterday

For the first time since 1992 I wasted my vote - I voted for some Democrats.
Three of them. None of them got as much as 3% of the vote, but that's not the problem.
The problem was that I voted strategically. You know, "pragmatically". I voted for some Berniecrats in the hope that I could help accomplish something in the Democratic Party, rather than my normal strategy of voting 3rd party down the line.

"Reverie + Evolution = Revolution" (graffiti on the Sorbonne, France, May 1968). An Ode to C99 and Speaking Louder/Inspired by JtC's Talking Heads-inspired Rant. Scrawl Something!

I just read JtC’s rant and started to compose a comment.