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Something I'd Been Meaning to Do for Some Time

Television viewing habits change as technology evolves. Long gone is the uncontested dominance of the three major networks (CBS, NBC, and ABC). The cable news networks are increasingly being replaced by podcasts and YouTube shows. Nowadays, many of us tend to believe our peers more than news fed from up top ala Soviet-style propaganda, although I liked watching Eric Sevaried, John Chancellor, and Howard K. Smith. They were real wordsmiths and had a lot of respect for language and how it is used to communicate ideas. One of the things I liked a great deal as a grad school student living in England was the fact that most people talked in complete sentences!

I do not understand

          I am not in anyway a single issue voter, but really how is this man's candidacy even a discussable topic. People like Trump, and Bloomberg need to be excluded by definition!!!!

          Give me even one valid reason to think otherwise. And, before you start, unalienable right is not a reason, of any stripe: there are plenty of valid reasons to exclude …

Fascism Ahead of the May 3 Elections in Bolivia

America's Political Crisis - Some Thoughts on How We Got Here

The worst part about being lied to is knowing you weren't worth the truth.

(attributed to Jean-Paul Sarte among others)

I suppose I could have started this essay without this quote, but in light of the last thirty years, it encapsulates in one sentence just how little the ruling elites across the globe respect the human beings over which they hold power, and whom they exploit with such cruel efficiency. For deceit lies at the heart of what is wrong with our world. A liar passes judgment on each person to whom his or her lie is addressed; i.e., that such people are inferior creatures not worth telling the truth. And a steady stream of lies are what we are witnessing on a daily basis this year.

This is simply a feel good essay that lets me go to sleep....

with a smile on my face.

Buttigieg, just a country boy--Malta

Surfing comes natural to me. I love the water, the murkier the better, unless it interferes with snapping up dinner. George Webb is a fellow surfer, except he does it using computers. Well, I came across a couple of recent George Webb (GW) broadcasts. These concern one of our favorite Demonratic candidates, polylingual Mayor Pete Buttigieg, former Army intel and the virtuous Adam Schiff.