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(I love this guy!): The Vindication of Dennis Kucinich

I am so so so very glad that people are taking this man seriously!! No matter how big his losses, how cruel and nasty his critics have been, THIS is a politician who has perservered. He’s like the Energizer Bunny or the Timex Watch - takes a lickin’ but never quits a tickin’.

"Last War in the History of Mankind"

"Last war in the history of mankind", that's what Evgeny Buzhinsky, a former senior Russian general has warned could happen over this latest false flag chemical attack and the subsequent illegal bombing in Syria by one of Amerika's proxies, Israel. (see Below)


Alleged Gas Attack in Eastern Gouta Provides Cover for a Wider Regional War

This all seems designed to prepare the world for a three-fer against Syria, Russia, and Iran.  And if it comes to war, we need to remember that China has indicated that with any attack on Russia, China will respond.  I’ll hand you over to CNN for now, and note that Wesley Clark says that John Bolton has assembled the National Security Council today.  Mad Dog says he won’t rule anything out, but ask why are there chemical weapons in Syria when Russia was supposed to have removed them all?  Please consider this an Open Thread.

Syrian Forces may have found more than chemical weapons in East Ghouta

Veterans Today has a shocking article with photographs asserting that when Syrian forces discovered the chemical weapons cache and factory in the rebel-held area near Damascus recently, chemical weapons were found with British and German labeling, among others.

The Weekly Watch

Prisoners, Hostages, Tradewars,
and Weapons of Mass Distraction

Another week speeds by as spring (or fall in the really deep south) unfolds. This week it strikes me how easily we are distracted from understanding our world and situation. Some things seem so obvious. The oligarchs no longer make a secret of their domination. Just a glance at Brazil should make us aware (not to mention Venezuela nor Honduras....or even our own territory of Puerto Rico). The rush to create Russia as an enemy is obscenely obvious as diplomats are expelled across the globe without a shred of evidence. Truthsayers are silenced... Assange blocked from the internet in the embassy and Snowden is exiled to Russia. But like emerging seeds teachers are rising up across our country, students are speaking out, and movements are growing. It is time to escape the bonds of commercial corporate media and help people understand our common condition.


The Perception of American Parties

The reality of perception is an important component in maintaining relations in our society.

This can range from individuals all the way up to government/corporate entities.

Any actions that these entities commit can have a negative or positive effect on their standing in the world. At times, those actions might be so deleterious that it can cause an organization to crumble and blow away in the wind.

Calling Dr. Zuckerberg, Dr. Zuckerberg! OR FaceBook health data mining

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. At least so its says in some document under glass in the Smithsonian. First item on the list = life. A good life is synonymous with good health. This essay is not about Medicare for All/Single Payer (MFA/SP) but deals with today's nightmare, surveillance state scenarios.

First we have the mollifying "explanations" for certain actions, and then analysis of what all this really means.

further virtuous & principled gifts from Bibi’s ‘most moral army in the world’©

(Yeppers, it’s longish, but needs must, as they say.  Feel free to pick and choose titles that seem of keen interest to you.)

‘We will not wait 70 years more’: scenes from Gaza’s March of Return’, AhmadKabariti,  March 31, 2018, mondoweiss.net (with photos)

Trump is sending Nat’l Guard to border per instructions from RUSSIA! thru Hungarians so we need censorship per WP

This article starts off by chewing out Fakebook for its opportunistic business practices and its resident RUSSIAN! bots, it then makes a big detour into the Ukraine and the dirty tactics of afore mentioned RUSSIANS! during the coup (irony alert), starts singing the praises of Robert Mueller for wising us all up to the fact that we're all dupes of afore-afore mentioned RUSSIANS!, and provides examples of their fake stories about Muslims, rape, and the French ‘gay lobby’.

Four Levels of Politico-Economic Humbug, and the Soundbites to Rebut Them

The politico-economic system of our supposed democracy is, in reality, a defense-in-depth of elite privilege. Layer upon layer of rhetorical cant and mathematical jargon shred any attack upon the fortress of money. Only by challenging the basic premises of conventional economics can we pull out the roots of the pernicious neoliberal dogma that is handing America over to a handful of billionaires and their global megacorporations.

WTF, NYT? Perpetuating the "BernieBro" lie 2 years later

My grandfather, who passed away last year, was a lifelong and thorough reader of the New York Times. You might say he was their core demographic: A quintessential New York Jew lawyer, one of the first Jews to be admitted to Harvard, whose life was oddly spared by the Red Scare inasmuch as when he was in the Army and the Korean War broke out, his affiliation in his younger days with certain left-wing groups caused the brass to deem him too much of a security risk to send overseas.

The president isn't the C-in-C after all, and no one seems to have noticed

Technically Congress is the one with the power to say where our troops go and where they don't.
But that stopped being true several generations ago.

In place of Congress, the Commander-In-Chief gives the orders to the troops.