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On this 4th of July, 2020

Rethinking the Fourth of July’, Bill Bigelow, Rethinking Schools curriculum editor, Zinn Education Project co-director, huff-po, July, 2014

“But the yahoo of fireworks also turns an immensely complicated time in U.S. history into a cartoon of miseducation. For example, check out Ray Raphael’s “Re-examining the Revolution“ at the Zinn Education Project, an article that every history teacher should read before wading into the events leading up to 1776. Raphael analyzed 22 elementary-school, middle-school, and high-school texts and found them filled with inaccuracies — some merely silly, but others leaving students with important misunderstandings about U.S. history and how social change does and does not happen.

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“Now something that will interest you – we’ve made some excursions in the brothels, and it’s likely that we’ll eventually go there often to work,” said Van Gogh in the only letter he ever co-wrote with a fellow artist. “At the moment Gauguin has a canvas in progress of the same night cafe that I also painted, but with figures seen in the brothels. It promises to become a beautiful thing.

The Yellow House (The Street), 1888 by Vincent van Gogh. Photograph: Van Gogh Museum

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Not So Different After All
Frans de Waal On Animal Intelligence And Emotions

With the coronavirus we have another interesting issue: how we eat wildlife. Ecologists and conservationists have been saying for fifty years that we shouldn’t be eating everything on the planet.

Mama with her daughter Moniek, at the Royal Burgers’ Zoo, Arnhem, the Netherlands.

the CIA Times as > than Hearst News Yellow Journalism

‘The New York Times fabricates Russian murder plot’, 3 July 2020, Patrick Martin, wsws.org  (w/permission to repost all content)

“Not since William Randolph Hearst cabled his correspondent in Havana in 1898 with the message, “You furnish the pictures and I’ll furnish the war,” has a newspaper been so thoroughly identified with an effort to provoke an American war as the New York Times this week.

The difference—and there is a colossal one—is that Hearst was fanning the flames for the Spanish-American War, a comparatively minor conflict, the first venture by American imperialism to seize territory overseas, in Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines. The Times today is seeking to whip up a war fever directed against Russia, one that threatens to ignite a third world war fought with nuclear weapons.” [snip]

the 1919 Red Summer race riots horrors

White children cheer outside an African-American residence that they have set on fire. © Getty Images

As I’d been reading and collecting links and quotes toward a post on ‘the Revolutionary possibilities of Civil Rights 2020’, two authors had mentioned ‘Red Summer’, as well as the bombing and burning of Black Wall Street in Greenwood, OK as historically analagous to 2020, or at least: past as prelude.  And the following day, Up Jumped the Devil.

As Dickens seems to have borrowed heavily from ‘Red Summer’ at National Geographic, I’ll paste in a bit past Fair Use rules.  To me it seems the depraved barbarity at play that summer needs a stand-alone diary.  Fair warning: the final photo below the dotted lines may give you nightmares.

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Back to the future on steroids.

The fabric of our culture is being ripped asunder. Onion-skinned trump is destroying the social contract by keeping the social chaotic, by sowing divisiveness, by pitting mini-cultures against each other and inoculating everything with chaos. Chaos begets fear, becomes the norm. It is easier to control people that way. And control is the name of the game. Maximum gain with minimal pain.

The warp and weft of the social contract were already fraying in the 60s. It had been fragmenting for many from the beginning. MLK pointed that out and lost. It happened so fast and no one was prepared for Death. But now we are.

George Floyd changed that. Time and space compressed at that moment. Truth and lies merged and in a flash we all saw the excruciating horror of who we are. We can no longer be complicit.

"My Dream has turned into a nightmare. … Now we are confronting issues that cannot be solved without costing the nation billions of dollars. I think this is where we are getting our greatest resistance. They can put it on many other things but they can’t get rid of slums and poverty without it costing the nations something."