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Something Surprised Me Today, But It Shouldn't Have - Dems See HRC as Poison

Hillary Clinton is back with a vengeance, and no that is not the big surprise. What did come as a surprise was this nugget from a New Yorker article by a writer Clinton handpicked to tell her story, David Remnick.

Medicare for All

Medicare for All is not single payer, so media or politicos using the term single-payer are wrong.

The insurance companies should be jumping at the bit for Medicare for all, a windfall bonanza of new Medigap plans that are profitable; in fact, competition in the Medigap market is fierce and healthy. Imagine 300 million paying the monthly premiums in such a program.

Here He Comes to Save the Day!

mighty mouse.jpg

The proposed Medicare for All Act of 2017 is out. I received this email this morning, I'm sure some of you did as well. Interesting that some of the early key co-sponsors are projected candidates for the 2020 election. Another election revolving around the United States of the Free and Brave! health care system.

Finally! WashPo allows a response to the "Bernie Bros are racists" meme they created

It only took roughly 18 months, but the Washington Post has decided to allow some facts to get in the way of slandering Bernie supporters.
The excellent article was written by Symone D. Sanders, the former national press secretary for Bernie Sanders.

MD Bar to Investigate Attys Who Deleted Clinton Emails


Judge orders Maryland bar to investigate lawyers who helped Clinton delete emails

The Maryland bar complaint was brought by Ty Clevenger, a lawyer who has pursued sanctions against Mrs. Clinton and her legal team in several venues and who is also pressing the FBI to release details of its investigation into the former top diplomat.

Some Info on Hurricane Irma

Earlier this week, Cant Stop The Macedonia Signal posted an essay asking Florida members to check in after hurricane Irma. I suspect we may not hear from all right away as much of Florida experienced power outages. I am a native Floridian, having lived all but the first two years of my life in the state. I take hurricanes very seriously although my home town where I grew up, St. Pete has been spared from a major hit since 1921.

(Great news if true!): 'I Am Done With Being a Candidate.' Hillary Clinton Rules Out Another Campaign

'I Am Done With Being a Candidate.' Hillary Clinton Rules Out Another Campaign

Hillary Clinton says she's ruled out another run for office, but you don't expect her to leave the political stage entirely.

"As an active politician, it's over," Clinton told Jane Pauley in a Sunday interview on CBS Sunday Morning. "I am done with being a candidate. But I am not done with politics because I literally believe that our country's future is at stake."

Amendment filed to delay trans ban

Kirsten Gillibrand and Susan Collins have filed an amendment to the NDAA that would delay implementation of the ban on transgender people serving in the military.

Action on the ban would be delayed until at least 60 days after SecDef Mattis finalizes his review and submits a report to Congress, which is expected to take us to spring of 2018.

Clandestine rendezvous in Rose City

The acrid smell of smoke still hung in the air from the pitched battle to the east. The struggle, which began over a week ago, continued with one side practicing the "scorched earth" policy we've come to loath.
A Meetup was called to bring together operatives from Area PNW, part of the larger worldwide secret organization Caucus 99%.

Confessions of an internet warrior: How the elites control the Net.

Back at the turn of the century, I became active on a forum called Conceptual Guerilla. It was run by Joe Lyles. Joe was a lawyer and in law school had briefly been a Republican. During this time, he was indoctrinated in a training program in which the right conducted operations to control the internet. However, Joe became disillusioned when he saw how much lying and deception was involved and realized that his conservative beliefs were entirely based upon falsehoods.

The Weekly Watch

Clouds of Hypocrisy Surrounding the Storms and Fires

Did you hear T-rump this week in North Dakota? He's glad to have dirty tar sands oil flowing through a pipeline destined to leak. He's thrilled he got us out of the job killing Paris climate agreement. Then in the same speech admits we've had one disastrous hurricane and we're about to have another....and who knew North Dakota could have droughts? It reminds me of the tobacco execs denying that tobacco is addictive
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_ZDQKq2F08 (1.5 min)

The evidence is overwhelming and undeniable that climate is becoming increasingly variable and intense, and yet the US government will not allow mention of global warming? Talk about heads in the sand. You know they know. They're lying just like the tobacco execs to save their profit (and lose our habitable planet).

Hurricane Irma.jpg

Midnight Special

We don't have this anymore. It's not the same. Somehow, society changed from progressive racial acceptance and tolerance to apathetic ambivalence.

I think it was disco. I liked the Bee Gees, hell were they talented. But shit, they went too far. We all went too far and now look.

Maybe we'll have another chance.

This is what I liked, this is what I believed. This is what I still believe. It never left me. It never left many of us. It's waiting to be reborn.