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Herbert Marcuse's ideas of political strategy

First let me start with a principle: the point of being a philosopher is not to be a good person. This principle becomes an issue if people don't understand it. Philosophers can be saints, but they don't have to be, just as saints don't have to be philosophers. A lecture on this principle appears necessary given that so many people "don't get it."

More Divisive ID politics

This one’s an upside-down version of Jimmy Dore’s interview with a Boogaloo Boy in which the Message got buried by the Messenger. It seemed to have spawned another epic Twitter Spat.

Naomi Wolf joins Tucker Carlson to warn we’ve become a Covid-19 police state. Guess which one liberals think is the bigger crime?’, Helen Buyniski, RT.com, Feb. 23, 2021

“But Wolf’s words – broadly appealing though they may be to the inhabitants of a country pummeled within an inch of its life by years of suicidal government policies that bailed out mega-corporations and waged ruinous wars while leaving ordinary people twisting in the wind – were lost on many in her audience. These zeroed in on Carlson as if he – not what Wolf described as the “merger of corporate power and government power really characteristic of Italian fascism in the ’20s” – was the real authoritarian threat.

Friday Open Thread ~ "What are you reading?" edition ~ Jarvis Jay Masters


“We all live in a prison, and we all hold the key,” Chagdud Tulku wrote. More patronizing bullshit, Jarvis thought. You do not live in prison. I live in prison. You may have a key, but the keys to my cell are hanging off my jailers’ belts."

“Meditation is hardest when we're most afraid, because it forces us to face our fears when all we want to do is run from them. But it's the only way out of our misery."

If you don't like DC.s latest It Girl, Neera Tanden,

you are an anti-Asian, anti-strong woman bigot. I guess I better fess up, Guilty as Charged. The Biden admin is pulling out all the stops for this particular lame appointment. The Hill has a good run down of this intrigue:


2 Post-blizzard Texas Exposés from WSWS

‘Half of Texas without clean water as state and federal governments look the other way’, Chase Lawrence, Feb. 19, 2021  (w/permission, large excerpts)

waiting in line for propane in houston

“More than 14.6 million Texans, about half of the population of the state, remained under a boil-water advisory Friday, according to Texas Commission on Environmental Quality spokeswoman Tiffany Young. This encompasses more than 1,225 water supply systems and 63 percent of Texas counties following the record winter storm which hit the state last weekend.

In a press conference Austin Water Director Greg Meszaros stated that “we know that there are tens of thousands of leaks,” and that the Austin Fire Department responded to “thousands upon thousands of burst pipes.” In Houston, the fire department received almost 5,000 reports of burst pipes.