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The Biden Plan: a growth initiative borne of capitalist desperation

Climate change is "in the news" now. I really don't know why. Weren't the news-makers, the stenographers of power, all better off denying it until it kills them? You know, like the people who put up signs next to devastation zones saying "climate change is a hoax"? I live near people like this. Here's a thought: go to a factory farm, and tell the animals they're all going to be slaughtered. Would this knowledge do them any good?

Yang's New Cable TV ad is called "HOPE" Anti-Yang Forces Go Crazy


Andrew Yang has posted his first Cable TV ad. $91,000 worth which will appear today and tomorrow. Let the gnashing of teeth and the propaganda begin.....

The New Ad--Appearing Today and Tomorrow on Cable TV

Thursday Open Thread ~ "What are you reading?" edition


Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering Tahira Reid leads a lab focused on human-centered design. Over her career, she’s gone outside the “traditional engineering box” and integrated compassion for the users of products and services into the design process – what she and colleagues refer to as “compassionate design.” She has also leveraged her insights as a Black woman in mechanical engineering in her work. Together, these considerations led to the development of a compassionate design framework that helps engineers think critically about their design decisions and, in her case, an investigation of how heat from flat-irons can damage curly hair.

In this interview, Reid describes how her personal experiences led her to focus on the human aspects of engineering, and why she believes a focus on people’s problems, combined with an engineering mindset, leads to more innovative products and services.

Bibi defeated. For Now. Maybe For Good.

Here is the current situation in Israel. We have been here before but this time it may actually be the end of Bibi's time as Prime Minister. He has been in office for 12 years and 3 other elections in the last 2 years have failed to dislodge him. It is not certain that he will be ousted this time either but it looks much more promising.

South America is about to shift further to the left than ever before

When Guillermo Lasso, a former banker and finance minister who advocates shrinking the state and cutting taxes, defeated socialist Andrés Arauz by a narrow margin in Ecuador last month (after the Left won the legislature in convincing fashion), it appeared that the Left in Latin America was still too weak to challenge t