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You probably knew that you were a Putin Puppet, but did you know that you were a Nazi too?
I didn't know that I was a Nazi until recently. It was a surprise to me because a large branch of my family was executed in the Holocaust by actual Nazis.
How did I become an anti-Semite? I used the term "globalist".

The Weekly Watch

Friends and Enemies

A man cannot be too careful in the choice of his enemies.
~ Oscar Wilde


It took me a few years of teaching to fully understand that what you do...your habits and behaviors...carry more meaning and impact than what you say. It is the adage “Actions speak louder than words”. I think looking at what nation states do, not what they say, is an excellent strategy too. A couple of weeks ago we discussed the making of a more perfect oligarchy. I expressed amazement that the oligarchs no longer feel the need to hide behind purchased politicians, but are out front, self serving politicians for all to see. This week I want to make a similar point about our friends and enemies. Why is Saudi Arabia, the most oppressive monarchy in the world, our good buddy..., and nations like Iran, Syria, and Venezuela are so horrible that we feel compelled to ignore their international rights and assume that we must conquer and corporatize them?

Here comes the law

Recently, JtC had posted "Federal Judge Says Embedding a Tweet Can Be Copyright Infringement." That was a very interesting post, and I had commented on that, but, to me, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) was blowing the situation out-of-proportion. And just the other day, a commenter on reddit said something like, "Sometimes the EFF makes mountains out of molehills, but they are right in "How Congress Censored the Internet". Here I agree with the reddit commentator, and with the EFF article. This is bad, very bad.

'Sup NSA

So, I got this email last night:

(Subject: Update on Russian-linked activity on Tumblr)

Dear (my Tumblr name),

As part of our commitment to transparency, we want you to know that we uncovered and terminated 84 accounts linked to Internet Research Agency or IRA (a group closely tied to the the Russian government) posing as members of the Tumblr community.

"Anti-communism" and instant expertise

Omigod we can't be communists -- that would be, like, working together for a better future instead of working for the bosses (or something like that). So we must all instead succumb to the allure of instant expertise, and proclaim ourselves knowledgeable about history, the world, and human nature, all on a foundation of very little.

Or not?

John Bolton - Neocon/Zionist Warmonger/Psychopath National Security Advisor to President Trump


I'm just going to post the title and say something like, um, wait, let me drink a beer.

I'm back.

I was going to say that um, Bolton is, um, what this means is um, wait, let me drink another beer.

I'm back.

So anyhoo, you gotta be shittin' me. Really? John Bolton, right after appointing Pompeo to SOS and that Torture Lady to head the Gestapo?

Unholy hell: the EU Commission just approved Bayer’s $62 billion acquisition of Monsanto

From dw.com:

“We have approved Bayer’s plans to take over Monsanto because the parties’ remedies, worth well over €6 billion euros ($7.4 billion), meet our competition concerns in full,” said Commissioner Margrethe Vestager, the EU’s anti-trust chief.

Reasons For Hope: Bernie's Town Hall, Jill Stein's Upcoming Live Discussion with Glenn Greenwald and Abby Martin, and Matt Taibbi's Surgical Takedowns of Propaganda, Lies and Distraction

As the snow now steadily falls in NYC for perhaps the last winter storm of the season (always fine by me, the storms that is), I find myself ruminating a little on the flickers of hope within the darkness of despair of this bizarre time of media and government propaganda.

MAGA Jobs!: Trump Inks Weapons Deal with the Clown Prince

According to RT this morning:

“US President Donald Trump brought several pictures of American weapons to a meeting with visiting Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman of Saudi Arabia. He boasted of multibillion-dollar sales of arms to the kingdom.

Showing a sign to journalists at the meeting that read “12.5 billion in finalized sales to Saudi Arabia,” Trump boasted about all the money that US defense contractors would be getting for their products.

The Anti-war Movement Picks Up Steam

Here it comes:

As of now, the Pentagon and US leadership are in denial and not ready to face reality. The people of the United States, in solidarity with people of the world, must act now to end the war culture and convince US leadership that a new path is necessary.

Join the days of action!

April 14-15 – National Days Of Action to End the Wars at Home and Abroad.

ЯUSSIAИ Gov't Caught Red-handed Fixing Elections

Putin.png A shady company that claims to "fix" elections around the world has been linked to the ЯUSSIAИ government -- er, wait a minute. It's actually the British government.

For a little background on Cambridge Analytica (recently of Donald Trump election fame) and their shady dealings, here's an excerpt from a Channel 4 undercover report:

(Who DIDN‘T have access?): Facebook data-mining also used by Tinder, FarmVille and Obama's 2012 campaign

Hahahaha. Fuckerberg has been selling and ‘allowing’ data mining of Facebook for years. Cambridge Analytica is dirty dirty dirty. And now we find out Obama & Co. did the same. (That’s just a couple of ‘organizations’ to which Fuckerberg sold or gave it’s bread-and-butter subscribers personal information.)

I don’t know if The Clinton Creature got our personal info directly from Farcebook, but she certainly had access to it through the Obama organization.