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the mysterious disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi [Updated]

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Aside from Tweeting about #QuestOfRandomClues (beats me), WikiLeaks is most sincerely involved in the probably-not-so-mysterious ‘disappearance’ of the Saudi national WaPo journalist; his oeuvre is here; dunno if right clicking and choosing Open In Private Window will get you past their paywall or not.

(They’ve found their next paycheck); Bill and Hillary Clinton are going on tour in 2018, 2019

These two needed to find a new way to make money what with her being a two/time loser who tried to rig an election and Slick with his own #metoo problems, although he pretty much gets a walk from diehard ‘lefty’ ladies. I wonder if it rankles that The Empty Suit can and does haul in way more than she ever did. Bill’s $500,000 speech to the RUSSIANS! during the Uranium One scandal isn’t even the litmus test for ‘speechifying’ anymore. Although their foundation got millions in donations.

Non-partisan, Left Leaning, Reality Based News with a Memory

Holy cow, sounds just like us.

I was led to both the Greanville Post and this David Sirota article by a friend on Facebook. I thought both were noteworthy and brought them here to share with you. Greanville Post is a reality-based blog and Sirota is a real journalist with an actual memory.