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Trump's tax cuts and the coming recession

It's an interesting historical moment, when the domestic political environment is obsessed with the present and recent past, that the politicians and public cannot see that we are on the verge of a systemic change.
All the memes, all the talking points, all the political plans and agendas, are about to be shitcanned and forgotten.

Sometimes You Just Sit There Mouth Agape

In France watching charges of nepotism, fake jobs for the family of prominent politicians, police truncheon rape and the probability of a fascist once again getting into the second round of the presidential election. So I went to a local PS meeting, a meeting so boringly dour and joyless that I left early even more depressed with the left than before.

This week in the courts

On Monday Judge Mark R Hornak of the US District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania ruled that three transgender students had a "reasonable likelihood" of success in their argument that the Pine-Richland School District's decision last fall to require them to use bathrooms consistence with the sex on their birth certificates was unconstitutional, and hence granted them a preliminary injunction against that policy.

Calling Out Culture Nannies and Cognitive Dissonance

Alright, time to man up, Snowflake…

What is the equivalent of Snowflake™ in terms of culture?

People who use the term snowflake are always whining about all kinds of crazy shit — starbucks hates Christmas, the WAR on Christmas, happy holidays hurts my fee-fees, protest peacefully, peaceful protest is terrorism, get your government hands off my medicare. omg, he didn't even capitalize GOD!!!