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flip-city news from Ukraine & Crimea

This is the War and Peace of the ‘War, No Peace allowed’ in one of the Nato-repurposed  2.0  cold war proxy wars against Russia.  I know it’s long, but it’s all of a puzzle.  Given its length, were I a reader, I’d focus on the Ukraine/Russian warships story, as a hella lot’s gonna break tomorrow, including at the UN. So far Vladimir Putin and Sergei Lavrov have refused to be drawn into responding to threats of war against The Bear, but what might be the flexion point?  Given that, I’ve chosen to give some background to what’s afoot already.  Yeppers, it’s all copy/paste, but transposing is even more impossible in my haste.

Russia and Ukraine's have a little dustup in the Black Sea

I'm curious to see how this incident is going to be spun. I've already seen the Twitter-verse saying that Vlad did that to give Donald cover for closing the southern border. Or so that Trump can declare martial law. No reason why he would do that, but it's becoming a meme. Or that Putin attacked Ukraine, the benevolent country for no known reason. Just being aggressive I guess.

This is how the day started.

If you need a heart transplant and you have health insurance ...

.... but it doesn't cover your post op immunosuppressive medications ....

Hospital Letter Urging Patient to Start 'Fundraising Effort' to Pay for Heart Treatment Seen as Yet Another Reason America Needs Medicare for All

"'You can't have a heart unless you do GoFundMe for 10K' is not a just system."

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The Weekly Watch

Talking Turkey about Giving Thanks

I hope you're all well fed and have many reasons to give thanks. As el, JtC, and Wendy pointed out this week, the mythology surrounding the holiday is farcical....celebrating the genocide of first nations peoples and the colonization and occupation of their lands...makes America great? Overeating, hyper-consumerism, and football are also typical of the celebration. In my corner of the world huntin' is another part of the tradition. This week we'll take a quick look at the holiday before delving into the news. (6 min)