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I've been contemplating a future cashless society where the greenback is worthless and all transactions are made with a credit or debit card.
A world where your paycheck is direct deposited into your bank account and all bills will be sucked right out of your account.

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Health is Wealth

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“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

TPTB are planning to use health concerns to grab ever more power, so we'll start by looking at the UN's pandemic treaty. Also on the table are foods and lifestyles that hurt and can improve our personal health. In both cases a profit driven "sick care" is the root of the problem.
In addition to human health, we'll also dive into the health of societies, nations, and the economy.

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Album of the Week - 5-20-23

Afternoon folks!

Well, there's a bunch of good stuff this week. There's some zydeco to get things rolling with a compilation of Clifton Chenier's Arhoolie recordings. After that Taj Mahal and Ry Cooder do their best impression of Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee - not to be missed! Doc Watson follows up with a mid-60's album and we change pace after that with Osibisa. Osibisa is a band from Ghana and worth a listen. Following that there's some rock with Foghat and some rock/prog with The Tubes to finish things off.


Ukraine News and stuff

Gilbert Doctorow on the current crop of dem's hypocrisy.

It’s not just the Nation that overlooks its own party’s war criminals that commit war crimes. The current crop of the dem base who say that they are anti war are fully in favor of the Ukraine war because Putin’s orcs invaded Ukraine and deny that NATO expansion or the Nazis had anything to do with it. And apparently don’t know about Obama and Biden’s role in the brutal Ukraine coup. But this isn’t new because they cheered when the war criminals Bush/Cheney finally left office they then got behind all the wars and war crimes that Obama/Biden started doing and now they are either fully silent on the Biden/Harris wars and war crimes or are fully in favor of them.