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Camp Mniluzahan & Creek Patrol

If you’re in need of a heart-warming and inspirational story as an antidote to the alarming current global zeitgeist, this one may help.

From ‘Camp Mniluzahan & Creek Patrol, #LandBack for our unsheltered relatives!’, campmniluzahan.org, undated (a few key bits and bobs)

“Camp Mniluzahan is established by Creek Patrol volunteers to provide care and protection for unsheltered relatives along Mniluzahan (Rapid Creek), this winter and for years to come.

Relatives and comrades who make up the Creek Patrol have come together to establish safe shelter for unsheltered relatives, since this need has not been met by the city or other organizations. Camp Mniluzahan is located on land near Mniluzahan (Rapid Creek) held for the Oceti Sakowin by the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, Rosebud Sioux Tribe, and Oglala Sioux Tribe, with the consent of those tribes.

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Methane Release
(updated w report all injuries)
h/t eyo

Microbes might be gatekeepers of the planet’s greatest greenhouse gas reserves.

Massive greenhouse gas reserves, frozen deep under the seabed, are alarmingly now starting to thaw. … let’s suppose for a moment that these latest findings are real and that methane frozen below the seabed really is being released. What does this mean?

Methane is not as common as carbon dioxide, but it also contains carbon and is a potent greenhouse gas. Many people have heard of methane being stored in Arctic permafrost, but few realise that there are also massive and much larger deposits of the gas locked beneath the seabed.


A revealing Facebook exchange, also, Joe Biden's climate liaison

When I criticized the Facebook "Clash against the Right" group on Facebook:

The group "Clash Against the Right" is not really against the Right -- they're totally fine with the Right, as long as its patrons have the magic (D) symbol next to their names.

I received this response:

Trump has completely lost it! He's trying to end our Forever Wars. That's insane!

President Trump has clearly lost what is left of his mind.
He doesn't want to end just one Forever War. He's aiming at ending THREE Forever Wars.
No one but a madman would ever consider such insanity!

Neologism of the week: naforésomáskaphobia

Noun: The irrational fear of wearing a face mask. This is especially prevalent among US males, many of whom express a concern that doing so will harm or even destroy their masculinity. This is particularly concerning as to the boomer population, wherein a great number of the males, in childhood, greatly enjoyed wearing masks, especially the quasi-domino style favored by the Lone Ranger.

the MOTU at WEF can Shove their f’ing ‘Visions’…

….and I say that in the most polite way possible.

‘Own Nothing and Be Happy The Great Reset’s Vision of the Future World;  Economic Forum’s video tells us about the plans for humanity in the year 2030, Colin Todhunter, (UK and India) Nov. 12, 2020 (Creative Commons)

“The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) annual meeting at the end of January in Davos, Switzerland, brings together international business and political leaders, economists and other high-profile individuals to discuss global issues.

Driven by the vision of its influential CEO Klaus Schwab, the WEF is the main driving force for the dystopian ‘great reset’, a tectonic shift that intends to change how we live, work and interact with each other.