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NBC News Exposed 'Reporting' Pure Propaganda On Gabbard's Russia Links From Disinfo-Democrat

Collusion, right under your nose...

In December, a Democratic operative who hatched a Russian "false flag" scheme against Republican Roy Moore in last year's Alabama special election promoted his own propaganda on the dubious "Hamilton 68" website - which purports to track Russian "bot" activity, yet refuses to disclose how they do it.

The Weekly Watch

Get with the System...the Ecosystem

Really a garden, farm, or homestead is an ecosystem. Working with nature, emulating natural processes, and flowing with the system is the key to producing food in a sustainable manner. It can be done in almost every environment. Soil can be improved, but as climate chaos accelerates, we all may need to consider how to buffer our gardens from the wild weather swings we're beginning to see. So this past weeks cold weather led me to write about techniques for winter production as well as creating a food producing ecosystem. We can live in harmony with the planet...(3 min trailer)

The Coup against Maduro Gallops On...

‘Venezuelans take to streets in push to force Maduro from power; Demonstrators say they are close to achieving objective of forcing president to step down, via the Grauniad, groundhog day (note the photo)

Tens of thousands of Venezuelan protesters streamed on to the streets of the nation’s capital on Saturday for what they described as the final push to force Nicolás Maduro from power.

Monotheism and Its Discontents (with apologies to Sigmund Freud)

I have Mitchner-itis. That is, I must begin every story at the beginning of time. This essay (actually, this is the first of five essays) is about Israel. It begins at the beginning of monotheism. I think laying out such a broad and deep context is necessary to avoid the accusations of anti-Semitism that are inevitable in internet discussions on this topic. [On a less enlightened note, it may give you something to distract you from Super Bowl Mania this weekend.

The highly contingent emergence of a Zionist state in Palestine - Part 2 (3rd of 3 essays re:Israel)

Part one of the essay:
1. The rise of nationalism after the Dual Revolutions
2. The creation of Zionism as a nationalist movement
3. The anti-immigration law of Great Britain (1905)

Part two of the essay:
(this part)
4. The Christian Zionist movement in Great Britain

The highly contingent emergence of a Zionist state in Palestine - Part 1 (3rd of 3 essays re:Israel)


This essay discusses the history leading up to the founding of the modern nation state of Israel. This really shouldn't be controversial. This history took place in the high modern period, after 1880 or so. There were telegraphs, newspapers, photography. There are countless libraries, foundations, and university collections full of historical documents.