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China and Russia Again in the Empire’s Crosshairs: Beware

‘UK to send largest Carrier Strike Group since Falklands/Malvinas war to South China Sea’, Robert Stevens, 29 April 2021,  wsws.org (w/ permission; my bolds):

British aircraft carriers HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Queen Elizabeth moored at Portsmouth harbour, November 2020

“The NATO-backed mission is being led by the UK’s new £3.2 billion aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth, on its first operational deployment. The carrier, the navy’s largest and most powerful warship ever, was launched in October 2017 and has been involved in sea trials and operational training since. It is described by the Navy as being “able to strike from the sea at a time and place of our choosing…”

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“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”
Pablo Picasso

Good morning - Drinking good coffee is one of the luxuries of life I am very serious about. Discovered the pleasure of fresh ground whole beans and flavored roasts about 40 years ago at college when on a tight budget. The local roaster I used for years shifted to providing large volumes of products to the grocery stores. As availability increased, freshness decreased and amaretto is not available for small volume purchases.