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SEEDS OF DESTRUCTION: The Endangered Mythology of American Exceptionalism

"Every civilization carries the seeds of its own destruction, and the same cycle shows in them all. The Republic is born, flourishes, decays into plutocracy, and is captured by the shoemaker whom the mercenaries and millionaires make into a king. The people invent their oppressors, and the oppressors serve the function for which they are invented." -Mark Twain

Is Hillary Clinton a Closet Republican or just a Nasty Person?

Or the third option, is she a completely Irredeemable "C You Next Tuseday?"

I am going with option 2 and 3 with a side of Bitter Vindictive Bitch.

It's bad enough all the lies she made up about Sanders and his supporters but now she's going to do it in a cycle where she's not even in and everyone in "Her" party are focused on removing Donald Trump.

Yet here we are again, with Clinton essentially sabotaging Bernie.

Let that soak in.

Open Thread Friday 2-7-2020

Nearly everyone starts at sometime working on their health. Some wait until an accident or health event creates a sudden interest and action. At this point anger or fear often generate the energy to address ones own health. Best not to sustain for a lifetime it can create bitter lonely persons. At some point one can accept where they are at as a baseline without emotional baggage. The power to make self directed changes comes from a deeper spiritual place.

Missing Precinct Data Turns Up Something Interesting


This morning on The Hill's Rising, Bernie Sanders senior advisor, Chuck Rocha, shared some interesting information that was not only uplifting, but has some real implications for the race going forward.

iowa caucus image.jpg

Essentially the message is this: All the groundwork Bernie's campaign did in neighborhoods most candidates ignore, paid off. Bernie won 98% of the satellite caucuses in working class precincts that were predominately Latino, Muslim, & African-American. Maybe those numbers don't mean much themselves in a very white Iowa, but it definitely shows Bernie's outreach strategy works and could pay-off in Nevada and beyond.

Further terrorist attacks in Idlib

‘Russian, Turkish military specialists among hundreds killed & injured in Syria’s Idlib terrorist attacks – Moscow’, 6 Feb, 2020

“Terrorists took over the Idlib de-escalation zone and carried out thousands of attacks in the last two months, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement, adding that the West is portraying them as “moderate opposition.

Idlib governorate, the last stronghold of anti-government forces in Syria, saw a surge of violence by radical jihadists who have no desire for a peaceful resolution to the almost nine-year-long conflict, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Thursday. Most of the attacks are carried out by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, the latest iteration of al-Qaeda in Syria.

FiveThirtyEight Update--Sanders to Win South Carolina, Texas, and the Whole Shebang!

Second Update:

FiveThirtyEight final delegate estimates as of this morning:


Things continue to swing Bernie's way . . .

Final Update: 538 now shows Bernie winning every state and territory moving forward (outside of Iowa). The outliers--Delaware and Alabama--have now fallen.