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Trashing Trump

I don't like Donnie "tiny hands". I see him as an arrogant, authoritarian, oligarch, and a masterful con man....but the constant negative media hysteria about Trump plays right into his "fake news" meme. Even when he does something I think is positive, like peace with Korea or Russia, he is portrayed as evil and submitting to the communists. The Trumpeteers see it too, and it is uniting his base. More and more I see it as theater to distract the masses. Because all the while Trump and his administration have been stacking the courts, deregulating everything, dismantling public services, capitalizing the corporations, and promoting wars and coups. I agree with Jimmy and Ron...I don't like Trump, but I'm not going to let him rob me of my critical thinking skills.

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Was the 2016 election legitimate? It's now definitely worth asking the question

What do these people think they are doing? Are they getting all hyperactive because we’re creeping up on November and they’re taking the msm poll numbers as gospel? Is it because they think they’ got the Senate and House elections in the bag?

I know they’re batshit crazy if they think Trump voters are going to take this laying fown. It sounds like they’re (msm) just itching To see riots in the streets.

Rs and Ds Unite in defense of the #War on Police

See, what the Police actually need is more power, more protection, and in May, many House Dems, including progressive D luminaries as Luis Gutierrez, Raul Grijalva and Keith Ellison handed it to them more in the Serve and Protect Act, passed by an overwhelming majority in May.