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Failed Systems

When people tell me they plan to visit Alabama, I suggest they remember to set their watch back fifty years. Seems the rest of the country has devolved with us, and the US is in a repressive Alabama state of mind. It isn't just the social fabric that is unraveling, but also (perhaps as a result) the ecosystem, capitalism, demockracy, and civility. This week let's look at the degradation of the system, and discuss strategies of dealing with the situation in order to create and retain meaningful, fulfilling lives.

(3 min Alabama State of Mind)

Tulsi Deserves It: She Pretty Much Doxxed Harris

Let's face it, people. Tulsi was completely out of line.

Bringing up a Democratic candidates ACTUAL RECORD on a debate state is no different than Doxxing. Completely unfair and unprovoked attack - I mean, what did Kamala's record ever actually do to Tulsi?

And if you don't believe that Tulsi doxxed Harris, I give you all the Twitter activity of Russian Trolls pushing Tulsi. QED.

Clarification of Gabbard's vote on H.Res.246 on BDS

I have read Tulsi Gabbard's response to criticism of her Yes vote on H.Res.246, which opposes BDS but which also affirms the right of Americans to support BDS. She is quoted here in making that point:

https://mondoweiss.net › 2019/08 › gabbard-condemn-cosponsor

Tulsi Gabbard voted to condemn BDS, but she's become a co-sponsor of Ilhan Omar's boycott bill

Update: Tulsi at 145,933 Unique Donor Mark, Polls 3% in Non-qualifying National Poll

As predicted, today Tulsi surged past the unique donor requirement of 130,000 for the 3rd and 4th (Sept. and Oct.) debates. The campaign has, for now, taken down the tracker for unique donors, but the latest update they gave puts her at 145,933 unique donors.

Since the morning of the day of her 2nd debate, she gained about 36,000 donors--in just 3 days.

a tragic chronicle of unrelenting global Indigenous genocide

It’s almost too much to bear, but it’s my fervent belief that we should willing to bear witness to the continual patterns of evil perpetrated on our Indigenous brothers and sisters, and in this case, especially the children.  And oh, my, his title might almost stand as a warning for all that comes next.  But be brave as you can be, as we only live all the following horrors vicariously, even as they pierce our hearts and souls, or react viscerally.

From ‘Darkness Bringing Us Down’  by Michael Welton, July 31, 2019, counterpunch.org

“If you dare enter the door of [Ojibwe] Tanya Talaga’s Massey Lectures of 2018, [the book form] All Our Relations: Finding the Path Forward, be prepared to face some dark truths. These terrible truths explode in our faces like mines buried on a battlefield as we traverse the disconsolate pages. An accomplished and honoured journalist (author of Seven Fallen Feathers: Racism, Death, and Hard Truths in a Northern City [2017]), Talaga writes with acid dripping from her pen.

Updated: Tulsi Big Donor Gains--Now at 128,410!!!

UPDATED: Well, Tulsi for the past couple months had been averaging around 500 new unique donors per day. Early in the day before her 2nd debate performance, her campaign announced she had reached 110,000 unique donors. In 2 days, she gained more than 18,000 more.

During the first debate, in the week after the debate Tulsi gained 8,500 donors above her usual donor gains. Tulsi managed to do 17,000 more than average in 2 days this time around.