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From the gilded age to the gilded cage

Greetings C99'ers. I know it's been a while from a resident ranter, reason being i had to pretty much disconnect. After Trump's victory my now rather estranged friends (and unfriends) on the left have well... I guess not changed is a diplomatic turn of phrase. And trying to get through to them has been draining. And with my personality politics has a habit of becoming all consuming, it turns me into a person I'd rather not be.

The Weekly Watch

Turning the Corner

It's Halloween, Day of the Dead, and All Saints Day rolled into one this week. After all we are midway into fall, halfway between the equinox and the solstice...one of the four corners of the year. The US election looms, and Brazil's election is today...both seem rigged to me. Central American refugees migrate north toward probable conflict and violence. Stronger and more frequent storms have become the norm. The market is falling and the dollar's international supremacy slips more every day. I jokingly suggested several months ago TPTB planned to reduce global warming with a nuclear winter...I hope I wasn't prescient...as the US withdraws from nuclear treaties and continues to increase our stockpile of destruction.

Are you scared yet? We might already be...

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The Vatican: Corrupt at its Core

The institution as we know it today began with a 1929 treaty. Italy created the Vatican as an independent state, meaning the pope and his men are not subject to any regulation or law enforcement except their own. At the same time, it was decided that the financial windfall from the treaty would be handled without moral or ethical restraint. The greatest atrocity of the Church is the centuries-long, world-wide sexual torture of children.

See That My Noseholes Are Kept Clean

So I was thinking about that "See That My Grave Is Kept Clean" song, and decided I should compose a blues called "See That My Noseholes Are Kept Clean." It would be based on the Fact that old men should be prescribed cocaine, to scour their nostrils of the hair that, with age, sprouts in there, like bristles on a hog.

It is Known that cocaine is effective in burning off nosehairs, from our Studies of cocaine phenomena back in the newspaper days. It is true that cocaine is currently illegal, but so what? Marijuana was once illegal, but not any more (except in the Hairball regions, where the humans eat roots and grubs, and handle poisonous snakes, while screeching at top volume hosannas to Yahweh). Psychedelics are illegal, but not for long: humans in Hairball-free zones like California, Oregon, and Colorado are placing on the ballot measures that will legalize psilocybin, as it has been Proven to ease many mental maladies, including the toxic shock of turning on the television, and discovering that The Hairball is still the president.

And so it is inevitable, that cocaine, it too, shall become legal. Particularly when it is understood it will be used to blast the hog-hairs out of the noseholes. The cocaine will be found in the old man section of the pharmacy: there will be Preparation H, for the hemorrhoids, and there will be Preparation C, for the nasalroids.

The Unmentioned Nuclear War on American Citizens

Where were you and your extended family during the American Nuclear War. My extended family missed the Marshal Islands and New Mexico. Mom was one of the elementary school children in Nevada sent outside to witness the 1951 aerial bombs. Granddad had the pleasure of wiping down the Air Force planes, used to observe the explosions, without any protection or procedures to reduce radiation exposure to him or the family.

Los Vegas

Atrocities by Saudi Arabia suddenly matter

I am posting this comment from Consortium News because it states so well the hypocrisy of our media and government.


Stephen J.
October 26, 2018 at 11:19 am
The “power structure” is filled with:
“The Horrified Hypocrites”

Hey-Seuss Christo, Get A Load of This Clown. But How Far Do We Really Want To Go With This Story?

I don't really have anything to say on this. Except for my mind immediately begins to wonder again if this is all a set up.

Psycho worship of an individual. And appears to be a brown fellow too (self-hating?). What the fuck is going on here? Sloppy CIA/FBI work.