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The REAL Interference in the 2016 Election – in a Nutshell

The REAL interference in the 2016 election was by a cabal of Deep Staters, their Five Eyes allies, and Clintonites who invented and trumpeted the LIE that the Russian government had interfered in the election on behalf of Trump, and that the Trump campaign had colluded in this interference in some way that we could uncover if we just looked hard enough.

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The 51st state will be..wait for it..Greenland!!

Our President has decided to offer his buddies, donors and boon companions the mother of all real estate opportunities for plunder. Never mind Puerto Rico, leave those ungrateful folks to their fate, whadaya mean you can't by your own bare hands dig your way out from under a Cat 5 hurricane--lazy bums!!

A Little Light for the Clouded Enlightenment

Image: On Jeopardy facts win; The Paragraph

The United States is the world's first liberal democracy, a product of the The Enlightenment. As such, the founders built it on the principles of unity, liberty, tolerance and equal rights. And they designed it to make policy based on factual knowledge and bathed in the light of reason. But, today, in the time of Trump, factual knowledge is getting clouded over in several ways.