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Anticipating the Caucus99percent Candidates' Forum

Here I'd like to briefly interrupt the ongoing discussion of how we're being screwed by the neoliberals to suggest that C99% do two things:

1) institute a candidates' forum, in which candidates who actually claim to do something for us can receive some scrutiny

2) create a coalition for vetting candidates

DMW's Congressional Rules of Order (Observed)

There are a lot of ethical guidelines with regards to proper conduct in our highest levels of government. For the most part, these are formalities that allow the proper flow of business. However, there are some unwritten rules which are the highest authority within the hallowed halls of congress.

Therefore, I present to you, the ACTUAL rules of Order that our representatives observe, and obey with almost slavish devotion.

Why failure to repeal Obamacare could cause cascading failures for Trump

A few hours before House Speaker Paul Ryan cancelled the vote for Ryancare, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said the Trump Administration was ready to do "comprehensive tax reform".
There was just one little problem: the math.

Trump's healthcare bill is going down in flames

I just read that Paul Ryan went to the White House to tell President Grump they don't have the votes. Trump's long-promised "beautiful" alternative to repeal and replace the ACA is apparently DOA. I'm not surprised. Their promises were obviously lies and bluster all along. Still, it's enjoyable to see them fail so spectacularly.

The Hate Bus

 photo hatebus_zpsf8vslokb.jpg

They're calling it a "Free Speech Bus." By "they,' I mean The National Organization for Marriage, the International Organization for the Family, and a new hate group called CitizenGO. The latter is a Madrid-based organization with ties to the Church. The leading figure in all these organization is, of course, Brian S. Brown.

Tennessee Slate of Hate suffers a black eye

Tennessee Sen Mae Beavers attempted to re-introduce a measure which would have required schools to restrict bathroom and locker room based on sex at birth. She even had a proposed an amendment to the bill which she thought would allow "accommodations" for transgender and intersex students.

Mosul families flee with the dead bodies of their children

I don't want to post this article from Rudaw, especially the slideshow of photographs, but we're grownups, right? We need to face the reality of our foreign policy.


Mosul residents flee the city with dead bodies of loved ones
By Rudaw 18/3/2017

The role of empathy in human thought. How did we evolve separate value systems?

The human mind is not as flexible as we might like to think. The most obvious place to see this is in the political sphere. Knee jerk responses to frames are the norm, not the exception. The most common place to see this is in the mass media. Political propagandists have known this for centuries.

No Ballot Left Behind or, Is Our Voters Learning?

This is an open discussion to ask:

What were your own biggest lessons/ takeaways from this last election? I'll kick off with a few of my own:

1. Who could have ever predicted that we would have an election that culminated in the selection of two candidates from both major Parties that subsequently found themselves in the center of FBI investigations? Good job, Democrats and Republicans!

Once Upon a Time the US fought for a Universal Declaration of Human Rights - Now it Pisses on it Every Damn Day

This may be ancient history to some, or even unknown history to others, but in 1948, after the deadliest war in world history, the United States of America, led by Eleanor Roosevelt, delegate to the UN appointed by President Truman, was the driving force behind the draft of a document unanimously adopted by all members of the United Nations General Assembly.