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Global Civil Rights 2020 News

People gather in Barcelona, Spain, Sunday, June 7, 2020, during a demonstration over police violence.

‘The global protests and the fight against capitalism’, 8 June 2020, wsws.org

“Large demonstrations were held this weekend in London, Rome, Berlin, Vienna, Madrid, Paris, Lisbon, Warsaw and many other European cities. More than 12,000 people protested in front of the Norwegian parliament in Oslo on Friday. Protests were organized in Australia, India, Pakistan, Tunisia, and Mexico. Tens of thousands demonstrated across New Zealand last week.

The Weekly Watch

Irate Irony

All week we've watched militarized police brutalizing people protesting police violence. What a failed strategy. Krystal asked Joe Rogan this week why the police were not protecting businesses from looters rather than terrorizing protesters. I suspect some of the looters were agent provocateurs from the police and their mercenaries. Jimmy has a clip which sure indicates that. Additionally we have the irony of absolute economic collapse as the stock market continues to rise, propped up by the Fed pouring money into junk. A debt we're heaping upon the young. Oddly enough as we've reduced the release of CO2 during the pandemic, atmospheric levels are at an all time high. On a personal level, we've got excess garden produce we've been giving away as food banks are running out of food. So swirling ironies abound amid the pandemic. The protest themselves provide an interesting experiment. If there is a second wave of COVID in a couple of weeks we'll know this will be with us until there's a vaccine. Some virologists are suggesting the coronavirus is losing its mojo. The irony here is we have not even done the most basic of research. There is not a single reliable study to determine the number of asymptotics John Campbell explains (21 min video with notes under the fold)


Police officers should be educated professionals

It is ridiculous to give guns to people who are not required to have professional education in their field. Teachers are not allowed to rough up students, and certainly not to shoot the kids. (Anyway teaching attracts people who want to protect the kids.) Law enforcement types who are given guns and allowed to used violence should have at least as much training as teachers.

Whitewashing the Civil Rights Movement

Very gradually the history of the Civil Rights Movement has been Disneyfied, stripped of its rough edges.
The new retelling of the Civil Rights Movement has the blacks politely asking for their rights, and eventually wearing down white America through moral persistence. Any and all violence that happened at the time is viewed outside of the Civil Rights Movement and was detrimental to it.

This is all bull.

Open Thread Friday 6-5-2020

A Look at China Part Seven
My intent in the series was to provide basic knowledge to start understanding China and our ongoing relationship with Chinese governments and its people. The story did not begin with the opening of China by Nixon and will not end in our times. Military leaders, policy makers and intelligence services have deep sources of knowledge on China. Most politicians appear to have the same misconceptions as the general public about mysterious China and try to describe China in sound bites.

Maochun Yu, historian teaching at Annapolis provides the best description I have read or heard on Chinese Studies in the United States during a 2015 panel discussion.

(full video 100 min. section on China Studies 38.07 to 40.55)