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a US-made color revolution seems to be afoot in Bolivia

The pink tide needs to be stemmed for good, as with VZ, Brazil, Cuba, Ecuador, and so on; nor can the sole Indigenous President (and a peasant to boot!) on the planet be allowed to win this election.  Note: this a$$hat’s threats came on Oct. 21, with only a portion of the votes announced!  Yeah, we know what the US and its client states will do; it’s all part of the CIA handbook, isn’t it? Criminalize the pinko’s ‘regime’, sanction/sanction/sanction and eventually back the West's preferred leader.

A Second Ballot at the Coming Convention?

I think it's fair to say that many seasoned lefty political observers have come to the conclusion that there is now a three-way race between Bernie, Biden, and Warren. Much of this observation is based upon the realization that a candidate needs 15% of the primary/caucus state vote to get assigned an apportioned number of convention delegates from that state. I imagine that most American voters don't know this but there it is, a very stark reality with which most of the Democratic contenders (and supporters) will soon enough have to come to grips.

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