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There's a Suicide Epidemic in Trump Country. Maybe it's time to listen to one another.

Cops are generally big supporters of Trump.
Nationwide, 188 officers died by suicide last year. That's twice the number who have died in the line of duty. This was before the George Floyd protests.
Veterans are generally big supporters of Trump.

Dijon Kizzee: Murdered, then Handcuffed by Deputy Sheriff Pigs in S. LA

I didn’t want to write this up, but it’s so disgusting that I feel compelled to. And just to be clear, my rule of thumb is: if you don’t want to be called a Pig...don’t behave like one’. Surprisingly, RT.com has the fairest coverage I’ve read so far. My bolds.
‘Anger in LA after black man shot by deputies; police say victim was carrying a gun, 1 Sep, 2020

“BLM demonstrators flocked to a site in South Los Angeles where a black man was shot and killed by deputies of the LA County Sheriff’s Department. The man was filmed running from the officers and reportedly had a gun on him.

Trump Administration working hard to make sure that poor children go sick and hungry

What does it say about our political system when in middle of a pandemic and depression the White House can declare war on food and health care for the poor and the opposition party has nothing to say about it?

The Weekly Watch

C99 Constitutional Convention

This afternoon is the Movement for a Peoples Party Convention. Jimmy Dore is streaming it on his channel if anyone is interested. But this morning I want to suggest a bigger project... redesigning the nation with a new constitution. This community well understands the failure of the US economic, political, and social systems...hurdling us (and other species) toward extinction, all for the greed of the oligarchs. Reinventing our systems might save us, but it would have to happen quickly. So climb on your unicorn, ride under the rainbow, and lets have fun re-imagining the way the country is organized.


Trump runs for Führer

…a column written by Jacob Crosse and Andre Damon, 28 August 2020, wsws.org

My apologies for featuring such electoral low-hanging fruit, but the authors do make their cases, including the surreal nature of it given the current police state background, as well as the ‘Opposition’s similar candidates…  (with permission from their site to repost their content at will, I’ll paste in the key passages.)

“In a scene that looked like a theatrical rendition of Sinclair Lewis’s It Can’t Happen Here, US President Donald Trump delivered a fascistic tirade from the White House lawn Thursday night, painting his reelection as the last bastion against “agitators” and “socialists.”

Beyond words here folks

So Bernie you are overlooking Biden's history of legislation that made it harder for the working class to get ahead? Or that you ran twice on reversing the damage that Biden has done? WTF Bernie? What the hell happened?

Highlighting Trump's 'Promises Broken,' Sanders Gives Address on Biden's Plan for the Economy and Working Families

The Rule of Law vs The Rule of Man: a case study

Most of us know how the story of Covid in the US and how the government responded. I've offered a contrast in my comments and an essay or two from my experiences in Ecuador, AKA shithole country. Well, some big changes are coming here. In particular the restrictions are ending on Sept. 12th. That date marks six months since the #quedateentucasa, stay in your home, program suddenly rolled out. It was the result of a decree by the president of a state of emergency.