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Will Luis Arche Survive His Inauguration? [he has, & Evo's back]

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‘Bolivia: Attack with Explosives Against President-elect Luis Arce Denounced’,
November 6, 2020, orinocotribune.com

“The spokesman for the Movement Toward Socialism (MAS), Sebastián Michel, denounced this Thursday an attack against president-elect Luis Arce, employing an explosive device, at the campaign headquarters of the political group in the Sopocachi neighborhood of the Bolivian capital, La Paz.

According to the spokesman for the political group, the attack was perpetrated by a group of people who detonated a device with dynamite when a meeting was held in which the president-elect Luis Arce participated, according to a MAS press release.

Arrogant Centrist Dems Are Incapable Of Learning Self-Reflection, Humility

If there's one thing we know for certain, the Democratic party establishment only knows how to punch left and punch down.
This is what they learned from their ass kicking in 2010.


And this is what they learned from their ass kicking in 2016.

A small refresher / history lesson for ex-President Trump

In 2000, Katherine Harris the Florida Secretary of State, who was actually the co-chair of George Bush's campaign, stopped the counting of ballots before it was even finished. There was never a "recount" in Florida because there was never a fully completed first count. Absentee ballots weren't even counted until months later, under an audit by a consortium of news outlets. The final tally showed that Al Gore had the most votes in Florida and should have been the 43rd President.

What does it all mean? Where do we go from here?

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden appears to be inching toward victory as counting continues in several key states that could put him over 270 electoral votes, the threshold needed to win the Electoral College and take the White House. President Trump and his supporters, meanwhile, have attacked the process and falsely claimed Democrats are stealing the election, and the Trump campaign has launched a barrage of legal challenges in swing states related to ballot counting.

With the results closer than many pollsters had predicted, Democracy Now! co-host Juan González says “a false narrative” is taking root that Latinx voters were primarily to blame for the weak Democratic result. “The main story is that people of color, especially Latinos, flocked to the polls in numbers that far exceeded what the experts had expected, while the total number of votes cast by white Americans barely increased from the last presidential election,” says González. “How come none of the experts are asking why white voters underperformed the Democratic Party?”