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Thank you to the community of C99. I have read and re-read all the wonderful comments, poems and listened to the music you sent my way. So much of what you said has become a permanent place in my heart that will give me solace as I move forward in my life learning how to continue with such a void. Divine Order and I celebrated our 48th anniversary this past December and were seldom apart so this is a new learning experience for me. Your kind words will help me as I move along this path.

Murderous Threats to Maduro & his Military from the LIMA Group Conference, Updated

...with news from the USNC emergency meeting on Venezuela, called by the USA

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Directing the Flow with the Magic of Water

What a long, wet week its been. About a foot of rain last week. It rained every day. It's just breaking up today with a forecast of a few dry sunny days. So with water flowing everywhere, it seems a natural topic for this column. Like other lifeforms, we are mostly water. Water is life. Over two thirds of our planet is covered with water. However less than 2% is fresh water, and most of that tied up as ice. As the climate continues to become more extreme, we can expect both more droughts and more flooding. However if we manage our environment sustainably we can cope with these wild variations.

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