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We Need a New Business Model

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The US war economy is driven by the MIC (AIPAC, oil, pharma, big AG, etc.) lobby. The ownership is on display. Last Saturday our purchased representatives financed more genocide, destruction, and global chaos, along with the suppression of free speech banning TikTok, plus the theft of Russian assets (bound to undermine the USD)...and this is our business model. What a failed system! The "deep state" mafia carrot and stick persuaded Johnson (and Trump) to flip on their stated priorities...they obviously caved.
"You know they got six ways from Sunday to get you!"

Look at the country which results from these warmongering policies...(2 min)

Album of the Week 4-27-24

Afternoon folks!

Some more great stuff this week! In the blues department, there's an album split between Muddy Waters and Howlin' Wolf featuring tunes from their London Sessions (with Brit blues-rock musicians backing them) and an album from Piano Red (the original Dr. Feelgood?) from Atlanta. After that there's a live double album of zydeco/cajun/blues from Clifton Chenier. In the blues-rock department we've got an album this week from Jeremy Spencer after he left (early) Fleetwood Mac and joined a religious cult, kind of an odd album with some good tunes. After that, there's a live album from country-rockers Poco and we finish off in the diversity department with Tom Waits and his Swordfishtrombones album.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the tunes!

Open Thread - 4/27/24 - Stuff and Things

Well, friends, we got us some civil unrest here and there.

Back when I was in college, I did some protesting against Viet Nam war, but it was mostly lending support for draft dodgers heading to Canada, and assisting conscientious objectors. It was never any conduct that would get me arrested, or expelled from school. One must have a clean background check to get into law school and another to even be allowed to take the bar exam. I ran away from parties full of students passing out a variety of drugs. I meant to do what I could within legal bounds.?

I wonder what I would do as a student now. Would I give up my goals and dreams to try to prevent a genocide? Would I give up on a degree? Would I destroy my chances of being hired by a corporation?

It will take much soul searching on my part to measure my integrity.

While the kids risk more than they can imagine, it is we oldsters who have so little to lose. It is we who should be in those tents. We often think of the young folks as Iphone gamers.

College protesters today are my heroes, and my heart.

Friday Night Photos Flower Power Edition

Happy Friday everyone. I hope everybody is doing well. Post any photos, memes, or music you like.

Sunny San Diego has been anything but sunny this week. Didn't see the sun all week and it rained yesterday and today. Next week is supposed to be sunny and mid 70s. Can't wait.
While out and about yesterday I noticed the price of gas has risen to about $5.25 a gal. A few pennies more at one place, a few pennies less at another. I'm glad I ditched the gas guzzler and got a hybrid. All that money I'm saving on gas I can now spend on the ever rising cost of groceries. It seems no matter what you do, you just can't get ahead these days.

The orchids in 1,3,5,7 were taken in the orchid house at the San Diego Zoo. The African Iris in 4,8 is from my front walkway and the rest are from the Carlsbad Flower Fields.


Open Thread - 04-26-24 - 2+2=5

The film clip immediately below is a scene from the movie 1984 starring Richard Burton as O'Brien and John Hurt as Winston Smith.

Here's a quick synopsis of the plot:

Winston Smith (John Hurt), a bureaucratic flunky living in the totalitarian state of Oceania, breaks the law by daring to fall in love with Ministry of Truth worker Julia (Suzanna Hamilton). Attempting to escape, Winston and Julia are tracked down by the Thought Police. Both must be "re-educated" into loving the State -- and by extension, the shadowy dictator Big Brother.

Source (See the description below the youtube clip)

In this scene Winston is being physically tortured by Inner Party Member O'Brien to break him emotionally with the end result being Winston's confession that the false statement 2+2=5 is in reality actually true. O'Brien uses pain methodically, to impress upon Winston that the Party is in complete control and to break his will.

Winston is in great physical pain from the torture but it is the psychological fear of even more excruciating pain that ultimately breaks him. He just wants it to stop.

In 1984, "2+2=5" is a false statement created by the Party and an example of the many ways the Party controls people. In making people believe that a random, false statement is an objective truth, the Party distorts and claims control of truth itself. Winston understands that slogans like "2+2=5" are mechanisms of the Party's social control until he is tortured. In the end, he traces the equation in dust, showing that the Party eventually controls him, too.