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Bernie Faith getting very Creative these days

I was actually planning on laying off of the essays for a while, but I recently read a piece by Caitlin Johnstone, a writer I respect and enjoy quite a bit, regarding how Bernie is still important to the the forwarding of Progressive change.

It's here:


Sens. McCain/Graham/McConnell talking about sanctions on Russia

with someone they thought was the Ukrainian prime minister. He wasn't. They got recorded.

The usual incredible hypocrisy! McCain was involved in the violent Kiev coup, along with the CIA and the rest of the neocons, so he knows that Russia wasn't involved - but it's a good excuse to agitate for war with Russia, yelling about Russian "provocations"!


Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to obtain psychic powers. At first, I thought I'd offer readings to all my close friends. Now I realize there's very little I could say to someone that the Universe wouldn't reveal to them, if they were ready for it.

Iowa man arrested for threatening trans boy

65-year-old Mondell V. Olson read a newspaper article about a local transgender boy's gender journey. The article offended him.

So, what to do? Mondell called up Nevada High School and left a voice mail. Twice. He left the message that he would kill, brand and otherwise mutilate the body of the transgender freshman.

Trump Administration vs. Deep State

“Mike Flynn has fallen farther faster than any powerful official in any Government in the 20th Century, in America. We are watching, in real time, very quickly, a powerful counter intelligence investigation run by the FBI, with the assistance of the CIA and NSA that is targeting the top of this government.”

Impeach! Impeach? (Part 1)

It is at least possible that establishment media and others did their best to manipulate the nation into nominating Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. It is also at least possible that establishment media and others have been, and are, doing their best to manipulate the nation into demanding impeachment of President Trump. However, the rest of this essay does not depend on whether either of those things actually occurred.

A Day in the Life of the Twitter Account of Hair Trump

When viewed at a sufficiently great distance [I'm just hoping the Atlantic is wide enough] the meltdown of a sociopath on twitter can be quite amusing.

Easy-D: aka Hair Trump is providing much needed hilarity in these interesting times.