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What we can learn from Bilbo.

The Hobbit is one of those childhood stories we think about as a grand adventure, but what we don't take into account is how Bilbo lived his life AFTER the war.

This is some philosophical rambling about the nature of the Veteran, so forgive me if I state truths that would have been obvious to any reader of the Lord of the Rings upon first publishing, but modern disconnect from the war experience has relegated to the "Footnotes" category.

US ‘freezes funding’ for White Helmets as group’s Douma chem attack claim falls apart

There’s only one thing to say about this: it’s about damn time we quit funding these terrorist thugs. I’m sure you’ll notice that it’s one of Obama’s dishonest, discredited accomplices who, right on schedule, is out front of the media throwing a hissy because the funding for the bastids has been cut off for their favorite child killers. Samantha Power is up to her neck in this barbarity and the RUSSIA! fraud as much as anyone else who served under The Empty Suit.

Have we already seceded?

Dear Washington D.C.,

Are you ok? We haven't heard from you in a while.

You've been spending a lot of time over at Mainstream Media's house, and you frankly never call or text. Hell, you could just open a window and look out, but you seem to have installed security filters on those.

Look, I know you're really Gung Ho about this new WAR(tm) you want us all to buy into, but I need to ask you a serious question here.

UK Royal Wedding, Royal Baby - huge US coverage. Gigantic UK bank disaster - not a word.

Today, ten days after the proverbial SHTF, one day after a news-worthy gaffe-fest by the CEO of said bank, there was not one story about this trainwreck on Google News. I asked for "more world stories" and "more business stories", but zilch. To find the story, I typed "TSB bank" into the search bar on Google News.

Congressionals get Treated with Respect by Testifying Witnesses

What is the purported popularity of Congress--both R & D? About 15%--maybe.

MSM is more disrespected every day (only 39% of adults believe MSM trustworthy).

What is the utility of an average congressional committee meeting? Close to nothing except to compose talking points.

How much do the Suits (lawyers)get paid per hour for keeping their poor schmo client outta jail? Lots more than any of us.

Cliche, tired, but we really are in 1984

Iran did 9/11? That is some serious Orwell.

Never, in 16+ years has any remote connection ever mentioned/points to Iran. Perpetrators Saudi, lawsuit belatedly seeks to obtain civil damages from SA, and judge rules, Iran responsible? Yes, we've always known Iran was culprit, a la Orwell.

Big H/T to eyo: Transcript of Laura from Alaska call to Tim Black

When I posted essay recently with a link to the video from Tim Black's call in show featuring a call from a wonderful lady named Laura from Alaska, Mark from Queens asked if anyone could do a transcription of what she had to say. Eyo volunteered to try and posted her transcription in the original essay. The call lasted over 24 minutes and presented a daunting task, but eyo took it on and did an excellent job.

Syrian bomb blast 2.6 on the Richter scale--that's a MOAB!

Coincidence? There are no coincidences in politics or war. There is a fog of war, true. The plan of battle disappears with the first shot. But certain things are just to large to be ignored. Last week in Syria (this should be the title of a soap opera if it weren't so tragic).

Please listen to this

I am going to do something I never do and that is post a video without analysis. Tim Black has posted this video from his call in show. It is almost 25 minutes long and is the audio of just one woman who called in recently. He has posted her call as a stand alone video without any comment because of the importance of what she had to say about our government and our society.

The Weekly Watch

Mayday May Day Beltane?

is from the French m'aider ('help me'). It is usually repeated three times to make clear it is an emergency ...equivalent to the Morse code SOS. May Day is a different matter. It has ancient roots. It is mid-spring. Halfway between the equinox and the solstice. Often called the Beltane , from the Irish Lá Bealtaine, it has been (and is still) celebrated in Ireland, Scotland, and the Isle of Man for centuries. Many other cultures celebrate this seasonal corner as well. There's yet another May Day which celebrates International Workers Day and the Haymarket protests in Chicago May 4th, 1886. On the first of May "all Social Democratic Party organizations and trade unions of all countries should demonstrate energetically for the legal establishment of the 8-hour day, for the class demands of the proletariat, and for universal peace “. So mayday, mayday, mayday – we face an emergency. It is time to connect to nature and promote and protect workers.

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Friday Night Photos - Actual Spring Edition!!

Yep, no snow in sight. And the sun is shining (miracle!). Wandering the neighbourhood is a lot easier and warmer. Here's a shot from last year: our obscure branch line of the old Minneapolis, St. Paul and Sault Ste. Marie Railroad.

We have a trip to Colorado coming up. A ham-fisted panorama from our last trip: