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Baghdad moves to take Kirkuk by force

If Iraq implodes into civil war - again - it'll happen in the next few days.

Iraqi forces are advancing towards Kurdish-held sites in Kirkuk province.
They intend to take control of oil fields and an airbase in the disputed region, Kurdish security officials say.

The Kurds can't give up the Kirkuk oilfields without giving up the revenue required to fund an independent state.

The lesson Nader and Sanders missed

Let's start with 2016. The consensus was formed -- Hillary Rodham Clinton was going to be the next President, and neither Bernie Sanders nor Donald Trump was going to stand in the way. Donald Trump was the chosen opponent -- the Clinton forces thought he would appear so horrible that the voters would be motivated to select Clinton simply to avoid electing Trump. Bernie Sanders was merely trying to chirp in with the notion of social-democratic guarantees of economic security.


This message is being sent you c99ers and Swampers at the urging of the Dean of Medicine at Alligator University. The dean says he will revoke my alligatorness (which would be probably almost as painful as listening to Hillary reading her latest tell-all on an AudioBook) if I did not return to the practice of medicine.

Mandatory display of AU logo here:

Flint Water Crisis Killed Unborn, study reveals. Politicians in Both Parties Do Nothing; Clinton AWOL

This is atrocious. Time to bring murder charges, amirite?

The city of Flint saw fewer pregnancies, and a higher number of fetal deaths, during the period women and their fetuses were exposed to high levels of lead in their drinking water, according to a new research study that reviewed health records from Flint and the state.

The Weekly Watch

It's 1, 2, 3 What Are We Fighting 4?

I keep waiting for some group to promote a people's platform. Since I haven't seen one, I decided to produce a wish list myself. Over four decades ago my partner worked with Paul Torrance http://stateofcreativity.com/dr-e-paul-torrance/ I learned through their work that in order to accomplish things we need to develop a positive future image (which is why Paul developed a future problem solving competition for children). So what follows is my list of goals for a positive future in the US and world. Of course there will also be the usual summary of this week's news.

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One Last Question, How many Nukes does Israel Have?

israel vs iran.jpg

Population of Israel - 8.3 million
Population of Iran - 81 million

Land area of Israel - 8 thousand square miles
Land area of Iran - 636 thousand square miles

Both are self governing independent nations recognized by the United Nations.

Number of Nuclear weapons possessed by Israel - estimated at between 75 and 400

Baghdad on the brink of war with Iraqi Kurds

Considering that the U.S. has roughly 5,000 troops in Iraqi Kurdistan right now, it is almost criminal how little attention our politicians and news media has given the volatile situation.
Just today, Baghdad delivered a demand that is politically impossible for the Kurds to comply with.

(Let the coup begin!!): Opinions Republicans, it’s time to panic

Well they’ve (The Loony So-Calle ‘Left) and their main propaganda.organization, the Washington Pissed, are finally calling for action to dump Trump. As if things aren’t divided and hateful enough, these assholes REALLY think it’s time to start agitating for impeachment. THEY ARE FUCKING INSANE. It is NOT going to happen.

Republicans, It’s Time To Panic


The Weinstein story is about the privilege of wealth

Since the Weinstein story broke, the GOP has been trying to spin it as a story about the Democratic elite.
There is a smidgen of truth to that spin, but only a smidgen.

The mainstream media has spun the Weinstein story as a story about male supremacy, and there is certainly valid points behind that spin.

It's like watching the film over and over again

I have even begun to forget where I came in. Depending on how old you are this might make sense to you. When I was a kid they ran movies over and over and you could come in at any point in the film. It was a long time until we evolved into the present mode.

So that means that people my age can identify with the news and political theater in a different way than those too young to have experienced this.

(Gadzooks! In the Washington Post no less): Hillary Clinton’s and the DNC’s puzzling half-measures on Harvey Weinstein

Now this is almost laughable. The Clinton Creature and the DNC will take money from ANYONE, this is a given. But of all the people/organisations that have donated to them THIS is what’s going to trip the WP’s trigger? The WP calling out the Clinton Creature’s greed or the DNC’s pathetic financial condition openly is another surprise considering that usually its first reaction is to pretty much lie and obstruct when it comes to Clinton/DNC shenanigans.

(It's on the Drudge of the Left): Ex-Wasserman Schultz IT aide arrested for bank fraud may have been a ‘substantial security threat’

Soooo, does this mean that this bit of news is going to finally hit the proverbial oscillating device? Is there too much in this story to keep buried? Apparently all the threats in the world couldn't help DWS keep this story buried.

Just look at the change in tone when referring to DWS. Before all these little internet equivalents to the National Enquirer treated her like a revered member of Her Heinous' royal court. Now here's this: