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I've been enjoying the speaker chaos this week. It is nice to see someone, anyone, challenging the system. In congress they called out the uniparty and the corporate capture of congress critters. Although McCarthy managed to pull it out, my bet is he will be weakened and ineffectual Jimmy Dore's "force the vote" concept has been validated by the Republicans. I think it was Saagar who was talking this week about the last time this happened in 1923. He said the difference this time is that there was not a common demand by the rebels. I don't see this speaker conflict as a failure, but a success. As Jimmy pointed out had this been 2020 and the democrats proceeded with force the vote, then MSM would have spent a week talking about their demand for a Medicare for ALL vote.


The "Republicans are better on defense" meme

I'm starting to see this narrative from people that once considered themselves on the left, or still consider themselves on the left, that the Democrats are now worse on most issues for anyone in the working class and/or on the left.
I will refer to this group from here on as the Jimmy Dore Left (JDL), but Dore is far from the only preacher of this philosophy.

Album of the Week - 1-7-23

Afternoon folks!

Well, there's some blues for you this week. There's a double album compilation of Memphis Slim followed by a T-Bone Walker album and the first half (roughly) of a B.B. King compilation of earlier hits. I'll post the other half later in the same playlist, maybe next week sometime. Then we've got slide guitarist David Lindley and rounding out the selection there's former Monkee Michael Nesmith's second album with the First National Band.


Welcome to Saturday's Potluck - 1-7-2023

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”
Pablo Picasso

My timing has been off this week. Lots of changes going on some surprises, others long standing plans set in motion years ago are happening in 2023. Ironically the one constant activity I currently have is writing my opinions and observations regularly, which was never a plan. Simply an unforeseen opportunity provided by JCT and the C99 community. Happy Anniversary for the C99 community.

Friday Night Photos Virtual Vacation Edition

Happy Friday everyone. Post any photos, memes, or music you like.

With much of the country experiencing rain and snow this last week I thought it would be a good time for all of us to take a vacation. So everyone throw on some shorts, sandals, and your best Hawaiian shirt, mix up a Mai Tai or Blue Hawaiian and come along with me on a virtual vacation on the beautiful island of Maui. Don't forget you sunscreen.

Napili Bay

Open Thread - 01-06-23 - Family influence

*Given that tomorrow, January 7, 2023, is the 8th anniversary of caucus99percent, and we are 8 wondrous years of being together to say what is on our minds and in our hearts, we should stand, slow clap, give each other cyber hugs and salutes, and do remember that we are the 99%, because JtC says we are the people he wants to reach out to, and gives us this great place to express ourselves.
Clap. Clap. Clap.
JtC would appreciate your feedback on the anniversary, and what it means to you.*

Each of us who has associated with family has been particularly influenced by one of them, or even more than one.
My biggest influence was my Dad, but time constraints won't allow me to delve into that relationship. To do that remarkable man justice, it will take time to hit even the highlights.
So, Mom. A woman with a life of incredible achievements!