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Tulsi 653 Donors Away--Plus Capoeira

An email today indicates that Tulsi is only 653 new donors away from making the 65,000 goal.

She just needs 19 new donors per day through May 14 in order to make it!

Plus, Tulsi evidently has studied many martial arts since she was a kid, including Capoeira. Here is a link posted showing her do some Capoeira (she's pretty good).

My first, only, and last essay

I just received an email from Mike Gravel which included the video below.

In it, I was struck by him concentrating on taking on the main corporate candidates straight on.

And he deferred on slamming Bernie and Tulsi. So, hmmmm. If that's gonna be his tack for the debates, it's well worth a buck to his campaign imo.

Are Americans Able to Participate in a Reality-Based Election?

Now that the Russia Hoax is behind us, this seems like a good time to shift into reality-based politics. It is the ideal way to understand why the elections will be steered down the same old cul de sacs, moving toward the same old outcomes with rampant misinformation and domestic propaganda littering the way. But eyes-wide-open politics can also reveal the occasional opportunity to nudge things in a different direction.

updating Julian Assange news mainly by Wikileaks storify

I’d been checking into the related accounts, and given this most recent Tweet, I’d decided it was worth bringing more.

The Weekly Watch

Bloomin' Idiots

It's an orgy! Flowers are spreading their pollen far and wide. Perhaps plants go insane like breeding animals...thoughtlessly spending their energies in hopes that their pollen will land on a fertile stigma....caught in a sexual frenzy. To paraphrase Jimi, it's a yellow haze gonna kiss the sky. Flowers are attractive (for the most part), at least to some pollinators. Many pollinators are insects and they are disappearing, you know. In the cycle of life there is a time to create seed by blooming. Later in life, at maturity, is the time to sow seed. In recent years I've come to the conclusion that as a species, we never matured beyond the selfish infant stage (which might explain why we are such bloomin' idiots)...but evolution happens and there are pockets of growth and progress. Are the choices we have illusory, or can we direct our own development? What choice does the flower have?