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You aren't wrong. Modern music sucks, and it's getting worse

It's not that you are an old fart.
Well, maybe you're an old fart, but that doesn't mean you are wrong - modern music sucks.

What's cool about this video is that the reasons why modern music is bad and getting worse isn't just a matter of taste. It's measurable.

Colombia formally joins NATO: wtf? & woe to VZ and Bolivia

…and any other leftist/socialist nations that might unwind the recent putsches in Brazil, Argentina, and Central America to install US-approved neoliberal leaders with the consummate aid of CIA fronts USAID, NED, and new to me: the DNI (Instituto Democratico Nacional).

My guess is that this diary will be largely copy/paste, as there’s too much info to reinterpret in my limited time, an longish to boot.  I’ll add that the wtf? answer will ring as clear as crystal goblet tapped with a tuning fork by the end.

On voting and not voting

I want to address some misconceptions, and hopefully clear the air about a few things.

First all I want to say - I get it. I understand why someone wouldn't want to vote.
The system is rigged. It's obvious. By giving it your vote you are giving it legitimacy.
Why would you want to do that?
It's like gambling in a card game that you know is rigged ahead of time. It's throwing away time and money.

It's the 80's all over again.

I'm playing Battletech, Star Wars is in Theaters, and the president hates the poor and wants them to die. We want to go to war with Russia, and The US is busy laughing at the idiots who are fighting and dying in Afghanistan. The poor have it extremely rough, but the vast majority of people don't even acknowledge their presence.

It's the 80s all over again.

The Weekly Watch

Seeking Serenity and Sanity in this Crazy World

Is there a path toward peace and prosperity in this time of oligarchs? It is difficult to imagine when you consider our actions. It is disheartening to learn of Canada's nationalization of Tar Sands pipelines this week. The Dakota Access pipeline leaked at least five times in 2017 and it is sure to leak more despite assurances to the contrary. It always amazes me how we pursue ever more fossil fuels which we know are less economical than green energy sources. Like a crack or meth addict we seek more of the poison which spells our demise. We must get off of fossil fuels not only to stabilize our climate but to stop all these insane wars aimed at procuring more oil and corporate profits. There is a path. Let's look at some approaches that hold promise, and then we'll tackle the week's news.

path to peace.png

And now for a moment of sanity (diplomatic edition)

Every once in a while, not often but once in a while, the people whose job it is to skirt ever so carefully around a clear statement or position throw up their hands and take a position (of sorts) anyway.


Canada, Mexico, EU retaliate against U.S. steel and aluminum tariffs

Canada, Mexico, EU retaliate against U.S. steel and aluminum tariffs
MAY 31, 2018 6:31 PM EDT


Effective July 1, Canada will impose tariffs of 25 percent on shipments of U.S. steel and 10 percent on aluminum, as well as on other products, such as playing cards, inflatable boats and yogurt. Canada's finance ministry estimated the value of the U.S. goods subject to those tariffs at up to C$16.6 billion ($12.8 billion),

On Jonathan Cook’s ‘Naomi Wolf and Anti-semitism’s Mystification’

Jonathan Cook, award-winning author and journalist, writes from Nazareth, the capital of the Palestinian minority in Israel, having moved there in 2001 to cover Palestinian  issues more closely.  He’s easily one of the most dedicated, courageous, clear-eyed, and well-grounded critics of apartheid Israel and their propaganda I know.  I’d add that his moral compass is at true north, and that his prose is easy to read and without guile.  Yes, this post may be longish, but I reckon it’s a key subject that’s worth digging deep into, given: (Likud) Israel, so I hope you’ll agree.

CNN: Assange’s refuge in Ecuadorian embassy ‘in jeopardy’. Concern trolling or a genuine warning?

You decide.  But if it’s a genuine warning, why, and who are the ‘multiple sources’ leaking (ha dee ha, ha) the warnings to CNN, and for what reason?  Please share your thoughts.

The Weekly Watch

Blessed are the Peacemakers

It's Memorial Day Weekend. Why is it we always memorialize warriors, but not those who work for peace? So today let's celebrate those who work for people and planet. I thought it might be fun for everyone to add agents of peace they have encountered in the comments. As we begin it is important to consider that perfection is not a human condition. However some people are drawn into the service of peace because they see the insanity of war. Smedley Butler comes to mind...both a soldier and a peacemaker.