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Have we gotten even dumber in the last 17 years?

"History repeats; the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce."
- Karl Marx

Judith Miller, Karl Rove, Tom Friedman, Joe Lieberman have all crawled out from whatever rocks they were hiding under to step in front of TV cameras and tell us how wonderful a war with Iran will be.

Idaho veterans resolve to Bring Our Troops Home

Idaho veterans of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars initiate two resolutions to Bring Our Troops Home:


Idaho Republican Party Passes Antiwar Resolutions
Idaho GOP pressures Sen. Risch: Bring our troops home, expose Afghan war corruption, follow Constitution

May be it's time for the UN to move out of the US?

USA verweigern iranischem Außenminister Visum für UN-Sitzung
Mohammed Dschawad Sarif sollte diese Woche an einer Sitzung des UN-Sicherheitsrats teilnehmen. Doch die USA haben Irans Außenminister ein Visum verweigert.
7. Januar 2020, 7:24 Uhr Quelle: ZEIT ONLINE, Reuters, khe 62 Kommentare
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A New Day

As this past Sunday unfolded, so did a dystopian vision of an ominous future. Early in the afternoon, the mostly blue sky started to turn what I would describe as a pale peach colour. By 3pm the whole sky was glowing eerily with a light and colour that was sulphurous-looking and continued to gain in intensity over the next 6 hours; almost as if a strange storm was approaching, or the sun was setting in an altered universe.