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Against "philosophy"

I suppose that, once upon a time when I was hanging out at coffee-houses, there were people who hung out at those coffee-houses who had "a philosophy." I don't know if it was all the same philosophy, but the philosophies I heard at these coffee-houses appeared more as artifacts of caffeine-intoxication than of anything thoroughly thought out.

Is Clinton now the Dem's Presidential hope, or just a strategy to get people to like Biden more?

After the horrible battles of 2016, and 2020, it seems as if things could not become worse, but now they are, with Hillary Clinton being put forward much to many's disgust.

I think the Democratic leadership may be so terrified of winning they are deliberately trying to lose in 2024, or maybe they are trying to make people more open to Biden by making it clear that iof we dont like him, we will get another HRC candidacy. I think this is quite possible, maybe even likely.

Being poor in America is an unforgivable crime that deserves no sympathy

When Congress reformed welfare in 1996, states were allowed almost total discretion over how to use federal funding for the poor. Clinton proudly declared that welfare as we knew it had ended. He was more right than anyone could have guessed.