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Who Owns Autonomy?

There's an unseemly rush by manufacturers toward building self-driving vehicles. This rush is thus far ignoring what I consider to be major concerns about the technology.

Much of the current expert analysis of the technology focuses on the data privacy issues involved. After all, do you really want private corporations knowing every trip you take by car and then selling that data to marketers? Or giving it to the government for warrantless tracking of your activities?

Really? Autonomous Cars Will Take Over?

That's because the way people get from Point A to Point B is about to undergo the most radical change since the early automobiles replaced horses. Autonomous driving vehicles are about to change how cars are driven, powered and used. In the future, far more people will probably buy rides, rather than cars.

Source: The existential threat facing the auto industry

Paul Manafort Secretly Met With Julian Assange Multiple Times

Assange will never get the chance to prove that this never happened. Why? Because he is being charged under the Espionage Act which doesn't allow the person to put on a defense. It's Kabuki bullshit and should have never have used in a country that says it is one where it made up of laws.

Paul Manafort Secretly Met With Julian Assange Multiple Times

What We Need Is An Amazon Workers' Strike Similar to Recent European One But Coordinated Worldwide/Confront The Biggest Monopoly/Examples From "The Invisible Committe"

Hey folks. With the little time I have was compelled to spontaneously throw something together for consideration.

Was just watching a couple of Jimmy Dore segments covering two European strike stories. They would appear to me to have some powerful ramifications, which naturally then seem to be MIA at the MSM.

Kerch Provocation: Causes and Consequences

Since this seems to have blown up in the last 24 hrs, and I'd seen this a day(or two) ago while spending sleepless nights with an ailing dog, it seemed fitting to post this with the info it contains; backstory, motivations, etc.