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Rule of Law and its demise

When we [Americans] talk about the rule of law, we
assume that we’re talking about a law that promotes
freedom, that promotes justice, that promotes equality
—U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy

As Glenn Greenwald says in the video below, we have two, and only two, options:

A nation of men, or
A nation of laws.

Daniel Lazare on Russiagate, Atlantic Council, Saudi interests

In the great recent essay by Alligator Ed, James Comey fired! Watch out Hillary!, there was a discussion that included the perspective of a person who appears to believe Russia hacked the DNC. I think the following article by Daniel Lazare at Consortiumnews.com lays out some of the reasons I don't believe Russia hacked the DNC and includes reasons why this hollow Russiagate scenario is loaded with the potential to destroy life on earth.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the drinks are on the house."

Today, I read an article by Chris Hedges. What he writes may not come as anything new to those who frequent C99%. It's a "sense" or a feeling that seems to be shared here. But Hedges is such a wordsmith, so powerful and blunt, that the article is stunning, at least to me.

He starts out with a haymaker of a punch:

Fake News

Conservative blogs have been having themselves some lols at the expense of Buzzfeed and transgender people.

A right wing troll named Sly Buehl Rigilio and his trolling group Rigatoni Family tried to enter the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 5-on-5 Female Open Summer 2017 tournament hosted by ESL and conducted by Munich Finest Gaming.

The Ableism and Idiocy of the Professional Class

DK's "professional class"
@The Aspie Corner

Perhaps I should have stopped sooner when the professional class there decided to give me shit because I couldn't obtain a drivers' license.

You are, of course, correct here.

The "make the able more able and fuck everybody else" anti-ethic puts DK in some nasty company: early 20th Century Fascism, the KKK, etc.

How to win a Grotesque

First off, relax if you don't know what a Grotesque is. A Grotesque is a chess puzzle wherein White fights with a much smaller force against a much larger and well positioned force. Usually it's an "End-game" problem, after much of the battle has already been fought and the White player is fully expected to lose.

James Comey fired! Watch out Hillary!

Today at about 5PM EDT, Trump fired Comey. This has already ignited a media firestorm with Democrats stating Trump did it to shut down the Russian collusion story. The Republicans meanwhile are citing Comey's marked failure in handling the Clinton email case and most recently for possible obstruction, by slow-walking the Susan Rice unmasking case.

In the short term job done

Well Marine Le Pen was roundly put to one side for now especially here in the West where in Bretagne she got less than 25% of the vote.

This gives a bit of breathing space over the next five years to work on social justice for both the immigrants and the French themselves, a new social contract as it were. Integration rather than segregation, genuine attempts at understanding rather than regurgitated dogma.