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Updates on the Silencing and Isolation of Julian Assange

While I’m no particular fan of rape-jokey Slavoj Žižek, this is well-written and well-argued; his take is fascinating and quite reasonable.  I dunno if Assange and WikiLeaks would agree that they’re a ‘spying organization’, but nonetheless…allow me to borrow a good swath of it.

Assange works for the people – now we need to save him,  Slavoj Žižek via RT April 20, 2018

Socialist Martin Luther King's "Beyond Vietnam" Speech Indicted American Imperialism, Racism, Materialism and Capitalism. One Year Later To The Day, He'd Be Killed. The FBI Killed Him 50 Years Ago Today.

Just did a quick look to see if there's anything on King here on this momentous day.

Can we finally admit that our military isn't that good?

There was a time in the not so distant past when a military was judged by its ability to win wars and defeat enemies. In fact, all throughout history, until very recently, that was the only measure of a military.
During most of history, a general who lost the war then had his head removed from his shoulders.

Sending Facebook the wrong message--it's not just Zuckerberg who needs to go

I received this petition request in my mailbox (on my secret server) from SumOfUs.org lamenting the enormous data breach earlier this year from Facebook's vaults (and indeed they are vaults, so transformed by Zuck. with all that salable information). This is not the biggest breach, consider the Equifax hack; but it's certainly near the top of the list. Bank of America was hacked. What large corp. hasn't been hacked.

Dems screaming "Russia!" should be looking out for Pakistan link to Dem corruption

Russia! Russia! Russia!--yeah, we know. But have the Dems mentioned just once the Awan Brothers or Pakistan or the ISI or the real sedition that is just sitting under every congress critter's nose? Interestingly the Repugnants are just as silent about this as the Dems, although, so far no one can pin any blame on the Repubbies for this security fiasco, which is correctly termed sedition.

Is (s)he an "Injustice Collector" ?

This Essay I am copying verbatim from an anonymous Comment found on Lisa E. Scott's website here. I am doing this because the original posting, which is from 2009, is becoming harder and harder to find via search engines; so I hope that doing this will refresh the search engines' memory and keep this document handy, as it needs to be. What the alt-right mis-labels "SJWs" or "Social Justice Warriors" are really Injustice Collectors, as there is definitely such a thing as an honest Social Justice Warrior out there, But Injustice Collectors definitely aren't it!

Although the Commenter credits http://www.psychologytoday.com, I've failed to find this list there, either.

The original title was "Are They an 'Injustice Collector' ?". As I can't stand singular/plural pronoun disagreements, the title I'm using here on c99p is gramatically correct but otherwise the same title.

Here follows the original text.

An inspiring anti-war movement

I'd like to say that a group of Americans got motivated enough to demand peace, but liberals don't do that anymore.
Instead, the anti-war movement I'm speaking of is coming from a place where gathering in groups of 10 or more makes you a target for being blown up. So just protesting for peace requires an incredible amount of courage, and that's what makes it so inspiring.

How prevalent is radical feminism’s misandry problem?

I’m not a card-carrying feminist, but more of the accidental feminist variety.  I’d reluctantly gone to two women’s lib meetings when I was at CU, and thought: meh; how very revolutionary to burn yer bras.  The accidental part concerns the fact that I labored in many traditionally ‘male only’ venues: construction crews, learned carpentry, worked ‘maintenance’ for the City of Cortez to make enough money to go to massage therapy school, later built a house with Mr. wd, learned to lay river rock,  cold-chisel paving stones, and all that.  I got my first construction job after being pinched in bum by some asshat where I was waiting tables in Breckenridge, CO; I said fukkit, threw my apron on the bar, and got the hell outta there.

A New Time Bomb Facing US Workers

As part of my trying to bridge a greater understanding about those who proclaim themselves as conservatives, I have begun following a couple of You Tubers recently. I am of the firm belief that most people have far more in common than we have differences. As is often the case, our solutions may vary, but we first must agree on the problems. And I am finding that there is much for us to agree upon as far as the problems we face today.

The Weekly Watch

The Resurrection of America
and Salvation of our Species


April Fools!

April Fools' Day (sometimes called All Fools' Day) is an annual celebration in some European and Western countries commemorated on April 1 by playing practical jokes and spreading hoaxes. The jokes and their victims are called April fools. Some newspapers, magazines and other published media report fake stories, which are usually explained the next day or below the news section in smaller letters. Although popular since the 19th century, the day is not a public holiday in any country. Aside from April Fools' Day, the custom of setting aside a day for the playing of harmless pranks upon one's neighbor has historically been common around the world....wiki

Well call me a fool...I see a glimmer or two of hope.
Maybe it's just the time of year, or maybe it's the time of man.
I don't know who I am, but you know life is for learning Joni Mitchell

The Poor People's Campaign Update

I went to another organizing event in L.A. and they are setting up workshops for non- violent civil disobedience training. The upcoming 40 day event is being promoted as:

A Season of Nonviolent Moral Fusion Direct Action from May 13th to June 23rd

The Poor People's Campaign is focused on raising awareness on four problems:

1.) Challenging systemic racism

2.) Poverty

3.) The war economy

4.) Environmental degradation

#Shamnesty International Rides Again!

From Paul de Rooij March 23 ‘Amnesty International: Trumpeting for War… Again’, counterpunch.org
“One must marvel at the first few paragraphs of Amnesty International’s recent press release:

“The international community’s catastrophic failure to take concrete action to protect the people of Syria has allowed parties to the conflict, most notably the Syrian government, to commit war crimes and crimes against humanity with complete impunity, often with assistance of outside powers, particularly Russia. Every year we think it is just not possible for parties to the conflict to inflict more suffering on civilians, and yet, every year, they prove us wrong…

MUST-SEE 7hr Livestream, still in progress: "#ReconnectJulian Online Vigil for Julian Assange"

Don't wanna take up anymore time by writing anything.

Thought everyone here should have the chance to tune-in (h/t to Joe Shikspack)

Julian's tweet that upset the current Ecuadorian ruler, who apparently prefers to keep history covered up.