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Somewhere Pretty

I'm starting to get irritated with Frank's. Because it won't stop being burned down.

Frank's is the heating and air conditioning place. Frank's people come here to sweep the chimney. Service the swamp cooler. Etc. Once a Frank's guy sold me some wood. It was good stuff. I burned it nights, during the maroonment. Kept us all here from becoming icicles.

When the PG&E guys returned the gas, they advised not firing up the gas wall heater, as, from age and wear, there had developed a crack in the chamber, which would pump out carbon monoxide, whenever it whooshed on. That explained why, before the fire, the carbon monoxide alarm would sometimes go off. But not for long. So I ignored it. Now, though, I decided I didn't want to become the guy who survived the fire, only to carbon monoxide himself. So I called the owner, Art, told him of this latest manifestation of the Second Law Of Thermodyanics, and he and I agreed we would call Frank's. They would repair it. But then we remembered Frank's burned. There is no Frank's. Not any more.

What the coming end of Dollar Hegemony means

Less than a week ago I posted an essay about the rapidly approaching end of dollar hegemony, but I didn't spend much time talking about its implications. It turns out that I was only a couple days ahead of the curve. Far better writers than I, such as Chris Hedges, have explored the topic in the past couple days.

Snow and PDX Meetup Poll

The weather people are forecasting significant snow this coming weekend for NW Oregon and SW Washington. The meetup is scheduled for Sunday, Feb. 10 at 1:00 pm. Timing of snowstorm seems to be in question, the only solid part being over the weekend.

Do we need to postpone the meetup? What say you? Respond please.

I have a medical appointment this morning, but will be back later.

Voters are not property -- the appalling reality of Democrats

With the new election cycle in the never-ending election reality of America, we now turn to 2020.

The Republicans are solidifying behind Trump, with the RNC basically become an appendage of Trump himself.

The Democrats are running everyone and anyone, though a few are slowly being pushed forward such as Kamala "the cop" Harris.

But this discussion isn't about that.