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Massive anti-government protests in Latin America; but not the one you are thinking of

Election fraud. Presidential drug trafficking. Huge anti-government protests and strikes in the name of democracy and freedom, that are brutally crushed by security forces. Tens of thousands of refugees.

This is Honduras today.
Unlike Venezuela, Honduras is a close US ally, so the media coverage has been practically non-existent.

genocidaire Narendra Modi wins 5 more years in a landslide victory

I do understand that many readers may complain again about the length of this diary..  But I’d ask you to consider what Modi’s victory means not only geopolitically in his search to become a Major Nuclear Power World Leader via Nationalism and militarism, as the West cheers him on.  Further consider India having the second highest population on the planet, but ruled by a handful of Modi’s cronies who desire nothing less than ruling Southeast Asia while tied to the US. You might consider as well  what it means for the majority Muslim people of Kashmir, caught between Pakistan and India two nations, while Modi intends to use nuclear Pakistan for his own ends.

Now this was written a week before the election, but contains an interesting theory: ‘Explaining Narendra Modi’s Global Image Victory’; Modi’s biggest image-building weapon is neither in his control nor in his consciousness’, Arjun Appadurai, May 22, 2019

Bernie Goes Bold

I say it is a very good thing, indeed, that Bernie Sanders speaks his truth about Socialism. now. That he tells Americans how they've been asset stripped by deregulation, by greedy corporations chasing cheap labor in Asia, by tax cuts for the rich that never create good jobs, and by the crushing costs of unnecessary wars that create fabulous wealth for the war profiteers — while leaving them with the entire bill. He's expectedly to boldly explain to the nation what Socialism means, and give the American people some time to think about how much their lives could improve in a nation that puts the well-being of the People first.

This is Crystal Clear – Find the Creator of the Guccifer 2.0 Hoax, and You Find the Murderer of Seth Rich

Let’s start with this very reasonable supposition: Guccifer 2.0 is an entity operating within US time zones who has gone out of his way to pose as a Russian hacker who was the source for the Wikileaks DNC/Podesta releases. The notion that this absurdly preening entity is a GRU hacker is idiotic.

US makes formal request for Julian Assange’s extradition

The Washington Post has announced that officials from the DoJ issued the request to the authorities in the UK last Thursday, although the document hasn’t been made public.  After Assange’s arrest on April 11, the government had 60 days to deliver a complete extradition request to the UK; the hearing on the request is scheduled for June 14 at Belmarsh prison Magistrate’s Court.  The WaPo has confirmed that the Trump administration is charging him on 18 counts, 17 of which are for violating the Espionage Act.


She is increasingly irritated and angry, she says, about feeling irritated and angry. She knows it’s a trauma thing. From the fire. But it won’t stop. Everywhere, she is simmering like Vesuvius. And sometimes, she blows. Like, when she is driving the vehicle, and she needs to be getting somewhere, but there are people who won’t get out of the way; then, she says, I can probably hear her cursing, even without the phone, just through the air. Well, maybe. Except it’s hard to hear even a nuclear explosion. Through the jackhammers.

The Weekly Watch


At my age it is a complement to be called well preserved (I guess). But we talked health and diet a couple of weeks ago. Let's talk food preservation this week. It is time to think about saving garden produce. Even if you don't have a garden, you can make use of your local farmers' market. This time of year (in the Northern hemisphere) produce is less expensive and more nutritious, and if you grow your own, you know that vegetable production can be excessive at harvest time....from feast to famine. So save during the feast and have something to avoid the famine.