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More of that fine American law enforcement...

This comes as no surprise, of course, given that the feebs have always had it in for anyone left of Attila the Hun. But it is good to see someone with relatively deep pockets push back a little. From Billboard:

Micky Dolenz Sues FBI to Get Full File on The Monkees

Suicide, European style

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Reams of paper, gigabits of blogspace, hours of MSM blather, much hand-wringing, and no small measure of Schadenfreude has accompanied the in-progress suicide of European lemmings plunging over the sanctions cliff.
To watch this really truly slow motion train wreck unfold is both eye-averting and garishly spellbinding.

The Weekly Watch

No Reverse Gear in the Collective West...

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Prepare for impact fellow crash test dummies, or so it seems as the west doubles down on its collision course to war with both Russia and China. This week alone, the US pledged another three billion over the next few years to provide arms to Ukraine, and the UK and BoJo pledged an additional $63M in arms. Not to mention the likely new PM of the UK is ready to start a nuclear war with Russia. Additionally the US is setting up Taiwan as Ukraine 2.0 to provoke a war with China. Meanwhile, much of the world plans to hitch their wagon to the rising economies of the BRICS+ economic alliance rejecting subjugation to the US, IMF and the collective west. The west continues its self delusion that they are most of the world, but in reality comprise 12-15% of global population.


Album of the Week - 8-27-22

Afternoon folks!

Well, this week my trip down south derailed my schedule of uploading videos to Youtube, so the pickings are good, but sparse this week.

There's the 1967 album by the Savoy Brown Blues Band, their first. Also there's a compilation double album "Gabe's Dirty Blues" which has some really great tunes on it worth checking out.