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Trump gives Bernie some good advice

Donald Trump The Liar is no fan of Bernie Sanders, so any advice he gives is totally self-serving. Nevertheless, he can occasionally tell the truth, if only by accident.

What we can expect from the mass media: two lessons

I think that what we'll be seeing over the next twenty months will be epitomized by a piece in Vanity Fair, "“It’s Going to Be a Guerrilla War”: The Sanders Left Opens Fire on Biden." This is a bit of punditry such as what we're going to see repeated endlessly through October of next year.

Deep Adaptation in the time of Collapse - a Live and Online Training Series...


I got permission from Dean Walker to cross post this announcement here. The course is offered on a donation only basis. That works for me!

Howie Hawkins for President; updated: Coup afoot in VZ

breaking at RT.com:
'WATCH tear gas fired on highway near Caracas air base where Guaido appeared in video with soldiers' goddam the troika of tyrrany.

This is longish, but given it’s mainly policy positions, it’s fairly easy to scan, stop on topics you’d choose for closer reading.  Howie’s website is here.  He’s an actual anti-imperialist socialist candidate, and I like his socialist policies a lot:

Key Economic Sectors to Socialize:

The Assassination Of Podemos

They are calling it Spain's Watergate, but that is a poor comparison because Watergate was about the corruption of an individual political administration. What is happening in Spain is a bipartisan takedown of an insurgent left-wing party, working in coordination with the police, business leaders, and the mainstream media.

The Weekly Watch

To Be(d) or Not to Be(d)

That is a Question

Garden beds, bedfellows, and bedlam are today's topics. We've been planting this week. We use garden beds. There's no right or wrong we just find it makes the garden easier to manage and maintain. As I thought about beds I wandered into thinking about who are the US bedfellows compared to those we call our enemy. To paraphrase Pogo, "We have met the evil empire and it is U.S.". We do spread bedlam far and wide.


What matters in a president?

While it may be foolish to look to our political system for solutions to our problems, it is arguable that who is president at any given time matters. I used to be less certain about this. I had come to the view that any president was basically a spokes-model for the 1%, and hence the military industrial complex, Wall Street, the establishment, the oligarchy, etc.


"It must be summer," said Ken the driver, as the other afternoon I boarded his bus, down in the unburned lands. "You're sporting your colors."

He meant the Hawaiian shirt. For now that the Seattle is receding, we are approaching the temperatures that are Wrong, and so it is time to go to the Hawaiian shirts. Except I reviewed these shirts recently, and determined that an unacceptable number, they now feature holes, of one sort or another. The Second Law of Thermodynamics, it can really be a pest, sometimes. And there is nothing I can do. Because, unlike the Beatles, I am unschooled in fixing the holes where the rain gets in, and Paradise Surplus And Trading Post, where I would buy the authentic Hawaiian shirts, for $2-$5 each, it burned down. So I guess I will just have to go with the holes. And why not? I just spent the past several months wandering the land in the long black coat with the scorch marks from the electric wall heater. So, why not, summer holes, too? This, our motto: Holes R Us.

Biden 2020 going as planned

First there was the launch video where he said "Let's make America like it used to be." Sound familiar?

Now, from the Hill.

Question: "Why are you the best choice for Democrats?"

Joe Biden: "That'll be for the Democrats to decide."

Also see:

Ted Kennedy: Why do you want to be President? Umm, blank stare, umm.

John Kerry: Why do you want to be President? Umm, I served in Vietnam and and umm.