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The State of Our Selection Process

The State of Our Selection Process

The ongoing farce

Hair Trump watches a lot of TV, we know that from his twitter account.

Hair Trump then goes on twitter and has a meltdown over what he saw on TV.

Hair Trump then gets Sean Spicer to try and clean up his mess, Sean then makes it worse but a whole lot funnier than the original rant.

The Hunt for Red November

By the simple fact of geography, the United States is the world's most isolated superpower. It is logistically impossible to invade for it is surrounded by oceans and there is nowhere to stage an opposing army. Yet the American people are not consciously aware of their isolated and protected status. They are easily frightened and heavily armed. They reach adulthood with almost no understanding of geopolitics and global economics, or of their unique and privileged place in these systems. These practical matters are not part of their public education.


The United States is not part of the rich and varied interconnected nations and land masses of the historic civilized world, which are concentrated entirely in the Eastern hemisphere. Americans can live a lifetime and never fully understand where they are in the world and what that truly means.

About that infamous "Montenegrin Coup"

The first I had heard about this Montenegrin Coup was when Senator McCain accused Senator Paul of "working for Vladimir Putin.” Naturally the questions from Democrats and the news media was a) when did Paul become a traitor, and b) how high should we hang him?
No on asked the more obvious question: what Montenegrin Coup?

Five Things I Drew From Today's NSA/FBI Testimony

1] The FBI are investigating possible Russian interference whether there is/is not.
2] Hair Trump is full of bullshit.
3] Many people are making stuff up [Dead wrong/pants on fire] as they go along.
4] Voting machines were not tampered with anywhere [with respect to this investigation].
5] Government doesn't like leaks/leakers especially when it is soooo transparent already.

Hate Criminality

It's something one doesn't see every day. Well, the hate is often visible, but labeling an attack of a transgender person as a hate crime just doesn't happen all that much. Even when a trans woman, usually a trans woman of color, is murdered, investigators have this way of looking for other reasons as to why it happened. Often there is a blame-the-victim mentality.

Last Friday a New York man beat two transgender women in Jackson Heights, Queens as they attempted to enter a McDonald's.

Montana bill would ask for referendum on whether transgender people exist

Rep. Carl Glimm (R-Kila) has introduced a bill written by the Montana Family Association which defines sex as "a person's immutable biological sex as objectively determined by anatomy and genetics existing at the time of birth." As such it would restrict transgender people to public restrooms and locker rooms designated for the sex assigned to them at birth.

Where is the Democrats' Alternative Healthcare Bill, the So-Called 'Fix' for the ACA?

The healthcare bill presented by the Republicans, AHCP, is a monstrosity. The facts in this article by the AARP should be enough to make it DOA:

Healthcare Bill would increase premiums for people over 50

Democrats: are they finally realizing they are on the Titanic?

Should I give you the short answer, or will you have to read through this, or do you already know? A considerable constituency of our community believe that the Blue Party is beyond resuscitation, to which faction I also belong. Why? They are the party of Hillary Clinton. They are the party of No Changes Needed Nancy. They are the party of NotTrump. They are the party of no issues, other than to get re-elected, even if it means to lie, cheat and steal. I could go on but won't.

Too Young?

When I write about the plight of transgender kids, it is not unusual to encounter a comment or two from people who think it necessary to share their opinion that it is impossible for a child younger than 5 to know his gender.

It is also not unusual to encounter articles by people with little to no experience working with transgender kids expressing the same or similar opinion.

Inside the Hangar, the Experts Have Reassembled the Clinton Bus

Is it wrong of me to confess that I have enjoyed the countless articles reliving the shock and horror of the election, with everyone recalling exactly when they became personally aware that the Clinton campaign bus had stalled on the tracks with the Trump train bearing down on it at full speed?

The idealogical difference of the Trump Administration

I said it before, that the battle between the Trump Administration and the political establishment was simply a battle of oligarchs, like the House of York versus the House of Lancaster. It's a real battle, but it's largely meaningless to us peasants.
However, I've come to realize that there are two idealogical differences between the two political camps.

Dazed and Numb

How much more can we endure?

That should perhaps be the ultimate question that is cemented into America's conscious, and yet it is nothing but a fleeting thought.

As Trump continues with his evisceration of the government, attacking Meals on Wheels to dump 50 extra billion into our corpulent defense budget, we would hope that there would be more concern, more outrage. And yet, the current reality also fixates on the numbing agent of outrage itself.

The simple, basic lesson that Americans willfully refuse to learn

As President Trump considers escalating our invasion of Syria, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad gave an interview with Chinese TV station Phoenix that the American media largely ignored.
Assad voiced two observations that Americans try very hard to pretend don't exist.


Self publicist supremo, Gee Dubya's poodle and well known lying warmongering ass-hole Tony Blair brings you:

Tony Blair is launching a “new policy platform to refill the wide open space in the middle of politics” aimed at combating a “frightening authoritarian populism” that he says is undermining the west’s belief in democracy.

What will the Democrats do when they have to abandon the Trump/Putin konspiracy theories?

For the past year, instead of attacking Trump for real, concrete reasons of his horribleness, Democrats have gone off the deep end of crazy, irrational, konspiracy theories about Russia. Just visit any Democratic blog like DKos and witness the demands of faith in the unproven that is so absolute that voicing doubts can get you denounced for heresy and banned.

More rant than essay, but what the hey.

I don't watch a whole lot of TV. But this morning, I was in a place where CNN was on and I watched a Virginia Repub congressman, who is on the House Budget Committee, talk about voting against the healthcare bill (Trumpcare, if we must).

I wasn't surprised by the fact that he's voting against the bill. He says it doesn't go far enough. I suspect he means that it doesn't go far enough to further enrich and keep the rich alive, while the middle class and poor can pray.