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Saturday Open Thread 5/11/24: Odds and Ends

Good morning, good people!

I hope everyone is doing well, or even doing FANTASTIC!

I had this question about definitions, or even words, with my Dear One, a transplanted Texan.

We were looking at flooded roads and ditches, and I asked him, "Do you call ditches beside a highway "bar ditches?" He had never heard the term, and that is the only term I have heard them called in my life.

Another friend from many years ago was from Boston. She was my next door neighbor while we both lived in Houston. I mentioned I needed to locate a washateria. She had no idea what I was talking about, and slid into this lecture about how I was a sort of hillbilly making words up, and that I was really talking about a laundromat. About that time, on a busy street in west Houston, I saw a sign, pulled into the parking lot. The sign at the business said, "Westheimer Washateria". She didn't apologize, but did shut up.

Next up, is nit flies. Tiny. Not gnats, but tiny flies. If I came to your state and complained about nit flies, would you even know wtf I was talking about?

Not to mention, I just might not be talking on a "sale phone", even though it might sound that way if I described it. Dialect, people!

Friday Night Photos Hide And Seek Edition

Happy Friday everyone. I hope everybody is doing well. Post any photos, memes, or music you like.

Last Thursday afternoon I was at the computer putting Friday Night Photos together. Since it was a nice day I had the back door open and I could hear a pair of Red-shouldered Hawks calling nearby. I didn't think much of it since I hear them all the time. After a while the calling was not coming from nearby but from one of the Eucalyptus trees in my backyard so I grabbed the binoculars and went to the back door to have a look. Just as I was raising the binoculars to my eyes the hawk flew off to another part of the tree out of my view. While cursing my bad luck I noticed some movement in the tree. When I looked at that part of the tree I saw there was a Barn Owl sitting there. That's when I grabbed the camera and went outside to try and get some shots of the owl. I got a few shots of the hawks before they decided I posed a bigger threat than the owl and they flew off, and the owl, no longer threatened, lowered its head to its chest and went to sleep. Two hours later the owl was still in the tree sleeping when the hawks came back to harass it some more. I went out with the camera again and the hawks left again. A few hours later as the sun set and darkness closed in the owl was still sleeping peacefully in the tree.

A very good hider. Can you find the Barn Owl?

Open Thread - 05-10-24 - Schoolin' Them Dice

Much of Donald Trumps victory in 2016 presidential election was attributed to the massive free publicity that was conferred upon him by the mainstream media.

Trump is a master of self promotion. He knows how to sell himself. He put on a show and the press ate it up.

He and the press were locked in a symbiotic dance of a vote seeking parasite feeding on a money seeking ratings driven host, and vice versa.

Well folks, they're doing it again.

What it's really all about.


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What is happening in Gaza is a crime. I am at a loss for words.
As reports come in, I can't help but feel extreme sorrow for what America has become.
A nation of cowards, no longer the home of the brave. Cowed by a little nation of inhuman extremists bent on world domination through deceit, wholesale violence, and infiltration.