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We didn't mean it; it was an accident; and we won't do it again

More than 180,000 people have been evacuated from their homes in California after an emergency was declared at Oroville Dam, the tallest dam in the United States.

Of course, local Republicans know exactly who to blame: transgender people.

--Nick Duffy, PinkNews

Oroville Dam: Dept. Water Resources ignored warnings 12 years ago – they did not want to incur the extra costs.

Instead, CA Gov. Brown and legislative Democrats have prioritized illegal aliens, inmate sex change operations, building homes for the homeless, transgender bathrooms, Eric Holder’s consulting services, and Climate change awareness, as our infrastructure is crumbling.

--Katy Grimes, Breitbart

Regime Change: Turkey and Israel Invasions of Syria and Rojava

The past couple of days the propaganda campaign against Syria and Kurdish Syrians has been on overdrive. Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, the Atlantic Council have all issued reports accusing both Syria and Rojava (Northern Syria) of war crimes. Trump is now becoming the biggest cheerleader for regime change and extended perpetual war.

Mark Blyth refuses to let Democrats off the hook

Mark Blyth is a Scottish political scientist and a professor of international political economy at Brown Universit. Blyth first came to my attention when his prediction of Trump's electoral victory--and how it was tied to the vote for Brexit--was widely shared after the USA election.

So Focused on the “Drought Emergency” that They Don’t Give a Dam


On Sunday, February 12, the California Department of Water Resources requested that officials in counties immediately downstream from Oroville Dam order an immediate evacuation. Those orders will impact tens of thousands of residents who must leave everything behind and flee - after they were assured all week that there was no threat to the dam structure.

BREAKING - Oroville & Marysville CA ordered evacuated

BUTTE COUNTY, CA — Fire officials have issued evacuation orders for residents in Oroville, Marysville and areas of Yuba County Sunday evening. Officials said via social media that the auxiliary spillway of the Oroville Dam expected to fail. The National Weather Service issued a flash flood warning for Oroville at 4:15 p.m.

Sanders Rejects Effort to Draft Him Into Starting a New Political Party


Sanders Prefers Behind Democratic Party Reform Over a Splinter Party 1:59
WASHINGTON — Sen. Bernie Sanders rejected a movement to draft him into starting a new political party, telling "Meet The Press" on Sunday that his focus right now is on the Democratic Party as a whole.

Vandalism at LGBT Centers

When employees and volunteers at the Los Angeles LGBT Center arrived at work Friday, they discovered that one wall of a Center facility at Ed Gould Plaza (near Santa Monica Blvd. and Highland) had been defaced. Between 9 and 10 pm on Thursday night someone had spray painted an outer wall with graffiti: Fuck Trannies...Fuck all y'all.

The CEO as Strongman rests on the absence of organized progressive forces

There is a perverse dialectic at work when the masses vote for a CEO as leader.

Over the past 50 years the nature of the employment contract experienced by most workers has shifted radically. With the intentional destruction of labor unions by the capitalist class as it outsourced manufacturing jobs, employees were faced with no mediation between themselves and the capitalist class.

The political compass: sense of c99, where its members stand.

After days, weeks, even months of surfing the intertubes (well, actually alligators don't surf) I have come across many websites on YouTube. Some are absolutely looney, and I am not talking about Alex Jones et.al (although he is definitely "out there"). If you like conspiracy theories, you will have your heart's delight. Now, I do frequent the "Amen Corner" such as TYT, Jimmy Dore, Humanist, Secular Talk, and the Sane Progressive.

The REAL reason to oppose Trump

You can oppose Trump for being racist and sexist, and you would be right.
Then again you could have opposed Attila the Hun for not being christian, or opposed Genghis Khan for cruelty to animals, and you would be right.
You would also be missing the Bigger Picture.

Trump doesn't give a minute of his time thinking about race and gender.
Trump thinks about money. It's his raison d'être, and that's the problem.

We're caught in a trap....

That's the opening line from a very good Elvis Presley song, "Suspicious Minds". It goes..."We're caught in a trap, I can't walk out...." And so it goes with America 2017. We are truly caught in a trap. Trump is president and will be until 2021 unless he is removed, dies or steps down. Assuming that he will remain as the MFIC for the next 3 years, 11 months and 7 days (but who's counting?) how do we turn things around?

Today's humor, 2/10/17 edition: moments of unintentional clarity

As the Titanic, carrying 330,000,000 passengers is slowly heading beneath the waves, it may be worthwhile to keep dancing while the band plays on. And since laughter, though rare these days, is better than crying, my prescription is for you to laugh. Dammit! Whether you like it or not, LAUGH!

So here its goes.

On the mental health of transgender children...Science!

More than enough people on the right think that transgender people transitioning is a sign of a mental disorder.


Dear Connie. I cannot speak professionally but can only repeat what professionals say about what you are going through. I believe it is called Gender Dysphoria, I hope I got the spelling right, and am saddened by the fact that North Carolina doesn’t provide the help you need to readjust from the mental disorder you suffer with. It appears that allowing you to use a bathroom, locker room or shower of your choice only reinforces the disorder not helps to correct it. As compassionate legislator I seek to help people who are suffering. If you are willing I can investigate promoting legislation to help those who suffer from this disorder and with your help can work to alleviate the pain and suffering caused by this disorder. I’m willing to help if you are willing to be helped and help others.

--NC Rep. Mark Brody, cosponsor of HB 2

Of course, Brody has no science supporting his view.