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Shameless distraction. Finally a CT about LV that makes sense: patsy.

I could rationalize wasting everyone's time with this MSM-fed waste of time; but I won't bother. I confess. I couldn't stay away from so much CT in one place. So, here, direct from MoonOfAlabama is the most intelligent discussion I have seen about this bizarre event.

Missing - A Motive For The Las Vegas Killing Spree

Trump is Insane, But Hillary Clinton is the Devil

For all those democrats, particularly those on partisan democratic party blogs like Daily Kos, who think Hillary Clinton would have been better than Trump the Paler.

Bob Corker, Republican Senator from Tennessee and the Republican Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said in an interview on Sunday that President Trump was treating his office like “a reality show,” with reckless threats toward other countries that could set the nation “on the path to World War III.”

GoFundMe To Pay Cancer Bills is Barbaric - A Friend's American Horror Story

I don't often do this, but my writing teacher has breast cancer. On October 4th, her husband lost his job because his employer said it was cheaper to pay a bookkeeper than an accountant. The employer knew what this would mean for her. She even called to beg them to keep him on at a lower salary so she could have healthcare. They said no because they didn't want to "insult him."

The controlled demolition of the First World Nation states.

The thermite of globalization has been cutting the structural steel of First World democracies since the 1970s (see the quote at end). The economic crash of 2008 was a blow an airliner impact that rattled all nations, but did not quite knock them down - except for the PIIGS victims of bankster fraud. However, 2008 began the trash fires of racism and anti-immigrant agitation.

A look at the year’s top 10 bombshell news stories that barely made the news.

From our old friend Paul at OpenLeft, which was truly the best and most progressive blog on the net, never dailykos. Please read the entire article and leave Paul a tip. They really are bombshell stories the corporate media didn't spend a minute on.

I am going to leave the headlines and elaborate on one that I didn't know and found particularly interesting. Apparently, Trump and Mercer are Russia.

The Weekly Watch

Looking for Allies in the Calm Before the Storm

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: You guys know what this represents? Maybe it’s the calm before the storm.
REPORTER 1: What’s the storm, Mr. President?
REPORTER 2: What does that mean?
PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: Could be, the calm, the calm before the storm.
REPORTER 2: What storm, Mr. President?
PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: We have the world’s great military people in this room. I will tell you that. And we’re going to have a great evening. Thank you all for coming. Thank you.”
REPORTER 2: What storm, Mr. President?

Nate is heading my way...and it literally is the calm before the storm.

Hurricane Nate.jpg

"Calm before the Storm" or, We Have to get Rid of these People, Man!

Donald Trump - "It's the calm before the storm"
Reporter - "what's that mean?"
Trump - "You'll find out".

Most people here at C99 are aware of Trump's tax plan and how it benefits the rich and their corporations. Below is a video by Sarah Anderson taking apart the bullshit.

(She's such an ingrate): Hillary Clinton accuses Facebook, Twitter and Google of enabling Russian agents

Two of those sites kissed her pant-suited dishonest butt before the primary, during the primary, and ever since she lost the election. Hell, since 2008 they've been carrying her water and fawning all over her. Who would've thunk those photos of her in her sunglasses just tippy-tapping away on her Blackberry would eventually come back to haunt her? They were all over both Google and Facebook. Twitter too, but Twitter is bad because Donald Trump rules Twitter.

Government hiding secret energy programs

OK, there's a conspiracy theory I've heard since I was young. Some guy invented a new carburetor that gave cars 300mpg or someone else invented a tesla-based machine that produced free energy and the government suppressed it. Up until now, I've pretty much laughed at these CT's. The few I researched were readily apparent as hoaxes.

Musk Wants to Electrify Puerto Rico

Just a short hit of potentially good news. After the emergency response comes the rebuilding.
Islands usually get their electricity from diesel (bunker diesel if memory serves, the cheapest and dirtiest grade) generators. Solar is a much better option, and once installed they no longer need to buy and import that fuel.
The obvious question is how to pay for it. A less obvious question is how to harden it against powerful storms. Still, it's a start.

Maybe We're Just Screwed, Simple as That

In the last installment of "Big Al's Written Record for the CIA, NSA and FBI", I proposed a national referendum against oligarchy and plutocracy and for democracy and freedom.

That was two days ago. I had done some reading about the vote for independence in Catalonia and became inspired to publicly voice the proposal. I was like, "ya baby, let's have us a referendum! Let's go get us some FREEDOM!! Yippie Kay Yay MFers!"

Democrats and Awan Gang, suitable company for each other--now the finger points both ways

I was asking myself: "self, what is a day without sunshine like?" Answer: a day without an Awan story. There's gonna be plenty of sunshine now.

Okay, then I asked myself: "self, what is a day without news?" Answer: a day without a story of political corruption.

So, now this is going to be beautiful day. You want Awans? We got 'em. You want corrupt congress critters? You are in luck, we got a whole lot of them.

A thought to help you not be able to sleep tonight - technology

We take it for granted that as technology advances, year after year, we all benefit. Better computers!

Imagine for a moment you were a country isolated, and denied access to technology.

What would you do? You couldn't begin to reinvent technology. That's taken decades of the world's economy funding it to happen. Anything you could do for years would be childlike.