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Donald Trump loses Aircraft Carrier--this is NO JOKE

Donald Trump has done something a normal person would never do (although admittedly POTUS is not normal). It is something he would never do after playing golf at Mar-A-Lago, such as lose a golfball in the rough. No the Trumposaurus has now done something that boggles the imagination--even considering it's Trump who did it.

What did he lose? The the USS Carl Vinson.

Huff(Com)Post's Ryan Grim Says TOP Experiencing A Resurgence Via The Resistance™. Commenters at TYT Video Say Progressives Left The Place For Good/Not Fooled by PR Makeover.

Was just listening to this TYT piece "Divided We Fell — Can The Left Learn From 2016?" while doing the dishes and thought I'd drop it here for folks. Seems there's been more talk lately about the cluelessness and willful ignorance of the moribund Dem Party, perhaps in part due to the release of the Hillary implosion book.

Another nail in Monsanto's coffin?

We can only hope.
From the opinion:

Monsanto has engaged in practices that have impinged on the basic human right to a healthy environment, the right to food and the right to health. Additionally, Monsanto’s conduct has a negative impact on the right of scientists to freely conduct indispensable research.

From the article at Sustainable Pulse:

Why don't we let the Syrian people decide?

I know it's all the fashion in politics today to call for regime change in Syria, and who doesn't like the idea of yet another chaotic, Mad Max-style failed state, amirite?
But I'm an old-fashioned kind of guy, and one of those old-fashioned ideas is that people should chose their own government. I know that self-determination is out of style in mainstream Democratic circles, but humor me anyway.
The question is: How do we determine what the Syrian people want?

Varner fired

Again, not really my cuppa, but it's dominating the transgender community news.

It turns out that being tossed off the island on Survivor wasn't enough.

Jeff Varner returned home to Greensboro, NC after his public outing of transgender man Zeke Smith during Survivor Tribal Council which was aired this past week. But his life has not returned to normal.

Texas politicians uncover a work-around

With the anti-transgender SB 6 stuck in the mud in the Texas House, Rep. Ron Simmons of Carollton has taken a cue from the North Carolina "compromise" and introduced HB 2899, which would prohibit cities and counties from passing non-discrimination ordinances which extend rights beyond what is protected by state law. The bill would also nullify all local non-discrimination laws already in place.

Should the US Launch a "Pre-Emptive Strike" Against North Korea?

This is MSNBC's poll question today. W.T.F.?

Are we sure North Korea is about to attack us?

How sure are we?

How do we know?

Remember our "preemptive" strike against Iraq, to get Saddam before he used WMD against us? How good was our intel then?