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WOW! Vice Interview with Charlottesville White Supremisist Leader

If you didn't see Vice (on HBO) last night, you MUST VIEW this 3 min clip. It's an interview with one of the Charlottesville Rally Alt-Right leaders talking about the success of their rally. His cold blooded demeanor even after the murdering Alt-Right thug plowed his car through a crowd of non-violent protesters is jaw dropping.

Gulf nations losing patience with stalemate in Yemen

Although most Americans are ignorant of the war crime that is the Saudi-led invasion of Yemen, most everyone here is aware of the awful details.
The unprovoked war has already killed more than 10,000 and displaced millions, caused a massive famine and a cholera epidemic with around 500,000 cases.

You are not doing your part for the McResistance

It has recently come to my attention that people here aren't pulling their weight for our corporate elites.
In fact, I'm ashamed to say that some of you are guilty of thought-crimes.
In the interests in Unity(tm) I'd like to remind you that we are in a struggle against
Trump/Putin/ZombieHitler. If that can't motivate you to join the McResistance, I don't know what will.

Before you think about violence…. think!

Some comments to my latest blog said I was wrong for talking about non-violent resistance. My own history includes training to be a USMC officer including how to kill with my bare hands. That training changed me forever. I do not want to kill another human being for any reason including “self defense”.

The Weekly Watch

Minimalist Edition

It's been a busy week helping my 87 year old mom move to smaller easier apartment in Birmingham. So my news is a little scant. The MSM continues with the blaring Trump-it...Sabers rattling in N. Korea (and a no war game peace deal still unreported). And they all fiddle around as the planet burns. Perhaps extinction is best.

rome burns.jpg


This article in Current Affairs written by Briahna Joy Gray, a young woman of color, makes the case that identity politics is racist. She does a damn good job.

Even now, when 73% of African Americans view Sanders favorably (as compared with 52% of white people), he is still treated as having a race problem.

Declining Sperm Counts in the West

According to this July 25, 2017,Scientific American article, https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/sperm-count-dropping-in-weste... ,

Sperm counts in men from America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand have dropped by more than 50 percent in less than 40 years, researchers said on Tuesday.

Round Bale Gardening Phase Two

I got pretty excited last week when I found the Texas A&M Fall Planting Guide online. We are in Region III. Have started planting the fall garden, but was uncertain about when to plant many seeds. Also discovered that the famous Texas horticulturalist, Neil Sperry, has a website which offers other pertinent information.

You cannot sit and watch

What is happening in Charlottesville is not a spectator sport. People are being injured, maybe killed (again-Black Lives matter, Black Panthers, Labor Union members, etc.) and it is not for your entertainment nor for you to sit and be outraged. Every time violent force is used against any of us it is against all of us.

Is CNN trying to resuscitate itself as a real political network rather than establishment clones?

Times are changing. Sometimes for the better. Hillary Goddam Clinton is being offered a plea deal by Sessions' DOJ to plead guilty to "prosecutable crimes" in return for no further legal actions against her for CGI, uranium one, pay-to-play, and her email scandal which is still producing more poisonous (for her) fruit. My take is that she can NEVER admit that she has done anything wrong and will go down with her Titanic-sized load of garbage rather than admit she was a felon.

The Russiagate Hoax – Cutting to the Chase

I have written a rather comprehensive debunking of the "Russia interfered in our election” narrative that has obsessed the MSM for most of a year. Since its first posting, I have been updating it; its expanded form is available here: https://medium.com/@markfmccarty/whats-left-of-russiagate-are-we-down-to...

The Road Ends Here.

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It took guts for The Nation magazine to publish a take down of the most horrific psyops ever levied against the American people by their own government. News broke this week when an array of intelligence experts from the US and the UK performed the missing forensics on the leaked DNC emails published by Wikileaks in order to determine how they were lifted, altered, and transmitted. In their report, they have debunked — once and for all — the national sickness known as Russiagate.

The Nation gave the article a deliberately modest and understated title: "A New Report Raises Big Questions About Last Year’s DNC Hack." It's one of those clarity-bringing revelations you will remember for a long time. The truth will signal, to any thinking American, that the Democratic Party will not and cannot recover from the sabotage it inflicted on this nation. They cynically used a false flag "attack" to deflect their losses and in the process pushed the US to the brink of a nuclear war with Russia. The Democratic leadership is complicit in this and cannot be redeemed. The Internet Security company that ran this fiasco, CrowdStrike, has spent years attempting to spike tensions between Russia and the United States. Their frequent assessments of Russian hacking, which they've had to retract more than once — and their close association with the anti-Russian, Soros-funded Atlantic Council has earned them some contempt among their technology peers. What would you suggest be done with them?

I'm giving up talking to those that refuse to hear.

I'm also giving up writing for those that refuse to read.

It is incredibly frustrating, three words in and an opinion has already been formed, five words in the talking over has begun. Write more that three lines then the arguments are ignored and conclusions wasted.

It is getting to the point where tweeting is long winded, can our view be expressed in fewer than five words? 20 Characters? God help you if you use a key word, Russia for example.