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"Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You,

ask what you can do for your country." --JFK Inaugural Address

"No one person can alone accomplish what must be done to turn our country around. We all must do our part." --Bernie Sanders in almost every speech and interview he does

Each and every person here and their friends, relatives, their followers on Twitter and Facebook and Minds and their acquaintances on the street is responsible for change, not Sanders.

Majority of Democrats are thinking for themselves

This is beginning to be a problem.
The Little People need to understand what is acceptable to think, and what isn't acceptable to think. Their Betters spend billions of dollars every year shaping their opinions.
If people start thinking for themselves, who knows what craziness might come of it?

Why I'm Supporting Tulsi

I want to preface this piece with the notion that I find politics in general ineffective in the US. What the majority of the citizens want is NOT reflected in the policies of this nation. Our government is owned and controlled by the multi-national corporations and their will is abetted by the mafia branch of the government, the CIA (et al). Secondly, we face the existential threat of rapid impending climate disaster and extinction, the future shock of which probably makes politics moot. That said, when looking at next years primary season, I think Tulsi is a better candidate than Bernie. Here's why...

the War on Maduro has hit a new level of Surrealism, updated

...for Feb. 23, the date when the alt-troika of tyrrany: Guaido, Trump, and Abrams named as cruch time: 'let the aid caravans in...or risk invasion or what have you'. (see the end of the comments for updates.)

First up: ‘Sir Richard Branson’s Venezuelan-Border PR Stunt’, Joyce Nelson Feb. 19, counterpunch

“On February 15th Sir Richard Branson (whose net worth is estimated at about $4 billion) announced plans for a “Venezuela Aid Live” concert to be held on February 22 in the Colombian city of Cucuta and also live-streamed on the Internet, to raise $100 million for food aid.

Founder of the Virgin Group (400+ companies), Sir Branson is setting up the concert “at the request of” Juan Guaido (who declared himself interim president on Jan. 23) “and jailed opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez to draw attention to the crisis in Venezuela. ‘Our goal is to raise $100 million dollars in 60 days and reopen Venezuela’s border so humanitarian aid can finally reach those millions who need it the most,’ said Branson.”

Google's Gulch - Neoliberal Globalization Propaganda Masquerading as Science Fiction

I'm a politics junkie and a scifi junkie. So, when two books, Infomocracy (book 1) and Null States (book 2), that were touted as merging those two genres came out, I bought the books. But, after reading them, I was repulsed by their world government, libertarian, Identity Politics take on the near future.