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medical debt in the US

Found this not-too-astonishing article about the "for profit" healthcare system
here in the land of the burdened, home of the sick. After an accidental ladder mishap,
I found out Medicare does not cover the incidentals. So on the card it goes ..

roughly a quarter of adults (in the US) now owe more than $5000 in health care debt

“…about 1 in 5 with any amount of debt said they don’t expect to ever pay it off.”

Some questions for the next "third party" online conference

Earlier today there was a conference on "how to build a third party." David Sirota's "Lever" thing hosted it. The advice offered by the presenters was: form a fusion party, work within the Democrats, get Democrats elected. There were some nods toward the idea that their audience was composed of some people who weren't Democrats.