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The Inspector General's Report, what it is and what it is not

I thought I would do a short essay on my own understanding of what the Inspector General's report is and is not. I have read at several places that people are disappointed at the most recent report by Inspector General Michael Horowitz.

Without passing judgment on the content of the IG report, which I have not yet read, I am going to try lay out a framework for understanding what we have seen thus far from the OIG.

PUT PEOPLE FIRST: Progressive Ideas for Economic Reform

The Internet is full of complaints about our current political and economic arrangements. Our current political economy has led to a reduction in the number of semi-skilled jobs, a stagnation of real wages, a loss or substantial reduction in manufacturing businesses, financial gambling and speculation, more frequent and severe recessions, and the observation that our political representatives are more responsive to corporate interests than to the needs and wants of our people.

The Weekly Watch

Prisoners in a Corrupt System

The US is a prison state...5% of the world's population and 25% of the incarcerated people on the planet. About a quarter of prisoners are serving time for non-violent drug offenses. Even outside of prison, people are imprisoned within a system blind to their needs because of the sole quest for ever more profit. American citizens can be swept up and sent to black site prisons in another country if they are accused of being a terrorist (including eco-terrorist). Police kill with impunity especially people of color. Hell you can stalk a black kid, shoot them, and claim stand your ground immunity in America...poor Trevon, guilty of being black. Our young people are imprisoned under a mountain of debt they accumulated in obtaining a mediocre education we told them they must have in order to be successful. It is time to escape this prison...

I am not a number, I am a free man!
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You can become a prisoner of the entire series “The Prisoner

The Republic on Fire? The Hysterics of a Typical American Administration

The title will already be polarizing depending upon your political affiliation (what color jersey you wear). But, I really have to ask: How is this administration that significantly different from the past decades of administration?

I'm serious.

Throughout the media and the blue-painted echo chambers, it is shouted that the fascists have come. The apocalypse is here. Our republic is no more.

(I’m glad The Empty Suit is finally getting called out): IG Report confirms Obama lied about Hillary's emails

We all know that TES was involved in The Clinton Creature’s shenanigans from Day 1 but now he’s finally being exposed for his lies and manipulations. This guy thought he was bulletproof scandal-wise. He thought all the hype about being the 1st black prez would cover his ass no matter what lies he told or tells. Which is exactly what his groomers thought as well. When people start calling me a racist for criticizing him I just say “Blame his whitey half”.

A grassroots anti-war movement is gaining traction

There were only eight of them when the march started.
They carried no weapons, little money, and even fewer supplies. They relied entirely on the kindness of strangers for food and a place to sleep. Everywhere they stopped they shared their stories of tragedy and hardship, and hundreds of locals would gather to listen and share their own stories.
Because there is no place untouched by war in Afghanistan.

Trump, Sessions and Sanders - God Approves of Our Actions But it's the Democrats Fault

cruel god.jpg

When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.” (attribution uncertain but face it, it's happening now)

The Attorney General of the United States of God Bless America, because God ONLY blesses America, has said that God him or herself has Blessed the practice of separating immigrant children from their parents.

*Poor-People-Led* Poor People’s Campaign Comes to Washington, DC

I’d learned of this group via the Popular Resistance Newsletter (Kevin Zeese and Dr. Margaret Flowers).  You might enjoy reading their overview and the goals of the PPEHRC; it was enticing enough to me to bring their story to you.

Nellie McKay and Jimmy Dore, now with transcript and a huge thank you to eyo

This recent interview with Nellie McKay and Jimmy Dore has been floating around in the comments here, I don't think anyone did an essay on it, but now c99% transcription maven eyo has transcribed the whole half-hour, and I think this is amazing of her to do! Thank you eyo!

Israel also has bombs of love and peace

I've always been mystified why the bombs that America drop bring harmony, security, freedom and love. While the bombs that other nations drop bring death and destruction.
Why doesn't everyone use American freedom bombs? Do they not like the rainbow-farting unicorns that our bombs create?

Midnight Special - Illusions, Delusions, and WTF's

This is hilarious. Now mind you, I'm as anti-establishment as they come so your tastes may vary.

I was researching the situation with North Korea and decided to see what they were saying over at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), a neocon conservative right wing Zionist think tank. I find it useful to see what they're focusing on, kind of taking the temperature of the neocons so to speak.

Art education goes beyond the classroom

Art, and by extension art education are important to me. Growing up art allowed me to express myself when I found it difficult to. As a student art was a subject I excelled at when subjects like math and chemistry were complex and frustrating. Finally, in my adult life art has not only been a hobby and an escape from our harsh reality, it has also always been apart of my job, and now career.

Becoming an art teacher and providing a safe place for my students to become inspired, learn new types of thinking, and experience an outlet where they might not have one like I did growing up, was a no brainer for me.

While my art instruction has really helped my students in the classroom and beyond, it is no secret that school budgets continue to be cut - especially in the arts. In this challenging time, art education is more important than ever! Who hasn't seen first-hand how creativity can inspire imagination, teach critical thinking skills, and improve children's lives?

In defense of socialism, again

In my experience, the most confident and strident defenders of capitalism are the ones who know the least about socialism. I can't fully blame them for this because there is so much intentional misinformation, as well as suppressed information, that it takes a herculean effort to get a more accurate viewpoint.
This essay is a follow-up to this previous one.

The Eerie Silence Surrounding the Assange Case has been broken…in Australia

First, from Mike Head at wsws.org June 12, 2018: ‘Demands grow that Australian government act to free Julian Assange’

Head writes that last Sunday one of Assange’s attorneys, Australian Jennifer Robinson, was on channel 7’s ‘Sunrise Weekend’ giving a 10-minute interview.  He called it a significant break from the long media silence in Australian media on Assange’s seven year detention in the Ecuadorian Embassy.  Robbins had apparently issued a clear message to the Aussie government to  carry out its responsibility to an Aussie citizen and give him his freedom.