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Any thoughts on the upcoming war with Russia?

Ten Years After the “Internet Blackout” | EFFector 34.1

I'm posting the Electronic Frontier Foundation's entire latest EFFector newsletter below; as a recipient I think that's permitted. A bit of good stuff here, including google coming out with a 2g blocker which will interfere with Stingray and similar tech.

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EFFector 34.1
Ten Years After the “Internet Blackout”
In our 781st issue:

Open Thread - 01-21-22 - Are Corporations Psychopathic?

Definition of psychopath according to Miriam Webster: A mentally unstable person. Especially : a person having an egocentric and antisocial personality marked by a lack of remorse for one's actions, an absence of empathy for others, and often criminal tendencies.

Are corporations psychopathic by definition?

Today corporations hold immense power and control. Some work in lockstep with the government in the form of lobbying, writing legislation and censorship, among other forms of persuasion.

IMHO corporations by definition are psychopathic because of corporate charter's dependency on making money for the shareholders which allows them to create psychopathic policies that absolves themselves from doing the best for humanity.

Psychopathic corporations donate to psychopathic leaders that lead to a psychopathic society.

The Hilarious History of Libertarian Utopias

Have you ever noticed how libertarians universally know that if the government simply got out of the way then free-market fundamentalists like themselves would flourish? If only they had this chance, then libertarians could prove that they were right all along, that all systemic problems come from the government.
If only they were given a chance.