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Happiness and Health as the Empire Collapses

I'm caught in a revolving door...seeing the completion of the corporate coup in almost every aspect of our lives. Although I rattle the bars, we are captured in a capitalist cage of corruption. Nowhere is it more obvious than our health care system...more concerned with profit than health or care. Last week we focused on the need for individuals and communities to act on their own to create meaningful lives. This week lets look at how we can manage our own health and health care (of course we'll look at news for the week as well). This essay was inspired in part by Bernie's “Medicare for All” bill, but was also heavily influenced by OPOL's essay (hat tip) on diet from earlier this summer.

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Hillary Happened

The subject of Hillary Clinton's loss has been discussed ad nauseum and by now she should have been relegated to the dead letter box of history, gathering dust in its darkest corners, never to be forced upon the American people once again. But NO! Hillary Clinton refuses to go away quietly, gracefully, or at all.

An even score as the storm hit

Twenty-six year-old Derricka Banner became the 20th transgender person murdered this year when she was shot to death in her car early Tuesday morning in Charlotte, NC, as rain and wind from Irma were lashing the city. Montavious Sanchez Berry, 18, was arrested later on Tuesday and charged with the murder.

Banner was originally from New York, but has recently been a resident on Lenoir, NC. Sanchez is a Charlotte resident.

Sharon Tennison and the Center for Citizen Initiatives - Edited at end

I am on Sharon Tennison's (of the Center for Citizen Initiatives) mailing list. I learned of this group from someone here at c99. Their efforts for global peace and understanding are among the best I have seen. I am posting her last letter here in it's entirety.


CCI Friends,

Something Surprised Me Today, But It Shouldn't Have - Dems See HRC as Poison

Hillary Clinton is back with a vengeance, and no that is not the big surprise. What did come as a surprise was this nugget from a New Yorker article by a writer Clinton handpicked to tell her story, David Remnick.

Medicare for All

Medicare for All is not single payer, so media or politicos using the term single-payer are wrong.

The insurance companies should be jumping at the bit for Medicare for all, a windfall bonanza of new Medigap plans that are profitable; in fact, competition in the Medigap market is fierce and healthy. Imagine 300 million paying the monthly premiums in such a program.

Here He Comes to Save the Day!

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The proposed Medicare for All Act of 2017 is out. I received this email this morning, I'm sure some of you did as well. Interesting that some of the early key co-sponsors are projected candidates for the 2020 election. Another election revolving around the United States of the Free and Brave! health care system.

Finally! WashPo allows a response to the "Bernie Bros are racists" meme they created

It only took roughly 18 months, but the Washington Post has decided to allow some facts to get in the way of slandering Bernie supporters.
The excellent article was written by Symone D. Sanders, the former national press secretary for Bernie Sanders.