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What is the Great Reset and How Could it Affect Us?

I have been waiting to see if someone much more knowledgeable than me would write an essay on the Great Reset. Unfortunately, we are stuck with my feeble attempt to tackle this subject. This essay will simply scratch the surface of what I see as at least one major implication of the Great Reset.

Open Thread 5-11-21

Good morning folks. Cant Stop the Macedonian Signal because of technical difficulties has asked me to publish a placeholder open thread for her today.

Consider this a truly "open" thread or an essay about nothing if you will. I will try to add some content as time allows. Until then does anyone really know what time it is? If so please clue me in.

The Land Of Flat Water (Part One)

          Its name derives from the Otoe word (That I cannot pronounce well.) Nebrathka ("Flat Water") which the french trappers translated to Platte, and the rest of us transliterated into Nebraska:

          The Platte River flows, a mile wide and an inch deep (not much of an exaggeration), through the state of Nebraska.

Rowe Sanctuary