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American Arrogance is Based on Exceptional Ignorance

Working from the base of the brain stem, the tribal chant of we're number one is all it takes to convince most citizens the US is GREAT. A misleading and profit serving corporate media does its share to maintain the illusion. But what is so great about us? We certainly create great violence and mayhem around the world. We work hard to destroy nature in order to extract and pollute...and woe be unto the country that opposes our corporate misuse of people and planet...because we worship the God of profit.

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According to top brass at NATO, latest Russian Sukhoi Su-35R is a complete failure

After viewing its performance at the MAKS 2017 Moscow Air Show the generals took note that the latest Russian fighter jet appears to be incapable of straight forward flight unlike the Lockheed Martin F-35. One general stated, "At 1/3rd the cost of the F-35, I suppose you get what you pay for. The Russians are obviously now so far behind they will never catch up to our advanced technological expertise."

"But What about ISIS"? or ALL WAR IS A LIE

Most of the left, not to mention the right, are falling again for the false narratives, lies and propaganda coming from our government, the Trump regime, and the oligarchy owned and controlled media regarding the supposed ceasefire in Syria, agreements with Russia and Trump's decisions and actions in "fighting terrorism".

No wonder the antiwar movement is almost dead during a period of unprecedented war.

Put down the smartphone and look around you - it's 1850 out here.

Contrary to all the tendentious happy-talk pumped out by the corporate media, the U.S. has regressed economically to the level of Britain in the 1850s; i.e., to the functional equivalent of a Third World country. This heavily-suppressed fact smacked me in the face as I was reading a history book written in 1975 - before the elitist looting and government wrecking got started. All quotes below are from that book: Eric Hobsbawm, "The Age of Capital 1848-1875" (1975).

Who will own lack of a (good) national health plan? Part One

If Americans are again left without any comprehensive national health plan* at all (or an imploding one), Republicans say Democrats will own that. However, Democrats say the opposite. ("I'm rubber; you're glue.") Essay spoiler alert: "There's plenty of blame to go around." For just one thing, no comprehensive national health plan at all was operational until very recently, an oddity among industrialized nations.

John McCain: end of a career

A few weeks ago, John McCain seemed to be having a bit of word-finding problems (dysnomia) and was a bit confused as evidenced on some broadcast senate hearings. 3 days ago he underwent surgery for a blood clot (hematoma) in the left frontal lobe. At age 80, this isn't so surprising, as due to brain shrinkage (atrophy) blood clots can often form after minor trauma. Most clots are benign, in the sense that they are unassociated by other brain abnormalities.

Clinton Romney campaign chiefs team up to protect elections from cyberattacks

Clinton Romney campaign chiefs team up to protect elections from cyberattacks

Robby Mook, Clinton's 2016 campaign manager, and Matt Rhoades, Romney's 2012 campaign chief, will co-lead the Defending Digital Democracy Project at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, the Harvard Kennedy School announced on Tuesday.

USS Fitzgerald 1 month later: haze lifting from the "Crystal ball"

Thirty days ago today the USS Fitzgerald (DDG-62) was rammed by the Japanese-flagged container ship ACX Crystal causing significant damage. This is the third essay about this unmitigated disaster. Unmitigated because no matter how it happened NOTHING GOOD can emerge from this for the USN and USA.