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Niko House makes an interesting connection


Victor Pinchuk. Ukranian Parliament member.
Atlantic Council board member
$25 million in charitable contributions to the Clinton Foundation
Atlantic Council is a partner with Burisma

How systemic was the corruption within the Obama administration, and who was really pulling the strings?

Eyes on the Prize

With the bombardment of news this past week, I feel like my head is exploding.

Let's not forget that Bernie actually has a chance of pulling off a miracle and winning the Democratic Party nomination, especially given all the factionalism in the party -- of which Hillary Clinton sure seems to be trying to a$$ert her advantage.

Please consider checking out Bernie's NYC rally now available on video here.

Paper Dolls

The Saturday PG&E cut the power the wind blew through Jarbo Gap at 50 mph. Same as the day of the fire. Come Wednesday, power pulled again, I’m down at the Inferno. Waiting on pizza. The guy there with me, standing round the Inferno truck, he observes, correctly: “This is like the day of the fire. Wind just came in a little later. That’s all.”

Not a lot of complaining, about the power-pulls, from fire people. Their minds on other things. Like: they're up at the Optimo. Trapped for hours; fire all round. Finally; final hope: unloading bottles from the Pepsi truck, setting them out as firebreak: when the fire comes, maybe it will explode the bottles; the Pepsi will douse the fire! Women there considering how best to kill their children. Before the fire takes them. So. Today. They live. In that.

durham & barr’s investigation of the Spooky origins of russia-gate expands

‘Barr & Durham travel to Rome, as walls close in on [Russia-gate’s] mysterious Professor Mifsud (Video)’,
October 10, 2019, raymcgovern.com

Ray links to the Oct. 8, 2019 duran.com video (25 minutes; but worth it), he explains:

“The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss the highly unusual trip to Rome, Italy, taken by U.S. Attorney General William Barr and Russiagate-origin-Investigator, John Durham.  Their ostensible purpose was to listen to a secret tape of Maltese Professor Joseph Mifsud, the man many believe is the contracted spy who kicked off the Mueller investigation.  They did more, of course, than simply listen to a tape.

The origins of Russiagate are about to unravel. The trip to Rome, plus the expected results of the investigation of those who approved the FISA warrants for surveillance of Carter Page, which is led by Justice Department IG Michael Horowitz, have seriously rattled the Democrats, corporate media, and other aficionados of the Russia-gate caper.  The best defense being an aggressive offense, they came up not only with “Ukraine-gate,” but also with an “impeachment inquiry!” The “inquiry” appears to be on shaky legal/constitutional grounds and Trump’s lawyers today explained why he refuses to cooperate.  Hold onto your hats."

How Quickly the Tide Turns

Last week, Warren was riding high on the top of a wave, ballyhooed by many in the MSM as the new front-runner even though she was only a bit ahead in a few corporate polls while Biden has pretty much stayed seemingly comfortably atop the heap in aggregate polling. Of course, these corporate polls are essentially flawed because they can't seem to get a grip on independent and young voters, but we've discussed that quite a bit here.

This week following the debate, it seems like the MSM is launching a new wave of attacks on Warren, questioning her credibility and leadership abilities. Here's an editorial from Josh Rogin in WaPo to start:

Elizabeth Warren is failing the commander in chief test

It should be obvious this week that the United States needs a president who has the foreign policy chops to speak clearly about the United States’ role in the world and has a real plan to keep our country safe. Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-Mass.) ascendance to pseudo-front-runner status compels us to examine if she is meeting that test — and based on her recent performance, she is failing.

And there's a bunch more new anti-Warren articles just in Wapo. . .

Hot Air Climate News Roundup

Something to keep in mind…

It becomes profitable to set new and unrealistic standards,
to generate a culture of comparison and inferiority.
Because people who constantly feel inferior make
the best customers.
Marketing in our economy pushes insecurity onto us that is not helpful.
It intentionally triggers inadequacies
or addictions within ourselves
to make more profit.

How Your Insecurity Is Bought and Sold