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Corbyn Shows his True Colors

@AssangeMrs Mrs. Christine Assange Retweeted ITV News
“Weasel words from #Corbyn! NO to UK/US extradition but YES to recycled UK/SWEDEN extradition! He knows full well Swedish (no charge) 'case' was a political fit up! Sweden/UK Bilateral Treaty allows fast track rendition to US under Temporary Surrender!”

Tulsi Update: April 14, 2015 (Birthday!, Gravel Endorses, TYT Good Interview, Los Angeles, NYT Bad))

Tulsi turned 38 two days ago (April 12)!!! Happy birthday to her!

Niko House interviewed candidate Mike Gravel yesterday. Gravel is a former Democratic Senator from Alaska for 12 years, before which he was involved in the Pentagon Papers and Watergate (on the correct side of things).

Jimmy Dore Just Left TYT. Like With Jimmy Baldwin, A Strong Backbone Is Neccessary When Criticizing The Fear Mongering of Lesser-Of-Two-Evil Voting.

On Friday afternoon I noticed on my YouTube account page that there was a little icon saying that there was a new Jimmy Dore video, and under it said "Live Now." There was also something saying that there were over 8k viewers at that moment. So I clicked on.

The Weekly Watch

Riding the Cycle

Wheels within wheels...inside and out. Balance is key, but we seem to have lost our sense and are wobbling out of control...a spinning top losing momentum. At the same time the natural cycle swings into play showing the colors of spring and the quick flush of green. It is as though the world is bipolar...oh yeah, it is. So this week I've been thinking about the difficulty of balancing the joy and beauty of the natural cycle with the horror of human activity. The Assange arrest hit me harder than I thought. I really expected something like this, but none the less feel stunned. Another disappointment was "Pompous" declaring Iran's army to be a terrorist organization as Bibi (the real terrorist along with the family Saud) wins another term. The speed of our climate collapse is accelerating faster than models predict. So weeks like these I try to spend time outside with the trees, despite the pollen blast. The chestnuts we planted have leafed out. We've been harvesting lettuce and eating fresh salad most days. The blueberries have a strong bloom. All is not doom and disaster...we each have to find our balance on the cycle of life.

infinity cycle.jpg

Maybe we should have seen this coming

A lot (maybe most?) of the people in the rabid mob raging against Julian Assange are self-proclaimed "liberals". They're people who have been angry and frustrated during the past few years, ever since Trump became POTUS.

At various times, the anger has been aimed at Bernie and his supporters, not to mention Comey, Russia, Putin, Jill Stein, and so on.