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Nancy Pelosi--losing cognitive faculties

I feel like an alcoholic who can't stay off the sauce. Months ago, I promised to stop writing about Nancy P, because of her repulsive beliefs. I must have omitted some of the twelve steps, maybe because of inability to count, because I am back with another preposterous Pelosi precipitous practice.

May the FSM have mercy on my soul.

Some Sanity by way of Stephen Cohen’s 'Russiagate or Intelgate?'

‘The publication of the Republican House Committee memo and reports of other documents increasingly suggest not only a “Russiagate” without Russia but also something darker: The “collusion” may not have been in the White House or the Kremlin’, the beginning of his Feb. 9 analysis was published at thenation.com, and picked up by rt.com.

The Continuation of the Project for a New American Century


Back in September 2000, the neocon/Zionist think tank, Project for New American Century (PNAC), published a 90 page report called "Rebuilding America's Defenses - Strategy, Forces, and Resources for a New Century." PNAC was founded by neocon/Zionists William Kristol and Robert Kagan and included many of the neocons that infested the Bush administration starting in 2001.

The Weekly Watch

Thwarting Peace and Democracy at Home and Abroad

The horrors of our foreign policy have been haunting me this week....along with the media promotion of the war machine. Lots of hand wringing about the budget, DACA, and the market, but not much discussion of our illegal presence promoting an immoral war in Syria, nor Yemen...nor Palestine. No, it's seventy six new nukes in the big parade, and a hundred and ten drones flying right behind. And let's get this straight, we shall not tolerate peace on the Korean peninsula, nor allow the Iranian nuclear agreement to stand. But wait, there's more...we have to shift our attention to China...and of course, big, bad Russia. Why? In order to protect “our” interests. Yeah, right. Well, we are promoting our brand of democracy in the Americas...recognizing fraudulent elections in Honduras and ignoring fair elections in Venezuela. This is nothing new...it just seems to be on steroids.

War is hell_0.jpg

Berners Elitest? No, We're the New Deplorables

Clinton famously called Trump supporters "deplorables." As ugly as that usage was, you rarely see it used much these days. Instead, the drones of the "Resistance" are focused on demonizing anyone who supports progressive candidates.This includes numerous stereotypical takedowns in social media. A typical example is a recent Medium post by S. Novi, (real name unknown) entitled, "Elitist BernieBots and Crats Refuse to Acknowledge Any Facts."

Trump is not an idiot

Heresy! Gator--go back to the swamp. Well, communitarians, I have been exploring the swamp much of my life, and I can tell you is that you got your assessment mostly incorrect. Yes, Herr Drumpf's domestic policies are ruinous, callous, and environmentally destructive. Yes, his scheme for national privatization will fill the coffers of the 1%. This makes him a nogoodnik, not an idiot.

Fish Are Rising Up Like Birds

faring thee well now
let your life proceed by its own design
nothing to tell now
let the words be yours i'm done with mine

—John Barlow

John Barlow has moved on. His health had been shot to shit over e73cdcfc577a3107e8477f5464ee1822--john-perry-s.jpgthe past several years, and Wednesday he at last vacated the corporeal container.

Barlow spanned worlds from Neal Cassady to Aaron Swartz. He was born into a wealthy Republican Mormon Wyoming cattle-ranching family; it took all of his life to shake off that imprinting, but in the end he managed all of it. A key moment came when, in conversation with Mardy Murie, he understood that money is an illusion, while the planet is very Real indeed. "Environmentalists can be a pain in the ass," Murie told him. "But they make great ancestors.” Barlow decided: "I want to be a good ancestor."

Alexis Tsipras: Sell Out Comprador

O, those heroes with feet of clay!  We should be getting used to it, and never believe their campaign promises, but watch what they do.  Of course by the time they ‘do things’, then…it’s too late.  Allow me to go backward in time, if you will.  Here’s some of the recent the recent evidence brought to my awareness:

We just bombed Syrian government forces again

Did we just kill Russian soldiers in Syria? We may have.

Poisonous Pedagogy and our Culture of Violence

(a reprise from December, 2012)

As often happens when a diary grows too long for comfortable reading, I’ve found it necessary to rewrite it, and edit out all but what seem to be the most important themes.  While considering the inherent difficulties of reducing firearms violence in this nation by the most prevalent ‘fixes’ discussed in the media and in the liberal blogosphere: gun control and mental health ‘help’, I collected a lot of links to facts and opinions on both.  Most data collection and op-eds were spurred, of course, by the heinous mass murder of innocents at Sandy Hook elementary.  Rather than loading this post up with worthy considerations, allow me to shorthand most of it with links.

The HRC Server Scandal and the "Russiagate" Dirty Dossier Merge

Here’s where the snake swallows its own tail in the HRC Server Investigation becomes the Russiagate scandal.

We’re now hearing that Sid Blumenthal was feeding Christopher Steele information from foreign sources that made its way into the latter’s Dirty Dossier against Trump. If true, here’s where the snake swallows its own tail in the HRC Server Investigation becomes the Russiagate Scandal. Now, both scandals are starting to make sense, in some very dark, ironic way.

How The GOP Captured America

Breaking news! Can somebody call the DNC and try to explain how reapportionment works?

The Untold Story of How the GOP Rigged Congress and Hijacked American Democracy:
New documents expose a Republican scheme years in the making.

This is a very long and detailed explanation of precisely how GOP fundraisers and political operatives gerrymandered the American political landscape. I have excerpted a few conclusionary paragraphs of interest:

(This would explain a lot): Gowdy implies Clinton friend Blumenthal fed information to Steele

A lot of pieces begin to fall into place if this is true!

Gowdy implies Clinton friend Blumenthal fed information to Steele

Rep. Trey Gowdy implied Tuesday that information provided by longtime Clinton friend Sidney Blumenthal was used by former British spy Christopher Steele.

Politico's Russia Derangement Syndrome

Once upon a time, there were journalists. But Satan appeared in his red cloak and horns, casting a curse upon almost all of them. Henceforward, they would become his slaves. No, they did not receive their official set of red cloak and horns, but they were rewarded with sizable paychecks. But with the riches came madness, one in which we alligators and neurosturgeons have labelled RDS. No, it's not RSD (really stupid Dimocrats).