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Maybe these kids know what they are doing

Politics in America, whether Democrat or Republican, basically involves politicians coming out once every two years, asking for your money and promising things they have no intention of actually doing. No wonder people are sick of it.
That's party politics, but it's NOT a political movement.

A film and A Book

Recently I saw a film and read a book, one of which couldn’t have been more disturbing, and the other uncommonly comforting.

The disturbing documentary film is titled, Three Identical Strangers. The beautifully written and comforting book is titled, A Gentleman in Moscow, and was recommended by a friend.

The Weekly Watch

Corporate Censorship in the Age of American Aggression

The meme of fake news is very effective. There are so many lies told again and again and again that they are accepted as truth. You now select your own truth. Examples that come to mind: the DNC HACK (not leak), recently elected Maduro is a dictator, Russia is hacking our election and they poisoned a spy in Britain, Assange is a Russian agent, Assad gases his people so we MUST bomb him, Iran the aggressor put their country in the middle of OUR military bases and on top of OUR oil, Israel is our ally and is for peace and stability in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia must battle the evil Houthis who are working with Iran to overthrown the crown prince, and on and on...


Monsanto loses!!!

A unanimous jury in San Francisco awarded Mr. Dwayne Johnson $USM289. in damages, including $US250. in punitive damages from the Monsanto Corporation for causing his terminal cancer. The best reporting I have found so far is from the BBC, naturally. Our own esteemed Lame Stream Media only just barely mentioned this trial, and only towards the last few days when it was becoming apparent that Big M was in trouble.

Syrian civil war enters it's final stage

The war in Syria is no longer in the headlines, but that is about to change.
In recent months the Syrian government has taken back all of southern and central Syria from the rebels.
In the east, the Kurdish-led SDF has entered into talks for reconciliation with Damascus. It's widely viewed that the Kurds and Damascus will eventually find common ground.

Obama's Justice Department Worked With Hillary's Campaign To Get 'Dirt' on Trump

Why hire plumbers to get information on your political opponent when you can just use your party's intelligence agencies?

Opinion: How a senior DOJ official helped Dem researchers on Trump-Russia case