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Retrospect on about one year of COVID...

...is it headed for the rear view mirror? Probably.

I wanted to post this commentary because I found it to be the best summary of the pandemic and our dysfunction in appropriately addressing the disease. Hope you enjoy the analysis. 15 min

transcript here for those who prefer reading

Biden's foreign policy is Trump's foreign policy

There's been a couple minor changes in foreign policy since Biden took over.
The Paris climate accord is a big example. Biden appears to be less chummy with Saudi Arabia and Israel. And he's less antagonistic against China.
But other than that the machine rolls on.

Today Biden says that we stand with Ukraine and will never recognize the Crimean annex.
Biden continues the useless and pointless policy of sanctioning Russia on everything.

The Weekly Watch

Life's Cycles

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We lost our beloved cat, Ellie, this week. She had a difficult last year with an overactive thyroid...always hungry and eating but unable to gain weight. At least death provides sweet release from suffering. We buried her next to her life long friend, our old dog Merle. We feel privileged to have shared her 15 year life. She was a joy to everyone who knew her... sweet and loving. We all ride this cycle of life from birth to death, it is up to us to make the best of the journey... and help others when we can, spreading love along our path trying to emulate our pets.

RIP Merle and Ellie

Welcome to Saturday's Potluck

Polar vortexes are disrupting to life. We get them periodically in this part of Oregon. Hard to be completely prepared. As the years go by I just keep working on trying to have enough preparation done if the unexpected happens it is more an inconvenience than a tragedy.


Middle of January is not the best time for a Birthday parties, too soon after Christmas and winter roads. My 10th birthday was special there was going to be a party. Snow covered the frozen ground, roads were plowed and red cinders spread for traction in the icy spots.

Herbert Marcuse's ideas of political strategy

First let me start with a principle: the point of being a philosopher is not to be a good person. This principle becomes an issue if people don't understand it. Philosophers can be saints, but they don't have to be, just as saints don't have to be philosophers. A lecture on this principle appears necessary given that so many people "don't get it."

More Divisive ID politics

This one’s an upside-down version of Jimmy Dore’s interview with a Boogaloo Boy in which the Message got buried by the Messenger. It seemed to have spawned another epic Twitter Spat.

Naomi Wolf joins Tucker Carlson to warn we’ve become a Covid-19 police state. Guess which one liberals think is the bigger crime?’, Helen Buyniski, RT.com, Feb. 23, 2021

“But Wolf’s words – broadly appealing though they may be to the inhabitants of a country pummeled within an inch of its life by years of suicidal government policies that bailed out mega-corporations and waged ruinous wars while leaving ordinary people twisting in the wind – were lost on many in her audience. These zeroed in on Carlson as if he – not what Wolf described as the “merger of corporate power and government power really characteristic of Italian fascism in the ’20s” – was the real authoritarian threat.

Friday Open Thread ~ "What are you reading?" edition ~ Jarvis Jay Masters


“We all live in a prison, and we all hold the key,” Chagdud Tulku wrote. More patronizing bullshit, Jarvis thought. You do not live in prison. I live in prison. You may have a key, but the keys to my cell are hanging off my jailers’ belts."

“Meditation is hardest when we're most afraid, because it forces us to face our fears when all we want to do is run from them. But it's the only way out of our misery."