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Why do you think Biden (et al) are so desperate to get more of our money to a failed proxy war in Ukraine? Think it might be the 10% for the big guy? I also heard much of the money comes back to DC to fund the Ukraine lobby, and therefore our representatives. Sounds about right. It is a similar phenomenon in Gaza with the Zionist literally owning the US government. Add in the utter incompetence of our administration from the top down. So here we are mired in unnecessary conflicts with no foreseeable escape. I thought Larry did a good job describing our predicament.

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Album of the Week 2-17-24

Afternoon folks!

This week there's a great B.B. King album followed by lesser-known New Orleans blues guitarist Walter "Wolfman" Washington. Blues-rock follows that with Blind Owl Wilson from Canned Heat, a nice compilation from Johnny Kid & The Pirates and an album from Steppenwolf. The diversity this week is Stomu Yamash'ta's East Wind with the Freedom Is Frightening album.

Have a great weekend and enjoy!