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DNC Posts Rules for November Debate--Tulsi Might Make October Debate Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Monmouth will release their latest New Hampshire Poll. They have not conducted one in the state since May, but this is Tulsi's strongest state, and besides a CBS/YouGov poll where she polled at only 1%, there have been 5 other (non-qualifying) polls in the state since the beginning of August where she has polled at 3% to 6%.

If this Monmouth poll has her at 2% or more, Tulsi makes the October debate.

The Weekly Watch

Summer's Striking End

Let's see...drone strikes, climate strikes, and autoworkers strike...three strikes and summer is out! But is the game lost? Well it ain't over till it's over. Tomorrow morning at 2:50 AM Central, the sun will shine directly on the equator and summer will be over and fall will begin. The weather here seems anything but fall like. It's been hot and dry for weeks now. We are watering the fall veggies. Tomorrow they are attempting to shut down DC, and next Friday another massive global climate strike. Millions participated in the global climate strike last Friday. The UAW strike is the largest US strike in over a decade. Do these actions give you hope?

I Am Alien

(This is the second installment in the serial true-life tale "I Am Alien," recounting the sojourn to the September 20, 2019 hoedown at Area 51, there to meet the alien. Installment one went up here August 12.)

Now having received the blessing of The English Patient, things were calmer, here in the car.

Neither Al nor I had ever really believed this mission to be wise, or even sane. We’d more or less bulled one another into it, until suddenly we were actually doing it. But why? That was the nagging question. Nagging worse than those scolds in The Taming Of The Shrew, or even Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf. Because when you burn in a fire, what you really want to do is lie in bed. Not that sleep will often come, but maybe at some point it will, and then life will be okay. Because you will be in oblivion. Driving 900 miles across some of the most hellish terrain in all creation to join a bunch of brainleaks at Area 51 who are going to charge like those people in Zulu to try to make the alien come out: that is pretty much the opposite, of lying in bed. But now that The English Patient had vouchsafed upon us a visitation, there could be no doubt: it was right, that we got out of bed.

The Democratic TriParty (Part 2: Incrementalists v. Reactionaries)

tricircle competiton areas_0.png
The Democratic TriParty (Part 1: The Players) introduced the three centers of influence in the Democratic Party: Progressive, Reactionary, and Incrementalist.

In this part, we begin to examine the intersecting Areas of Competition, starting with the blue area where the Incrementalist and Reactionary circles overlap.

mortally wounded, can bibi rise like a zombie from the dead? Updated

in the last two comments with some baffling and weird power plays.

(Some Israeli snap election kinda/sorta results)  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to say ‘bye, bye, Bibi; may the wind beat your back?

With 99+% of the votes counted (but not yet certified) Benny Gantz’s blue-and-white party (Kahol Levan) got 33 seats in the Knesset, Bibi’s Likud party 31, the Arab majority Joint List 13 seats (<up 2 from the last election four months ago.) Woot!

‘Ahmad Tibi thanks ‘magician’ Netanyahu for driving up Arab vote; Arab Israeli MK cites PM’s attempts to suppress the Arab vote for helping rouse voters: ‘Suddenly the Arabs rushed to the polls in droves’.

Extinction Rebellion- Portland, Oregon

A estimated 20,000 people crowded into downtown today to support the young people of Extinction Rebellion who walked out of school to bring their concerns to those in government.
Many, many adults showed up in solidarity and were just as vocal and engaged.
An eclectic assortment of imaginative signs and costumes revealed an engaged and thoughtful crowd not afraid to speak their truths.
Kudos to the schoolkids who showed up and to a number of teachers who joined them.

Even the Chronicle of Higher Ed is going after Bernie

This is about "College for All." On the back of my most recent issue of the Chronicle of Higher Education is an opinion piece, "Free Public College Is a Terrible Idea," by Brian Rosenberg. I presume readers of this critique are familiar with Bernie Sanders' College for All proposal.