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Portland meetup? Who's coming?

Since the weather was less than great for the last one, we're looking to have another with Cassiodorus, March 30th.

If you think you can make it let us know soon. It'll make a difference where we meet. If 5 are coming then we can meet in a coffeehouse that serves sandwiches. If there are 10 then we'll go to a brewpub or restaurant.

So...March 30, Saturday around 1 pm. Somewhere in Portland!

Bolsonaro meets with Torture Haspel, Guaidoistas seize 2 VZ embassies

Sorry, I hadn’t meant to write about Venezuela again so soon, as there are so many other places to cover (China, Pakistan/India, DPRK) but given these two new pieces of news, well, needs must…  And given that Telesur’s terms of use amount to ‘use content at will, but only with attribution, I’ll do so.

‘Far-Right Homage: Bolsonaro Visits CIA Before Meeting Trump on First US Visit’, telesurenglish.net, March 18, 2019

Why did Kamala Harris let Herbalife off the hook?

Why does Kamala do anything? Because there’s always something in it for ‘herself’. If it isn’t keeping poor and minorities in prison for free labor she’s accepting money from a company that is nothing more than Ponzi scheme represented by ‘well-connected’ people with some very familiar names.

Why did Kamala Harris let Herbalife off the hook?

Are you recycling?

Recycling, by itself, forms a great illustration of the Jason W. Moore idea of "negative value." Somehow "Nature," which is to say (specifically) Earth's fossil fuel endowment, has been fashioned into enormous amounts of plastic. It's all hydrocarbon art, right? Or maybe it's just the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. For the capitalist, dealing with trash becomes a great cost, and so the stuff is thrown into the oceans.


Just scrolling the Reddit threads of some of my favorite pages there, which include Chapo Trap House and Way of the Bern, and found two stories I thought people here might like.

Will Connolly is apparently a 17 year old kid from Australia who went to the press conference of a racist Australian Senator with an egg in his hand and smashed it on the bigot's head while he was being interviewed in front of tv cameras.

March 16 Global #HandsOffVenezuela Rallies

The Weekly Watch

Here Comes the Sun
Come on Baby Light My Fire

The wheel of the year turns to spring this week. There will be more sunlight...longer days... here in the Northern hemisphere. Light is the key to fixing carbon...through photosynthesis. Plants taking CO2 and building it into sugars and other compounds. When we eat plants we burn them back into CO2 and H2O. This balance of photosynthesis and respiration maintains the carbon cycle. For most of human history we have burnt wood as our primary fuel. Trees will regrow and recapture atmospheric carbon. However over the last century we converted to fossil fuels over plant based renewable energy sources. That (and population growth) is what put us on the path of rapid climate collapse.


This diagram of the fast carbon cycle shows the movement of carbon between land, atmosphere, and oceans. Yellow numbers are natural fluxes, and red are human contributions in gigatons of carbon per year. White numbers indicate stored carbon.

A brief glimpse of my limited experience of Muslims in Auckland

There is almost nowhere in Auckland one can go and not meet in some way a Muslim person; whether you’re driving along one of it’s roads or stopping at the dairy for milk. Here in Auckland there live and work Muslims from so many different countries and cultures. They drive taxis and treat you at clinics. They are elegant and humble. The only Muslims I know a little bit more personally are a family that run the local dairy. He is very reserved and she is fully outspoken.