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A few more days like this and Wall Street will start to panic

Do you want to know just how serious things have gotten? Do a Google search for 'stock market crash'. There are almost no results returned in the last couple days.
The top result is from Motley Fool. Stock Market Crash: 3 Absolute Bargains Just Begging to Be Bought


How bad could things get if Roe v Wade is struck down?

The Supreme Court’s ruling on abortion: The spearhead of a massive assault on democratic rights

Ukraine Update...

Since I left off the news in today's weekly watch I wanted to at least throw together a quick look at the proxy war between NATOstan and Russia. I hope you will add news sources you find reliable in the comments below as we all grapple with the end of empire.

Scott has a new channel.
but oops...it has been disappeared which speaks volumes... but now it is back again.

Century-old musings about Forever War

This war without end is criminal. What is abominable is that they do not want to end it. No, they do not want. Do not try to tell me that there was no way to end it. Emperor Charles [Karl I of Austria-Hungary] offered peace; he is the only decent man to have appeared in this war, and he was not listened to. There was, through him, a chance that could have been seized... Clemenceau called the emperor a "rotten conscience," it's ignoble. Emperor Charles sincerely wanted peace, and therefore was despised by the whole world. [...] A king of France, yes a king, would have had pity on our poor, exhausted, bloodlet nation. However democracy is without a heart and without entrails. When serving the powers of money, it is pitiless and inhuman.

-- Anatole France

quoted in the Wikipedia Article on Karl I