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FiveThirtyEight Update--Sanders to Win South Carolina, Texas, and the Whole Shebang!

Second Update:

FiveThirtyEight final delegate estimates as of this morning:


Things continue to swing Bernie's way . . .

Final Update: 538 now shows Bernie winning every state and territory moving forward (outside of Iowa). The outliers--Delaware and Alabama--have now fallen.


Impeachment over: Senate votes to acquit Trump

Via RT.com, Feb. 5, 2020

The final vote on the first charge (abuse of power) was 52-48, with Mitt Romney (R-Utah) crossing the aisle to vote “guilty” alongside the Democrats. The vote on the second charge (obstruction of Congress) was 53-47, with Romney returning to the fold. It would have taken 67 votes to convict Trump on either count.

FWIW, Betting Odds On Democratic Presidential Candidate Have COMPLETELY Changed (EDITED)

While still casting about on this sea of limbo still frustrated, angry, and contemptuous I was sent this article by my DSA friend. We've been having a conversation about whether the caucus disaster was a result of mendacious collusion or incompetence and what ramifications it would have on the contest ahead.

Tulsi, Bernie, Buttigieg, and Biden--Post Iowa

So, after the shambles that was the Iowa caucus, it seems the first real measure of things will end up being the New Hampshire primary, which takes place on Feb. 11.

Right now, Bernie is far out in front in all NH polls over the past few days--sometimes by as much as 12 points.