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Grassroots and Docs: Progressives Moves For Medicare for All

Heh. Lot's of rumours about Bernie, will he or won't he. Got a fundraising email from him yesterday asking for donations based on the come. Think I will def wait to see the bill.

Regardless, there is a substantial move afoot to make Medicare For All happen. Now. Even 40% Republicans think it's time.


I usually post earlier in the day, but I had an appointment with my doctor. I was running out of my pills. I take 11 per day. Sad

I decided rather late today to post something. It's my birthday, after all.

69. Never thought I would see this. But here it is.

Got some videos for you to view.


Declining longevity in Middle Class non-Hispanic Whites

Susan Grigsby at TOP wrote an excellent review of a study by Case and Denton which showed a large disparity especially in non-college educated (I would probably suggest "blue collar") white men, suicide, opiate overdose, and death from other groups.

Their report, titled "Rising morbidity and mortality in midlife among white non-Hispanic Americans in the 21st century,” was published in PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences)

The okeydoke that Americans were supposed to get

When the Deep State is preparing for a war it uses a lot of propaganda to get the people onboard.

Granted, that first sentence is so obvious as to be laughable. Of course, we are propagandized into supporting wars. But even at this late stage of the United States most Americans don’t recognize what is propaganda. That’s why stating the obvious is necessary.

Trump Meets with Stanford University's own War Criminal, Condoleeza "Don't forget about Me!" Rice

bush war criminals.jpg

(I still can't say it) Trump met on Friday with Stanford University's special war criminal, Condoleeza Rice. Why is a question but Trump has made a habit out of meeting with people who can better help him understand his criminal responsibilities for U.S. imperialism.

Reality according to my news feed

My news feed on Feedly includes a number of sources from "mainstream" news outlets, high (NY Times and Washington Post, NPR), medium (Reuters and AP) to low (Yahoo, ABC). It also includes international site, science sites, business sites, etc. I even have few of those still rare but steadily growing "independent" news outlets, such as the Intercept. Reviewing my feed today I noticed an odd thing. What they cover and what they do not (especially what they do not) varies a great deal.

Today in Russia-related news

CDC Health Alert

Due to a nationwide outbreak of Russian Agents hiding under America's beds the CDC has issued these guidelines.

1) Resist the urge to reach under your bed and grab him. Remember he's just as scared of you as you are of him. He'll likely try to bite you.

2) Talk in a calm voice. Preferably a Russian lullaby. Then draw him out with food.

3) Let him smell your hand before trying to pet him. Be gentle.

Crevices: the pending and inevitable demise of the two party system

The last major US political party to be formed, the Republicans were born out of the collapse of the Whigs. What we are living through now is something even more momentous than the crisis of the War Between The States. I did not use the term "Civil War" advisedly. Yes the WBTS was civil but really only focussed on two broad economic issues: mercantilism versus slave labor.

The grassroots insurgency to reform the Democratic Party has arrived

First they ignore you. Then they ridicule you. And then they attack you and want to burn you. And then they build monuments to you.
- union leader Nicholas Klein, 1914

I say the insurgency in the Democratic Party has arrived because the neoliberals are no longer ignoring it. They are now slandering it.

Damn Furriners might thwart Trump's agenda, and why this isn't something to celebrate

The failure of the Republicans to kill Obamacare, and eliminate health insurance for tens of millions of poor Trump supporters, is going to cause some serious problems for Republican plans to make massive tax cuts for the wealthy.
However, that might not be the primary obstacle to Trump's agenda.

It doesn't look like anything to me

My spouse and I recently watched the new HBO version of Westworld. My headline is a quote from the show. It is what the "robots" say whenever they are confronted with any form of facts, information, or piece of reality that they are programmed to ignore. For them, nothing outside the park exists, so if you show one of them a picture of Times Square, for example, they will look at the photo and say "It doesn't look like anything to me." Then they immediately forget it.

About Us

          A few minutes ago I was thinking about the next article I would like to write. As I was discussing the idea (yes I talk to myself when I think I am alone) I noticed something a bit odd. There doesn't seem to be a simple way for someone (not part of this community) to read an about us statement. Or, maybe I am not very observant and sound like an idiot.

Democrats Against Universal Health Care

The failure of Trumpcare might cause you to think that Democrats might use the chaos to push for single-payer health care.
You would be wrong.
It's past time to stop blaming Republicans for the fact that we are the only developed nation without universal health care. The problem is the Democrats.