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Maybe if Hillary hadn't overthrown Gaddafi ...

When ordinary people rise to do extraordinary things

"In ordinary times we wouldn’t have to be here tonight, and we wouldn’t have to make the decision we’re making tonight. But these aren’t ordinary times. These are unusual times. Extraordinary times. In extraordinary times, people who ordinarily are led often are called upon to lead. People who typically are directed are called upon to direct.

Democratic Party Plans to Address Society's Major Issues


Fresh off a resounding and inspiring blue wave crush against the weak and ineffective bad cop party, the newly empowered magnificently Democratic party seeks to tackle the major issues it's party members and supporters have made clear are priority issues.

catching up on julian assange by storify [updated]

(The brilliant and imperturbable Jennifer Robinson)

Those scary, scary Russians and their dastardly peace talks

Those darn Russians are aggressively threatening everyone.
Don't believe me? Just look at this Bloomberg article published today titled:
How NATO Is Preparing for the New Cold War
A huge military exercise in Norway signals the alliance’s pivot back to its original foe, Russia.

So far I'm counting exactly ONE climate change protester

And here he is, everyone: Lee Camp, with his report on the California fires:

Never speaking the words “climate change” while whole towns literally go up in flames is like covering the drowning death of someone and never mentioning he was being waterboarded at the time. The real cause of these fires is at least half the story, if not more.