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A surprisingly enlightened foreign policy decision by Biden

Considering Biden's foreign policy record I expect very very little from him. Which makes today's news a very pleasant surprise.

The U.S. military will no longer assist the bloody Saudi-led coalition attacking Houthi rebel forces in Yemen, President Joe Biden will announce today, according to Biden’s national security adviser, Jake Sullivan.

Navalny critique at Grayzone, best discussion I've seen.

KATYA KAZBEK, in an interview posted at the Grayzone, gives a description of Navalny and his promotion by western forces that I think may reach some Americans who have fallen for the false idolatry. I wish her criticism of Navalny were stronger, and I wish her support of Putin was more comprehensive, but I think she's good at pointing out the weakness in the Navalny myth. I have bolded the excerpts I find most important.

Friday Open Thread ~ "What are you reading?" edition ~ The Bittersweet Science


Boxing, the historian Gerald Horne argues in his engaging and meticulously researched new book, was effectively weaponized by Blacks in the battle against white supremacy.

Toxic masculinity and other offshoots (including homophobia) are a major theme of this book and the author does not neglect women boxers–and wrestlers too—whose skills were honed in day-to-day battles with the pestilence that is male supremacy.

This book traces the story of Black dominance in the sport, from fighting en-slavers in Africa, through the brutal “battle royals” of slavery when enslaved men were placed in a ring blindfolded and forced to fight until one man was left standing, while, at the same time, it exposes the gross exploitation of fighters and the gargantuan profits garnered by the likes of Don King, Bob Arum–and a former Atlantic City casino poseur named Donald J. Trump.

All Hail Planetary King Bill Gates!

Guilt by Association

My grandfather grew up poor, and got poorer during the Depression. He and my grandmother went hungry on more than one occasion, and I've wondered, over the years, whether malnutrition was one reason that their first child, my uncle, was born mentally handicapped. It's not good to go hungry while you're pregnant. My grandfather, Bob, got his first real break in the forties working as a salesman for Colgate (he had been rejected from military service because of his flat feet).