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Pathetic. "Moderate" Dems Beg Trump to Play Nice so They Can Compromise

Has any political party been more worthy of scorn than the Democrats. The Remora fish to Wall street sharks have outdone themselves with this absurd and farcical letter to Trump begging him to play nicer with them before his first address to Congress.

Add two to this year's list

 photo Chyna_Gibson-1488219408-640x630_zpsqz0w1sit.jpgChyna Gibson, 31, who performed under the name Chyna Doll Dupree in the pageant and ballroom community, was shot to death outside of a shopping center in New Orleans East on Saturday evening.

Residents of the area said that they hear 8 to 10 shots. Chyna died at the scene. Her body was found between to cars parked in front of a clothing store.

A very loving person. She didn't do nothing to nobody.

--Chyna's aunt

Chyna was currently living in California but had traveled to Nola to celebrate Mardi Gras with friends and family.

Who is going to pay for this

So far Herr Hair wants:

  • He wants £54 billion more to the MIC so that makes a total of around $700billion including veterans affairs.
  • Promised more tax cuts for the wealthy.
  • Promised spending on infrastructure.
  • Promised the reduction of the national debt.
  • Promised not to touch Social Security or Medicare.
  • Then promised to slash government spending [seriously WTF]

Who are we going to threaten to pay for all of this?

It is time for a reality check.

I read blogs and news and am astounded by the apparent lack of understanding of what has happened and is happening. This was not just another election. It is a coup and it has every chance of succeeding if we fail to realize it.
We have an interesting (for lack of a better word) cast of characters starting with Trump and Bannon and going from there.

I've Never Felt Quite Like This Before.

In fact I've never been this close to shredding my US passport in my life.[It's a criminal offence, you have to send it back intact.]

Watching CPAC and the Trump circus last week was more than depressing.

Watching the MSM carry on both publicizing and criticizing at the same time the snake-oil salesmen in the White House is quite frankly just mind numbing.

OK, so Tom Perez won -- now what?

My first posting, so please be gentle, people.

Just sent the following missive to my congressional "representative" (a declared democrat in a "purple" state; although I suspect she supports demorat "leadership" on most issues). BTW, I was/am pretty unhappy about the outcome, in case you can't tell --

No room for progressives in the Democratic Party -- Where to now?

For any of you who believed that progressives could take control of the Democratic Party, today’s election of the Establishment’s candidate, Tom Perez, as party chair should dispel those illusions. Before his coronation, they also voted down a resolution that would have reinstated Obama’s ban on corporate PAC donations to the party. They defeated Resolution 33, which would have forbidden registered, federal corporate lobbyists from serving as DNC chair-appointed, at-large members. Wow!

The Uses of Pain to Impoverish and Exploit the American People

Today, as I type, my body is racked by a great deal of pain caused by the inflammation of connective tissue throughout my body - in my fingers, neck, shoulders, elbows, chest and hips. Unfortunately, the medicine I take is having little effect. Pain of this type is often accompanied by fever, chills and fatigue, and mental states such as depression.

PBS Newshour hit it out of the park

I saw this clip live on PBS and had to find and post it here.

I am NOT a essay writer. Some have recently posted excellent and well written 0nes (for which we all are grateful). I just couldn't post this to the middle of an open thread. It needs more.

The thrust of the Dems and the #resistance movement seems clear - Hate the haters.
Lets not fall into that trap. Force the conversation to the issues not whack job personalities.

The Syria War, Propaganda and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights

The Syria "civil" war began in 2011 after unrest occurred in the context of the manufactured Arab Spring protests.

"The CIA’s Fake “Arab Spring” Becoming A Long, Hot Summer Of War"


"U.S. Groups Helped Nurture Arab Uprisings"

Why Trump’s America is like the real America (link fixed)

Why Trump’s America is like the real America

I grew up believing in a host of commonly taught myths about my country. I’m embarrassed by how long it takes to get over these myths, but I also see that many people never do.

A good way to shatter these illusions with good historical facts is to read An Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States by Roxanne Dunbar-Oritz. Spanning more than four hundred years, this classic bottom-up peoples’ history radically reframes US history and explodes the silences that have haunted our national narrative.

Meeting my Assemblyman: "Gimme three steps..."

The election of President Trump is the New Pearl Harbor: it awoke the sleeping giant. Protests abound from coast to coast, from Canadian to Mexican borders. Undoubtedly part of it is due to George Soros and Hillary Clinton but that's only a part of the story and probably not even the major part of the story.
Angry citizens have voiced their fears, frustrations, and threats of reprisal against elected "representatives" (i.e., voting them out next election).

CPAC gives a rare public look at Bannonism's claim to the "deconstruction of the administrative state"


CPAC had some actual Deconstruction unlike Bannon's riff on nationalist deregulation

"Bannon is a near-constant presence every time cameras cover a Trump press conference or follow the president into the Oval Office. He has gained a place on the “principals committee” of the National Security Council, elevating him above the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and the director of national intelligence."

Kumbaya in the bunker ...

Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus appeared in a joint interview at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) outside Washington, D.C. and the former provided a glimpse of the crypto-fascist mentality that informs POTUS45* and his White House.

It was quite unlike the pageant queen’s interview segment where “world peace” was the main goal for a winner or her runner-up.