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Holy cow, sounds just like us.

I was led to both the Greanville Post and this David Sirota article by a friend on Facebook. I thought both were noteworthy and brought them here to share with you. Greanville Post is a reality-based blog and Sirota is a real journalist with an actual memory.

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Seeking Clarity

As I was washing windows this week, I reflected on this column and it's origins. I started compiling these pieces a couple of years ago trying to consolidate, summarize, and make sense of the week's news. I'm just back onto the news cycle after a month away...only Kavanaugh's genitals and T-rump's trade sanctions got coverage in the main EU news. Yet somehow it all seems the same...the same old aggression, distraction, and manipulation...some things never seem to change: Many are suggesting we prepare for a coming economic crash, we are warned of the exponential growth of our climate crisis, we see ongoing war and threats of more and more. So I'm washing windows, seeking a little literal clarity while listening to some pretty interesting interviews. I hope you'll chime in with your stories and insights as well.

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About those CIA democrats running for congress

CIA Democrats call for aggression against Russia, run pro-war campaigns in 2018 congressional races

The Democratic Party is widely favored to win control of the House of Representatives in the US midterm elections November 6, with projections that it will gain 30 to 50 seats, or even more, well above the net gain of 23 required for a majority.