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Coronavirus Pandemic Panic and Shrinking Civil Liberties & Privacy Rights

In my last post, I’d asked:

‘Will citizens have any civil rights in the end?  Will the most draconian laws and protocols sunset eventually, or be covertly extended for other purposes?  Israel, for instance, is using counter-terrorism protocols cell phone data to monitor the movements of citizens who’ve tested positive for the virus.’

Many citizen civil and privacy rights are being ceded voluntarily; many are being trampled on far more covertly.

The Weekly Watch

Viral Evolution

While it is true viruses are sometimes misread by the host and mutate (like a cold virus for example), this week I want to speculate how the SARS-CoV-2 will and is causing societal evolution. Viruses have always been agents of evolution as they attach and pull away from our DNA and RNA, but this global pandemic is going to fundamentally change societies and the way we interact...especially in the short term. If and when a vaccine is developed, some sense of normality should be re-established, but societies will never be the same...like 9/11 and the 2008 crash. So get out your crystal ball and let's think about what's coming around the bend.

crystal ball too.jpg

2019 Pandemic Exercise "Crimson Contagion" Highlighted Response Weaknesses

Last year, the Dept. of Health and Human Services ran a 7 month long exercise code named "Crimson Contagion," a dry run response to a global pandemic which started in China and expected more than 100 million Americans to become ill.

The simulation highlighted several failures in our preparedness for such a catastrophe.

Open Thread Friday 3-20-2020

The world as you know it ends today. Usually we experience this in small unrelated episodes unnoticed by the rest of the world. The car accident, job loss, debilitating injury, cancer diagnosis, fatal infectious diseases, now living with a chronic physical or mental disease and loss of a loved one are endured in silence.

Coronavirus is different. It is a collective worldwide event. We are experiencing the COVID-19 event even if not infected with the virus. The fear, the closing down of communities, the actual infection and the recovery is being played out in each nation. The resilience of each country's government and their population is open for the whole world to observe.