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Trump wasn't Turned by the Deep State, He's just a Fricking Liar

After the fifth online article I read today claiming how Donald Trump has been "turned (by the deep state), persuaded (by the deep state), has had a change of heart", etc., I decided to go on a rant. Confucius say, "rants are good for the soul".

What is Our Recourse? Or, Punching Down is American Tradition

Debbie from Sane Progressive posted a 2 hour long rant which she soon deleted. From the half-hour I was able to catch before then it was obvious she was....tired. She wasn't the only one. Many other activists have thrown up their hands and quit because they feel like they have no way to fight back.

College sets up Trans* Pride Scholarship

MiraCosta College is a public community college in San Diego County with two campuses in Oceanside, plus a campus in San Elijo and a Technology Career Institute in Carlsbad.

The college has announced that it will award a $1,000 scholarship annually to a student who identifies as transgender or is actively involved with the transgender community.

American Ruling Class, Killing Children as "After Dinner Entertainment"

Evidently one of Trump's billionaire cabinet buddies, US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, told an audience at an economic conference in California on Monday that the illegal missile strike in Syria was “after-dinner entertainment”.

His remark drew laughter from the audience.

Response from my Democratic Congressman who doesn't support single-payer

From my congress critter Salud Carbajal in response to my email.:

Dear Friend:

Thank you for contacting me. Your input is of great value to me and I will make sure to keep in mind your thoughts when I consider legislation or other solutions to issues important to you.

Why did the Dems lose? It's even worse than you might think

The Democrats' internal research has been quietly churning out autopsy reports regarding the 2016 election debacle, and the results are disastrous.
Unlike the GOS, they don't blame the loss on racist Bernie supporters, nor Putin! Putin! Putin!

"Billions" in New War and Imperialism Spending but No Money for Border Wall. The Joke's on Us


Late night quickie. I haven't had a chance to analyze what they're doing, this is a summary taken from a CNN article that came up. Here's what the article describes as what's in and what's out. Notice how it's mostly small change with a rather innocuous "billions for new defense spending, including the global war on terrorism".

Beltaine with Walter Crane!

This Essay is one I published over at TOP in 2015, with a few changes and updates. It develops an idea which I find fascinating: that the International Labor Day, May 1, is the extension of the ancient Holy Day of Beltaine, and part and parcel of its resurgence in modern times. And the artwork of Walter Crane is pretty cool, too!


The Weekly Watch

It's All About Oil


Jonathon Robin

Pollution and spillage,
plunder, rape, pillage,
Earth’s face is turned.
Earth’s beauty burned
Earth’s shame discerned
in climatic warning.

In city and village,
factory, tillage,
Man’s pride is spurned,
Man’s ashes urned,
Man dust returned
with climactic mo[u]rning.

The Language of the Progressive Movement

History tends to repeat because us flawed humans refuse to learn the lessons of history.
That is not a bold observation.

Today, much like 120-some years ago, the United States finds itself in need of a strong progressive movement. Right on queue, a progressive movement is beginning to grow.
However, today's progressive movement seems oblivious to the lessons to be learned from its first incarnation.

War is a business, my friend.

Ivanka bombed Syria because she had a sad about dead babies alleged to be killed by Syria with gas. Dead babies because the US bombed them is AOK and doesn't appear to bother her at all.

"War is a business, my friend", and here is more evidence of that. Meet Amena Shaladi and Bana Alabed. Since I don't watch the corporate news, I missed 7-year-old Bana on CNN begging the US to escalate the Syrian war and kill more people.


-an overthrow or repudiation and the thorough replacement of an established government or political system by the people governed.

-the overthrow or renunciation of one government or ruler and the substitution of another by the governed.

Sailing with Motorcycles

Corals reach beyond the bleach

swaying to accordions...

plastic gathers in tides of reason

pundits sing of re-awaking

mushroom clouds tweet of empty seats


Purge the superdelegates

from the mist

of blood and tears


passed down in factories


cover from hard rains


morals, collectively

shared in misery