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ECU Prez Moreno threatens Assange for violating ‘asylum terms’: breaking update

Update at the bottom of the comment stream, and it really sucks. Fuck Moreno, fuck the UK.

From telesurenglish.net, April 2:

“Ecuador says Assange doesn’t have the right to “hack private accounts or phones” nor intervene in the foreign politics.

Sanders may well get my primary vote, but not my idolatry.

FTR: I began this essay early in March.

In my observation, many of us create idols. Inasmuch as perfection is the nature of idols, once we create an idol, we hear, see and speak no negative things about him or her; and some of us suspect anyone who does, even levying personal attacks at them.

(UPDATED) Beating All The Odds: Chicago Elected A Gay Black Woman As Mayor Last Night

(SEE UPDATE: Farther down the page...)

(I'm reposting much more than I should of this piece, as it is; but, there's a great story that I hope you'll take the time to read, in its entirety, immediately below.)

Biden Should Stick a Fork in His Campaign

Biden has just as much or even more baggage than Hills did because of the legislation he got passed during his tenure in congress. His actions in the drug war, abortion rights, the crime bill, bankruptcy bill, his Iraq war vote and now this.

Forget 'Creepy' - Biden Has A Major Ukraine Problem

How does one fight in an Internet-infested, money-dominated political system?

The old politics is dead. Citizens United granted unlimited, anonymous political bribery to the transnational billionaire class. The legacy media has been conglomerated down to six companies, while the platform media companies (Google, Facebook, Twitter) have instituted censorship and banning. Sock puppets, trolls, doxers, and other slime have demolished the promise of honest intellectual internet debate.

Two Exposés on Omidyar Closing Down the Snowden Archives

This is a labor of love and loathing. Yes, it’s long, but it’s by way of a two-fer, and out of necessity I’ve even had to blow by a hella lot of the second essay.  Shall I offer prizes to those who finish?  ;  )

First: ‘Silencing the Whistle: The Intercept Shutters Snowden Archive, Citing Cost’;  The closing of The Intercept’s Snowden archive will likely mean the end of any future publications, unless Glenn Greenwald’s rather absurd promise of finding “the right partner … that has the funds to robustly publish” is fulfilled, Whitney Webb, mintpressnews.com

So Long 8th Amendment: Cruel and Unusual Punishment is the Law of the Land

Tulsi passes the mark to debate stage

TULSI 2020
Dear Ed,

Thank you! With your help, we met and exceeded our fundraising goal for the FEC filing deadline last night, pulling in a record total of 5,000 individual donations in one day.

Because you stepped up to be part of that effort, we're starting this new quarter strong and ready to take our message of peace and prosperity for the American people farther than ever before.

With aloha,
All of us for TULSI 2020

The Red Line for Whether Trump is Vlad's Puppet

The most dangerous aspect of Russia Gate has been the manufacturing of consent for war with Russia. After Russia's attack on the country that was considered just as bad the time the Saudi backed terrorists 'attacked' us on 9/11/2001 how could Trump allow them to get away with it?

CNN And WaPo Demand That Trump Further Escalate Tensions With Russia