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Woot! Pedro Castillo Has Won the Peruvian Presidential Election

From sputnikews.com, July 19, 2021 (h/t Mr. wd)

‘Peru's Election Jury Names Castillo Winner of Presidential Vote, Fujimori Calls Loss 'Illegitimate'’

“On Monday evening, Peru's National Jury of Elections (JNE) formally named Pedro Castillo, a socialist from the Peru Libre party, the winner of the June 6 election.

Spyware sold to authoritarian regimes used to target activists, politicians and journalists, data suggests

An Opus Dei Supreme Court

On July 1, the Supreme Court decided two major cases. In both, the 6-3 majority – of whom 5 of the 6 are Catholic – dealt a grievous blow against democracy by increasing the power of the Republican minority and the plutocracy. This is a reminder that Opus Dei has a malevolent influence over the judicial branch of our government.

Increasing the Power of the Republican Minority

What they actually mean when they say "Russia hacked us"

"Russian hackers."
What is actually implied is that the Russian hackers were really working out of the Kremlin.
MSNBC and CNN will come out and tell you that Putin personally hacked our computers, while Washington will never correct them.
But they know better. They always knew better.