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Lambda Legal sues DoJ and Education

DOJ and the Education Department under President Trump claimed the Obama administration had failed to explain how transgender protections are consistent with the express language of Title IX.

Lambda Legal argues in the court filing that the new administration's decision creates confusion for schools across the country and eliminates an important resource for ensuring that schools meet their Title IX obligations.

My last essay on Russia!!

1] As I said before I would be surprised if Russia has not meddled to some extent in American Elections
2] As to changing the actual results I have always regarded that as a stretch, you better really get your proof together.
3] If you go for impeachment over this issue make sure everything you say is correct, get it wrong and you will lose badly in the next elections.

I want to be a part of a real progressive movement, not a progressive knowledge circlejerk.

Hello neighbors! This was such a good essay from pullupgirl_, and a reminder to not lose touch with our friends here, across the digital divide, that I just had to share it. Reprinted below in its entirety from WayoftheBern. ~ Thumb



I did not watch Trump's "first ever prime-time address to the nation" on Monday evening. I can't stand to have someone lie to my face...and when that someone calls himself the President of the United States, that's just one more reason not to listen.

I read his words this morning. I had to get up at 4:45 AM to take Debbie to the airport for a flight to DC for a conference in Arlington, so what was I gonna do after I got back home?

I'm Laughing [sort of] This Evening: The Ostrich Effect

Whatever you do don't mention the Wars you know what.
The NYT criticizing Trump for no plan seriously? WTFH?
The Washington Post, well it's what Hillary probably would have done.
The Democratic Party blogs, pardon did someone say something, speak up, I cant hear you!

Yes let's not talk about you know what,ssshhhhhhh.

What are you talking about? War? Never heard of it.

Who knew it would be this easy! Afghan for the Win!

If I understand rightly, after 16 years of an unwinable US WAR and all the other shit that has been going on in Afghan since the Great Game of the Brits over a century ago, we now know what to do and that's not getting out.

I just heard the illustrious ex-General Jack Keane, revered by all parties, that the addition of 4,000 troops will finally show the Taliban that we are serious and they will rethink their position.

Hoo Rah!