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Experimental drug holds promise for treating the coronavirus


Good Morning fellow C99'ers. Just a quick post. I ran across this story on my Twitter feed this morning. After a grueling week where nothing feels normal anymore, I needed a bit of encouraging news. Then I thought you all might too. So here goes:

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Where Oh Where Has Our Little Government Gone
Gone to the Oligarchs Every One

To mix a meta
sip a quarentini
Here's lookin' at you kid

we. have. no. federal. government.

It has never been more evident, as exhibited by the lack of leadership during this crisis. The U. S. government is doing nothing to prepare. They are only a distracting and negative influence. At best.

Just how dumb are democrats? Very: Florida democrats trust Biden over Sanders on Social Security

This is going to be short, because the following statement really says it all: more Floridians trust Biden than Bernie on Social Security (see for yourself--you might have to scroll down a bit).