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The Democratic Party died last night.

The Klinton/oligarch/CIA faction has finally managed to kill its' host as parasites do. This must surely be one of the most unedifying spectacles of modern times, a group of cowardly intriguers so frightened of one 79 yr. old senator from a small state that they were willing to destroy a venerable institution which has been a part of the history of this nation since the early 1800s rather than allow that senator to claim an earned victory in a small state.

Jeff Bezos’s leaked ‘Penis Selfies’ exposed (so to speak)

And it couldn’t have happened to a more worthy putz…er…peckerwood.  The wealthiest man in the world treats his wage slaves like…slaves, including surveilling them in the work place, including with wristbands that monitor their hand movements to speed up work in Amazon warehouses.  This story has many faces by now; here are a few.  Oh, but first: it may be that Bezos hasn’t disavowed the selfies, so he may not be ripe for what I’d advised Anthony Weiner back in the day, and that was to claim: “Hey, that’s  not my weiner; mine’s much bigger!

What a glorious night

Yes. Yes, it was.

Cable TeeVee: I found myself feverishly switching between the channels to see which anchor/election specialist/panel could find the most creative ways to fill air time with no news.

Let's go to Cindy at XXX HQ. Cindy what do you know? We're sure you're talking to your "on the ground" sources.

Ralph what do you make of this all? Well, obviously something is going on, we just don't know what?

So.... about last night

The Democratic Party is a joke. Of course this isn't news to anyone around here, but after.... whatever the hell that was last night, it's apparent to pretty much everybody.

The DMR/Selzer poll fiasco the other day left the most trusted pollster in the country and CNN with egg on their face. But last night left every network in the country scrambling to make sense (and fill time) of the biggest clusterfuck in modern political history.

This will likely be the end of the Iowa caucus, and probably the entire caucus system. And it was a 100% self inflicted humiliation.

Carnage Watch over the Primary Season

The highly anticipated release of The Des Moines Register Iowa Poll — considered one of the most important and most respected polls of the Primary season — was canceled Saturday night ahead of the Iowa caucuses. Over the years, The Des Moines Register Iowa Poll has been regarded as the Oracle that foretold the ultimate winner of the Democratic nomination. The 2016 Iowa Caucus results for the Democratic Party are still held under a cloak of suspicion for being rigged, even by The Des Moines Register, itself.

The official excuse for pulling the poll was because Pete Buttigieg's campaign complained that his name had been omitted by one of the poll interviewers.

Nuclear Madness Rising

‘US deploys “usable” nuclear weapon amid continuing war threats against Iran’, 1 February 2020, Bill Van Auken, wsws.org

“The Pentagon deployed a new, smaller nuclear warhead aboard the ballistic missile submarine USS Tennessee as it sailed into the Atlantic last month in the midst of the spiraling crisis with Iran. The weapon, known as the W76-2 warhead, has an explosive yield of roughly five kilotons, a third of the destructive power of the “Little Boy” bomb that claimed the lives of some 140,000 people in Hiroshima in 1945.

Neera: "We can't allow voters to hijack the party"

We’re really getting down to the wire if we want to preserve the democratic party,” said Center for American Progress president Neera Tanden, adding “we can’t allow voters to hijack the party by nominating someone like Bernie Sanders. We’re ready to pull out all the stops to circumvent the will of the people.”

California Poll--Sanders on Top by 14%, Tulsi at 4%

A Change Research/KQED poll of nearly 2,000 Californians had the following results for the California primary--the biggest primary in the country:


KQED is basically an National Public Radio (NPR) affiliate in California.