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we have a plastics problem

the plastics industry has proposed a solution
it is called "advanced recycling"
otherwise known as pyrolysis

“They heat plastics in an absence of oxygen, they keep heating them until they melt, they turn into little gas vapors and are cooled down in a liquid feedstock that becomes the feedstock for new plastics and chemicals again,”

quoted by an industry insider

the problem is many-fold ..

The Weekly Watch

Make Do or Do Without!

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The Russia sanctions are almost funny. The EU's oil embargo means buying Russian oil refined in India and/or marketed through other countries. Last week I suggested we don't need grain, this week I want to explore the many ways we can work around the current system...how we make do with what we have. But what about fertilizer...we'll starve! Think about it... chemical fertilizers didn't exist until 1900 or so, and nitrogen synthesis wasn't even invented until WWII. This absurd senseless war could be an opportunity for US citizens to become self reliant.

Don Grooms life celebration concert, and his song "Use it up wear it out, make it do or do without".

Welcome to Saturday's Potluck - 6-4-2022

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”
Pablo Picasso

I have been fortunate to spend most of my life in an area with continuing infrastructure improvements over the past 120 years. Each new method of transportation and subsequent improvements brought burst of economic activity. Railroad arrived in 1911 with a station in Bend, Oregon. The train station gave an economic edge over the other communities and became a lifeline for economic prosperity to move goods.

Friday Night Photos Birds: Foreign and Domestic Edition

Happy Friday Everyone. As always, post any photos you like.

Last week I went to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. My intention was to photograph the large mammals. As luck would have it most of them either were not out or were to far away for good photos. Thankfully the birds were good enough to cooperate. The foreign birds are year round residents of the park. The domestic birds are non-residents come and go as they please.