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Friday Night Photos Small World Edition

Happy Friday everyone. I hope everybody is doing well. Post any photos, meme's, or music you like.

My goto place for bug photography is the Balboa Park rose garden when the roses are in bloom. Now that they're in bloom again after being cut back for the winter, I decided it was time to throw the macro lens on the camera and head to the garden for a little bug hunting. You never know from one day to the next what you might find there. Unfortunately, when I was there on Tuesday I didn't find much, and most of what I did find were flies. Even the usual suspects (bees and lady bugs) were few and far between. Oh well, hopefully I'll have better luck next time.


Open Thread - 05-03-24 - Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream

A few years back I had a bad dream, no, it was a nightmare. The worst I've ever had. I was lying on my back in deep sleep and suddenly there was a very large ominous man-like figure standing next to the bed looming over me. This apparition suddenly jumped up and sat on my chest with its knees on my arms so I was totally pinned down, I couldn't move. I struggled to free myself but couldn't budge an inch. I then let loose with a primal scream, you know, the kind of a nightmarish scream that you can feel vibrating deep in your throat but it just doesn't produce any sound no matter how much your subconscious mind wills it.

That unresolved scream woke me up. I was lying there on my back, eyes still closed as I thought to myself, "Phew, that dream was too realistic, I'm glad the scream shocked me out of it". I was actually sweating and my heart was thumping. I said something out loud to prove to myself that I was awake, I don't remember what I said, but my voice was back. Or so I thought.

taped speech.jpg

Open Thread - Thurs 02 May 2024 - Sleeping in the Headlines and 'Bad' Songs

Sleeping in the Headlines

I came across this headline the other day, ''Such low energy': Trump relentlessly mocked for once again falling asleep during trial'. It made me laugh. I can think of several reasons for him to fall asleep: the trial is boring, he's old, he's on the campaign trail and is tired, he's old, boring, old, tired... Ohh wait, that describes his arch enemy, Biden, as well.

For example, 'Joe Biden Appears To Fall Asleep On The First Day Of COP26' (from 2021). Biden gets excuses from the press, which Trump basically doesn't get, because the press likes Biden; here's an example about the COP26 meeting, a video that the BBC ran with this headline 'COP26: Was US President Biden asleep or just resting his eyes?' To me, it looks like he's falling asleep and an aide woke him. But what do I know? Maybe he was just resting his eyes.

Like this? Image from here on pinterest.es.

Some keeping it real

Any time you mention revolution, you always get the same reaction from standard liberals: oh but we're against violence. Really?

If you pay taxes, you're contributing to violence.

If you voted for Trump or Biden, you were contributing to violence. You'll probably be doing it again in November. It's not like you apologized.

Actually, the violence you're contributing to is genocidal violence. So why should anyone listen to you when you say you don't like violence?