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Nothing proves anything

That's the title of a fairly philosophical essay at Counterpunch about why rational people are increasingly frustrated by the current forms of "argumentation". Because facts just don't matter any more, as we have seen repeatedly: DNC cheating, Hillary's emails, Syrian gas attacks, Skripal poisoning, Iran agreement withdrawl, accusations of unprovoked Iranian attacks (in the face of 100 self-admitted Israeli attacks on Iranian forces). The facts just don't matter.

Bruce Dixon’s critique of Rev Barber’s sermon on militarism

Not surprising, but even so, still disappointing.  All content at BAR is listed as Creative Commons, so I’ll bring all of it.  ‘Barber’s Sermon on Militarism Reveals Philosophical & Political Limitations of the Poor Peoples Campaign’, Bruce A. Dixon, BAR managing editor, 11 May 2018

While we are waiting for the republicans to cut social security

Colorado is getting ahead of the game by cutting the government worker's pension benefits. Wait it gets worse. They are also going to continue hiding the fees that they pay banks to manage the funds. These funds could be as much as $1 Billion Dollars!

Legislature Slashes Pension Benefits for Government Workers

Senate Democrats move to give Trump dictatorship-like war powers

Does anyone else remember how the Democrats' McResistance considers President Trump to be a tyrant and a fascist, and that he must be stopped because of this? A couple months ago Democrats in Congress went out of their way to give this scary guy domestic spying powers that would make Orwell turn over in his grave.
It was a very unusual way to "resist" Trump.

"Russian interference" is the "aether theory" of US politics

No matter what problem the US is facing, its always the Russians' fault. The Russian Interference (RI) theory, like the aether theory (see NOTE-A), while never supported by evidence, must be assumed as true if one is to publish in the corporate media. Therefore it is baffling, but not surprising, that the despicable John Brennan is being attacked for attacking Donald Trump for being a Russian stooge.

Democrats doing what they do best--LYING

This post will surprise no one, except my Aunt Alithea, who takes every one at their word and then at their leg. But this brief article is more fun than usual because of the two degenerates pictured in it. I say degenerates because I am assuming that at some remote time the Gruesome Twosome were possessed of morality--though all traces seemed to have vanished.

So, about those 27,000 sealed DOJ indictments...

What is the real story here?

Is there any story here at all or is it the nothingburger that some claim?

Outside of the raw data I can find very little professional analysis on the subject.

Anyone have any links to reputable source material on this?

It seems on the surface to Portend something big but I don't know enough about the sealed indictment process to sort conjectures from truths in the little I've been able to find...

The Weekly Watch

Happy Birthday Karl!

Karl Marx has been proven accurate with his predictions on capitalism...
Marx believed the coming crisis would result from contradictions within the capitalist system itself, and predicted that these contradictions would become more and more acute as the capitalist system evolved. Over time, Marx writes, capital takes control over the handcraft production processes and later manufacture where the workers were in control of the work process, centralizing the workers into workshops and factories. Through the process of competing for markets, some firms win and others lose, capital becomes enlarged and centralized; science and technology are consciously used to improve the productivity of the workplace, thus throwing many out of work while creating new jobs in service to the machines. In the process of competing for markets, unsuccessful capitalists fall into the proletariat and all productive labor, worldwide, come ultimately within the capitalist system
In addition to the booms and busts of capitalism that swing wider as capitalism evolves there is a constant churning of employment as machines replace men in one industry after another, throwing thousands out of work, thus swamping the labor market and lowering the cost of labor. In all of this the labourers suffer. Mass production, machine technology, and economies of scale will increasingly be applied to all economic activities; unemployment and misery for many men and women results . As capitalism develops the system must necessarily create enormous differences in wealth and power. The social problems it creates in its wake of boom and bust—of unemployment and under employment, of poverty amidst affluence will continue to mount. The vast majority of people will fall into the lower classes; the wealthy will become richer but ever fewer in number.

200 years- 5 May 1818