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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall,
Who is the Greatest of Them All?

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I guess I have a problem with greatness. Great at what? Great perpetrator of violence? Great extractor of resources? Great polluter and destroyer of the environment? Great military power? Great imprisoners? Great torturers? Great liars? If those are the categories...
then America is G R E A T !

If we're talking about the best country in which to live, then the US is way down the list. I'm not a magic mirror so I can't really say which country is best...probably depends on your lifestyle, but my money would be on one of the Scandinavian countries...or maybe New Zealand...or Bhutan...or...? Regardless of which country is best, many other countries offer their citizens better opportunities and lives than the US offers its citizens. The entire concept of being great is a farce.

Land Of The Free and other myths

We are in the Land Of The Free.
How do I know that? It's in the song.
Just look at all the flags, and lapel pins, and just ask any conservative. They'll tell you this place is free.

There's just one problem: it's all bullshit.
Americans a) don't know what freedom is, and b) want no part of actually being free.

I'm going to break this down one civil right at a time.

"Capitalism a Blatant Failure" - NZ Prime Minister Tells the Inconvenient Truth Censored in America

New Zealand's new prime minister called capitalism a "blatant failure", before citing levels of homelessness and low wages as evidence that "the market has failed" her country's poor.

Jacinda Ardern, who is to become the nation's youngest leader since 1856, said measures used to gauge economic success "have to change" to take into account "people's ability to actually have a meaningful life".

Здравствуйте y’all. I have a question.

I have been a bit confused about this RUSSIA! RUSSIA! RUSSIA! crap ever since the Clinton Creature and her DNC minions started screeching that they stole the election for the crusty old crone. I have basically assumed that it has all been an act to cover for her humiliation because she couldn’t beat Donald Trump.

Wall Street regulators completely capitulate

Between North Korean nukes and Trump's tweets, the American public hasn't been watching Wall Street. Like a good pickpocket, the idea is to distract you while they steal everything.
Except in this case, the police are telling you that they are powerless to stop the thieves.

Roofers Become American Role Models


Yes, there really are a lot of stupid people in this country.

"While Cossar was standing for the anthem prior to the start of Saturday’s game, she said she heard someone in the stands point out the workers had also risen.

“When I looked over the fence, I saw them standing and respecting the flag,” she said.

Who will Trust the United States after This?

Quick hit.

I'm seeing that said a lot in the commentary regarding Trump's asinine, pathetic and completely subservient speech saying he doesn't like the Iran nuclear weapons "deal".

I just read it again, "Who would trust America’s word after deal-break Trump?" Well intentioned writers who rightly castigate Trump and his administration's stance on Iran can't help but try to strengthen their argument by lamenting about U.S. trustworthiness if the deal ends broken.


I fully realise that I am constantly pitching fits about the Clinton Creature, but the reason I do that is because I think she’s dangerous and that she’s pushing to start some really big trouble that the plebs will end up paying for. Of course.