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Trump Unplugged & Trump Canceled

Two items for your consideration (and while I know this diary is quite a tome, I believe both are key issues):  First, Trump Unplugged

‘It’s not your job’: Debate sparked on ‘unbiased’ journalism after news broadcasters cut away from Trump’s election fraud speech’, 6 Nov, 2020, RT.com

“A fierce debate about the role of journalism has emerged on the internet, after multiple media outlets cut away from a live address in which US President Donald Trump leveled allegations of voter fraud.

In an unprecedented move, MSNBC, NBC News, CNBC, CBS News, ABC News, and even publicly funded NPR(Radio), cut their feed(s) from the White House as Trump began to speak about alleged voting irregularities during the 2020 contest. Among the major broadcasters, only Fox and CNN chose to air the full speech. A CNN chyron shown during his speech read: Without any evidence, Trump says he’s being cheated.

My predictions for the next two political cycles: add yours, too!

I know I have a cynical bent, though I view it more as a penchant for being realistic. I'll put it to the test by making some predictions about how things will unfold over the next four years. Let's see how they measure up!

Biden Admin's First 100 Days

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Election SNAFU

The acronym is - situation normal, all f***ed up. The oligarchs win regardless of who is president. Max and Stacy declared Fed Chairman Jerome Powell the real winner, and Barron's magazine agrees. However I think Powell is simply an agent of the elite, creating and funneling money ever upward to the oligarchs. They are preparing for a new Bretton Woods and a "Great Reset" to save capitalism. Who will have a seat at the table? Well, the oligarchs at Davos in 2021. Somehow I don't think regular working folks are going to benefit. The writing is on the wall...

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