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Yet another slick, fraudulent neoliberal Dem

I had been ignoring the patently corporate campaign of nobody Pete Buttigieg - until I came across this definitive demolition of the man's fake persona. The article goes into immense detail, which I suppose is necessary to rebut the flood of corporate media puff pieces that are being cranked out.

Tulsi Accelerates

Just a very quick update. The number of new donors Tulsi has gained in the last few days has been accelerating greatly each day. She has now recorded 57,292 unique donors of the 65,000 needed for her to be in the debates. That leaves only 7,708 new donors needed, or 176 new donors per day through May 14. No question she will reach that end goal now.

Let's Talk about the 13 Russian Trolls Mueller Indicted

Here's an excellent article on the 13 Russian trolls that Robert Mueller indicted that people point to when they say that Mueller has charged people involved with interfering with the election. In my best Joe impersonation, "here's a taste..."

Why the Evidence Mueller Has for the Indicting 13 Russian Nationals is Fraudulent

The Weekly Watch


The world around me is greening. Trees are budding, blooming, and leafing. Last year's sugars stored in the roots return to the growing tips and are converted into green leaves - solar powered carbon fixers. Creating sugar from air and water is the nature of plant growth. The sugars are used to build more plant tissue as they reach for the sun. I guess we have to strive toward a goal ourselves to experience growth - the human equivalent of reaching for the sun. We could use more of the sensibility and sustainability of cyclic plant growth, relying on the sun and water for our power and energy. Perhaps we could grow to be a sane and functional society focused on the needs of people and the natural system rather than the cancerous growth of profit hungry war mongers in the US and around the world.



If there is one thing that pisses me off it's being censored, and of course if there's one thing that's becoming more frequent on the internet it's censorship.

I used to read EmptyWheel, a blog run by Marcy Wheeler, she received cred around the time that Valerie Plame was exposed as a CIA agent. I decided her alleged knowledge of how things work, internet-wise and the site's all-on-board for Russiagate position was so off I commented on a few of the things posted. I was immediately hit with a lot of attacks, mostly name-calling and disappearance of comments. No actual real discussions. Okay, maybe I come off too sanctimonious for some, and by pointing out things that the commenters don't know and Wheeler doesn't address I admit I may have come off as a know-it-all.

Ukraine's Presidential Elections: March 31

And boy, it’s likely be a wild ride, especially as the World is Watching, the West is already interfering in the election, and Ukrainian politics can get pretty er…kinetic, as in how many ‘Rumbles in the Rada’ have we seen post-Maidan?

As of today there are still 39 candidates vying for the job, and euronews.com claims that this piece contains ‘everything you need to understand about key poll’.  (Even though it’s manifestly biased against Russia and Yanukovitch who’d ‘fled’ as Maidan Uprsings, etc., but still kinda fun) including their category: