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Tulsi's Response and Tulsi's Budget Support

Tulsi put together a YouTube vid describing why she voted for HRes246. Although nominally an anti-BDS resolution, stating that the government does not support BDS, the text of the resolution does, indeed, support the rights of people to support BDS and does not allow the free speech of people in support of BDS to be legislated against (as the infamous bill S1 does). She states she supports a two-state solution, but personally believes BDS is not the way to achieve it.

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The Color is Green

Coretta Scott King is credited with the comment, "The color isn't white or black, the color is green" (meaning money). Last week we looked at food and discussed using leafy greens as the base of the diet. This week let's look at small and large greens producers. I can imagine small farmers in every region growing food for their community. This is a way to ensure everyone has access to fresh greens. I also want to look at the nature of money (the other green) and how we might transition toward socialism with worker coops.


highlighting anti-migrant arguments

(My guess is that Mr. Vltchek (below) hadn’t chosen the above photo, but as it was on the page, I’ll use it, although I’ve added all the other images. I wouldn’t mind having one of those rugs, smile.).

From Andre Vltchek’s ‘Why are Anti-Migrant Arguments Pure Hypocrisy?’, July 12, 2019, journal-neo.org  (Creative Commons with attribution)

“In this essay, let us be as concrete as possible. Let us be brief.

Bernie is our Best and Last Hope to Combat Climate Catastrophe

I came across this article by Matt Huber, a Syracuse University Assistant Professor in Geology, known for his book Lifeblood: Oil, Freedom, and the Forces of Capital:


Colonizing the Human Mind: Do Your Thoughts Make Money or Cost Society?

If a man has a thought and it profits nobody, is it worth his time? Is it dangerous? Should it be allowed?

Startlingly stupid question, I know. It sounds like the opening line from some poorly written cyberpunk novel. But I'm afraid we're already looking at that reality, and have been for some time.