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Fun with AOC, Sanders, & #Drop Out Biden

In my
April 20 diary concerning AOC endorsing and serving Biden on April 19, including being willing to attending rallies with him.  I’d added in comments:

AOC says she is ‘having conversations with Biden’s team’ over policyApril 16, 2020, nypost.com
“Speaking to Politico, AOC offered some praise of Biden, specifically that she was heartened by his pledge to name a female running mate and his interest in that person being of color.

The Weekly Watch

The "Fake" Economy

Oil, War, and the Petrodollar

The corona virus has upset the global economy, now the old normal. It has provided a distraction that has allowed for the transfer of trillions of tax dollars to the largest most corrupt corporations. The Fed has cranked up the presses and is pumping out dollars at an unprecedented rate. Now many people say the US dollar (USD) isn't based on anything and is just paper. However, it is based on something, oil. Ever since we cut the deal with the Saudis in the early '70's all countries must buy their oil (and many other commodities) in USD. Last week oil went negative because there is such a glut and lack of storage. So in comes the Fed propping up oil prices with our tax dollars, also boosted by Trump's threat to shoot down Iranian gunboats. How do we get out of this mess? How about a war or two?

Friday Night Photos - At Last, Warm Weather edition

Virus as maybe, but things are looking up. Fred's on the porch, soaking up the sun.

In the middle of cooking a Thai green curry, so this will be quick.

What with the recent stillness of life:

Glazunov's 1st piano concerto on in the background. If you like Russian stuff, this will turbo charge your tulips.

the $484 billion coronavirus 3.5 deal: what’s in it & what ain’t

by anthony freda

The House passed the Senate version last night; they’d already agreed to.  It’s long, but it needs to be, imo.  Consider it a a rage of fury on behalf of the underclass.

‘The bipartisan “small business” swindle: Billions for the banks and corporations, pennies for workers and shopkeepers’  Barry Grey, 23 April 2020, wsws.org

Open Thread Friday 4-24-2020

A Look at China Part One

Morning. Over the next few weeks I am going to share some of my thoughts and readings on China. It is one of the few places in the world not colonized by a Western power. Our growing antagonism towards China is part of a longer cycle of admiration and disdain for the Chinese culture that has played out for centuries.

Hot Air

There are more questions than I have answers for.

We just don’t know.

How long has this virus been around? Certainly longer than we thought.

We now know that the first Bay Area COVID-19 death occurred on Feb 6.

Three weeks earlier than the first publicly reported US death. This suggests that it has been around a lot longer than people thought and that those cases must have been transmitted within their community.