More, not less, uphill

An ad for something I don't remember said of a spelling bee, in passing as the bee was going on in the background and the ad wasn't for literacy, " words you don't need to use anymore" of a four syllable word "ambrosia." That celebrates pig ignorance, encourages pride in stupidity. The ad was, I *think, for food Fast food. Non-GMO poison. Utterly non-nutritious (oh my, another 3-1/2 to 4 syllable word) crap that people use to fill their guts that they don't have to learn how to prepare for themselves. Crap that costs them more than twice what it would if they made it from scratch. Bad nutrition. A veritable (that's four syllables, folks) PAEAN - hymn of praise, not to a deity but to a word, "food". IOW, it's not only a "word you don't need to use anymore" but also ::gasp!:: heresy.

Let us analyze Donald Trump

Let's pick a serious topic and guess what would be the first thing that Teh Donald would think of in response. Put into words what his honest answer would be if asked a question. For example,


Q: What is the Big Bang?
A: Have you seen my daughter Ivanka?

Q: What is Quantum Mechanics?
A: They are the jerks who screwed up the tuning on my Rolls. Gonna sue those jerks.