The arrest of Max Blumenthal: Trump shows his true colors

Author and publisher Max Blumenthal was arrested October 25, 2019. Blumenthal is as highly regarded, progressive journalist who digs up unpopular truths, such as the ongoing Venezuelan (VZ) US-orchestrated coup. The DC police, which most likely was the MPD, not the Capitol police made a big show of arresting him. They threatened to break down his front door and surrounded his house. He was arrested in his pyjamas but the coppers relented a bit by allowing him to take a warm coat.

Trump statement on death of Al Baghdadi includes thanks to Russia, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and the Syrian Kurds.

I consider his statement to be a breakthrough. Consider me hopeful.

President Trump Announces The Death of ISIS Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi…
Posted on October 27, 2019 by sundance

Interesting article about unified Middle East opposition to Erdogan's assault on Syria

After admitting I was foolish to have believed Trump was right to call Erdogan's bluff on the invasion, I find myself still thinking there may have been a rationale for Trump's move, as horrific as it has turned out to be.

Simon Tisdall describes a possible positive outcome from the negative reactions to Erdogan on the part of countries involved in the crisis:

Two Drowning Men Pulling Each Other Down to the Bottom

Caught in a rip-tide and being dragged further out to sea, Mr. Brennan has hit the rocks and lost his ship. Floating with him, a hapless group of CIA and NSC Cold Warriors, all in way over their heads.

Having torn the sheets and smashed the hull, they bob in the waves. Lost is the wars they started far off over the horizon. Ukraine, Syria, who is to blame? Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, too.

Impeachment Party? Knock Yourselves Out!


Dear Establishment Democrats,

Thank you so much for inviting me to your Impeachment Party. It's really great to hear you've finally found something to nail Trump with. Good for you! You've been looking so hard these past three years. So nice to see all that effort finally pay off!

(Of course, some might say you should have spent that time looking for solutions to all the problems the country is facing, but hey, let's not get crazy! Right?)

It Should be the End of the Line

king trump.jpg

Question - Should Trump's latest tweet "ordering" American companies to leave China be the end of the line? He's certainly said and done many things that should have ended his insane clown act in the White House, but this one combined with all the ones before it, should be the final straw. Shouldn't it?

I mean think about what he said.

Scaramucci's criticism of Trump is pre-planned play-acting

Anthony Scaramucci, widely know as the Mooch, was press secretary for Donaldo about 11 days, then departed the White House (WH), though still having occasional conversations with DJT. Now now the Mooch is disparaging his former employer as "divisive". Where have we heard that adjective before, hmm?

What one single photo might prove

Several communitarians have published photos or other visual material with request for captions. Fun and cross-cultivating. Ah, intellectual pollination. I love c99 (as some suspect) because so many of MoFo's are fucking knowledgeable--often;
and quite well-educated (which does not refer to their opinions but reflects well upon a fund of knowledge backed by a fund of intelligence, admixed with humor (including the blackest).

Trump outplays Democrats in a two-level other-dimensional chess match.

And they are so fucking stupid, Very few Dems are willing to admit how it is now apparent that Trump simultaneously outplayed them on two, disparate levels simultaneously with one tweet. The previous sentence is the product of Tim Pool, whom I have discovered to hold political values similar to my own, who once was a Berniecrat, but disappointed like me.

Here's the gist: