Trump's "election fraud" = A more believable Russiagate

I'm seeing a disturbingly large number of progressives buying into Trump's bullshit.
I understand why - because we've already seen rigged elections.
However there is one huge difference - the rigged elections that we've seen were the Democratic primaries. Why is that important?


Trump has completely lost it! He's trying to end our Forever Wars. That's insane!

President Trump has clearly lost what is left of his mind.
He doesn't want to end just one Forever War. He's aiming at ending THREE Forever Wars.
No one but a madman would ever consider such insanity!

Poll Diving – part 8

How to explain why Trump hasn't collapsed even with one of the worst Democratic nominees as an opponent. 9,488,789 coronavirus infections and 236,571 deaths and counting, plus the huge economic hits would have easily taken down any other President. Then there's the seemingly erratic pattern to the election polls. Let's first check out the latter using broad categorizations for regions for comparative purposes.