Trump pulling troops out of Syria. But there's a catch

Remember when President Trump tried to pull U.S. troops out of our illegal war in Syria and everyone, from the Pentagon to television pundits, had a total freak-out?
Well, Trump still plans to pull out those troops, but this time the MIC isn't freaking out. There's a reason for that.

Democrats grasp tiger's tail--the re-arrest of Jeffrey Epstein

Remember the famous rhyme lots of us learned in childhood? You know the one that starts "eenie, meenie, minie, moe"? I have paraphrased that rhyme consistent with the unfolding of the following essay:

Eenie, meenie, minie, moe
Catch a tiger by the tail.
When the tiger snarls,
You better bail.

Trump switches from Hannity to Tucker

Election fever! It's got a hold on me. You know like something's got a hold on me. That something is revitalization, which may prove fleeting. Tulsi's candidacy convinces that all is not hopeless. Her effect on Trump is and will be immense. The coming power of opposition is not from Nervous Nancy or Spineless Bernie or Crazy like a fox AOC (phony that she is). It is Tulsi and her growing cadre. But Tulsi may soon exit the D Party once Killary pushes her way back onto the stage.

Trump is getting smarter! Sends Bolt-on to Mongolia

I'm on fire, folks, ignited by Tulsi. She is political Thermite. Her directness powers through all opposition. We have witnessed her total destruction of Tim "Flying Taliban" Ryan. More to come. Killary knows after watching Tulsi speak in public that Hillary will decompose into the latent pile of shit which she is.

Trump: ‘We Don’t Need Any More Wars’

I hope this article at Antiwar, about an article at the Wall Street Journal, emphasizes the divide between our military and the warmongers in the administration.

Trump Rejected Attacking Iran: ‘We Don’t Need Any More Wars’

Executive order on improving price and quality transparency in healthcare

Today, President Trump did something long overdue to aid users of healthcare and their families. This executive order (EO), still does not provide for more people to become insured, without further marketplace changes, which are not encompassed in this EO. And the EO will not accomplish everything needing to be rectified by our vastly flawed health care system.

Cornel West's dishonest response to questions of Trump's economic policies helping African Americans.

Has the whole world gone mad? Maybe. But certainly a large proportion of the American politically-interested populace seems to be breeding a growing number of lunatics. The brief film clip (11:49) included with this essay reveals the degree from reality many formerly respected left-progressive spokespeople have descended driven into the madness of rampant Trump Derangement Syndrome.


Okay. Swell.

What's the "high crimes and misdemeanors"? Existing charges or evidence, by anyone with credibility, of an actual crime? Dirty old political crap as usual? Hillary? Hillary? Bill? FYI, Big Dog lied to a Grand Jury...

Haven't heard any of those yet. 2+ years of the Sainted Mueller turned up squat.

Trump about to dump Bolton

Perhaps Darnold Trump is beginning to get educated about his self-perpetuated deep state/neocons. In the words of former president Shrub (43) "don't misunderestimate me". We all are learning about those plants made by others, such as Stefan Halper, including Carter Page, George Papadopolous, and many others. The sole purpose of these persons was to undermine Trump's presidency, even before it started.

The Seething And Contempt In Greenwald's Eyes About the "Joke and a Fairy Tale" of Russiagate Is A Watershed Moment. "The Games Is Over."

Just like the Muslim freshman Congresswoman Ilhan Omar's courageous stand against the fascist duopoly's attempt to crush her for daring to not back down from calling AIPAC a foreign lobby was a watershed moment in confronting the uncritical support of a RW Israeli government, Greenwald's blistering takedown of fellow journalist David Cay Johnston, and by extension the entire American MSM, is another watershed moment in the growing divide between media corporatists (Neoliberals & Neocons),