Democrats seem determined to lose to Trump again

This is starting to feel a whole bunch like 2016.
Back then Trump managed to steal the white working-class votes in the Rust Belt states because he talked about bad trade deals and how they cost us whole industries, while the Democrats wouldn't even consider the topic. The Democrats didn't care about the white working class in the Rust Belt states. They took them for granted for 40 years.

Trump Republicans are now the Lesser Evil

First I want to clarify a few things.
Trump Republicans are still an evil that I won't support.
Secondly, if you identify with the cultural left then the Trump Republicans are still the greater evil.
What I'm talking about here is the Traditional Left that identifies with the working class.

Yes, the Storm is here--coming in on little cat feet

Trump declares a national emergency, the basis for which is COVID-19. But like the proverbial camel's nose getting into the tent, martial law is now applicable.

Constitutional and other law experts (which I am not) may agree or disagree. I can only rely upon that sacred legal source, Wikipedia (and other places) for this.

The Insurrection Act

The insurrection Act

Trump is handling the Coronavirus infection quite well so far

First, credit to CB who made several stimulating comments to prior essays on COVID-19.

In this essay, you will find a mix of medicine, science (epidemiology), and politics. Where I speculate, this shall be clearly indicated. If material is not determined as speculative by me, then that material is considered by me to be reliable, considering the sources.

Bernie Sander swallows Russiagate whole: won't call out the nonsense

Those of you who think Bernard Sanders is "Mr. Right" or perhaps He Who Should Be President, please read no further. Your ears and eyes may bleed after reading this essay.

Pondering an appropriate subtitle for this essay, the following were considered:

The Camel's nose is under the tent (no reference to K. Harris)
The writing is on the wall (a la the curse of Babylon)
Lay down, roll over, and let me do it again

So many options.

It's the economy, stupid. Trump wins as the U.S. economy soars

In the most recent installment of the Dismal Swamp News, your reporter declaimed (or proclaimed) "are you tired of winning yet?" Not too subtle reference to Commander Cheeto's pre-election promise that "we will get tired of winning". Well, El Trumpo is winning and has been winning. The Dems mistake whining for winning.

Robert Scheer and Max Blumenthal: A Conversation

I listen to the conversation on truthdig between Robert Scheer and Max Blumenthal and think it is very interesting, as it explains a lot of Max Blumenthal's experiences while grwoing up and living in Washington DC with his parents Sidney and Jaqueline Blumenthal, He was a journalist, an advisor to Bill Clinton and confidant to Hillary Clinton, alos employed to the Clinton Foundation.