Okay. Swell.

What's the "high crimes and misdemeanors"? Existing charges or evidence, by anyone with credibility, of an actual crime? Dirty old political crap as usual? Hillary? Hillary? Bill? FYI, Big Dog lied to a Grand Jury...

Haven't heard any of those yet. 2+ years of the Sainted Mueller turned up squat.

Trump about to dump Bolton

Perhaps Darnold Trump is beginning to get educated about his self-perpetuated deep state/neocons. In the words of former president Shrub (43) "don't misunderestimate me". We all are learning about those plants made by others, such as Stefan Halper, including Carter Page, George Papadopolous, and many others. The sole purpose of these persons was to undermine Trump's presidency, even before it started.

The Seething And Contempt In Greenwald's Eyes About the "Joke and a Fairy Tale" of Russiagate Is A Watershed Moment. "The Games Is Over."

Just like the Muslim freshman Congresswoman Ilhan Omar's courageous stand against the fascist duopoly's attempt to crush her for daring to not back down from calling AIPAC a foreign lobby was a watershed moment in confronting the uncritical support of a RW Israeli government, Greenwald's blistering takedown of fellow journalist David Cay Johnston, and by extension the entire American MSM, is another watershed moment in the growing divide between media corporatists (Neoliberals & Neocons),

I think this article in the New Yorker is worth your attention

The Making of the Fox News White House

Can't excerpt, it's too long and I am only one third through reading it. But I thought you might be better equipped than me to 'essay it'. It's worth it to do so, right?

There is something about Greta van Susteren in it. I remember her when she was still 'non-foxidized'. That's a long, long time ago.

Chinks in the MSM armor: i.e., Trump is beating them: two examples

After the MSM made their pre-election pivot from Trump's mega-free airtime, to HRC's mega-free airtime (which grip to this day has not been diminished).

Apologia: which in the old days meant explanation, rather request for forgiveness. I am analyzing politics, essentially an on-going coup d'etat.

Trump The Mad (CNU Lecture)

Cascadia Lecture Hall, January, 2518

Morning folks. Sorry about the temporary hiatus. Unfortunately Family issues became extremely important, and as everybody knows, if your own house isn't in order, you really can't do anything out and about in the world. Now that things have calmed down a bit, we can get back to the subject which everybody's been waiting for quite patiently.

So, today we'll discuss Trump The Mad.

The End is Nigh

“The president has agreed to our request,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) told reporters. “Hopefully the president has learned his lesson.

“Our unity is our power and that is what maybe the president underestimated,” Mrs. Pelosi said.

Is it reach across the aisle or reach around the aisle?

Bring on 2020...