A Campaign Manager's Perspective on the anti-Trump Protests

A lot of people lately have been commenting on how the anti-Trump protests could hurt Bernie Sanders' election chances. I thought I would share my views on this issue from the perspective of a campaign manager. Caveat: this is not my *moral* opinion on how things are or how they should be. This is my political opinion of the effect of anti-Trump protests on Sanders' electoral viability.

A few points about the situation:

Occupy Trump - it's happening

I speculated in an article yesterday that from here on out all the way through the primaries, the general, Nov 8, and potentially beyond, we would se Occupy Trump every day. It's happening. The day after his Chicago Surprise, Herr Drumpf saw peace warriors protesting his rally in Kansas, MO. Opposing groups, cops gone wild, pepper spray, etc. More below.

Occupy Trump - some speculation

Could 1968 replay in 2016? On the GOP side this time.

Update: It's happening as my article indicated: Drumpf's Kansas rally got disrupted by peace warriors protesting his racism and threat to democracy. Go Occupy Trump!

Chicago 1968.jpg

Herr Drumpf has a rally scheduled for Cincinnati, OH, tomorrow, Sunday afternoon. Media speculation is swirling on the Cinci rally. Is it still on? Would it be cancelled? Would the security arrangement be complete? Or suffice? Here's the Guardian saying it is still on/off/on/off:

The big question is whether the young peace warriors of Chicago have inspire the compatriots in Cincinnatti to try the same tomorrow? Circumstances differ, of course. I have no insight into the state of play among peace warriors there, but it wouldn't surprise, eh? And then the question becomes, what thereafter? Could the following scenario unfold?

Rachel Maddow segment on violence at Trump rallies

Rachel Maddow laid out a timeline of the escalating violence at the Trump rallies on last night's show. Having to listen to Trump is sickening but the video does make her point that the Chicago melee was orchestrated by Trump. Donald Trump is a disgraceful human being and has absolutely no business running for president of the United States.

Framing Values -- Shaping vs Molding

There's a nice Framing Diary over at dKos by Cognitive Politics.

I'm a real sucker for framing, as it works so well for me professionally with my interaction with clients. It also is a great concept for improved learning and communication. Anyway, I got like half way through, about right here: