OUTBREAK: Cognitive Dissonance No Longer Contained to Just Hillary Supporters

Progressives may have a huge threat at our doorstep.

Insidiously, contradictorily (some might say) and despite people's best efforts, the Shillary endorsement by Bernie Sanders last week seems to have let loose an unexpected scourge: the Cognitive Dissonance virus, up until now contained to Shillary and Trump fans…seems to have escaped all quarantine efforts and is now taking out us Berners.

Why The Movement Should Protest At The Polls This Year

This election cycle offers an unparalleled opportunity for the movement to organize and cast off the yoke of the corporate duopoly that controls our election space. The behind-the-scenes nefarious actions that the parties use to control the elections have been more obvious than usual and have been brought to the public's attention repeatedly. The public seems more aware that the election process is not working as it should in the sort of democracy that the US tries to convince us we live in.

Awareness of the corruption of the process should be a great boon to bringing about demand and support for serious reforms from a broad segment of the public.

Detention Centers Record Revenue vs. Children Need Freedom and Sunshine to Grow

Today's News:

Immigration Officials Making Secret Deals With Private Prisons to Lock Up More Mothers and Children-- New report sheds light on how local contracts are boosting private profits from family detention.

After The Attack on Pulse Nightclub, I Will Never Visit Facebook Ever Again

When people say Facebook is the online refuge of the crazy and the stupid, this isn't an exaggeration. The attack on Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, FL proved that, especially among my own family members. In particular, my brother. He ranted on and on about how if any terrorists showed up to where he lived, he'd show 'em 'what America's all about'.....yeah....sure. This coming from the same guy who said he'd vote for Donald Trump if he were able to do so, same as my mom's significant other. Sad.