Syrian bomb blast 2.6 on the Richter scale--that's a MOAB!

Coincidence? There are no coincidences in politics or war. There is a fog of war, true. The plan of battle disappears with the first shot. But certain things are just to large to be ignored. Last week in Syria (this should be the title of a soap opera if it weren't so tragic).

The Weekly Watch

Happy Day Earth!

Like George Carlin, I find it ironic to hear pleas to save the planet. What they are really saying is save our species. St. George suggests the Earth may have created us because it wanted plastic. It sure succeeded if that's the case. But the microbes may have the last word. The idea of plastic eating microbes (well really it is a mutant bacterial enzyme, PETase) is appealing, but it seems every time we meddle it comes out bad. The story of rabbits in Australia comes to mind. George's dream of our final fate is also worth considering. None the less, I suspect we would be better off to minimize the manufacture, use, and dispersal of plastic.

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First “Vietnamization”. Then “Iraqization”. Now it's "Arabization"

There was a surprisingly good ABC News article about Syria recently, concerning the likely upcoming Syrian government offensive against the remaining rebel enclaves.
The article focuses on Iranian-backed militias coming closer to the Israeli border, and how dangerous that is.

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue--Syria edition

WARNING: This OT is not as cheerful as Something Old usually is. The subject is war. Next week the thread will be back to its usual self. Just letting folks know so they don't get blindsided (I hate getting blindsided myself, ever since a movie that purported to be a cheerful romance between two elderly people ended up being a wrenching narrative about Alzheimer's!)

A new low for the most revolting almost-member of the Trump Administration

I know that "revolting" and "amoral" are relative concepts in the Trump Administration, but I believe that I can say with some certainty that former Blackwater founder, and brother of Betsy DeVos, Erik Prince has got them all beat.

Israel changes trajectory of Trump/Syrian pull back

When I previously posted on the charade of the chemical weapon attack, I was overly optimistic about Trump, having bellowed loudly and beaten his chest convincingly, would then pull back as he previously intended. I thought linearly, always a mistake in politics or war. Israel has now interjected itself into the conflict.

Israel lobbing missiles in Syria. 16 minutes.

The Weekly Watch

Taxing Times

I don't mind paying taxes. The idea of everyone contributing toward the common good appeals to me. However, when I think of what our nation does with our tax money, I start fuming. With the escalation of our illegal war with Syria, based on no solid evidence (on the heels of the spy poisoning case with no evidence) the US promotes death, disease, and starvation of people in Yemen...and Gaza, it is too much to fathom. To top it off the only journalist calling out the insanity is Tucker Carlson on FAUX news...the world has turned upside down. Did the magnetic poles suddenly reverse again?

Much of our local tax money is used to support schools. The oligarchs have been siphoning off those funds through cuts and privatization to the point where teachers have had it...and are striking. Now seems the time for all citizens to rise up and say they've had it with all our dirty little wars. There were some efforts this weekend to do just that.

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