Those scary, scary Russians and their dastardly peace talks

Those darn Russians are aggressively threatening everyone.
Don't believe me? Just look at this Bloomberg article published today titled:
How NATO Is Preparing for the New Cold War
A huge military exercise in Norway signals the alliance’s pivot back to its original foe, Russia.

Spinout - the latest close call in Syria

Tuesday's Russian/Syrian/Israeli/French fracas drove home to me how absolutely powerless I am in the face of events. Of course I know that I have no control over what various militaries do half a world away. But, this event emphasized that I have absolutely no idea what just happened (and therefore I have no ability to protest).

Tulsi Gabbard calls out administration protection of Al Qaeda


While President Trump & VP Pence give 9/11 speeches about how much they care about the victims of al-Qaeda’s attack on our country, they are simultaneously acting as protectors of AQ in Syria/Idlib, threatening Russia and Syria that if they attack al-Qaeda, we will punish them.

Syrian government to blame for chemical attack that hasn't happened yet

In this modern, do-it-yesterday world, you don't have time to wait for evidence of blame for wrongdoing. In fact, you shouldn't even have to wait for the wrongdoing to happen.
We can now look into the future and assign blame for things that have not happened, like in Minority Report.

Syrian civil war enters it's final stage

The war in Syria is no longer in the headlines, but that is about to change.
In recent months the Syrian government has taken back all of southern and central Syria from the rebels.
In the east, the Kurdish-led SDF has entered into talks for reconciliation with Damascus. It's widely viewed that the Kurds and Damascus will eventually find common ground.

I wrote a diary in the Daily kos regarding current US foreign policy in Ukraine and Syria. I believe this response to that diary is a perfect example of Democrats in this day and age.

I will take American officials arming neonazis in Ukraine (even if I were to accept your characterization, which I do not) over Russians making us NOT arm them every day of the week and twice on Sundays. And I think anyone who wouldn’t should just go ahead and move to Moscow already and let the Americans figure out America for ourselves.