America's illegal forever wars

More than 20 years ago we invaded Iraq. Three years ago Iraq asked us to leave. We are still there.

“Iraqi priorities and the US are increasingly at odds,” Abdul Mahdi said during his address to parliament.

He said a US troop withdrawal was the only way to “protect all those on Iraqi soil” – especially American forces that require protection from the Iraqis.

The Duran (with Robert Barnes) on American Politics

This was an especially well-informed discussion of American politics, which isn't common these days. There is also a bit of discussion about international politics: Ukraine, the Middle East, Spain. Some of it was great, other parts not so great. Long having been a watcher of the two Alexes, I was wondering about their take on American politics. I guess they let this guy Barnes speak for them. It is long: 2.5 hours. Below are some critical notes.

The US illegal occupation of Syria

Last week congress voted against ending the illegal occupation of Syria.
Way to go team! The liars won't admit there is a military presence there,
let alone that we are stealing their oil and agricultural products.

It's like ignoring the 2001 AUMF which grants the executive wing the right
to execute secret wars all over the globe. Way to go team!