U.S. Occupation of eastern Syria is turning into a total shit show again

To be 100% accurate, the American involvement in Syria's Civil War was always a shit show.
There's the time we spent hundreds of millions of dollars building a rebel army, only to see that rebel army immediately turn their weapons over to Al Qaeda and throw away their uniforms.

Do you know what the U.S. military has been doing recently in your name?

Unless you work in the military, there's no way that you can answer that question.
But every once in a while we get a glimpse of what our generals have been up to.
Thanks to a South African Mail & Guardian investigation, we now have a better idea.

Thank you, Hillary

Thank you, esteemed Rodent, for the good which you have bestowed upon this world (and we yet have no other). Short. To the point.

Hillary, thank you from Moloch. Thank you from Beezlebub. Thank you from Lucifer.

The law of the land, which behooves me to obey, lest a an involuntary stay at a graybar hotel, prevented you naught. I'm still with her. Yeah. Yes, indeed, you bitch.