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Taxing Times

I don't mind paying taxes. The idea of everyone contributing toward the common good appeals to me. However, when I think of what our nation does with our tax money, I start fuming. With the escalation of our illegal war with Syria, based on no solid evidence (on the heels of the spy poisoning case with no evidence) the US promotes death, disease, and starvation of people in Yemen...and Gaza, it is too much to fathom. To top it off the only journalist calling out the insanity is Tucker Carlson on FAUX news...the world has turned upside down. Did the magnetic poles suddenly reverse again?

Much of our local tax money is used to support schools. The oligarchs have been siphoning off those funds through cuts and privatization to the point where teachers have had it...and are striking. Now seems the time for all citizens to rise up and say they've had it with all our dirty little wars. There were some efforts this weekend to do just that.

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Zuck Facebook- We’ve Got a War to Fight...

against and we need Twitter!

No more crying in our beer, in our soup, the swamp. We need to get out there on our keyboards and do something!

We need to deal with the cards we’ve been dealt and to play the game of Drumpf.

So what do we know about him and how can we play that to our advantage?

War in Syria within 72 hours?

This post will be quite short because instead of writing, I prefer the readers to watch this Blackstone Intelligence video (no relation to Blackwater). 24 minutes

Brief synopsis:

1. Russia urges 24 hours be allotted for international experts in chemical warfare be allowed to examine Douma

2. Trump marshaling large naval taskforce off coast of Syria, some ships within 100 km of Russian base.

3. France eager to get in on the action

"Last War in the History of Mankind"

"Last war in the history of mankind", that's what Evgeny Buzhinsky, a former senior Russian general has warned could happen over this latest false flag chemical attack and the subsequent illegal bombing in Syria by one of Amerika's proxies, Israel. (see Below)

Syrian Forces may have found more than chemical weapons in East Ghouta

Veterans Today has a shocking article with photographs asserting that when Syrian forces discovered the chemical weapons cache and factory in the rebel-held area near Damascus recently, chemical weapons were found with British and German labeling, among others.

The Weekly Watch

Prisoners, Hostages, Tradewars,
and Weapons of Mass Distraction

Another week speeds by as spring (or fall in the really deep south) unfolds. This week it strikes me how easily we are distracted from understanding our world and situation. Some things seem so obvious. The oligarchs no longer make a secret of their domination. Just a glance at Brazil should make us aware (not to mention Venezuela nor Honduras....or even our own territory of Puerto Rico). The rush to create Russia as an enemy is obscenely obvious as diplomats are expelled across the globe without a shred of evidence. Truthsayers are silenced... Assange blocked from the internet in the embassy and Snowden is exiled to Russia. But like emerging seeds teachers are rising up across our country, students are speaking out, and movements are growing. It is time to escape the bonds of commercial corporate media and help people understand our common condition.


The president isn't the C-in-C after all, and no one seems to have noticed

Technically Congress is the one with the power to say where our troops go and where they don't.
But that stopped being true several generations ago.

In place of Congress, the Commander-In-Chief gives the orders to the troops.

Can we finally admit that our military isn't that good?

There was a time in the not so distant past when a military was judged by its ability to win wars and defeat enemies. In fact, all throughout history, until very recently, that was the only measure of a military.
During most of history, a general who lost the war then had his head removed from his shoulders.