The Weekly Watch

Thwarting Peace and Democracy at Home and Abroad

The horrors of our foreign policy have been haunting me this week....along with the media promotion of the war machine. Lots of hand wringing about the budget, DACA, and the market, but not much discussion of our illegal presence promoting an immoral war in Syria, nor Yemen...nor Palestine. No, it's seventy six new nukes in the big parade, and a hundred and ten drones flying right behind. And let's get this straight, we shall not tolerate peace on the Korean peninsula, nor allow the Iranian nuclear agreement to stand. But wait, there's more...we have to shift our attention to China...and of course, big, bad Russia. Why? In order to protect “our” interests. Yeah, right. Well, we are promoting our brand of democracy in the Americas...recognizing fraudulent elections in Honduras and ignoring fair elections in Venezuela. This is nothing just seems to be on steroids.

War is hell_0.jpg

We just bombed Syrian government forces again

Did we just kill Russian soldiers in Syria? We may have.

Trump backs down against Turkey

The Donald may pretend to be tough (I guess it's from his WWE background), but when he comes up against someone who is not playing a game, Donald backs down, just like the bully he his.
In this case it is Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan that forced Donald to cower.

Just two weeks ago, this was the news: U.S.-Backed Force Could Cement a Kurdish Enclave in Syria

The Weekly Watch

Shut Down the Government, and Escalate the Wars

...sounds like a plan

It was a busy week like they all seem to be. Obviously they want to keep everyone preoccupied, know shut down the government and accelerate disorder in the Middle East and around the world. Hold protest and marches against T-rump, but vote to give him increased surveillance powers. So we try to escape in our addictions to fossil fuels, opioids, meth, ...and entertainment.

It isn't just cartoonists that feel this way Mr. Fish

America's hilariously, criminally incompetent Syrian strategy

Imagine if you will, the Three Stooges, armed with machine guns, spraying bullets into a packed theater because they saw a bad guy in the crowd.
That's America's foreign policy in Syria.
We've accomplished nothing but getting hundreds of thousands of people killed, while undermining our own standing in the region.

Between the Lines: Wars at Home and Abroad

Hey folks, and welcome to between the lines. So I was a bit pissed off today after finding out that the VA had been floating some things about involving sending me and mine back to the street. Somebody must have pointed out how that tends to go, and they immediately backtracked.