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It's been a big news week with the loudest scream being Comey, Comey, Comey, Russia, Russia....it keeps the people distracted. In the Middle East the big scream has been Qatar...better get rid of Al Jazeera as the Saudis start a war with Iran. In the meantime, the house votes to do away with the Dodd-Frank luke warm financial regulation. The Senate rushes to pass some sort of T-rumpcare, and on the day Iran was bombed by Saudi surrogates from ISIS, the Senate passed more sanctions on Iran for basically having elections. In the UK Labour made good election gains and the Conservatives are in a mess prior to the Brexit negotiations.

Seth Rich: the Official Conspiracy Story so far

This is part 3 of the Seth Rich murder story. Between the last essay and this have come a verbal-pictorial avalanche of new information. It's a good thing I delayed in writing this, because many new facts have arisen and along with them, many new questions and possibilities. From what I know right now, there will have to be at least one more essay of Seth Rich before moving on to the Awan Spyring story, which is epic in its own right.

Chuckling at Twitter, Just for Fun

In the wake of the huge success of Jeremy Corbyn, the neoliberals on Twitter have been having a meltdown. In response to their complaints, many Berniecrats started posting responses with the hashtag #BernieWouldHaveWon. Joan Walsh seemed particularly annoyed by this meme which only inspired more responses with the Bernie hashtag. For some reason, I cannot find her tweets. Maybe she deleted them.

Why did Corbyn do so well and Bernie fall short? Paper Ballots

There are a number of reason why Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party in England did so well in the recent UK election, compared to Bernie Sanders failed attempt to win the Democratic Primary, but today I want to focus on just one. In the UK electronic voting machines are not in place. They use paper ballots. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that many UK pols are pushing for e-voting machines for the next election.

Diet and Exercise Tips from the Differently Abled

I've been trying for the last few years to lose weight, but with my disabilities, exercise...well...sucks. That's bound to happen when you're hemiplegic. But then I found something that doesn't suck: my complex wading pool. Sure, it might be only 3 to four feet deep, but there's a lot you can still do with that, with or without equipment.

Army, Marines request two year delay on transgender equality

It seems like just yesterday that I published a diary about three retired generals (all women) counseled Defense Secretary Jim Mattis to push forward against conservative attempts to end all transgender military service.

Oh, wait...it was!

To quote Chad and Jeremy, that was yesterday, and yesterday's gone.

From the "How dare you consider neoliberalism a bad thing" files

Today, as is my wont, I was wandering around the Way of the Bern subreddit, and I came across a thread about recent trolling of that site by Clinton/DNC supporters. One comment struck me as heartbreaking. A woman spoke about how she had been cut off by many of her wealthy "limousine liberal" friends, because she refused to sing the praises of Hillary Clinton.

Citizens Summons

Found this in one of Ralph Nader's books. It is a call to action. We need to hold our elected officials' collective feet to the fire. Organize meetings within the communities. Agree on the agenda and specific questions to be addressed. Set up a place and time. Publish, post and share. Call, write, twitter and feed it to the media outlets. Accountability, not evasion. It is the democratic way.

Any thoughts on Comey's testimony about Russia?

I didn't listen to or watch the hearing today, but I read as much as I could afterward, and these parts were interesting.

What do you think?


… BURR: Do you have any doubt that Russia attempted to interfere in the 2016 elections?

COMEY: None.

Another Historic Heat Wave, Record Floods as Trump Purges Climate Change Projects from EPA

It's been relatively mild where I live, but unfortunately for people in places like Turkbat, Pakistan, the last two weeks have been a time to break their thermometers, or at least fry eggs on their sidewalks.