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Another nail in the Russiagate coffin...

Iran: to be or…not to be …that is the question

Threats against Iran continue to ratchet, ratchet apace. Where will it all end?  Only the gods know…  They must know that insanity rules Washington  and its allies, no?  Not that this is a particularly  new state of affairs, given that the US is the largest exporter of violence on the planet, and only the names of her allies change a bit.  The rest of the world watches aghast and waits…

Trump pulling troops out of Syria. But there's a catch

Remember when President Trump tried to pull U.S. troops out of our illegal war in Syria and everyone, from the Pentagon to television pundits, had a total freak-out?
Well, Trump still plans to pull out those troops, but this time the MIC isn't freaking out. There's a reason for that.

Tom Steyer Steps Into the Presidential Clown Car

I received this email from Tom Steyer's propaganda arm, Nextgen America with this subject line:

Why I’m running for president

Oh goody. Now we have another rich asshole who will tell us plebs that we aren't allowed to have nice things because those nice things will cut into the profits of the Capitalist Politburo.

The automated email begins thusly:


OMG--for once I agree with Nancy Pelosi (gasp)

Breaking news: Nervous Nancy has now proposed something which vaguely resembles human decency. Choke, gasp, wheeze. I can't believe I'm saying this but....Nervous Nancy demand Acosta resign

Thus, I can never again say that Nervous and is completely devoid of principle--or merely opportunism disguised as principle.

Socialism 2019?

Who knew that socialism had already come to the US? I’d given some of these links a few days ago to Aspie Corner, but he seemed to have been off on another project.  I thought he’d enjoy a lot of this; I know I do.  First, some background:

June 28, 2019 ‘Socialism 2019: the Left at a Crossroads’, Louis Proyect,, June 28, 2018 (some bits and bobs)

“For a number of years, the International Socialists Organization, once the largest Marxist group in the USA, held educational conferences either in Chicago or in various American cities. In 2004, I attended a plenary session of a regional conference at City College in New York, mostly to hear my old friend Peter Camejo who was the featured speaker alongside Ahmed Shawki, the disgraced former leader whose cover-up of multiple rapes in the ISO led to its dissolution this year.”