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Kentucky Bellweather?

Well, this one is more than a bit surprising, no? Despite waging his re-election campaign for the Kentucky governorship against Bernie and socialism and linking Beshear with Bernie, it looks like heavily poll-favored Trump-buddy GOP Gov. Matt Bevin has lost by about 5,100 votes out of 1,442,622 votes cast and counted. Just 5000 votes. I guess voting matters sometimes in someways. Why didn't TPTB fix those voting machines? I suppose that trick can still be played but were they really so stupid as not to use it in advance before the votes were counted?

[Updated] The REAL Roadblock To MfA

It's wonderful that so many 2020 Democratic candidates are professing support for Medicare for All (MfA). It's a worthy idea that any civilized society should get behind. The problem, though, is that the discussion often centers around funding, i.e. how to pay for it, or on arcane minutiae regarding plans proposed by specific candidates.

What's usually left unaddressed is the REAL roadblock to MfA. It's not funding. It's spending.

The arrest of Max Blumenthal: Trump shows his true colors

Author and publisher Max Blumenthal was arrested October 25, 2019. Blumenthal is as highly regarded, progressive journalist who digs up unpopular truths, such as the ongoing Venezuelan (VZ) US-orchestrated coup. The DC police, which most likely was the MPD, not the Capitol police made a big show of arresting him. They threatened to break down his front door and surrounded his house. He was arrested in his pyjamas but the coppers relented a bit by allowing him to take a warm coat.

"BERNIE SANDERS YOU BASTARDS"/ Sanguineness > Cynicism, at least for today.

As the Orange Goon continues to show no sign of recognizing his folly of appearing in public at sports events the indignities continue to pile up on to this wholly undignified boor.

After getting booed again at Madison Sq Garden (following the World Series appearance), Drumpf had to watch as a noted supporter, UFC champion Gregor Gillespie, got knocked out so hard he was flat on his back.

Increasing The Minimum Wage Hurts Businesses? Bulltwaddle.

Here's a well-thought-out fact-based opinion piece on MarketWatch. [Trigger alert: AOC haters please ignore the photo at the top of the article.]

Critics would have you believe that upping the minimum wage in restaurants will lead to massive layoffs and closures. But since raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour nearly a year ago, the restaurant industry in New York City has thrived.

the 80th and 81st Great March of Return protests

PCHR Gaza: 95 Civilians Shot And Injured, Including 43 Children, At 80th Great March Of Return’, By Staff,, Oct. 26, 2019

“In Gaza on Friday, 95 Palestinian civilians, including 43 children, a woman, 2 paramedics and a journalist, were shot and injured by Israeli forces, who fired live rounds against peaceful Palestinian protesters at the 80th Great March of Return.

Israeli forces continued to use excessive force against peaceful protesters, wounding 36 civilians with live bullets and shrapnel in addition to other injuries in the upper body due to direct targeting with rubber bullets and tear gas canisters.

The Weekly Watch

Going Undercover and other Cover-ups

As we turn the corner (Halloween is the midway point of fall) it is time to think of covering your fall crops during freezes and heavy frosts. We'll look at some different approaches to protecting garden crops. Depending on the severity of the winter we often over winter lettuce and other leafy greens. Today we'll also look at some of the stories that are covered up and ignored. I loved Noam's explanation of COINTELLPRO to a smug BBC reporter several years ago...I've got it cued up and it last about 3 min (but the entire 30 min clip is great if you've not seen it)

Warren's Wildly Weird Wonkish Idea of Middle Class

So if you are not a billionaire, you are middle class according to Elizabeth Warren. And she claims only billionaires will pay additional taxes for her version of "Medicare for All." Will anybody believe this pablum? Biden's camp is already going hog-wild on her claims. I've come to the conclusion that she's actually trying to sabotage Berniecare, so that nobody will think it possible.