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Trump is a Dumb Shit and So are We

You are what you eat. You break it, you pay for it. You elect a dumb shit, you are a dumb shit.
Confucius (attributed)

Remember when Rex Tillerson, the Exxon Secretary of State, reportedly called Trump a moron in a July 2017 meeting, i.e., when he was acting as Trump's SOS. He denied it and is still SOS, but we all know it happened and is true.

Is the DOJ actually going to start enforcing some aspects of anti-trust laws?

Short and sweet: The DOJ apparently announced today that they are going to sue to stop the ATT-Time Warner merger. This comes as a complete shock to me.


Between The Lines: US Army Prepping for Permanant War

Good Monday Morning, and welcome to my first official edition of "Between The Lines" which is where I take a look at the propaganda coming out of the US Military and determine what the most likely orders they've been given are.

First out of the chute, a little human interest story about Hats:

Another elite option for endless happiness and enjoyment of wealth

What is it that even the richest can't afford despite their insane wealth? No, it's not more money--they already have more than they and twenty generations of offspring can spend in one life--IT IS MORE LIFETIME. An enterprising Italian physician has come up with the cure for those yearnings of immortality (I almost said "immorality", but they've already got the market cornered on that.

Just when you think it can't get any worse, TOP goes full rape apologist.

Much as I'm loathe to give them any attention, this one is beyond the pale, even for hillbots. And found courtesy of one of my other friends raising a stink about it, to quote her. "Male privilege must be defended! ---We're beginning to understand the extent of what they have to lose. Power defends itself by seeking more power. hmmmm"