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Takes: Eyes Left on Tulsi and MattTaibbi on Bernie

Last night, I came upon an Eyes Left podcast about Tulsi Gabbard and a column about Bernie Sanders by Matt Taibbi. I found them both interesting because they were so opposite in tone and coverage. The Taibbi column was full of admiration and respect for Bernie, something we don't often hear; and the Eyes Left podcast was sort of insider and extremely negative about "Major Gabbard".

It is a primary season so here they are. Make of them what you will.

Populism, Democracy and the Big Lie

The news media lies to you, but probably not in the way you are thinking.
When you think of news media lies you probably think of Saddam's WMDs and his fictional ties to al-Qaeda.
This lie was the exception because the news media was lazy. They lied about something specific that could be easily disproven, which was unusually sloppy for them. Most of the media's lies are much larger and harder to disprove and usually involve half-truths and lies of omission.

American People Still Don't Get the Democratic Party

Imagine being in a desert -- barely alive and scorched. Imagine that there are hundred people with you all crawling through the desert floor trying to find water. And you do. You find an oasis with clear, shimmering water. You happily drink to your heart's content. You wonder where the other hundred people are.

I have no words for the trash pointed to in this OP

So primary season for 2020 has opened, and the first target is Bernie:

Has the fire Berned out?" the Boston Globe's Michael Levenson asks on the front page.

The state of play: "[A]s Sanders weighs another campaign, some say that even as he has moved the Democratic Party ideologically — pushing issues such as Medicare for all, free college tuition, and a $15 minimum wage into the mainstream — the party has moved past him personally."

(Judicial Watch scores again): Judge orders Susan Rice, Ben Rhodes to answer written Benghazi questions in Clinton email lawsuit

These guys are at least poking the right people. Everyone knows where the sleeze lies and Judicial Watch has been in there fighting to get the truth out more than anyone. And there lies (IMHO) the ugliest irony of this entire situation; It’s put me and people like me (us) in the uncomfortable position of hoping a right wing organization will bring down the ‘Party’ that I (we) supported for my (our) entire lives. For me it was over 40 years. But it’s all over now. And it makes me angry.

Could Nancy Pelosi be the next president of the United States?

People like this are frightening. I thought enough people had gotten wise to this Louise Mensch-type crap. I thought that the worst of the lunatic fringe had been banished to the asylums (Mensch and Taylor). But obviously I continue to underestimate the blatant corruption and arrogance of people like this guy, a perfect example of those who push these impossible scenarios, and the number of my fellow citizens who continue to believe it.