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Why my "friends" shouldn't ask for independent thought. (Rant of the night)

So anyone who has been following my intermittent essays has probably discovered two things.

#1 I'm a self admitted ass and unashamed of this fact.

#2 They're usually fueled by my exchanges as of late with Democrats on FB who at one point I may have called friends, but it seems ever since I turned on team blue i lost my seat at the cool kids table. Not that I care.

Trump's tax cuts and the coming recession

It's an interesting historical moment, when the domestic political environment is obsessed with the present and recent past, that the politicians and public cannot see that we are on the verge of a systemic change.
All the memes, all the talking points, all the political plans and agendas, are about to be shitcanned and forgotten.

Sometimes You Just Sit There Mouth Agape

In France watching charges of nepotism, fake jobs for the family of prominent politicians, police truncheon rape and the probability of a fascist once again getting into the second round of the presidential election. So I went to a local PS meeting, a meeting so boringly dour and joyless that I left early even more depressed with the left than before.

Today's Humor (3/2/17): More wisdom from Nancy Pelosi

Hold on folks, Nancy Pelosi must be inspired. But I am not quite sure about what she is so inspired. The presenile one does not heed Eleanor Roosevelt's famous advice:
Although people may think you're stupid, don't open your mouth and prove it.

Nancy has by now been coached by her "handlers" that Bush is not the President. Thus fortified with this new knowledge, she has jumped into action so blatantly illogical and hypocritical that one wonders why she even bothers.

This is not a "strategery"

Walk outs. Impeach! Resign you bastard!

If anyone thinks the T is gonna sail on the Sessions, after the VP casted the deciding vote, wish I had your stash.

The Dems want to prove that the Potus was elected illegitimately. The Russians. The Alt-right. And on and on.

It was an election. Someone won. Please do not pay attention as to how we have lost up and down ballot for near on a decade.

I may have to go back to Dems. Why? 2018 It's ABC time again!

Here in the blue state of NY, I have always said ABC when voting every two years.

Anybody But Clinton
Anybody But Cuomo

The simple fact is whatever douchebag that has a D next to their name for governor gets elected. And Cuomo is actually over-qualified in douchebagery.

This week in the courts

On Monday Judge Mark R Hornak of the US District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania ruled that three transgender students had a "reasonable likelihood" of success in their argument that the Pine-Richland School District's decision last fall to require them to use bathrooms consistence with the sex on their birth certificates was unconstitutional, and hence granted them a preliminary injunction against that policy.

Open Thread - "Take their money and let them go"

Kshama Sawant, the socialist Seattle city council woman and member of Socialist Alternative, penned a reply to Trump's address to Congress. It's worth a read, but one part stuck out to me, a recommendation:

"The wealth of these 8 richest billionaires should be confiscated and democratically allocated for the needs of the majority."

Hell ya.

A Master Class In LW Media: Jimmy Dore Destroys "Corporate Cocksucker" Chris Hayes From Every Angle For Cheap Shot at Susan Sarandon

In my view what Jimmy Dore has been doing consistently for months is one of the most important developments in media, in this era in which trust in the media, government and politicians are at all-time lows.

Today's Humor (3/1/17): Running Marco Rubio evicted!

I'm sure we all remember Marco Rubio, the person holding the record for being AWOL from Congress most often. Obviously Marco has a lot of things on his mind but governing isn't one of them. He is however quite fleet of foot when running away from his constituents.