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Growing Fertile Ground

Soil is a complex ecosystem, but you don't have to know engine mechanics to drive a car, nor soil ecology to grow a garden. Despite the wide ranging difference between soil types, building soil fertility is remarkably similar across most conditions. It boils down to the addition of biomass, organic material. There are many approaches. You can grow cover crops then "chop and drop" them as a mulch. Use the lasagna method with an initial layer of cardboard before applying organic amendments. Sheet composting is a common technique, although many people create and add compost and compost tea to their plants. Some people use a thick layer of wood chips to establish garden plots. Others go to additional lengths to bury woody material creating hugel beds or pits. Many urban growers use containers and literally build or create their own soil. In all these applications the objective is to promote the growth of the complex mixture of soil organisms which in turn benefit the plants you want to grow. Let's also take a brief look around the world to see if we can find some fertile opportunities for positive growth.


What Happened to The Left


I don't presume to be worthy of a seat at One Pissed Off Liberal's keyboard, damn ... I sometimes wish he hadn't beaten me to that handle, but I share his sense of being tired of being tired thanks to what has become of the liberal politics I used to love. Sometimes words do sound good when a pseudo progressive pretends to "feels your pain." Yet, behind the voices, we've learned to be wary of snake oil salespersons.

Nothing changes that might preempt the dysfunctional status quo.

Where has all the healthy political energy gone? Is it simply the case of a devil's deal with Wall Street or is there more to it than that? Has the last crossroads where we might choose a radical turn worthy of a Mother Jones come and gone? From Where I sit in Louisville, it sounds like ABC Radio National does a better job of exploring these questions than most of what pretends to be doing journalism here at home.

But once upon a time there were truth telling writers in America. Joe Bageant is a good example

What does it mean to be a leftie today? Do you and I have the same goals as the lefties of yesterday? Or has the old ideal of being left changed beyond recognition?

The DNC Super Delegate Fraud Echoes the Era of Jim Crow

There has been revived consternation about the Democratic Party’s Super Delegate charade. This system for selecting the Democratic presidential nominee has been an an ongoing debacle that many assert was, at its core, the proximate cause of the election of President Trump.

However, the application of the principles of desegregation from a legal case from 1966 indicates that the entire history of this nation could have, and should have, developed differently, but first a brief recitation of the contemporary events are in order.

Friday Night Photos - Snowiest February Ever edition

And more coming down this first day of March. There must be about two feet sitting on the ground, going nowhere fast.

Anyway, here's the latest from the Grubble Telescope. Apparently, this is the first shot of the farthest reaches of Donald Trump's 'mind':

And here's a shot of warmer times: