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Hillary's deathbed confessions

The recent rantings of hateful Hillary have lead me to conclude: she is delusional; she thinks she is the president; and everybody left her down.

Sounds like the ravings of a previous monster, nein? Because of this similarity, I was going to title this: "Adolph Hillary schläft im Führer Bunker". But since I did want to draw the ire of mimi and lotlizard, I avoided that title.

I love me an angry man like this one

UPDATE: I just wanted to apologize for my cranky ranting and commenting. I wasn't even capable to
read aside from write or thinking. BAD NIGHTMARES. But it helped to kill the time. Thank you for sticking it out with me.

and you guys and gals all take a break, shut down the internet, go fishing, take a deep breath and the come back next week or next month and ... fight like hell....

What happens first? Obamacare Repeal or Obamacare Implosion?

About a month ago I explained that "we must unite to defend health insurance legislation that is “the craziest thing in the world”, and that sometimes "catches fire", that its premiums rise more than 20 percent on average every year, that is in a "death spiral", and that is vanishing in large parts of America."

More and more people are becoming aware of how screwed the 99% are with no help

to be expected from anyone on the political horizon, no matter the party.

In a constitutionally and systemically created “two party country”, we have allowed the one time “party of the people” to devolve into a co-conspirator that would have us all as slave labor feeding the wealthy, a country where those that have nothing to contribute to the wealth of the few are left to perish as useless eaters. A country where bloody empire for the profit of of an out of control military industry and a thriving new mercenary industry are gorged on the blood of those that are no threat to us in any military sense. A modern form of feudalism that is developing before our eyes, becoming further entrenched, and will destroy our children’s lives and livelihoods (our own as well of course but it is the children I feel will inherit the worst of it) no matter which party is in control, many feel one party is more in favor of such dystopian achievements than the other, yet I find they simply play off each other, taking turns, each party doing what it does best to achieve this neo-feudalism.

Rational Self-Preservation Through Global Unity

Imagine a world where instead of eternally fighting each other in defense of our various cliques, cults, colors, creeds or groups, we began first defending all humans and the planet against our common threats: corruption, war, poverty, nationalism, and other divisive business models for psychopathic profiteering.

The Inconvenient Facts

  • 70% of Americans support the Paris agreement.
  • 57% of Americans support single payer healthcare.
  • 60% of Americans think the Iraq / Afghanistan / etc wars are a mistake.
  • 67% of Americans support the decriminalization of marijuana and other drugs.
  • Independent voters are the non-represented majority, while both Democrats and Republicans remain record-unpopular controlling minority factions serving the Big Business elites.

Proof that Anyone is a Russian Government Hacker

This is an exercise in syllogistic logic, a method of deductive reasoning where one compares two or more propositions to reach a conclusion. My 1st proposition, A, is this:

Russia hacked the US and and also the French elections.

This has been almost universally proclaimed to be true by the media.

What would you do?

Just watched a couple hundred people in downtown Portland, Oregon stand in silence for the two men who gave their lives to protect two innocent young ladies from ghastly racial taunts last Friday.
It was both a powerful and profound moment.
There were people from all walks of life, all colors, all ages, gathered there with no sound. At first, I thought the volume was turned down on my tv, but it was live.
The soulful realization came over me that bigotry can never win.

Wisconsin democrats seek to protect transgender people

Wisconsin was the first state to provide legal protection from discrimination for LGB people. That happened in 1982. But the state has never sought to include transgender people as well.

If a miracle occurs and the bill actually passes, Wisconsin would become the 20th state to ban discrimination against transgender people.

Texas trans woman survives brutal attack (Trigger Alert)

 photo C1_zpsyzhvhmma.jpgAustin transgender woman Christi Long has supported herself by working as a drag queen known as Christi Foxx Paris. Last Sunday she was raped and beaten with a hammer after she refused to have sex with a man she thought was a friend.

I can’t help feeling that – because I’m trans, I’m less valuable.