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jeezum crow; time to head back to VZ…& Iran…& China...again?

First, Las Vegas bookies are only offering 1-3 odds on bets that the will CIA take out one of its own (Juan Guaido) in a false flag event since the most recent version of the coup…has failed as well.  Guaisoistas don’t even mind betting against the odds, even if they only get a buck on their $3, a peso on their 3 peso bets: the stubs will be divine memorabilia.

Craig Murray and Caitlin Johnstone Have Just Explained that Wikipedia is a Deep State Psyops — So Take a Look at Wikipedia’s Entry on the Douma “Gas Attack”

Originally published May 20, 2018

A website that I hadn’t heard of previously,, has recently revealed that an entity going by the name of “Philip Cross” has been working 24/7 to insure that Wikileaks entries dealing with political affairs reflect the perspectives and concerns of our Deep State masters.

Tuesday's Open Thread ~ Just Chillin

Home is where the cookies are ~ Anonymous

Good Morning Everyone,

Welcome to Tuesday's Open Thread. My apologies for cheating you out of the topic I had originally planned for today, but due to an inconveniently timed illness, I had to postpone that conversation for another time. In its place, I thought we'd talk about what we do when we're chillin at home, or what we do to comfort ourselves when we're sick, or feeling blue, or just want to escape from the insane world we live in.

an interview with WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Hrafnsson: Updated

‘Everything Was Done To Make Julian Assange’s Life Miserable’; In his first interview since Julian Assange’s arrest, WikiLeaks Editor-in-Chief Kristinn Hrafnsson discusses the “disgraceful” detention of the platform’s founder, criticism of its links to Russia and what he describes as the “appalling” treatment of Chelsea Manning.,, May 3, 2019