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Sweden will request Assange's extradition to stand trial on rape allegations

From May 13, 2019:

"Sweden’s Director of Public Prosecutions Eva-Marie Persson has confirmed that the country will seek Assange’s extradition. She was announcing that the rape investigation against the WikiLeaks founder has been reopened.

Saber-rattling against Iran hits a ferocious level: Updated

I'm sorta sorry that this diary had gotten thread-jacked by some dude, although it's been gratifying to learn that so many of you would like to know more 9/11 truth, and have delved deeper into the original whitewashed version than i might have imagined. That said, you might look at the bottom of the comments section to see what one iteration of the false flags to make war on Iran might be.

Who can leash the Dogs of War before they’re let slip in earnest?  Perhaps Chinese or Russian diplomats?  As allies, both nations would be included in a regional war, and both nations excel in diplomacy.  In the past we’d heard that some of his Generals had known what a nightmare war on Iran would be for US allies…now? Who can say?

Via May 11, 2019: ‘With B-52s, carrier battle group in place, US war against Iran on a hair trigger’ (some key paragraphs)

The Conclusions of the Republican Majority of the House Intelligence Community re Russiagate are Incoherent in Key Respects

Originally published Mar 13, 2018

The conclusions of the Republicans controlling the House Intelligence Committee regarding Trump campaign “collusion” with Russian “election interference” strike me as incoherent in key respects.

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Happy Day you Mothers!

I thought it might be fun to celebrate everyone's Mother today...Mother Nature, our planet Earth. I was influenced by James Lovelock's Gaia hypothesis which looks at the planet as a system. Also Lewis Thomas' essays comparing the Earth to a cell. This small amazing water and life coated marble in space is so different from the other planets of our system. There is still great beauty on Earth. We are all dependent and tied to the interconnecting systems. We are also all connected as humans...sharing the same mitochondrial DNA from our common mother, Eve. If only humans would model their lives after the natural cycling of our planet. A sustainable life for all...until the big meteor or comet changes things again as they have many times in the past.