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Confiscation Nation - Computerized Capitalism is looting society one transaction at a time

Computer hardware and software are merely tools, like saws and hammers. You can use the same tools to build a house or to build a jail.  Unfortunately, beginning around 1980, corporations have been intent upon building a lot of computerized jails for their customers. Increasingly, the power imbalance between individuals and corporations makes customers the equivalent of prisoners.

To people 'broadly satisfied' with the status quo

I'm well acquainted with the 'new democrats.' I rubbed elbows with them for years. I was a progressive blogger for over a decade and attended many of the annual Netroot's gatherings around the nation. I partied with them, I engaged in conversation with them, online and in real life. I argued with them. Mostly I argued with them.

Until recently I had been a more-or-less life-long democrat, but a Tom Joad, Civil Rights democrat. These new democrats are another matter entirely.

Mass Bannings of Bernie Supporters at TOP

Today, for the first time in a while I went to peruse TOP. While there I found my account had been banned, though for what is not clear. I then found the following public discussion at TOP's help desk that indicates that yesterday there were mass bannings of Bernie supporters.

Here is the screen shot of the help desk discussion dated June 15, 2017, if that link doesn't work:

An astute comment on our times courtesy of YouTube.

We all are familiar with YouTube, and most of us have embedded references to their materials here on c99.

Today, I ran into a Comment so astute I had to share it, which I will in a minute.

First, a touch of context. My love of the Grateful Dead's music is well known, as my userID proclaims the fact. But it is not as well known that I also love almost all "classic rock" from the 1970s, including the "soft rock" that was around back then.

My reply to the false narrative that Berniecrats are to blame for the shooting of Scalise

Conservatives like to talk about taking personal responsibility for ones actions and acknowledging that while we are free to do as we please, there are consequences we have to accept. This is a big part of their talking down to the left as if they have a Daddy Knows Best Complex. The reality is they're just trying to mask their bigoted, racist policies or make excuses for a kleptocracy they helped rise into power.

Ohioans to Finish Job, Slay Congressional Gerrymanders

Image: Ohio Slay these Gerrymanders - Sign Petition! (The Paragraph (CC-BY))

(To circulate petitions, go to ohfairdistricts.com.)

Ohioans are set to finish the job. In 2015, Ohio voters resoundingly passed an issue to slay statehouse gerrymanders. Now many are signing petitions for a ballot issue to slay Congressional gerrymanders.

Gerrymanders are irregular legislative districts drawn to favor one political party. The 2015 statehouse anti-gerrymander redistricting issue passed with 71% of the vote. It establishes a bi-partisan commission that must have at least two votes from representatives of each of the two biggest parties to adopt a district map.

The new Congressional redistricting issue uses the same commission and follows nearly the same procedures and map-drawing criteria as the statehouse redistricting law. Its map-drawing criteria are:

  • compliance with law,
  • contiguousness,
  • no party favoritism,
  • avoidance of splitting counties, cities and townships,
  • representational fairness (based on statewide partisan preferences of voters), and
  • compactness.

Bubba Clinton's Fairy Tales: "Veto-Proof Majority"

In 2008, referring to then Senator Barack Hussein Obama's Presidential run, former President William Jefferson Clinton exclaimed, "Give me a break! This whole thing is the biggest fairy tale I've ever seen." However, Bubba Clinton's own fairy tales can be more fanciful than those of the Bubbas Grimm. (Despite his hundreds of millions, Bubba doesn't seem to own mirror. Tch! Poor guy!)