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The Best Laid Plans...

When it comes to gardening (and farming), there are as many approaches as there are gardeners. Like designing a house or creating your lifestyle, gardens reflect the people that cultivate them. Imagining and dreaming are tools we use to produce personal unique crafts, arts, and projects...including gardens, homesteads, and communities. There is not a recipe. So it's time to invent it ourselves and put together a plan.

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Dark Overlord hacks 9-11

Dark Overlord, the extortionist hackers who leaked an entire season of Orange is the New Black when their ransom demands weren't met, who also tried to extort West Park Capital and ultimately released their NDA's, reports and contracts, are now trying to extort the "Deep State" for 10GB of files relating to 9-11 they stole from insurance agencies and legal firms.

The Integrity Initiative was involved in the Skripals Incident

The Skripal case was totally bogus and made up by British intelligence and wonders of wonders the Integrity Initiative. It was just one more false flag event to get various results. More money for the U.K.'s defense budget. More sanctions on Russia. And getting lots of Russian Federation personnel kicked out of numerous countries.

Sergei and Yulia Skripal Now ‘Working for British Security Services’

Howard Buffett (Warren's son) has bought himself a Sherrif's Dept.

With Daddy's money. This is going on, essentially in my back yard. (One of my good friends is a next door neighbor).

Over the past several years, 64-year-old Howard Buffett — using wealth supplied by his father ­— has been waging his own border war in Cochise County. This has included the arming of a private volunteer group, importing privately employed enforcement personnel, and funding the chemical defoliation of a substantial portion of the county’s border with Mexico.

Comic Relief?

How about a bit of bad TV?

As President Trump and Democrats feud over funding for a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico, a clip from the 1950s television series "Trackdown" that captured eerie parallels between the show and reality resurfaced. In the episode titled "The End of the World," a sketchy salesman by the name of Walter Trump pitches the idea of building a giant wall, claiming it would protect townspeople from a catastrophic cosmic event.

On Wednesday, "Gravity Falls" creator Alex Hirsch tweeted a part of the episode and it went viral. But it wasn't the first time the video made the rounds. Snopes reported on the authenticity of the clip in 2017 after a portion of the show was uploaded to YouTube and claimed to have "predicted Donald Trump."