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The powder keg that is American rage is about to explode

We're about to start seeing the same public reaction to the American police state that swept Europe. People are getting fed up. Just the other day in a comment I posted that when people in a store I was shopping in heard someone mention the Manafort sentence, someone said the judge should be killed for that and others agreed, saying it would send a message to these useless judges that just let the rich go unpunished.
Not shot. Not fired. KILLED.

Venus is the hottest planet in the solar system.

It's hotter than Mercury, which is much closer to the Sun than Venus. Why is this so? 90 atmospheres of carbon dioxide coat Venus' surface, keeping the temperature on the surface at an even 864 degrees Fahrenheit, or 462 degrees Celsius. Compare this with practically-no-atmosphere Mercury at only 800 degrees Fahrenheit during the day.


Guess we're full-on into the presidenting again now, and there's no stopping it, not for another 21 months or so. Ye gods. Seems like only yesterday when I stared into a tube as it informed me the Americans had selected the cretin to be the president. I knew in that moment it was totally true, that we are all trapped in a computer simulation run by some 12-year-old boy in a basement somewhere. Because only some sneering, smirking adolescent, stained with Cheeto dust, would think it a good idea to even have the cretin in the world, much less be the president.

An Hispanic Amity Shlaes

I was out of town when AOC did her latest IdPol damage, saying the New Deal was "extremely racist". But, even though its late, I felt compelled to speak to it. Here's the pertinent quote from an interview at SXSW:

'The New Deal was an extremely economically racist policy that drew little red lines around black and brown communities and it invested in white America,' the Democratic socialist said during her interview on Saturday evening. 

Federal court moves to unseal documents in Jeffrey Epstein sex scandal

This action won’t make up for the years of ruined lives some of these poor women. Nothing ever will. But this is a step in the right direction. Now, what should be done with all the people involved in the gross miscarriage of justice? Will anything be done?

Federal court moves to unseal documents in Jeffrey Epstein sex scandal

Will We Ever Learn the Truth about the Skripals?

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Skripal: One Year Later Some Things are Clearer’, March 9, 2019, James O’Neill,

O’Neill first narrates the history of events  of the 12 months after the Skripal’s had become ill in a public space in the center of Salisbury, with Theresa May blaming Russia with no supporting evidence, and Boris Johnson’s having claimed that ‘the substance responsible for the Skripal’s illness had been identified as “A234”, ergo: Russians.  He notes that the UK has not deviated from that assertion, despite a wealth of contradictory evidence and absurd numbers of competing narratives.

George W. Bush to speak Monday at Vanderbilt University

This is what we’ve become. We’ve really tossed out any standards and ethics when it comes to who should be considered as ‘desirable’ or ‘worthy’ to address any audience. The guys a war criminal, a draft dodger, a willing flunkey for the worst of the worst, people who lied about a sovereign nation and Shock and Awed hundreds of thousands to their graves based on lies. We’ve practically sent them back to the Stone Age. And the icing on the cake?

American Conservative critique of Sanctions on Venezuela

Daniel Larison's writing on Venezuela may have been discussed here previously and I may have missed the discussion, but I just want to point to the humane nature of conservative communities we can relate to.

From our friends at The American Conservative: