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Obama likes me (but won't endorse me) Joe

So one son divorced his wife and married and divorced the wife of my other son who died of brain cancer. Hunter miraculously won $millions from Ukraine and China while I was VP. Better than Billy Beer? Move on Joe

Botox (God bless you John Kerry) is my friend Joe

Leaked Report: Douma Chemical Attack Likely Staged

‘Further Evidence US Attacked Syria Based on False Flag’, Tony Cartalucci, May 15, 2019,*

“Recent revelations mean the US not only falsely accused Damascus of having carried out the attack – but launched military strikes against Syria based on an entirely false pretext. To date, the US has categorically failed to produce any convincing evidence backing their original claims.

The New York Times “Crossfire Hurricane” Story — Let Me Count the Lies

Originally published May 17, 2018

Since some inconvenient truth is on the verge of coming out, it’s clear that some Deep State sources have decided to get out ahead of the story to be sure that their spin is put on it. Voila:

The DOJ’s Indictment of Assange is Almost as Idiotic as Mueller’s Indictments of Russians

Originally published Apr 11, 2019

Today, an indictment of Julian Assange for “Conspiracy to Commit Computer Intrusion”, issued secretly by the US Department of Justice in March 2018, was unsealed.

A 7-Month-Old Story that Still Needs Follow-Up — The Trump Tower Meeting was A Deep State Set-Up that Empowered British Intelligence to Surveil the Trump Associates Who Attended the Meeting

Originally published Apr 28, 2018

We have just learned that Robert Mueller has never bothered to interview the Russian lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, who attended the Trump Tower meeting with Trump Jr. and associates.

The Russian Lawyer Who Met With Donald Trump Jr. Says the Special Counsel Hasn’t Contacted Her