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Cormier v Planet Fitness

The Michigan Appeals Court has ruled 3-0 that Yvette Cormier has no claim against Planet Fitness over its transgender-inclusive policies.

Back in 2015 Cormier encountered a transgender woman in a locker room. She decided that she needed to repeatedly warn all other women in the establishment. Planet Fitness responded by revoking her membership.

Prologue: DWS, DNC and the intersection of two colliding investigations.

This is only a prologue because I wish to set the stage without encumbering you with a torrent of links, which I have already. The situation is complex and becoming more complex daily--in fact almost hourly. It is becoming extremely difficult to keep up and I am afraid that I am not. But here goes.

What do you know about the worst terrorist attack this past week?

No, I am not referring to the terrorist attack in London that has a death toll of seven people and is dominating the news cycle. Nor am I referring to the suicide bomb that was set off outside a concert venue in Manchester. No, I'm referring to the one in Kabul, Afghanistan.

The Weekly Watch

The Corporate Coup

is it complete?

corporate capitalism.jpg

The success of the corporate oligarchy is evident all around us.... from a “for profit corporation in chief” to his cabinet that owns as much as half the citizens in the country. Like it or not (aware or not) we are subservient to the oligarchs. Remember the fellow hauled off the airplane last month? How about the corporate mercenaries attack against the water protectors at Standing Rock? Or, what about our helplessness as we use our own tax money to finance corporate wars for fossil fuels?

No Action

First time I went to Las Vegas, me and a college friend drove down there from Olympia, WA on the way to Oklahoma City via Palm Springs, CA (but I've never been to Spain). I remember we decided to stand around and study the craps tables for awhile until we figured out how to play. After deciding we had learned enough to lose money, we placed our bets. Two bucks, on red. The dealer took a quick look at our bets and plainly stated, "no action".

Two bucks, no action.

Trump preparing for war with Iran

If you liked the most recent Iraq war, you'll absolutely love war with Iran.
Make no mistake, war with Iran will be an epic disaster. A Napoleon invading Russia in 1812 level of catastrophe.
But facts and reality has never been enough to change Donald Trump's mind.

Trump has loaded his cabinet of trusted advisers with anti-Iran warhawks.

Repair Cafes and the return of the Repair ethos

When I was young most towns, villages, suburbs and such had "the repair guy"; a little shop with gaskets and parts for most household appliances and gadgets, vacuum tubes and a tube checker, refurbished small appliances for sale, and a Mr. Fixit type guy. When soemthing broke you took it to him to have it fixed unless you could fix it yourself. Even if you could, you might wind up at his place to get the parts that you couldn't get from the dealer, depatment store or hardware sore.