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Did the Syrian Army Ever Use Chemical Weapons in the Recent War? I Very Much Doubt It.

Originally published Apr 27, 2018

The claims that the Syrian government was responsible for the sarin gas attacks at Ghouta in 2013 and at Khan Sheikoun in 2017 have been roundly debunked by leading investigative journalists and analysts, including Sy Hersh, Robert Parry, Dr. Ted Postol, Ray McGovern, and Gareth Porter. Have a good wallow:

Rideshare drivers and supporters demand better wages and working conditions at Uber SF headquarters


Scores of spirited demonstrators, including many Uber and Lyft drivers and others showing solidarity, rallied outside Uber headquarters in San Francisco’s Mid-Market district on Wednesday to demand rideshare companies improve driver pay and working conditions.

When you can’t spot the sucker at the gaming table

Tomorrow will witness Uber's IPO, and thousands of "investors" will throw billions of dollars into Uber stocks.
Uber's IPO filing stated such gems as it has “incurred significant losses since inception” and expects its operating expenses to “increase significantly in the foreseeable future.”

We Must Destroy the Myth that Home Gun Ownership Makes You Safer

Originally published Jul 5, 2018

If you had friends who believed that smoking tended to improve their health and diminish their death risk, and who not only smoked themselves, but encouraged their children to, by example or precept, what would you think of this?

Not much, I hope. In fact, you might even be a bit steamed over it. And, as a good friend, you’d probably try to disabuse them of this destructive fantasy.

White Helmets Report on Douma Proven to be a Total Fraud — Mainstream Media Remain Silent

Originally published Jul 8, 2018

The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has just issued an interim report on the “chemical attack” alleged to have occurred in Douma, Syria, on April 7th of this year.

Hosting Elizabeth Warren - Tips?

Hi Guys,

I was thinking of hosting an Elizabeth Warren event:

Just thought I'd ask.. has anyone else ever done this sort of thing? Potluck? costumes?

Seriously, if anyone has advice as to how to hold a good event, I'd appreciate it. What are the pitfalls? Parking..

Then someone should hold me to it and make me do it haha..

Tulsi to Appear on Joe Rogan Show: Monday, May 13

It is now official--Tulsi Gabbard will appear on Joe Rogan's show this upcoming Monday. Less than a week ago, Rogan mentioned he decided he would vote for Tulsi in the primary, which was a pretty large endorsement considering the size of Rogan's following. It's not quite Oprah, but in terms of today's internet world, it's not far behind that.

It'll be at 12:00 noon Pacific Time.