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Anti-Capitalist Meetup: In Honour of International Women's Day: In the Words of Our Founding Mothers

NY brit expat and Geminijen wrote this


This year we decided to highlight the International Women’s Strike set for March 8th, 2017 whose aims completely fit into the framework that we have set for understanding and recovering the history of International Women’s Day. We hope that women will participate in these strikes in whatever way that they can do.

Young and transgender

When I wrote yesterday about a transgender child who was being mistreated by a Chicago-area hospital, I was not surprised to encounter a comment questioning the reality of young transgender children. It is a not-infrequent occurrence.

People who are not transgender have a difficult time understanding an issue that is so far from their own existence. That's why people who are different have such a hard time trying to fit into our society.

Today's Humor (3/5/17): more Nancy Pelosi fun

Nancy is like Medusa's emails: a gift that keeps on giving. Why do I pick on Nancy so much? Because she's there and so hard to resist. With prodding from Jake Tapper, of all people, NP remembers that yes indeed she did meet with Russians including the ambassador in 2010. But that was okay because other legislators did it too--so therefore it MUST be legal--because she said so.

Sunday Album Open Thread: SuperBass 2

Some Albums really stood out for one reason or another, but never seemed to get the recognition they deserved. There are others that I just like to play every once in a while.

SuperBass 2; Ray Brown, Christian McBride & John Clayton

I couldn't find the album on You Tube, so I built one from all of the tracks in the proper order

Naturally, this is an open thread too.


Social Security Denies Me Yet Again

Yup. Second denial in 3 damn months. Apparently the only disabilities that are considered 'disabled enough under our rules' are blindness or death. It doesn't matter that I have medical records going back to childhood proving my disabilities, according to some fuckin' bureaucrat, my disabilities don't exist.

Guess it's time to lawyer up.

The Weekly Watch

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War And Peace
Franklin Pierce Adams

"This war is a terrible thing," he said,
"With its countless numbers of needless dead;
A futile warfare it seems to me,
Fought for no principle I can see.
Alas, that thousands of hearts should bleed
For naught but a tyrant's boundless greed!"

Said the wholesale grocer, in righteous mood,
As he went to adulterate salable food.

Spake as follows the merchant king:
"Isn't this war a disgusting thing?
Heartless, cruel, and useless, too;
It doesn't seem that it can be true.
Think of the misery, want and fear!
We ought to be grateful we've no war here.

"Six a week"--to a girl--"That's flat!
I can get a thousand to work for that."

Bringing some sense to the Russian-Trump relation controversy

Good Morning, America, I was sliding into the "madness" here in Germany lately, so I don't like you to do the same on your side of the world. In order to help you along with avoiding it, listen to Paul Jay, whose rational thinking offers you a way out of it.

Just listen.

The Northern Ireland Assembly Elections 2017 as an example of Proportional Representation.

Last Thursday’s Northern Ireland Assembly Elections can be used as an example of Proportional Representation for those who are new to the idea. Both parts of Ireland use a form of Proportional Representation known as Single Transferable Vote where each person has one vote which will generally get transferred to others than their first choice.

STV works as follows.

Each constituency is assigned a number of seats, in this case, each constituency has 5 seats.

‘Diamonds from the sky’ approach turns CO2 into valuable products

Earlier this week I posted this at JPR. After reading LaFeminista's most excellent post here and realizing how much the assholes running this country are wasting time with CT and not fighting climate change, I thought I would re-post this here.

Saturday Song Open Thread - Richland Woman Blues

Hey, it's songday. I pick a song that I believe warrants it and publish an assortment of the covers of that song by various persons and or groups. Pick a few that are new to you and have a listen. It is also, of course, an open thread to talk about anything you feel like.

Today's song is: Richland Woman Blues