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The Democratic Party: My Third and Current Paradigm (Part 1)

I used to see the Democratic Party as the only political benefactor of most Americans--regulation of businesses to protect individuals; economic and social safety nets, unions, Medicare, equal rights--basically, the New Deal and the Great Society, with a soupçon of Woodrow Wilson.

So, I wanna start a Co-Op.

But I have no idea how to go about it. So, I'm asking for some advice on Co-Ops from those who know.

Here's the tentative plan.

I know a lot of wannabee craftsmen/blacksmiths who want to work but are stuck paying a couple hundred dollars a day at LEAST for forge time because we have no space that's available. The Idea is to pool resources, get a workspace and a communal set of tools.

Russian Bot factory exposed altering the 2018 election!

Yes, yes, Queen Hillary was right! There indeed was a Russian bot factory affecting a major U.S. election in 2018. The outcome was a net zero because the botnet may have succeeded in getting DINO Doug Jones elected to fill the vacant Alabama Senate seat. Who did he defeat? Theocrat Roy Ten Commandments Moore. As much as I dislike the Dem establishment, I dislike Moore for his right wing theocratic politics.