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Before Believing

Yesterday afternoon Cal Fire announced it had determined the source of the fire. A power line on a PG&E transmission tower in the Pulga area broke free and slapped into the tower. Presumably the high winds whipped the wire into fire; a "flash mark" was observed on the tower, where the wire hit: in that "flash mark,” there be the fire. Meanwhile, near Concow and Rim roads, unspecified "vegetation"—we'll guess a tree, or trees—"made contact" with other power lines, sparking a second fire. That second fire was subsumed in the Pulga blaze, as it raced into Concow, Paradise, Magalia, the canyon, and wherever else it felt like going.

The End of Migrant Workers

The writing is on the wall. In a fairly short time as such things go, migrant workers (and for that matter, domestic farm workers) will become an anachronism. Writing algorithms for farm machinery is much simpler than writing them for automobiles. There are far fewer variables involved, and the "obstacle course" is much easier to navigate.

Robots Take the Wheel as Autonomous Farm Machines Hit Fields

Robots are taking over farms faster than anyone saw coming.

Roger Stone challenges DOJ to prove Russia hacked the DNC

Roger Stone has challenged the predicate that Russia hacked the DNC and the admissibility of evidence using that predicate.

Roger Stone Questions DOJ on Predicate of Russia DNC Hack…
Posted on May 11, 2019 by sundance

Tucker Carlson, Col. Macgregor: what's wrong with War with Iran

Tucker Carlson interviews Col. Douglas Macgregor on the Iran War thesis. I take great heart in seeing common sense in the conservative community. It's like a breath of fresh air while we are suffocating within the insanity of neoliberal, neocon hot air. I think the photos of John Bolton in this piece also make the point that Bolton is simply deranged.

Representative Mike Rogers Tweets Out a Concise Summary of the Deep State’s Russophobic Lies

Originally published Jul 17, 2018

Following Trump’s summit with Putin, Representative Mike Rogers (R) of Alabama issued a tweet that quite concisely summarized the chief lies that have been used to demonize Russia and keep us plowing our money into the military-industrial complex.