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China versus the U.S.: will trade war become hot war? Falling into the Thucydides Trap

American politicians are almost unique in failing to learn from history--although M. Macron is giving our pols a run for the money (Rothchild's actually) by suppressing the Yellow Vests. The lesson I am sharing with you is not new. It's 2500 years old in fact and well documented too.

Democrats Unanimously Vote for Trump to Hire Antisemitism Propganda Envoy

The new 116th Congress starts the new year off in a typical bipartisan fashion, when it comes to Israel, by (almost) unanimously passing H.R.221- Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism Act, in an effort to force Trump to hire an Israel propaganda agent. Yes for all those "AOC" fans, that included her and the other one who called Trump a "shut your mouth". Dems: Yay - 226, No - 0.

Don't you just love the smell of AIPAC in the halls of Congress in the afternoon.

Please indulge me.

I have never published a short essay. To the contrary, I have had to divide most of them into more than one part because I ran out of internet before I could finish the essay. So, please indulge me, just this once, in a simple musical interlude to accompany this story:

Caitlin Is Excited About Tulsi

For any with hope that Sanders would denounce the party, go full anti-war and run independent in 2020 this won't be hopeful:

Features » January 14, 2019
Bernie Sanders: Democrats Need to Rein In Our Out-of-Control Military Spending

Democrats must challenge unnecessary spending and interventions—beginning with the war in Yemen.
BY Bernie Sanders

This is getting repetitive

The global establishment has a formula for any and all popular movements and politicians that threaten the power and wealth of the ruling elite, and they use it a lot.

Is it even possible to oppose the status quo and not be 1) a foreign agent, 2) stupid, and 3) racist? I doubt if Jesus himself returned today, and he denounced the money-lenders, that he wouldn't be "outed" as a lazy, stupid, racist, Putin Puppet.