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Here we have your basic Emergency Open Thread

The sun is up, I'm up and there is no OT. OTOH, I've got a ton to do today, no plan, no topic, and no real inspiration. The muse is off somewhere musing about something. We (my wife & I) adhered to the women's day "no women" program except that, obviously, she was here.

Liberals must not say: "liberal," "left," "progressive" or "populist."

First, of course, liberals must not say "liberals." (Duu-uuh!) Remember the BCTYAI (Big Club That You Ain't In), including, of course, the PPC (Politician Pundit Complex)? Well, the BCTYAI launched an attack on "loony," "moonbat" liberals (as distinguished from "pragmatic" liberals). That Luntz-like maneuver seemed relatively effective: In the U.S., which is more conservative in some ways than many other nations, "liberal" became a slur word.

CIA's new target--brain hacking, part 2, rationale

In Brain hacking, part 1, I pointed out some of the technology, with lots more technology to be discussed, so that you may see how close to reality this idea is. The technology exists and just needs refinement. Don't doubt for a moment that the CIA is working on it.

The core of part 1 is based upon mind-to-mind communication.

The International Women Day

I'm going to talk about something very painful to me. I've had the need to write about this for a long time. And the tears are aleady flowing.
It's about my mom. Doris Oleana Munniks. She died on November 30, 1989.
Every Womens Day jabs at me to tell her story.
She was, without doubt, one of the first modern day feminist. Born in a hollow in the back country of Appalachia. West by God Virginia. As was I.

Evil descended on Austin

That is something everyone can agree on. Just exactly what that evil was is what we disagree on.

This morning SB 6, which is HB 2 reincarnated and beamed over from North Carolina, was passed by the Texas Senate Affairs Committee by a vote on 8-1. That followed testimony on Tuesday of over 250 people which lasted more than 13 hours. There were 253 witnesses who testified against SB6 and 29 who testified in favor of it.

Good Morning, America, here is my little love letter from Germany

Hamburg bars offer 'Mexican' drink to protest Trump G20 attendance

Over 20 bars in Hamburg have banded together to protest against US President Donald Trump‘s visit to the northern German city for the Group of 20 (G20) summit in July.

I like this quote:

          If you give me a choice between taking $1000 from twenty million families or hitting 50,000 people who shuffle money around all day, I'll take it from the people who shuffle money.

          I would be interested to know now many here would agree this thought is consistent with their point of view.

Class and the White Trash Revolution (WTR)

Middle- and upper-class America are desperately fighting the WTR, just as they have historically always fought off White Trash demands for justice and fairness. And it is true that there is no guarantee at this date that the WTR will not descend into fascism. Certainly, many of the same xenophobic and fascist elements are similar to the 1930s.

While Everyone Is Breathless about Russians . . .


. . . Wikileaks has brought forth the first of multiple installments of alleged CIA documents (which all have so far indicated look to be the real thing), detailing the ways that the U.S. is spying upon others and upon its own citizens.

The power of the king.

For all practical purposes the office of the American President has become one of an uncrowned king.

There are many, many steps that led us to this point, but the parallels are blatant and numerous. Our uncrowned king has the power of life and death over his citizens, the authority to impose laws via fiat, and no accountability to any save the nobles which are the only check on his power.

Open Thread - Rants, Muses, Books & Music (and Some Cooking Too).

It's good to see you. Come on in, leave your shoes in the hallway, we've got fire on the stove preparing lunch for later. In the meantime, browse the bookshelves and plunk down on the sofa with one, or pick out some tunes from the music library or come in to the kitchen to help with the cooking. Our special blend of tea is steeping and will be right up.