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Al Qaeda Kidnapped Syrian Civilians, Gassed Them, Filmed Their Death Throes, and Blamed It All on Assad — and the US and Its UN Puppets Swallowed It Whole

Originally published Nov 10, 2017

Robert Parry’s new essay on Consortium News responds to the UN/OPCW joint report which concluded that Assad’s forces were responsible for the gassing incident, allegedly involving sarin, that occurred in Khan Seikhoun on the morning of April 4th of this year.

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The sky is falling

it fell,


didn’t you receive an ice cold text?


Green leaves hug neighborhoods, forest streams

hiding views

of things dead

The sky is falling

on who,


everyone, sooner or later,

between summer and fall ...

love the fall


its colorful falling

collecting 'leafs' into piles of sameness,

The Mother Conspiracy — Who Launched the Russia Hoax?

In recent months, a number of Inspectors have been quietly deployed to look into such matters as the abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which was fraudulently used against a presidential candidate in order to sabotage his campaign and/or presidency. The findings on this are expected sometime next month. To discover how how the Russia Hoax was initially launched, the Intelligence Community Inspector General, Michael Atkinson, has been looking into spying reports centered on Donald Trump that began in early 2016, long before FISA warrants were acquired in September of that year. The investigation looks at spying that was done by foreign intelligence services, including the UK, to skirt laws that bar US intelligence from spying on American citizens. Of particular interest are the damaging and manipulative intelligence leaks made to the media by US intelligence services, including the FBI, the CIA, and the NSA.

The Five Eyes Intelligence Agencies by Hieronymus Bosch

Ukraine-Organized Kangaroo Court (JIT) Shockingly Blames Russia for MH-17 Shoot-Down

Originally published May 26, 2018

The Joint Investigation Team, organized by Ukraine and consisting of it and Netherlands, Australia, Belgium, and Malaysia — allies hand-picked by Ukraine — has elaborated on the preliminary findings it published in September 2016. The JIT now claims to have proof that the culprit BUK missile came from the Russian army’s 53rd anti-aircraft missile brigade, headquartered at Kursk.

Did the Syrian Army Ever Use Chemical Weapons in the Recent War? I Very Much Doubt It.

Originally published Apr 27, 2018

The claims that the Syrian government was responsible for the sarin gas attacks at Ghouta in 2013 and at Khan Sheikoun in 2017 have been roundly debunked by leading investigative journalists and analysts, including Sy Hersh, Robert Parry, Dr. Ted Postol, Ray McGovern, and Gareth Porter. Have a good wallow: