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Another Middle Finger From Employers

So my Voc Rehab counselor said there was a potential Mail Clerk position at Kennedy Space Center that paid 25 dollars an hour. Sounded promising enough, that is, until I got the job description.

Most of it was pretty straight forward, but then I got to the qualifications section and I got angry.

What We Know About Collusion by Obama, the DNC and Hillary to Rig the Primaries - Part 1

With the brouhaha over Donna Brazile's self-serving revelations that Hillary effectively bought the DNC after entering into an agreement that allowed the Clinton campaign an unprecedented amount of control over the DNC during the primaries, a lot of other facts about the Dem establishment supporting Clinton long before August 2015 is not being mentioned. So let's review the full timeline shall we, beginning in 2013.

The Weekly Watch

The Situation is Revolting...
So Where's the Revolution?

I think the revolution been stifled with silence, prevented by propaganda, and choked with debt and economic struggle. The important stories are not presented to “We the People”, or the stories are spun to promote more war and corporate profit. Mix in a capitalist collection of ads designed to make you eat stuff that's bad for you, ask your doctor for more drugs, take out a forward and reverse mortgage, and of course love your favorite fossil fuel company.

Public services like education, healthcare, and I would add a balanced rational press or news media, should not be operated by for-profit corporations because the real mission of helping people is lost in the quest for ever more return for investment. The Fourth Estate has been inherited (or perhaps purchased or captured?) by the elite. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fourth_Estate


More DNC Scandal - Trying to Put Bernie in the Frame

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Hey, happy Saturday! We are back in Santa Fe from our camping/kayaking trip to Lake Powell and Zion, catching up on chores.

Took a minute to read the headlines and some of the essays here on C99, and I just read something which surprised me. To be honest, it stunned me.

(DNC caught lying again): Sanders campaign document reveals fundraising relationship with DNC

Sanders campaign document reveals fundraising relationship with DNC

A joint fundraising agreement between the Bernie Sanders campaign and the Democratic National Committee -- obtained Friday by ABC News and signed at the start of the primary campaign for the 2016 presidential election -- does not include any language about coordinating on strategic decisions over hiring or budget, unlike a fundraising memo between the Hillary Clinton team and the DNC.

ALEC Violator List

I ran across an interesting list over at the Center For Media & Democracy from a Buzz Feed article:


New research by the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD) shows that the pay-to-play lobby group’s biggest corporate funders are also among the nation’s biggest violators of the health, safety, consumer, worker, and environmental protection laws ALEC seeks to dismantle.


It didn’t have to be this way. Obama’s campaign operation, Obama for America, took small-dollar giving to never-before-seen heights and opened up the possibility of a transformation of politics. But he quickly decided to marginalize his group after the 2008 election. He renamed it Organizing for America, but ordered it to do very little organizing, worried that if grassroots activists attacked Blue Dog Democrats, they would bolt from the president and lose in 2010.

(HAHAHAHA!): A copy of the agreement between Clinton (HFA) and the DNC

This is hard to deny. What really irks me is how in the Hell could cheated Sanders supporters ever imagine being screwed so blatantly by EVERY-FUCKING-BODY in the damn party? This was a ‘conspiracy’ between the HEAD of the party which was Obama’s, and the head of the DNC who was DWS, and the Clinton Creature and her campaign to deny our right to a free election and to steal money meant for candidates OTHER than Her.

Memo Reveals Details of Hillary Clinton-DNC Deal

Friday Night Photos

Snowing at the moment, but I've just received the latest shot from the Trubble telescope. Here we see the corruption and darkest recesses of the galaxy DNC. Apparently, ethics and legality are of very little concern in this dank, rank and generally mank part of the universe. The hole left of center is where the money gets passed through.