Tulsi's possible destruction of the Democrat Party with Catalytic Aid from HRC

Based upon recent happenings in the Dem's Klown Kavalcade, a plausible construct can be achieved during this 2020 Primary that the party is busy sawing off the stem of the tree branch which supports them all. Dems have been notoriously incompetent in their Trump coup, though it isn't for lack of trying. I remember a video of a wren, trapped inside a house, trying to fly through the closed picture window door.

Medusa returns

Lest we forget. Fellow Swampers and those remaining dry, it was just a few cycles around the sun, that your faithful alligator, along with many others, were faced with a nightmare scenario: Medusa, aka Hildebeast, aka Her, aka Sociopath par excellance, competing for control of Amerikan Corporacy with Herr Drumpf. Lesser of two evils. Oy veh! What a choice: will you take hemlock or arsenic, Socrates?

October Surprise: Battle of the Giants--Godzilla vs. Mothra

My aunt Alithea, a very wise gator with long-standing swamp knowledge of slimy snakes and other venomous reptiles, has predicted, with the aid of sophisticated alligatorithms, fearlessly about the Presidential Primary. The presidential primary is famous for 11th hour or October Surprises, in which a new candidate suddenly appears as if from nowhere. This candidate will arise from the smoke and ashes of candidate immolation.

The case of HRC's successor server

Not getting much play in the Mostly Shit Media is the tale of the server that nobody ever knew about except the Clintons, David Kendall, Jim the Weasel Comey, Andy McCabe and Peter the Insurance Policy Strzok et al.

Surprisingly, this issue has not ruffled the feathers of c99ers. (Do we have feathers at all?) Now, should we be surprised? Only if "woke" yesterday--or oblivious to Clintonian caca de vaca.

The HRC Server Scandal and the "Russiagate" Dirty Dossier Merge

Here’s where the snake swallows its own tail in the HRC Server Investigation becomes the Russiagate scandal.

We’re now hearing that Sid Blumenthal was feeding Christopher Steele information from foreign sources that made its way into the latter’s Dirty Dossier against Trump. If true, here’s where the snake swallows its own tail in the HRC Server Investigation becomes the Russiagate Scandal. Now, both scandals are starting to make sense, in some very dark, ironic way.

New Washington shoe fashion craze: these boots aren't made for walking

Hello again, fellow swampers and fashionistas. Your loyal reporter is here to alert you of the new fashion craze sweeping Washington. Normally, I don't pay much attention to shoes but recently my attention has been drawn to a phenomenon deserving of comments. You all know that I welcome your comments (donations to the AU Trust Fund are also appreciated).

Alligator University Press announces the 2018 Hillary Clinton Calendar

Yes, folks, we are taking orders for this new calendar right now. We expect 2018 to be a big year for Hill and Bill. Sorry folks, but the University will not be issuing a Bill Clinton calendar (ask Harvey Weinstein why).

Mandatory display of AU logo:

The Malign Comedy: DINO bribing RINOs--OR What's all the fuss about Corruption?

Apparently my amygdala is back in shape after the several head injuries I sustained mentioned in a c99 essay. You may remember that Doctor Elwyn said that loss of the "seriousness" capacity was only temporary. Several commenters said "get well soon" .

Picture of me at the height of seriousness loss: