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Cerebral Organoids

Science, in its quest for understanding the world around us, both within and without the human condition, has made great strides forward in developing techniques to better help us comprehend the complex structure and pathology of the human brain. One of these advancements are organoids.

Organoids are 3D cell cultures derived from pluripotent stem cells that mimic the structure, function, and cellular complexity of human organs. These in vitro, miniaturized versions of organs are especially well suited for studying complex multicellular organ structures, such as the brain, retina, kidney, and lungs, and are now widely used to study organ development and disease.


Recently scientists have for the first time grown mini-brains from fetal brain tissue that are about the size of a grain of rice. Tiny brains were previously grown from fetal stem cells but now, for the first time, from actual fetal brain tissue, opening exciting possibilities for the future.

mini brain.jpg
This close-up image shows one of the tissue-derived minibrains, with stem cells in blue and nerve cells color-coded from pink to yellow depending on how far they were from the outer surface of the minibrain. (Image credit: Princess Máxima Center, Hubrecht Institute/B Artegiani, D Hendriks, H Clevers)
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Time Tripping

The Past and Future World

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The world is in flux. Things are changing as the balance of power shifts from West to East. In a desperate bid to maintain US hegemony, there are efforts to stir up both an Iranian conflict and use Taiwan as Ukraine 2.0. There is push back. There are massive protests in Germany as farmers and truckers join forces to demand their government serve the needs of their people rather than Ukraine. South Africa's case against Israel's genocide in Gaza made it to court this week dealing another blow to western hegemony. Things are indeed in a state of flux....hopefully for the better.

(11 min) St. George's great routine on time...

World Economic Forum Annual Meeting

"Rebuilding Trust"
15–19 January 2024

Oops, they broke the pot, now they are asking us to trust them to rebuild it?

The overarching theme of the Open Forum Davos 2024 will be:

"From Lab to Life: Science in Action"

Davos 2024: This Years Meeting Of The Globalist Elites Is All About ‘Trust’ Says WEF

Album of the Week 1-13-24

Afternoon folks!

There's some great blues in store for you all this week! Starting off, there's a double album from Muddy Waters fronting a super group on a half-studio, half-live album, following that there's a compilation album of Champion Jack Dupree's New Orleans piano blues and the blues selections finish off with a compilation album of Sun Records recordings from the 50's/60's with some great stuff from Billy "The Kid" Emerson, Rosco Gordon and a bunch of much lesser-known artists.

After that we've got blues-rock albums this week from Johnny Winter and a live album from DC blues band The Nighthawks. Finishing off there's a rock and roll album from noted Texas blues singer Lou Ann Barton.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Welcome to Saturday's Potluck - Jan 13, 2024

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”
Pablo Picasso

Still working on better understanding the events of the early 1960's and the successful push towards world peace.

Nuclear Test Ban Treaty John F Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum.

Success in Moscow

President Kennedy selected Averell Harriman, an experienced diplomat known and respected by Khrushchev, to resume negotiations in Moscow. An agreement to limit the scope of the test ban paved the way for a treaty. By excluding underground tests from the pact, negotiators eliminated the need for the on-site inspections that worried the Kremlin.