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First They Came for Bannon, Jones, and Trump

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I don't care if you like these figures or not, you should be concerned about the perversion of law to attack people who are targets of the "deep state". Isn't it interesting how obviously guilty Hunter skates as the law is used and even stretched to persecute these people on the right. I'm not sure when the deep state/CIA/FBI married the DNC, but "Russiagate", the lack of prosecution of Hillary, and election engineering make obvious the connection. Hillary nor Biden could fill a room, when both Bernie and Trump were filling auditoriums and stadiums. Many Dims accept they were cheated in the 2000 election in Florida, and 2004 in Ohio, but can't fathom that Trump was cheated in 2020. Now I'm not saying he was, but I'm open minded about the possibility.


I want to be clear. I'm no fan of Trump (and even less a fan of the warmonger Biden). Remember 2016? You know when Bill Clinton talked Trump into running because he thought Hillary could easily defeat him. And as Hillary's emails reveal, the Clintons persuaded their media connections to feature Trump over the other GOP candidates, and he called in to every morning news show almost every day. Then once Trump gets the nomination, suddenly the tone changes (other than Faux News) and for the next five years it is "Trump bad!". And yes he is a narcissistic, self serving, crooked real estate mongol, and game show host, but people liked him more than Hillary, and I can't blame them. I voted for neither.

After the election the Clintons, DNC and deep state connections conspire to sabotage the Trump administration by using the DNC funded BS Steele dossier to promote the fake Russiagate smear which many citizens still believe, especially the Trump deranged. There were two absurd attempts to impeach Trump. The first for not sending weapons to Ukraine to promote the long planned for war there. The second for inciting a riot where mysteriously there was almost no police and absolutely no military presence at the capitol. Trump was the first former president to face trial after leaving office and the only president to be impeached twice. Once again I'm no fan, but this seems a bit excessive and smacks of deep state collusion.

Now I'm not a lawyer, but Robert Barnes is...and a pretty high profile one too. He shares his view on the DOJ raid, the Jones case, Ukraine, and more. An interesting and insightful legal look at these events.

Trump raid, Biden DOJ crosses the Rubicon w/Robert Barnes

Cued to the Trump raid discussion (20+ min)
The 1960's FBI at the 32 min mark including cointellpro
Alex Jones case discussion at the 45 min mark
Ukraine and then Taiwan discussion at the 1 hour 20 min mark
The inflation increasing plan that just passed at the 2 hour 10 min mark
A worthwhile conversation best digested in pieces as it is 2.5 hours in total.

Alex and Alexander followed up on that previous conversation on Saturday. They speculate that Trump may have been holding incriminating evidence on the FBI perhaps it's Russia/Steele dossier collusion dirt, Biden and Hunter's role in Ukraine, and/or maybe spygate. Who knows at present? However, it is an interesting idea. (18 min)

FBI Mar-a-Lago raid, Trump, Charles I of England and a nervous swamp

Jackson Hinkle has an good take too. Similar to my own.

17 min

The great irony here is the dimwits have once again shot themselves in the foot.
Trump Raid Is Sabotaging The Democrats' Campaign

Russell defends Alex Jones. 10 min

A court has ruled Alex Jones must pay $45 million in punitive damages in the case against him regarding his comments about Sandy Hook. So, what does the case against the Infowars creator and so called conspiracy theorist represent?

Isn't it interesting that all three, Trump, Jones, and Bannon were all banned from twitter as the first attack...prior to prosecuting them in court. So step one is censoring, and if that doesn't work take them to court in order to silence them?


You may think all three are bad (cause that's all you hear on MSM)...I must admit I ain't wild about any of them, but I don't like to see the justice department and government agencies used for political motives. This seems like "Watergate" done openly by the FBI rather than secretly by spies. Both involve breaking into opponents headquarters. But that is only the start. Then they come after anyone who exposes "unacceptable narratives". Once they make censorship acceptable then they come after the left (if there is a left remaining in the US) too.

Ukraine Targets Anti-War YouTubers With Digital Warfare (10 min)
You know all about the Russian troll farms, but have you heard about the Ukrainian troll farms? That’s right, they exist, and some of those busy online bees have been coordinating digital assaults on popular YouTubers who haven’t fallen in line with the dominant narrative on Ukraine – specifically Jimmy Dore and Jackson Hinkle. They’ve had some success in getting Hinkle’s content removed – and gloated over it on Discord.

Chris had an excellent series of clips this week on how media fact checks people to then censor. He starts by looking at Politifact (16 min)

PolitiFact Exposed: No science & Poor Ethics

He then covers AP... Unqualified For The Job: Time To Meet AP's Fact Checkers (17 min)

Then he looks at the people removing information on Facebook...
Facebook's Censorship Exposed: Chris takes on Meta (14 min)

And finally he examines Twitter's murky process of censorship.
Twitter's Censorship Exposed: Anti-Science, Opaque and Petty (19 min)

So the bottom line is unqualified people who suffer from woke group think make these calls about acceptable and unacceptable messages and information.

Canada is a great example where the government vaccine policy committee included no scientist nor doctors.

In a rare move that is sure to surprise Canadians but also serve as a relief, the Federal Court has begun releasing the documents submitted for the trial on vaccine mandates for air travel which pits two residents of Canada against Justin Trudeau. The court decided to do this after an exclusive report by journalist, Rupa Subramanya, which claimed that the government body which was in charge of writing mandates had no one with a medical background as part of the body. Sound familiar?

Following the damning report by Subramanya, the official Twitter account of the Federal Court cited interest in the matter on Friday before going on to release a link to the proceedings. The Federal Court tweeted that the documents filed in Federal Court were public unless there was a confidentiality order. Due to the interest in the matter of Karl Harrison et al. versus the Attorney General, all documents had been posted to the Court’s website.

Normally, people request documents from the court’s registrar though court documents are made public in Canada. Before now, the Federal Court only traditionally broadcasted trial decisions and not ongoing case documents. It was on May 30 that a decision was reached to publish court documents concerning the collection of data by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.

(7 min clip)

It is not new to control of the narrative. I suspect the CIA/FBI/deep state became our real government back in the 60's. (1 hour)

The Rise of America's Secret Government: The Devil's Chessboard - Allen Dulles & the CIA
Talbot's book The Devil's Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America's Secret Government is a biography examining the career of Allen Dulles. According to Talbot, Dulles orchestrated the assassination of Kennedy at the behest of corporate leaders who perceived the President to be a threat to national security, lobbied Lyndon B. Johnson to have himself appointed to the Warren Commission, then arranged to have Lee Harvey Oswald take sole responsibility for the act. The book charges that the conspirators in JFK's death also murdered Bobby Kennedy as they perceived him to be "a wild card, an uncontrollable threat" that would reveal the plot.The book has stirred debate about the history of the CIA. In a review for the San Francisco Chronicle, Glenn C. Altschuler stated, "Talbot’s indictment is long, varied and sensational." Altschuler wrote: "Animated by conspiracy theories, the speculations and accusations in his book often run far ahead of the evidence, even for those of us inclined to believe the worst about Allen Dulles."But the book was praised elsewhere, including Kirkus Reviews, whose starred review, called it "a frightening biography of power, manipulation and outright treason. [...] all engaged American citizens should read this book and have their eyes opened."

We don’t need the CIA - The Chris Hedges Report (34 min)

Chris Hedges and John Kiriakou discuss the CIA, how it has evolved, how it sees its mission, what it does, how it works, and the effects of its clandestine operations around the globe.
John Kiriakou worked for the CIA from 1990 to 2004, first as an analyst, and later as a counterterrorism operations officer overseas in Bahrain, Athens, and Pakistan, where he was the CIA’s Chief of Counterterrorist Operations.He became the sixth whistleblower indicted under the Espionage Act by the Obama administration and was sent to prison for two and a half years.

Today the AI tools of deep state are frightening.

Facial Recognition Replacing Tickets At Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium (6 min)
Facial recognition technology is widely lauded by the technorati for all the convenience it will offer just as the same technology is derided as an Orwellian tool of the security state by advocates of personal liberty. Either way it’s not just coming; it’s already here. The latest example: Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz stadium will be replacing paper or digital tickets for high-end event attendees with a system based on facial recognition.

We continue to goose step closer to a digital fascist police state... Where wrong think is censored and punished, the goal is more power for the elite, and you will own nothing and be happy.

And what’s funny is if you carefully watch the way power moves in the world, you will see that this is pretty much how it works. The most vicious among us are elevated to the top, because all our systems are built in a way which elevates viciousness.

Klaus is often cited bragging about Trudeau and his WEF trained cabinet. Most western government leaders have attended the WEF Global leadership training. I caught a discussion of the Great Reset (35 min) this week, and though I don't agree with all the views in the podcast, it was encouraging to see the message and threat of the global plan getting out.

At the World Economic Forum meeting last November, Klaus Schwab, the founder, and chairman of the WEF, Henry Kissinger, heads of state, and other billionaire power brokers determined that by 2030, the little people “will own nothing and be happy.” Today’s guest explains that these ideologies are both dangerous and evil.

Henry Kissinger is quoted as saying, “If you control the food, you control a nation. If you control the energy, you control a region. If you control the money, you control the world.” History tells us this is true.

Mark Moss, author of his new book “Uncommunist Manifesto” says, “Per the UN, it’s estimated 860 million people could starve to death in the next 24 months.”

Hosts Robert and Kim Kiyosaki and guest Mark Moss discuss Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum, and “The Great Reset”.

However even the complicit Kissinger is concerned about US warmongering.
Mr. Kissinger sees today’s world as verging on a dangerous disequilibrium. “We are at the edge of war with Russia and China on issues which we partly created, without any concept of how this is going to end or what it’s supposed to lead to,” he says.

And to augment the surveillance state, how about 87,000 new armed IRS agents targeting those making less than $200,000?

J6, 87,000 IRS agents, and the raid are all connected. They want us divided into those who will comply and those who will not. This is important before they move forward with their plans for The Great Reset. They want lists, so they’re attempting to start a civil war. It’s a cold civil war now, but it may turn hot soon.

The piece continues...

But as more Americans are put on lists and the so-called risk of “domestic terrorism” rises in the form of fearmongering narratives, we will see more 4 am raids on patriots. It won’t just be the high-profile targets like Roger Stone or Peter Navarro. They will be hitting as many average Joe Americans as possible. We’ve seen what happens when nations embrace this police state authoritarianism, and the United States is showing major signs of following suit. The jackboots are coming.

That's why I titled this, First they came for Trump...

We have so many emergencies around the world, but instead of addressing these life threatening issues, we wage more war. (8 min)

A strong United States is the key to world peace and global prosperity. It's the myth that perpetuates the U.S.'s quest for military dominance. But if the U.S. war machine does not stop and the country is always ready to use force to advance its hegemonic interests, how will the world achieve peace?

Why? Profits play a big role. (8 min)

Is the U.S. involvement in Ukraine a defense of democracy or lining the pockets of politicians and businessmen? Which U.S. companies have consistently been among the world's most valuable? America is the world's largest arms exporter by a massive margin. Exactly how much does the U.S. dominate the market? A CGTN special investigates "The Military-Industrial Factor".

The Business of War: Profit from conflict (6 min)

Countries around the world are aware of US bullying to maintain hegemony.

South African minister rejects bullying about Russia from Europe and calls US House bill offensive. Minister of International Relations, Doctor Naledi Pandor hosted U.S. Secretary of State, Antony Blinken on August 8, 2022, for a South Africa-United States Strategic Dialogue. The US House bill mentioned is the Countering Malign Russian Activities in Africa Act.

I like to close these pieces with something positive. There are many inspiring people and projects.
We desperately need to cooperate around the world to, for one thing, address weather weirding.
Europe's rivers are running dry as the climate crisis worsens (9 min). It isn't just in Europe, droughts (or floods) are common wolrd wide including the States. Life to change for 40 million people as Colorado River continues to dry up "This is not a drought, this is aridification," Rhett Larson, a water law professor at Arizona State University, said. "This is not something we can wait out. This is not something we can survive. This is the new world we live in."

So you may be thinking there's no way we can address problems like drought....but we can. People have on a large scale... 5 Most Epic Earth Healing Projects!

Fast forward through the ad in the middle

So you may be thinking, yeah but what can I do as an individual. Look how the host in the previous clip lives on a 1/3rd acre urban lot in Corvallis, Oregon. (30 min)

Turns barren suburban lot into high-yield Microfarm & YT studio
Andrew Millison has spent the past 12 years turning a grassy yard into a high-yielding microfarm with more than enough produce, eggs and honey to feed his family.
Every corner of his front, back, and side yard is covered with fruits, vegetables, cover crops, bee hives, chicken coops, grey water treatment plants, and even a bamboo forest that supplies garden fencing.
He intentionally planted fruit all along the perimeter of his corner lot to feed the neighborhood, as well as plenty of native flowers to encourage pollinators.
Millison, who teaches online permaculture courses at Oregon State, turned an old shed on the property into his home office so he can now take breaks to tend his garden while working:
“For me, it's the perfect relationship between work and garden because I'll be sitting here and I'll think the chickens are being really loud, and I’ll go and see they're out of food or I'll hear the humming of the bees and suddenly be like ‘oh my god my bees are swarming.’ I feel like my work and play relationship is very nice.”

4 min

So to close out, do you really think Trump's "crime" of keeping documents required the extreme, to my mind, over the top, search before using less aggressive measures to procure the paperwork? Do you think it odd the Judge who signed off on the search warrant had been CIA asset Jeffry Epstein's lawyer and an Obama donor? We'll see. Perhaps there will be some world threatening files there. My guess is the arrogant elite overplayed their hand and the episode will reveal, yet again, the incompetence of the Biden administration.

I look forward to your comments, ideas, and thoughts below. Have a good Sunday!

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It sounds like the corporate government's divide and conquer strategy has progressed beyond going after the populace. Now it is eating itself. This may be a good development? We'll see.

Some Sunday morning tinkle music ..

Thanks for the watch LO!

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...and shitting on us.

Tulsi Gabbard: There is no turning back

Thanks for the tune and scenery.
Here's one back atcha..

Have a good one!

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“Until justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.”

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Gives the tune a sense of danger!

Tulsi is great. I guess if one wants to make an imprint on the political circus
it is good to be media based. Like comedians, game show hosts and talking heads.
Or cartoon characters even!

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@Lookout is accelerating her rightward drift and is positioning herself for a regular Fox gig, where she can conduct more softball interviews with R officials.

Her comments were a combination of platitudes, buzzwords and overreaction in ways meant to please her Fox audience. Not persuasive in the least.

I was a supporter in the 2020 cycle for her solid anti-regime change stance, alone among Ds as far as office holders seeking the presidency. From what I've seen of her lately, she will no longer have my considerable support as she doesn't seem fully supportive of the concept of no one being above the law and seems more interested in finding a friendly home where the dark forces on the right dwell.

She began her rant with "Regardless of what one thinks of Donald Trump" but conveniently left out a clear expression of exactly what she thinks of Trump outside of the current investigation. Not very courageous but consistent with someone about to transition politically.

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But the get Trump regardless of abuse of power stance, I can't buy. I like Tulsi's take. You don't. Fine we can agree to disagree about this topic.

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“Until justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.”

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Trump, it would water down and distract from her message about our
law-enforcement/intel/justice cabal and it's ominous dip into Stasi-like behavior and rhetoric/threats.

That issue came up a lot in the fifties and sixties, criticize McCarthy and somebody would be sure to snidely ask why one didn't also criticize Russia. The answer is simple - "not relevant". US political discussions seemingly always have been and still are shockingly full of irrelevant material and considerations.

all men are mortal
Socrates is a man
ergo Socrates is mortal

But Hey! What about his cheap ass toga, huh?
--- Not Relevant.

be well and have a good one

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That, in its essence, is fascism--ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or by any other controlling private power. -- Franklin D. Roosevelt --

@enhydra lutris Tulsi will have another opportunity quite soon on her next Fox appearance or the one after to finally come clean about her feelings about Trump, and in a context where she doesn't have to digress. It's always a good time to clarify matters, esp wrt her former backers from the left like me, but also because she is holding herself out as quite the exemplar of rectitude on moral/ethical/legal norms and rights.

Of course, I don't buy her Fox-friendly over-the-top attempt to portray Merrick The Meek as something from the Stasi/Gestapo. Centrist MG strikes me as too cautious and too willing to avoid major controversy, and so I'm fairly confident there is some real there there in the docs, not just innocuous doodling from the Oval. He likely felt at a certain point, after many months, he had no choice but to act, and failure to do so might have led to a major rebellion in the DOJ ranks. Damned if he does, damned if he doesn't.

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is no such thing as a centrist, even back in the days of the chamber of deputies. Today it is some flavor of conservative, how conservative varies, but for sure conservative.

I'm reminded of old go along to get along Panetta, moderate to an extreme, worked with both sides and, when made director of the CIA immediately absolved everybody in the agency, past, present and future of any responsibility or culpability for any and all war crimes so long as they said that they thought they were somehow obeying