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COVID-19: the plandemic

I've written quite a bit about the "virus" and how the uncertainty still persists about case ascertainment, incidence, prevalence, lethality, etc.

If you're interested in this, consult my prior essays. If your not interested in this, please return to watching "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills".

Should I bother to list the essays here? Nah.

Bernie Sander swallows Russiagate whole: won't call out the nonsense

Those of you who think Bernard Sanders is "Mr. Right" or perhaps He Who Should Be President, please read no further. Your ears and eyes may bleed after reading this essay.

Pondering an appropriate subtitle for this essay, the following were considered:

The Camel's nose is under the tent (no reference to K. Harris)
The writing is on the wall (a la the curse of Babylon)
Lay down, roll over, and let me do it again

So many options.

The Deep State blinks: pulling back from the precipice

Deep State, deep fake?

Foregoing discussion of what constitutes the Deep State, DS, consider one of the most prominent extrusions of the DS into our daily lives. It is called the government. The government as originally conceived by the intellectuals, was a social function which endeavored to provide for the life and wellbeing of the common folk. But government has never been such. Government always coerces the poor at the behest of the rich.

What one single photo might prove

Several communitarians have published photos or other visual material with request for captions. Fun and cross-cultivating. Ah, intellectual pollination. I love c99 (as some suspect) because so many of MoFo's are fucking knowledgeable--often;
and quite well-educated (which does not refer to their opinions but reflects well upon a fund of knowledge backed by a fund of intelligence, admixed with humor (including the blackest).

Electoralism is not Democracy

Democracy does not mean merely that we hold elections. Communists had elections. Election campaigns are not the sum total of democracy. Democracy means the elected government obeys the expressed preferences of the electorate. We don't have that anymore. See [EVIDENCE OF DEMOCRACY FAILURE] below.

The ability of the citizens of the US to affect political change by electoral means ended with the 1980 election, when the CIA intervened in the electoral process (The October Surprise).

Four current articles against Deep State policy in Syria

Four articles strongly critical of Deep State policy in Syria may be moving the focus of world attention toward peace and against planetary suicide. I know that's a strong statement, but I feel there is reason to hope that common sense and clear research are gaining attention.

I have not finished reading each of these articles, but I hope we can increase our knowledge and confidence in a future without annihilation by studying them and carrying them forward.

President Trump To Declare National Emergency in Tuesday White House Address


In a blow to the Globalists "Open Borders" policy, and the obstruction efforts by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to block our Country from ever protecting its Southern Border, President Trump will now give a public address from the White House on Tuesday Night to declare a National Emergency and take Executive action to secure our own Country's Borders.


Revenge: Trump Threatens “Deep State” With Declassification “To Find Additional Corruption” As GOP Allies Call For Release

Revenge: Trump Threatens “Deep State” With Declassification “To Find Additional Corruption” As GOP Allies Call For Release

by Tyler Durden
Thu, 09/06/2018 – 10:45

At least Qanon is good for identifying the Russiagate cast and crew

I read all the comments in the thread about who saw Seth Rich in the emergency room, just to make sure this OP wasn't going to be a dupe. In the ER thread, people were worried that the facts just revealed were going to get disappeared again.

I'm here to say that, as long as Qanon is on the job, short of the NSA shutting down the internet, that is unlikely to happen.