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This comes as no surprise, of course, given that the feebs have always had it in for anyone left of Attila the Hun. But it is good to see someone with relatively deep pockets push back a little. From Billboard:

Micky Dolenz Sues FBI to Get Full File on The Monkees

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First They Came for Bannon, Jones, and Trump

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I don't care if you like these figures or not, you should be concerned about the perversion of law to attack people who are targets of the "deep state". Isn't it interesting how obviously guilty Hunter skates as the law is used and even stretched to persecute these people on the right. I'm not sure when the deep state/CIA/FBI married the DNC, but "Russiagate", the lack of prosecution of Hillary, and election engineering make obvious the connection. Hillary nor Biden could fill a room, when both Bernie and Trump were filling auditoriums and stadiums. Many Dims accept they were cheated in the 2000 election in Florida, and 2004 in Ohio, but can't fathom that Trump was cheated in 2020. Now I'm not saying he was, but I'm open minded about the possibility.


A wrap-up of MAGA responses to the FBI raid

Zerohedge is a good place to go if you want to see everything the MAGA crowd might say without having to scour the internet for them.

A New Indictment in the Attempted 2016 Election Overthrow

The New York Post published a story about a new indictment that was filed this week by Special counsel John Durham. Durham is investigating the FISA warrants that the FBI obtained for their wiretaps of Donald Trump, while Trump was a candidate for president in 2016. Russian-born Igor Danchenko, was indicted as the principal source for the bogus Steele dossier. He fed fake Russian intel about Donald Trump to Christopher Steele while he was working at an influential DC think tank. The FBI used the Steele dossier as a basis for their Trump-Russia investigation. The FBI tried for months but were never able to verify anything in the Steele dossier. Nevertheless, they knowingly used the dossier to trick the FISA court into issuing spy warrants, long after the fact.

Michael Flynn vs the Deep State

Recent release of the transcripts of both General Flynn's December 29, 2016 conversation with Russian Ambassador Kislyak and FBI Director Comey's testimony to Congress of March 2, 2017 add immeasurably to our understanding of what happened with Flynn and the Ambassador and with Comey, Congress, and the public's perception.

INFOGRAPHIC Timeline of FISA Abuse

This chart by Jeff Carlson at The Epoch Times is useful in searching the sequence of events of Russiagate. As noted in the subtitle, "In pursuit of surveillance of a Trump campaign adviser, the FBI consistently ignored exculpatory evidence."