Michael Flynn vs the Deep State

Recent release of the transcripts of both General Flynn's December 29, 2016 conversation with Russian Ambassador Kislyak and FBI Director Comey's testimony to Congress of March 2, 2017 add immeasurably to our understanding of what happened with Flynn and the Ambassador and with Comey, Congress, and the public's perception.

INFOGRAPHIC Timeline of FISA Abuse

This chart by Jeff Carlson at The Epoch Times is useful in searching the sequence of events of Russiagate. As noted in the subtitle, "In pursuit of surveillance of a Trump campaign adviser, the FBI consistently ignored exculpatory evidence."


Antiwar.com wins legal case against FBI

Antiwar.com accomplishes a lot here, and the article includes evidence of a contrived reason for surveillance that could have been an actual mistake or a pretended mistake, which is something we might want to watch for in the FBI/CIA cover stories for illegal surveillance of Trump's campaign.

Epstein turned informant for Mueller's FBI in 2008. Likely earlier.

That was while Robert Mueller ran the Bureau, which means everything about Epstein's blackmail and kompromat operation has been tucked safely away out of sight in FBI files for at least a decade. Much longer, new evidence shows.

The case of HRC's successor server

Not getting much play in the Mostly Shit Media is the tale of the server that nobody ever knew about except the Clintons, David Kendall, Jim the Weasel Comey, Andy McCabe and Peter the Insurance Policy Strzok et al.

Surprisingly, this issue has not ruffled the feathers of c99ers. (Do we have feathers at all?) Now, should we be surprised? Only if "woke" yesterday--or oblivious to Clintonian caca de vaca.

Give It Up For Robert Scheer: Russian Red Herring Hysteria Is A Dangerous Farce, And The Warmongering Democrats Need To Be Called On It.

Not many have chanced to stick their neck up and yell above the corporate calliope of the Russian Red Herring Circus Show. Add Scheer to a very exclusive roll call of truthtellers.

I found this at Truthdig yesterday (published on the 11th). Here's a link to the full text, and then some blockquote excerpts:

The Inspector General's Report, what it is and what it is not

I thought I would do a short essay on my own understanding of what the Inspector General's report is and is not. I have read at several places that people are disappointed at the most recent report by Inspector General Michael Horowitz.

Without passing judgment on the content of the IG report, which I have not yet read, I am going to try lay out a framework for understanding what we have seen thus far from the OIG.

Dot-Connection Time: The Inspector General's Report on FBI and DOJ is out.

If you can keep track of the various threads and directions of inquiry in this investigation, you are a better conspiracy theorist than I am. But here's the link, and here are a few sites with good advance preparation: