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Spring has Sprung, and
Change is in the Air

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Did the petrodollar die this week? It is at least the beginning of the end, as oil is sold in yuan and countries like Russia are placing much of their wealth into yuan. The banking sector in the west is still feeling the shock of the bank failures last week, as other banks sit at the brink of collapse. Lula had planned a trip to China but caught pneumonia. I wonder what they plan to discuss, perhaps a Ukraine peace plan? Meanwhile things are not going well for Ukraine as Russian forces continue their advance.

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The Weekly Watch

Train Wreck

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The train wreck in Palestine Ohio seems emblematic of the state of the nation and collective west. We've come off the rails economically, politically, socially, militarily, ecologically... There was some good news this week in the Netherlands, as the farmer protest party (BBB) won the largest number of members of their upper senate. Xi heads to Moscow this week. He may have a concept for peace in Ukraine. If that's true, my bet is the US will oppose it. Much more below the fold...


The Weekly Watch

In Pursuit of Power

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Biden has expanded his powers by declaring a "National Emergency" over the Ukraine proxy war. It only took his signature. Whatta democracy! Clayton will explain his expanded powers in a clip below the fold. Meanwhile we have the US ambassador in China declaring the US as the major power in the region as we sell more weapons to Taiwan. There's also been more fall out from the "lockdown files" as it has become obvious the pandemic was used as a power grab. So we see individuals, nations, and corporations all pursuing ever more power and control.


The Weekly Watch

War Upon War...

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TPTB have China in their sights, and the propaganda is cranking up...spy balloons, the "CHINA" flu, they're sending weapons to Ukraine (as if we are not?), they are going to invade Taiwan (their own province)...you get the idea. The proxy war against Russia in Ukraine isn't going well for the west, and several leaders called out the NATO nations in India this week. American arrogance isn't selling well across they world. Then we have another ongoing war... against us, we the people, by the global elite who are certain they know how we should live and behave. They have an agenda planned.
This graphic illustrates the propaganda message...


Talk about projection

The Weekly Watch

Means of Control

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If nothing else was gleaned from the plandemic, we must recognize how easily we were controlled by scaring us about our health. TPTB took note and no doubt have more in store. Our medical system focuses on illness, not health, after all that's is much more profitable. The processed foods most people eat, make them ill, and add even more profit to big pharma. Another trick in the works is Central Bank Digital Currency, so how and where we spend our money will be supervised and approved. Then of course there is the war machine and its Russia hate propaganda spewing from its Ministry of Truth. The control over the media megaphone underlies all these control mechanisms.


The Weekly Watch

More Lies, Distractions, and Omissions

What's new?
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After being away from the news for 3+ weeks, I've been slowly re-immersing into the cycle. To my mind the big news of the week is Sy Hersh's piece on the US and Norway (plus others) blowing up the Nord Stream pipelines...an act of terror. Though the MSM is ignoring the story, and the white house in full blown denial, Sy has been getting some alternative press coverage. He was interviewed on Democracy Now, Consortium News, and on AcTVism (which I found the best of the three). Though it was obvious to most of us the US was behind the explosion, it is nice to have the details. The other story which has been largely ignored in the MSM is the environmental catastrophe train wreck in Ohio. This story is finally getting a little coverage. Another poorly covered story is the Peace Rally today in DC, Rage Against the War Machine. Sadly TPTB have used identity politics to cause several speakers to drop out. Aaron hosting Jimmy's show explains...(11 min)
Just use the hypertext link for the YT videos.

The Weekly Watch

One More Beach and Birding stop Plus Historic Merida

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Join us on the last week of our Mexican vacation. I hope you've enjoyed this exploration of the Mexican Yucatan. This week we're visiting Celestun and the white city, Merida. Celestun is home to flocks of pink flamingos with a nice beach facing the bay of Campeche. Merida is the capitol of the state of Yucatan. It is a cultural center with lots of museums, music, and foods.


The Weekly Watch

Food Fight!

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Big pharma and big ag have teamed up to feed us crap, make us sick, and sell us drugs for the condition. The WEF is involved in the scam as well, wanting you to eat bugs and halt animal production.

The World Economic Forum is committed to helping define the agriculture industry agenda and drive change that boosts well-being and improves the global food system.

Today lets look at a saner approach as we review the news of the week.