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Spotlight on Schools …

one teacher's perspective

Several years ago I was at an Alabama State School Board meeting when the state president of the Eagle Forum accused the Board of trying to use schools as social engineering machines. My thought was - aren't all schools by their very nature indeed social engineering machines. So, what kind of society do we want to engineer? To create a society we want, we have to focus on the nature of our schools.

(I miss the Red Clay Ramblers and Tommy Thompson)

The Weekly Watch

Truth is stranger than fiction

Life in the age of alternate realities

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It's been a big news week with the loudest scream being Comey, Comey, Comey, Russia, Russia....it keeps the people distracted. In the Middle East the big scream has been Qatar...better get rid of Al Jazeera as the Saudis start a war with Iran. In the meantime, the house votes to do away with the Dodd-Frank luke warm financial regulation. The Senate rushes to pass some sort of T-rumpcare, and on the day Iran was bombed by Saudi surrogates from ISIS, the Senate passed more sanctions on Iran for basically having elections. In the UK Labour made good election gains and the Conservatives are in a mess prior to the Brexit negotiations.

The Weekly Watch

The Corporate Coup

is it complete?

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The success of the corporate oligarchy is evident all around us.... from a “for profit corporation in chief” to his cabinet that owns as much as half the citizens in the country. Like it or not (aware or not) we are subservient to the oligarchs. Remember the fellow hauled off the airplane last month? How about the corporate mercenaries attack against the water protectors at Standing Rock? Or, what about our helplessness as we use our own tax money to finance corporate wars for fossil fuels?

The Weekly Watch

This weekend is the Florida Folk Festival in White Springs.

While I'm there, I thought I might share some memories of some of the musicians that have made this long running festival so special. I think I've been going to the festival for about 30 years. I was amazed my first year at the Florida Folk Festival to hear so many songs about Florida. They not only wrote their own pieces but also sang each others songs.

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I Many Times Thought Peace Had Come
Emily Dickinson

I many times thought Peace had come
When Peace was far away—
As Wrecked Men—deem they sight the Land—
At Centre of the Sea—

And struggle slacker—but to prove
As hopelessly as I—
How many the fictitious Shores—
Before the Harbor be—

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Fantasy: Camouflage Cover Tracks Of Incognito Spy

Margaret Alice

Today I read a most fascinating
account of exciting conspiracy
theories – enough to feed the
imagination for hours to come:
US programs dealt with lasers,
time travel, computer chips,
antigravity systems, magnified
light lenses and genetic
engineering – each term can
be looked up on the Internet
and all this research makes me
feel like a rocket scientist –
just the right camouflage
to cover the tracks of an
incognito spy!

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Lines Written In Early Spring
William Wordsworth

I heard a thousand blended notes,
While in a grove I sate reclined,
In that sweet mood when pleasant thoughts
Bring sad thoughts to the mind.

To her fair works did Nature link
The human soul that through me ran;
And much it grieved my heart to think
What man has made of man.

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There May Be Chaos Still Around The World
by George Santayana

There may be chaos still around the world,
This little world that in my thinking lies;
For mine own bosom is the paradise
Where all my life's fair visions are unfurled.
Within my nature's shell I slumber curled,
Unmindful of the changing outer skies,
Where now, perchance, some new-born Eros flies,
Or some old Cronos from his throne is hurled.
I heed them not; or if the subtle night
Haunt me with deities I never saw,
I soon mine eyelid's drowsy curtain draw
To hide their myriad faces from my sight.
They threat in vain; the whirlwind cannot awe
A happy snow-flake dancing in the flaw.

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Walt Whitman

COURAGE yet, my brother or my sister!
Keep on—Liberty is to be subserv'd whatever occurs;
That is nothing that is quell'd by one or two failures, or any number of failures,
Or by the indifference or ingratitude of the people, or by any unfaithfulness,
Or the show of the tushes of power, soldiers, cannon, penal statutes.

What we believe in waits latent forever through all the continents,
Invites no one, promises nothing, sits in calmness and light, is
positive and composed, knows no discouragement,
Waiting patiently, waiting its time.

(Not songs of loyalty alone are these,
But songs of insurrection also,
For I am the sworn poet of every dauntless rebel the world over,
And he going with me leaves peace and routine behind him,
And stakes his life to be lost at any moment.)......

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Remembering A Life
By Nordette Adams

I remember him in the misted vision of toddler years
and again in girlhood, the booming voice on TV,
someone grown-ups talked about, eyelids flapped wide.
Elders huddled ''round the screen enraptured,
in fear for him, in awe.

I remember him.
His words swept the land, singing our passion.
Dogs growled in streets. Men in sheets.
Police battering my people. (Water, a weapon.)
Yet my people would rejoice... And mourn.

I remember him, a fearsome warrior crying peace,
a man--blemished by clay, the stain of sin as
any other, calling on the Rock--
Death''s sickle on his coat tails,
yet he spied glory.

Shall we walk again and remember him,
not as the Madison Aveners do,
but in solitude and hope
with acts of courage and compassion,
with lives of greater scope
carving fresh paths of righteousness?

I remember.

The Weekly Watch

What are the big stories of the week? We all might answer differently. The story that has captured me is the Dakota protests. And the other protests...in our prisons, in Brazil, a world record protest in India, even at football games. Are the people waking up? We can hope. Meanwhile the US election creeps ever closer (feeling creepy too). The planet is still finite in a world economy based on unlimited growth.

The Weekly Watch

Another week flew by. The Olympics started and Brazil (Brasil) pays a heavy price. Here they are in the midst of a coup by an oligarchy that can't even cheat their way to the presidency, so they just out right steal it. Public servants doing without pay to prop up the extensive costs of the games including security that abuses them. Then there's Turkey and Russia are joining forces after the coup, as we escalate attacks in Libya.

Weekly Watch

Weekly Watch

This is a new project and I would appreciate your thoughts about making the Weekly Watch more useful and pertinent. I hope you all can find something of interest below. Thanks to many of you for the links you contributed. Thanks to JcT for a home, and to Joe for his help and advice. Any great stories that didn't make it? Please add them in the comments below. This is an open thread which means you should chime in with any comment you wish to make.

The c99 Weekly Watch...a cooperative project

Through much of my life, Sunday morning was the time to watch intelligent discussion of the weeks news on “Meet the Press” or “Face the Nation”. The Sunday edition of the newspaper published its most detailed stories. Today the corporate media is doing its best to distract, distort, and mislead the public in order to maximize their profits by presenting their corporate propaganda as news. I think that is why many of us are here.