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Album of the Week - 5-28-22

Afternoon folks!

I've got a couple of great blues albums by Howlin' Wolf and Memphis Slim with Matt "Guitar" Murphy and a bunch of blues-rock. There's The Animals, Savoy Brown, Ten Years After and George Thorogood. There's also most of a bluegrass album by The Dillards. I'll add the last couple of tunes to the Dillards album sometime Sunday.


Welcome to Saturday's Potluck - 5-28-2022

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”
Pablo Picasso

Today is an odd collection of bits of information crossing my path this week. May not completely agree with every viewpoint of the authors, but did create deeper understanding of the subjects.

Open Thread - 05-27-22 - Little Bird

Back on 4-12-22 I posted a comment about a little Northern Parula that had been banging on our window. Well, it's now 5-27-22 and it's still here, banging on the same window every day, multiple times per day, incessantly. As a matter of fact the little bugger is banging on the window as I write this.

Here's a video I recorded on 5-12-22, one month after my initial post (1:03 - captured with my phone):