Open Thread

Open Thread Friday 2-14-2020

The opioid addiction is not a problem originating in the poor. One needs funds to develop a habit. It is a path to poverty that many individuals and their families have traveled.

The opioid overdose and addiction problem is not because people are in despair and communities hopeless. The safety net government and healthcare professionals built up over decades was destroyed for profit. Individuals were unaware of the dangers of the drugs they were prescribed. Healthcare professionals were reeducated, prompted and enforced to provide opioids for pain relief. Then after public outcry became loud enough they were reeducated, prompted and enforced to provide alternatives to opioids for pain relief. Many individuals who now have lifelong physical dependency and new health problems were abruptly denied prescription drugs or at minimum insurance coverage of the medications. Illicit use of opioid products increased with all the associated societal problems.

watch 3:21 to 9:34