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Open Thread Friday 7-10-2020

This has been an interesting 8 months since I offered to fill in temporarily as the contributor of the Friday Open Thread. Thought health was a safe noncontroversial subject.
It was the week before Thanksgiving, six weeks before China notified WHO they had a problem and 2 months before USA first patient with a confirmed COVID diagnosis when composed the following.

Hot Air


I recently asked a good friend what he thought the solution to capitalism was, assuming that capitalism is the root cause of the systemic societal breakdown that we are witnessing.

Here are the solutions that we came up with. Choose carefully!

1. In the face of a pandemic, do nothing and allow it to exterminate a great number of people.

2. Go into space and begin resource extraction in order to feed the capitalist system.

3. Other ( Some overarching, nuts-and-bolts solution that puts people (human capital stock) and planet over profit. )

The answer is nontrivial.

Richard Wolff points out that the climate crisis, racism, a failing economy, and the coronavirus pandemic are four major unsolved issues that are converging to bring about a “systemic breakdown” of the US.

h/t Cassiodorus' blog