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Open Thread - 12-08-23 - Impirium Parasitus

Empires are parasites.

Impirium Parasitus (U.S. Empire) lives upon two hosts, the internal host and the external host. The citizens as the internal hosts and the victim as the external host country or state. Sometimes the relationship is symbiotic, but most times it's only beneficial for the parasite. In end stages when the host/s are no longer to be found or have been depleted, the Impirium Parasitus may turn exclusively on its citizens.

Impirium Parasitus has learned and adapted from past hosts. The Vietnam War or The War in Southeast Asian taught the parasite many valuable lessons that are presently applied to contemporary conflicts.

  • The hoi polloi (common people, the masses) must not discern caskets draped in American flags.
  • The hoi polloi must not hear anti-empirical words that emanate from the popular music of the day.
  • Protest must be hidden from the citizens as much as possible.
  • The use of censorship and propaganda to obfuscate the motivation for parasitical exploitation.
  • The use of political intimidation to keep the hoi polloi in line.
  • The use of a proxy army.
Attribution:"American Progress" (Manifest Destiny) by John Gast Wikimedia

Open Thread - Thurs 07 Dec 2023 - Cold or Hot?

Do You Like It Cold or Hot?

I recently read an article about a study which examines what happens to the human body in the cold. Not extreme cold, like in the Arctic, but unheated room in the winter cold in a temperate climate, like 50 F (10 C). This is, according to the article, the average temperature that people will be living in winter (in Great Britain) if they can't afford to heat their homes.

Cold, so wrap up in some blankets! From here.

The study takes a room from 70 F (about 21 C) down to 50 F. A volunteer sits in the room, almost naked, with all kinds of measuring devices attached to them and gets cold as the room gets cold.