Open Thread

Open Thread - 06-21-24 - Why Politics?

I think it's safe to say that we all here at c99 are political junkies. Have you ever wondered why?

I, like many others, became politically active when I was young because certain policies affected my life. I became politically aware in the late sixties. Ever more so as I approached age 18.

The Vietnam War had that affect on me.

So, my question is twofold:

What was the catalyst that got you involved in politics?

Why do we torture ourselves with politics when blissful ignorance is more soothing.


Open Thread - Thurs 20 Jun 2024 - We Knew This Was Coming

We Knew This Was Coming:

A few days ago Matt Taibbi published an article entitled 'We Called It: Karine Jean-Pierre Blames AI "Deepfakes" for Joe Biden's Real Infirmity'. He's right, 'we', meaning those of us who are actually paying attention, called it. The powers that be will use any excuse to try to make us less aware of how dementia ridden and senile Biden (and Trump) is/are getting.

Recently I got an email from Public Citizen asking me to sign a petition to the FEC telling them to ban deepfakes in elections. I agree with the petition, but I also gotta say that Biden's problems aren't always, or even mostly, deepfakes. And I think the petition relates to the push to make Biden's ('supposed') dementia the fault of people making AI deepfakes. Am I cynical, or what?

From the last election but it still fits! (source The Week)

Open Thread - 06-19-24 - Can the Democratic Party be Reformed?

It seems like to me the natural trajectory of politics in America has been for years, spiraling downwards. As long as I can remember a new administration would get elected to right the wrongs of the previous administration, only to proceed to screw things up worse than it was before. That administration would then be kicked out in lieu of the next administration that's promised to right the ship of state. And that administration would proceed to dig the hole deeper.

This cycle repeats itself time after time until it spirals out of control and, here we are, circling the toilet. Can you remember an administration that left the country in better shape than before it was elected?