Mar-a-lago raid

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First They Came for Bannon, Jones, and Trump

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I don't care if you like these figures or not, you should be concerned about the perversion of law to attack people who are targets of the "deep state". Isn't it interesting how obviously guilty Hunter skates as the law is used and even stretched to persecute these people on the right. I'm not sure when the deep state/CIA/FBI married the DNC, but "Russiagate", the lack of prosecution of Hillary, and election engineering make obvious the connection. Hillary nor Biden could fill a room, when both Bernie and Trump were filling auditoriums and stadiums. Many Dims accept they were cheated in the 2000 election in Florida, and 2004 in Ohio, but can't fathom that Trump was cheated in 2020. Now I'm not saying he was, but I'm open minded about the possibility.