Open Thread - Thurs 09 Mar 2023: How Does Private Equity Work?

Very Briefly: How Does Private Equity Work?

Maybe the title should be 'A Tiny Glance Into Private Equity for Complete Financial Dunces' which would be me! I know nothing about finances really, or about the structures of Wall Street. I read what is posted here and learn a lot, but I still just basically nod along, and will continue to do so! Recently I watched a video which explains how private equity firms operate and wanted to share it here.

from: https://archive.boston.com/bostonglobe/editorial_opinion/outofline/2009/...

The Approaching Tidal Wave Of Elon Musk Cucks

Soon, Very Soon, the internet will be swamped with a flood of libertarian, neoliberal Elon Musk cucks. They will remind us all that Elon Musk is brilliant beyond measure and that everyone who doubts this should get down on their knees and eagerly service Musk's nutsack.
The reason we will be told is that Musk has brought Twitter back to profitability.