insane new dangers from US nuclear & space weaponization, US and France

Craig Murray on Boris Johnson, Deripaska, Russian wealth among British elites

Because snoopydawg linked us to Craig Murray in an essay yesterday, I happened to see this important commentary.

Murray makes the point that much of the wealth controlling our obscenely corrupt system has come from the pillaging of Russian resources during the Yeltsin period and that the motive for demonizing Putin is to keep that wealth out of the hands of the Russian people.

It's not the 2020 Democratic clown car!

I've been referring to the gaggle of 2020 Democratic hopefuls as "clown car" because Democrats used that term to refer to the gaggle of Republican hopefuls in 2012 and and 2016, when Democrats ran only their anointee du jour. IOW, I fell victim to classic Democratic PTB framing, namely, making the more democratic way seem oh! so laughable and oh! so "less than: the undemocratic way. (Needless to say, the 2008 Democratic field of Biden, Dodd, Hillary, et al.

The Pernicious Myth of White Supremacy in America, Past and Present

Like any myth, white supremacy depends on a few basic beliefs, axioms if you will, that are foundational, and create the premises for all that follows. The first, and most fundamental, belief that all white supremacists hold is that race as a matter of science exists. The second, and the more dangerous belief they consider a fundamental truth, is that a pure white race exists, and that this pure white race is under attack by the inferior races, which are actively seeking to eradicate the white race.

The Weekly Watch

Failed Systems

When people tell me they plan to visit Alabama, I suggest they remember to set their watch back fifty years. Seems the rest of the country has devolved with us, and the US is in a repressive Alabama state of mind. It isn't just the social fabric that is unraveling, but also (perhaps as a result) the ecosystem, capitalism, demockracy, and civility. This week let's look at the degradation of the system, and discuss strategies of dealing with the situation in order to create and retain meaningful, fulfilling lives.

(3 min Alabama State of Mind)

Tulsi Deserves It: She Pretty Much Doxxed Harris

Let's face it, people. Tulsi was completely out of line.

Bringing up a Democratic candidates ACTUAL RECORD on a debate state is no different than Doxxing. Completely unfair and unprovoked attack - I mean, what did Kamala's record ever actually do to Tulsi?

And if you don't believe that Tulsi doxxed Harris, I give you all the Twitter activity of Russian Trolls pushing Tulsi. QED.