Tulsi Gabbard's latest appeal to Democrats

It comes from a man named Cody Two Bears.

He begins his message with this:

Where are the indigenous voices? The women of color? The warriors for peace? The people like Tulsi who time and time again have stood on the front lines of the most important challenges facing our nation.

Tulsi is all of those things, but mostly she’s a leader who shows up.

Mr Two Bears continues:

Iran makes arrests over accidental downing of Ukrainian airliner: Updated

...with explosive, if highly dubious 2-missile strikes on the Ukrainian passenger liner videos, courtesy of RantingRooster.

Via almasdaarnews.com, Jan. 14, 2020:

“Arrests have been made in connection with the shooting down of a Ukrainian passenger plane near Tehran, Iran’s judiciary has announced, following President Hassan Rouhani’s call for a special probe into the deadly accident.

Judiciary spokesman Gholamhossein Esmaili told Iranian state media on Tuesday that individuals had been detained as part of “extensive investigations” into the incident. He did not disclose how many people had been arrested.