What's Expected In The Stimulus Package

These are highlights of what's expected to be in the stimulus package as it stands now. For the party that cries wolf, er, socialism anytime a crippled orphan gets a free toy, the Republican initiated bill has become surprisingly generous and a good first step that can be followed up later. After all, this crisis isn't going away overnight. It's liable to last into the fall or winter. Additional measures will be needed in months to come.

Bernie Sanders has won the Democrats Abroad primary


          Sanders won 58 percent of the vote, which included just under 40,000 Americans living abroad, and Sanders will be awarded nine delegates to the national convention over the summer, according to the release from Democrats Abroad. Biden won 23 percent of the vote and will take home four delegates.

Amerikan Cornonavirus stimulation package: a PSA

Great for Big Bidness, a travesty for the working poor and either a one-time or two-time check nothingburger for the plebians.  I just watched Mitch McConnell rant about some of the items the D want included (solar energy credits now?), and otherwise you can bet your bippies that the D Team has our backs!

The Ds and Rs were deadlocked last night, but will meet again today, according to the Guardian: $1,200 checks for all? What you need to know about the US coronavirus bailout; US government is debating bill of to $1.8tn for money going to businesses, corporations and directly into the pockets of Americans’, March 23, theguardian.com

Organisms and spell check

I think we are all under tremendous pressure now with lack of food on the shelves, lack of access to necessities of life, which, incidentally, might include TP.
The incredible worries about our families, friends, and ourselves, most likely in that order, during this pandemic crisis, has caused all of us to be a bit abrupt and aggressive.

One Sentence That Says It All

"This is a different ballgame now," one Republican senator told CNN.

What changed the ballgame? Senator Rand Paul tested positive for coronavirus. When it was just us small people affected, it was Pee Wee League. Now that one of them is infected, it's Major League ball and time for the World Series of Senate Panic.

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Now Science Works

          I like science. It is so much more interesting than politics and so very much less predictable. COVID-19 is A (one of many) variation on Coronaviruses. Would you like to understand why we know the following with absolute certainty? While we cannot predict the properties of new variants we know new variants will develop in the future!

Coronavirus Maliciously & Further Weaponized against China

Chinese experts who will fly to Italy to help fighting the coronavirus pneumonia on 11 March, 2020 © Photo by TPG/Getty Images

‘From villain to hero? After its badly botched response to the Covid-19 outbreak, China now seeks to be the world’s savior’, Damian Wilson, RT.com, March 20, 2020

“While China still faces criticism for its mishandling of the coronavirus outbreak at the start, first by refusing to admit it existed and then by arresting those doctors who tried to raise the alarm, when the government finally came to terms with reality it performed a massive U-turn in front of the entire watching world.

London's Great Plague and the response to Coronavirus.

Unequal Implementation, A study made about the Great Plague makes interesting reading today.

This paper will argue that the government’s health policies not only failed to help the sick but in fact harmed the poor while at the same time these policies did little harm to the wealthy and in some ways gave privileges to them.