Rachel on the NYT story: Vladimir Putin is offering bounties for scalps of US troops


A long overdue Civil War is coming to the Democratic Party

Before I talk about the Democrats, let me just say that if Trump loses (and it appears that he will), the GOP will descend into a civil war that will make the Democrat's civil war look mild in comparison. Trump's hyper-loyal base has gone off the deep end, immersing itself in konspiracy theories while rejecting logic and fact-based reality. It's not a group that will simply accept their hero losing.

SCOTUS Votes 7-2 Against Due Process for Asylum Seekers

A lot of the coverage of this decision was akin to: ‘SCOTUS Hands Trump Administration a Big Win on Immigration’, but they miss a lot; the following makes me think that the author may have been in the room.  He also adds plenty of of historical context.  No coverage contained what I’ve bolded first in London’s column.  As I have permission to do so, I’ll paste in the whole gob-smacking lot of it.  Good on Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan (the ‘2’), but you may remember that Obama appointee Kagan had helped gut long-standing Miranda Rights/Warning in 2010

‘US Supreme Court rules recent asylum seekers have no right to habeas corpus or due process’, Eric London, 26 June 2020

Milwaukee Neighborhood vs. Suspected Sex Trafficking Ring: Citizen Police or Vigilantes?

This week an irate crowd of people in Milwaukee set fire to a house suspected of being the center of a sex trafficking ring. I have tried to piece this story together from tweets and videos, and there is no clear narrative. On the one hand it could be a case of a neighborhood doing the job that police refused to do, or it could be a case of hysteria fueled vigilanteism.