The Genesis of the Nuremburg Laws

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In the shadowy corridors of history, where the tendrils of the past intersect with the horrors of the present, one finds a haunting connection between the United States and Nazi Germany that reverberates with profound implications.

The Weekly Watch

The Waste of War

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Wars are largely created to enrich the elite at the expense of everyone else. The cost can be measured in lives, money, environmental destruction, social and mental health, and much more, as the oligarchs count their profits. Yesterday used to be Armistice Day, the end of the war to end all wars, but now we honor war and warriors, not peace.

This year we celebrate the 105th anniversary of the signing of the World War I armistice that ceased hostilities on the Western Front, which took effect on the "eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month" of 1918. With this instrument, nations still recovering from the dreadful nightmare of WWI, one of the deadliest conflicts in human history, collectively embraced peace as a universal principle and called for an end to all wars. Armistice Day was initially designated as “a day to be dedicated to the cause of world peace and to be thereafter celebrated."

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Album of the Week 11-11-23

Afternoon folks!

This week we've got albums from Chicago blues guys Lil' Ed and the Imperials and Johnny Littlejohn. There's blues-rock from John Mayall's Bluesbreakers (with Mick Taylor), Johnny Winter and most of a Steppenwolf album (the gods of copyright were not entirely pleased). Following that we've got the country-ish stylings of Leon Russell, a bluesy/jazzy collection of songs from Phil Alvin, some great 50's guitar music from Santo & Johnny and we finish up with an album of Trinidadian steel pan music from Boogsie Sharpe.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

AIPAC goes to war on American progressives

Back in 2018 AIPAC thought that “We must keep the support for Israel bipartisan,” he said. “This is a strategic asset for Israel’s security, and your work here today is more important today than ever before.” Of course that was the center-left Labour Party, and Israel politics is far right-wing now.

Friday Night Photos Feathered Friends Edition

Happy Friday everyone. I hope everybody is doing well. Post any photos, memes, or music you like.

The days are getting shorter. Temperatures are dropping. Leaves are turning colors. Fall is in the air. That means our avian guests from up north have started arriving in the county for the winter. 

White Pelicans preening.

Open Thread - 11-10-23 - Russia, Russia, Russia!

Once upon a time, when I was a teen, some school teachers and rich students went to the USSR. My parents could not afford for me to go. I heard how the KGB followed them closely. The food was hideous. If you flushed a commode in room 231 in a 10 story hotel, every floor room of that 31 number, 431,531, 631, etc...flushed as well. So, nobody could sleep because of the flushing commode noise.

And about 6 years ago, I made that trip to Russia I had always, since a teen, wanted to make.

Let me start with my general impressions.

American tourists were treated like we were precious. I made forever friends with the guides.

An elderly guide taking us through a WWII military installation, a converted church to house soldiers, said this:" With our history, what we know is that we will accept reality and deal with it. What we hate is sudden change. We love consistency, even if it is very difficult."

I learned public drunkenness, the caricature Russian wobbling down the street full of vodka, is loathed. I actually saw one. Vodka is their pride, but for them, it is expensive, penalties for over doing it is great.

Religion was verboten, but now, Russians are militantly Christian, and tolerant of other faiths, because they finally got to practice theirs, let others know that freedom.

Moscow is nationalistic. St. Petersburg is European. Totally different atmospheres.

USSR is gone, Russia is capitalistic, no trace anywhere of communism. Part of Red Square that was under construction was that part where they took Stalin's tomb away, had to repair the floor.

Beets are easily pickled, as at example. Any food pickled will get people through the ferocious Russian winters. That elderly guide at the military facility stressed, "The real Soviet General that defeated the Germans in WWII is never mentioned. His name is General February."

We were a gang of 4, and we joined a tour group to travel from Moscow, down the Volga, ending the tour at St. Petersburg.

I am a strictly amateur photographer, and these were taken to trigger my memory.

Here we go down memory lane...

A nice picture from Red Square:

Mexico and Dubai and Russia1 196.jpg