Scott Ritter on Tank Realities

Ritter provides detailed information on the reality of tank warfare in Ukraine, as well as the maintenance nightmare as described by American veterans.

He also gives a history of the Banderite fascist Nazi armed groups supported by the U.S., starting with the CIA after WWII.

The most memorable part of this vital piece by Ritter is a quotation of remarks by Petr Bystron in the German Parliament.

At the Farm

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By the time you read this I will be on the farm getting things ready for spring planting. I know it may seem early, but I have a load of leaves from the neighbors from last fall that I need to get into the new compost pile.

The Weekly Watch

Food Fight!

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Big pharma and big ag have teamed up to feed us crap, make us sick, and sell us drugs for the condition. The WEF is involved in the scam as well, wanting you to eat bugs and halt animal production.

The World Economic Forum is committed to helping define the agriculture industry agenda and drive change that boosts well-being and improves the global food system.

Today lets look at a saner approach as we review the news of the week.