We Should be Dancing in the Streets about Trump's Suspension from Twitter

Just think, Trump has finally been held accountable for his actions, just like the rest of us suspended, former Twitter users. We should be dancing in the streets rather than getting “emotional” about a private, for profit corporation, using it's “legal power” to punish those that break their rules.

F@ckin’ Moranz

The gov’t outsourced its spying on the people to private corporations and most are ‘okay with it’. It’s Not the gov’t doing it, so it’s ‘All Good’.

Now, we’ve got the gov’t outsourcing Censorship to those same corporations and again, most are ‘okay with it’. It’s Not the gov’t doing it, so it’s ‘All Good’.

What the Fuck Happened to these people?
I Know what’s Wrong with them(they’re Fucked in the Head), I just don’t know what happened to them.

Republishing ‘When Google Met WikiLeaks’

Originally published at Café Babylon on Oct. 6, 2014.   It seems even more relevant today than it did then.  It’s longish, so hang in there if you're able. In these post-‘Capitol’ social media de-platforming days, remember that (Chrome) Google algorithms suppress websites from the conservative and religious right to the ‘subversive left (wsws and popular resistance, for instance).  And Google bought Youtube in Oct. of 2006 for a paltry $1.65 billion.

If you haven’t read it and seen the captioned photos, you’ll love ‘Google Is Not What It Seems’ by Julian Assange, an extract from his new book When Google Met Wikileaks, wikileaks.org

Also see Scott Ritter’s ‘By banning Trump and his supporters, Google and Twitter are turning the US into a facsimile of the regimes we once condemned’, RT.com, Jan. 9, 2021  Two excerpts:

“Digital democracy became privatized when its primary architect, Jared Cohen, left the State Department in September 2010 to take a new position with internet giant Google as the head of ‘Google Ideas’ now known as ‘Jigsaw’. Jigsaw is a global initiative ‘think tank’ intended to “spearhead initiatives to apply technology solutions to problems faced by the developing world.” This was the same job Cohen was doing while at the State Department.

The Weekly Watch

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Incompetence are U.S.

Some combination of intention, greed, and buffoonery is at the root of this nation's inability to deal with the current rash of pressing problems. From COVID to forever wars to ecosystem destruction to our sick care system to disputed elections and the transfer of power...almost every dimension of national interests look very much like failure. The headless empire dances not knowing it is dead. Unemployment is at record highs, small business closure topping the charts, 4000 US citizens a day dying of COVID, the Capitol invaded to thwart an election,...and the stock market reaches record highs. Pretty obvious to see where the priorities lay.

And in the End...

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Pelosi: Their violence was a beautiful thing to see

Our whole government applauded the actions in Hong Kong. Can you say Hypocrisy?

The USofA: a Land of Martyrs

Let's not try to even imagine, let alone list them all, but start with JFK, MLK, RFK, and Malcolm. No real ancient history there, but merely the tip of the iceberg.

Chaney, Goodman, and Schwerner, Fred Hampton, Mark Clark, and Bobby Hutton.

Sacco, Vanzetti and all who died in the MOVE house.

But these are all notorious cases and named individuals.

What about all of the labor leaders, labor organizers and striking laborers.

This is why I'm OK with Twitter banning President Trump

On January 8, in the aftermath of the Capitol riots, Twitter permanently banned the accounts of Donald Trump and several Q-anon conspiracists while Apple and Google removed the Parler app from their stores, reportedly upon pressure from U.S. lawmakers.

While I must admit I'm uncomfortable with what could be seen as a starkly partisan act that smacks of Fascism, when I look at what has transpired in context I really must agree with their decisions.