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Back to the future on steroids.

The fabric of our culture is being ripped asunder. Onion-skinned trump is destroying the social contract by keeping the social chaotic, by sowing divisiveness, by pitting mini-cultures against each other and inoculating everything with chaos. Chaos begets fear, becomes the norm. It is easier to control people that way. And control is the name of the game. Maximum gain with minimal pain.

The warp and weft of the social contract were already fraying in the 60s. It had been fragmenting for many from the beginning. MLK pointed that out and lost. It happened so fast and no one was prepared for Death. But now we are.

George Floyd changed that. Time and space compressed at that moment. Truth and lies merged and in a flash we all saw the excruciating horror of who we are. We can no longer be complicit.

"My Dream has turned into a nightmare. … Now we are confronting issues that cannot be solved without costing the nation billions of dollars. I think this is where we are getting our greatest resistance. They can put it on many other things but they can’t get rid of slums and poverty without it costing the nations something."

Record Gun Sales in June

The Month of June topped all other months on record according to the FBI's gun background count. The total was 3.9 million. For comparison the months prior to the 2016 election when everyone was concerned about a Clinton election and maybe some sort of ban, the numbers were in the mid 2 millions. March is the only other month that has even topped 3 million. People are very worried.

What racists think the Supreme Court decision means and what it really means.

The Supreme Court got it wrong and right when it over turned Montana's Supreme Court's decision in Espinoza v Montana. Wrong because Montana's court was correct that the Constitution forbids the funding of private church schools. Right because they stated that if the state funds private schools it has to fund church schools.

Despite the media hysterics, Covid is going away

And it has been since its peak April 18th.

It was back then that I was hearing how the death toll had reached 100,000. I pointed out that the cdc site was reporting far less than that and hysterical people who needed to calm the fuck down were dashing about yelling that the cdc totals aren't all in yet.

The Three Words That Define an Era

I Can't Breathe, The Three Words That Define an Era

THE BEST OF THE LEFT takes a look deeper at the concept of "I can't breathe," going beyond the literal utterances by victims of police brutality and COVID-19 sufferers to the metaphorical epidemic of exhaustion, burnout, depression and disaffection in the US and around the world.