Open Thread - 9/15/23 - Rain!

And with it, cool enough temperatures that I dug out a sweater out of the chest of drawers last night.

This happened close to where I live:

Girl Scouts swim away from charging alligator

HUNTSVILLE, Texas (KPRC) - A Texas Girl Scout group may need to add a new badge to their sashes: The ability to escape an alligator.

It happened as the Spring-area troop took an overnight camping trip to Huntsville State Park.

“This is an emergency here! The alligator, it’s in the water - what the (bleep),” someone says on phone video of the incident.

The emergency at the park’s swimming area caused panic and chaos just minutes after Girl Scout Troop 114204 jumped in.

The gator was estimated to be 14 feet long!

Open Thread - Thurs 14 Sep 2023: A Couple of Thoughts about 9/11

A Couple of Thoughts about 9/11

Enhydra Lutris' Post on Monday, 9/11, covered so much of history that happened on that day through the ages. I found the post very informative and learned a lot. It was great! And really showed how our own 9/11 isn't that important in the long run of history, even if it's important, in varying ways, to many of us who see it as a horrid attack, the loss of more of our freedom, a government manipulated spectacle and excuse, and more.

Yep - From: https://xenianwallpaper.blogspot.com/2020/12/9-11-political-cartoon-he-identified.html