Heads up on the contrived (fake) nature of the alleged "labor shortage"

When I was a kid I used to spend my summer with relatives who were quite wealthy. (and progressives, but they lived in very wealthy communities. Because they were busy they used to just set me freeso I was on my own. I made lots of friends there and spent lots of time with friends families. Even as a child I was a bit of a futurist and one of the subjects that fascinated me was "the future" so I had lots of discussions about this subject including with friends parents.

John Le Carre's Last Book is out. All the mystery is solved.

First a quote from page 188.

"America's determination to manage the Middle East at all costs, its habit of launching a new war every time it needs to deal with the effects of the last one it launched. NATO as a leftover Cold War relic doing more harm than good. And poor, leaderless Britain tagging along behind because it still dreams of greatness and doesn't know what else to dream about."

The Weekly Watch

A Bull in a China Shop:

a person who breaks things or who often makes mistakes or causes damage in situations that require careful thinking or behavior

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Creating a China Conflict

Is it WMD deja vu all over again? There is a steady drum beat trying to create a major conflict with China. Some how it is China which is the aggressor, but it is western powers sailing war fleets up and down China's coast. Today we'll hear a number of voices describe this foolish rush to war instead of working cooperatively toward the survival of the species.

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