Open Thread Friday

American's generally believe ourselves to be a science based culture. Often arguing about whose science is better at supporting their side of proposed regulatory or legislative change. Persuading us which product to buy or treatment to have prescribed.

This round of writing I have noticed fewer full research articles are available. Abstracts do not provide enough information to evaluate the quality of the research.

I Am So Stoked,

having just got off the phone with a Syrian man who wants to buy my 1996 Toyota Carib for his wife to learn to drive with. It’s a great car that has served me well for 19 years, and I expect to continue to power on for a few more years. It’s so satisfying to me to know that it will serve someone well, instead of being destined for the scrap-metal heap.

Tulsi Gabbard Files $50 Million Defamation Lawsuit Against Hillary Clinton


Tusli Gabbard is suing Ghoul of Politics Past Hillary Clinton for more than $50 million in damages, after Clinton’s allegation on a podcast with the irrepressible but passé David Plouffe that Gabbard was Russia's chosen candidate to take over the Democratic party (and my assumption: not just the party; she'd take over the country, name herself Supreme Ruler Tulsiskaya Gabbardeva, and then nuke real Americans like Faillary. It's inferred, but I think I'm on the right track.)

I'm sorry, I thought we're in a Climate Emergency?

I used to get up early on Sunday mornings and wash my wife's car before she went to church. First thing she would say when she got back, “you missed a spot”. Trust me, I know what it feels like to have someone, metaphorically speaking, kick you in the private parts for all your hard efforts.

I see the world from a devil's advocate point of view. The glass is half empty, as it were. Or as my c99 bio includes, part time raving lunatic.

The Way We Were

          The sheriff was attempting to evict a woman from her farm on behalf of an insurance company. Michigan, 1952.

          Her neighbors (farmers) chose to intervene. Standing up to "authority" feels good, … Trust me on this one. And, when done as a community, it is even the safest option.


Donation pitches

I've a question for C99 community, should anyone know the answer.
I've been a registered democrat since 1970 and have voted that way pretty much every election with but a few exceptions, 2016 being one of those in which I vote for the Other woman.
I seem to get pitches for money from just about every Demo that is running for office or one of the Demo campaign committees (DCCC,DNC, DSCC, etc) and they all come with a "postage paid" envelope.