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The Ukrainians are Not Zs

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The Russian troops had a Z displayed on their equipment and uniforms. Ukraine therefore canceled the letter Z, so that makes them not Zs.

The most popular theory used by military experts to explain the letters is that they were written according to the respective areas where the Russian troops are usually stationed, with Z potentially standing for Zapad (west).

Others believe the letters were drawn in an attempt to avoid friendly fire, while some pro-Kremlin Russian military experts have speculated that the letter Z stands for the name of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, and the letter V for Vladimir Putin.

The Russian defense ministry itself has not commented on any of the theories, and instead posted on its Instagram channel that Z meant Za pobedu (“for victory”) and V stood for “power of truth”.

The Germans are not Zs too. German States Outlaw Display of Russia's 'Z' War Symbol.


Album of the Week - 5-21-22

Afternoon folks!

I've got a bunch of great stuff for you this week. There are two blues albums, one by Willie Dixon and the other by Robert Jr. Lockwood. There's a bunch of blues rock with albums by Rory Gallagher's band Taste, John Mayall and Savoy Brown. Rounding out the line up is some acoustic music by Doc & Merle Watson.


Welcome to Saturday's Potluck - 5-21-2022

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”
Pablo Picasso

There are questions which run through my mind without satisfactory answers. One is - what is the benefit for the leaders of Taiwan to initiate a conflict with China? Taiwan is an island and does not share any land borders to cross for people to escape a war zone. Taiwanese Expats living in most other countries would be able to avoid direct consequences, but relatives and friends on the island would be in physical danger. Economic consequences would be severe.

Open Thread - 05-20-22 - Assorted Ramblings

Chugga chugga, what's that sound? It's the American Dream leaving your house headed for DC. See that steam rising from the smokestack? That's your dollars burning, rolled up into logs, working for the man. See that caboose? That's you running like the dickens behind the train, but you'll never catch up. The dollar train left the switchyard long ago, when moneystreet decoupled from mainstreet. With abundant dollar logs to burn, hot off of the printing press, the train chugs onward. Until it derails. But maybe that IS the point.