The Six Degrees of Paul Manafort

Under the general rubric of conspiracy theory is the subset called "coincidence theory", which dismisses connections between people as mere happenstance in order to dismiss any thought of networks that exist beyond public scrutiny. But these networks do exist. Sometimes history takes decades to find them, but they exist. Let's take a peek at networks in Paul Manafort's life.

Electoralism is not Democracy

Democracy does not mean merely that we hold elections. Communists had elections. Election campaigns are not the sum total of democracy. Democracy means the elected government obeys the expressed preferences of the electorate. We don't have that anymore. See [EVIDENCE OF DEMOCRACY FAILURE] below.

The ability of the citizens of the US to affect political change by electoral means ended with the 1980 election, when the CIA intervened in the electoral process (The October Surprise).

Corbyn Shows his True Colors

@AssangeMrs Mrs. Christine Assange Retweeted ITV News
“Weasel words from #Corbyn! NO to UK/US extradition but YES to recycled UK/SWEDEN extradition! He knows full well Swedish (no charge) 'case' was a political fit up! Sweden/UK Bilateral Treaty allows fast track rendition to US under Temporary Surrender!”

Tulsi Update: April 14, 2015 (Birthday!, Gravel Endorses, TYT Good Interview, Los Angeles, NYT Bad))

Tulsi turned 38 two days ago (April 12)!!! Happy birthday to her!

Niko House interviewed candidate Mike Gravel yesterday. Gravel is a former Democratic Senator from Alaska for 12 years, before which he was involved in the Pentagon Papers and Watergate (on the correct side of things).

Jimmy Dore Just Left TYT. Like With Jimmy Baldwin, A Strong Backbone Is Neccessary When Criticizing The Fear Mongering of Lesser-Of-Two-Evil Voting.

On Friday afternoon I noticed on my YouTube account page that there was a little icon saying that there was a new Jimmy Dore video, and under it said "Live Now." There was also something saying that there were over 8k viewers at that moment. So I clicked on.