Growing hope

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More corn and carrots in the ground yesterday.Tomato starts are 10" tall and are sufficiently hardened to plant today as I host this OT. Got a tip to plant tomatoes really deep, even burying some of the lower branches, to get a better result. Worked out well last season.

The Weekly Watch

Misery at Home and Mayhem Abroad

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Oh boy, more sanctions...how has that worked out? It is obvious they can't learn. Well here they go again against China and India...what is that, about half the world's human population? You think it might come back and bite us in the ass? I do. But it's not just sanctions against other nations, no, they are sanctioning the students peacefully protesting the genocide in Gaza. Expelling them, locking them out of their dorms, targeting them as they develop their careers. It is the empire come home to roost.