Be my therapists - on and off I get the advice to seek one -

and 'get some help'. I still haven't figured out with what I need help with, but open-minded as I am, (ahem), here I go. (Anyhow, I would say at 71 years of age I am a tough case with regards to therapy)

Ok, here my quiz question for your personal qualification as my future therapist:

Sanders/Buttigieg And Some Free Education

Hair splitting over hypothetical programs to assist people in affording university seemed to be the outrage d'jour online this week, or at least the parts of online I read. I was reminded of Clinton/Obama in 08 and the competing health care which had little resemblance to what came out the other end of the sausage machine.

One thing in the discussions did pique my interest however. Buttigieg's proposal had suggested a not free portion to begin at household income of six figures.

Statement Condemning US Removal of Democratically-Elected Evo Morales

Via Stop Imperialism in Latin America, Nov. 29, 2018, counterpunch.org.  As the petition’s already in the commons, I’ll paste in the complete English version (there’s one in Spanish, as well.)  The situation for Morales supporters is getting worse everyday; the Tweets I’ve seen over the past few days have made smoke come out of my ears, and my heart and stomach sick.  I may bring a few at the bottom.

“Following months of destabilization, on November 10, 2019, the legitimate, constitutional, democratically-elected President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, was driven at gunpoint out of office and the country by the US and its allies, among them Bolivian fascists and several members of the Organization of American States (OAS), including Canada. This latest aggression follows centuries of colonial, imperialist, and neo-colonial conquest and plunder of the Indigenous-majority population of Bolivia.

Open Thread Friday

Winter has finally hit. Shoveled all paths to the livestock three times between yesterday morning and this evening. Today's week's is a little short on words and long on videos.
Thought you might find information on the The 90+ Study interesting. It was initiated in 2003 and had followed individuals for 11 years at the time of the videos.

A late game-changer in the British elections, courtesy of Trump

With only two weeks to go before Britain's general election, the Tories are on track to gain 47 seats in Parliament according to polls. Almost all of those gains will come at the expense of Labour, as years of an extremely biased and hostile press has taken its toll.