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You Don't Know What You've Got Till It's Gone

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Appreciating things like our natural systems, friends, family, and perhaps most important, our health isn't a talent I (we?) often exercise. I had an episode last weekend where I damaged a leg muscle, I think by lifting a log, but I also climbed on two different roofs the same day. I normally have such good health, that I fail to count my lucky stars. This week has been a different experience. I woke last Sunday with a painful leg and back and it hurt to walk. I'm on the mend and everyday I have become more mobile and agile, but it put me on this train of thought that we need to practice more gratitude for all our gifts and good fortune...big and small. So today let's appreciate our situation and look for some good.

The Dose - 10-23-2021


A few articles of interest.

In the early 80's I read a fictional short story on computer automation of public records and have always been suspicious of computer records. A problem in a water bill reported through the automated customer support was misinterpreted. Through a series of interpretive errors over a year the customer was finally convicted of first degree murder and ordered to be executed, appeal denied.

This report on digital vaccine passport technology reported by wokkamile and Azazello this week leave me with the same sense of uneasiness.

Welcome to Saturday's Potluck - 10-23-2021

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”
Pablo Picasso

Doing a number of repeats of the week. Valuable information in multiple diaries and comments.

Scott Horton Show interview of James Bradley on the Lies Americans Are Fed About China - 10/14/21

(thanks CB for the orginal link)

At the 24.47 mark is an important part of our history to understand.
"McCarthyism came out of China not the USSR. McCarthy stood up and said John Service of the State Department I got this sheet of paper in my hands, but he only mentioned one guy."

Bring Me The Head Of The Town Burned Down

caucus header.png(More, from the Salamander book. Burning. Across. All lands.)

The other day the weather went wrong, so I had to wear a Hawaiian shirt. I have been dreading this. Once, it was okay, to wear Hawaiian shirts. I would get them from Paradise Surplus, used but like new, actually came from Hawaii, sold for ridiculous prices like $2 or $5. But then the town burned down, and Paradise Surplus with it. The guy tried for a while to have a tubes store, but it didn’t really work out. So now it’s just one of hundreds of stores, that once was, but never, again, will be.

Open Thread 10/22/21 - The Draft

I woke up in 1968 when I was 14. I smoked my first weed. I grew my hair long. I became aware. I paid attention to politics for the first time. I saw older guys going off to war. Some didn't come back. I realized what was at stake. I knew what may be in store for me in just a few years. I became an activist.

Here's my original draft card from 1973 (redacted of course) back when my hair was still brown. I was also 3 inches shorter than I am now: