How the War Against Dissent will be carried out.

It began with Trump giving brand name status to the meme "Fake News". The War Against Dissent is the elite's reaction to social media. This is how the war will be carried out:

Step One: define the truth. Establish what is an acceptable narrative and then brand anything else as disinformation.

why was Huawei’s CFO Meng Wanzhou arrested in canada?

Now it would be easy to breeze by the major importance of this barbaric malfeasance cover story, save for the fact that dying empires are apt to find enemies that needn’t be, in the  case of the Western Imperium to exert total command and control of the world, and create enemies to pass legislation and military budgets to ‘fight the __ (fill in the blank) menace’ in this case China, no matter how administrations dress up the term, it’s still the new Axis of Evil doctrine.  Also at play is OBOR geopolitics.

Why Is There No Violent Yellow Vest Uprising in America?

Widespread social violence, extreme income inequality, and rage at perceived injustice are the classical indicators of the onset of political rebellion.

By the indicators that are commonly used to predict violent political insurrection, America rather than France, should have been the first to erupt into widespread street protests and rebellion. There are factors at work that aren’t being taken into consideration in the standard model, as will be explained, below.

DNC finally addresses the elephant in the room

For two years the DNC has been doing everything it could to distract people from the most critically important element of the 2016 presidential race - the Democratic Party primaries were rigged, and it wasn't because of Russia.
So quietly, while almost no one was paying attention, the DNC finally stopped pretending that the problem wasn't real.

No Confidence

The Theresa May Tory government in the U.K. faces a no-confidence vote in just a few hours.
The Emmanuel Macron government in France faces a no-confidence vote tomorrow.
That's where the similarities end.