Robinhood blatantly manipulates the market for the elites

Robinhood, the app used by most reddit users on Wallstreetbets (ASB) has blocked all shareholders of GME (Gamestop) from buying new shares. They are only allowed to sell the shares they currently own, not buy new ones.

This is blatant market manipulation and Robinhood will be getting sued.

Our progressive representatives need to make it clear that this type of one sided manipulation is completely unacceptable.

Sweden Covid Update

From this board in November: https://caucus99percent.com/content/sweden-covid-19-data-update

The short form? Think Dakota, either one. It's bad and looking to get worse.

I never understood what that was supposed to mean, but most of the world was experiencing the long predicted and very serious Second Wave and Sweden saw a dramatic increase in both cases and deaths.

Abiding Biden, Bye and Bye

Greetings fellow swampers and those preferring to remain dry.

Awhile back, our Revered Overlord, JtC, graciously rescinded my stay in Purgatory. A thousand thanks, kind sir. It was lonely in the wilderness. To paraphrase the estimable H. Melville (or somebody like that) people, people everywhere but not a sane one to be found.

My attitudes remain and shall always remain alligatorish, for that is my nature.

The costs of the covid lockdowns are far too high

One of the legacy problems of Trump is that criticism of the covid response became a partisan issue. It should never have been. The Trump Administration completely botched the response to the pandemic, but that doesn't mean that doing the opposite of the Trump response is the correct response either.

2 critiques of Biden’s ‘Rescue Amerika’ plan

First: ‘Biden stimulus bill: What will it take to really ‘Rescue America?’, Jordan Woll, January 21, 2021, liberationnews.org  (CC w/ attribution)

Joe Biden’s recently-announced pandemic relief package, the so-called American Rescue Plan, is the new administration’s top legislative priority. With the bar set tragically low by the Trump government, any action at all by the Biden administration may feel like a welcome improvement. But the severity of the pandemic in the country and the threat of emerging, highly-transmissible new strains of the virus requires radical solutions to address the urgent daily needs of working and poor people.

The Democrats control both houses of Congress and the executive branch. The filibuster that requires 60 Senators to vote in favor of closing debate on a measure is not a law, but an internal Senate rule that the Democratic majority can simply decide to do away with. But despite having the power to pass laws without any Republican support, the Biden administration has introduced another bill that fails to measure up to the scale of the crisis facing the working class.