A proposal on the rails

Found this interesting take on various options to shore-up the conditions of our freight /
passenger rail system. The author suggested a partial nationalization of the rails, similar
to the system we have for Interstate highways. The government would purchase all of the
private rails and right-of-ways from the corporate owners and be responsible for the
maintenance. The private rail companies would retain possession of the engines, cars,

The Weekly Watch

War Upon War...

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TPTB have China in their sights, and the propaganda is cranking up...spy balloons, the "CHINA" flu, they're sending weapons to Ukraine (as if we are not?), they are going to invade Taiwan (their own province)...you get the idea. The proxy war against Russia in Ukraine isn't going well for the west, and several leaders called out the NATO nations in India this week. American arrogance isn't selling well across they world. Then we have another ongoing war... against us, we the people, by the global elite who are certain they know how we should live and behave. They have an agenda planned.
This graphic illustrates the propaganda message...


Talk about projection

Album of the Week - 3-4-23

Afternoon folks!

Well, there's a bunch of good stuff this week. Surprise! Blues harmonica player Junior Parker leads off, followed by Taj Mahal. The Taj Mahal album that I posted last week was a double album package and I got around to posting the second album "De Old Folks At Home" this week, it's acoustic guitar and banjo blues for the most part. If you listened to the first album (Giant Step) last week, you can click through the first 9 tunes to get to the new album.

After that there's a bunch of 50's Chicago blues from John Brim and Little Hudson who recorded back then for the JOB label - I'll be loading some more cuts from this album later Saturday evening. Following that is a mid-70's Roy Buchanan album, a David Lindley album, a kind of proggish/avant garde album from Adrian Belew, a decidedly proggy Return To Forever album and we finish up with a late 60's album by Fat Mattress - a kind of folk-rock band formed by the Jimi Hendrix Experience's bass player Noel Redding.


Welcome to Saturday's Potluck - March 4, 2023

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”
Pablo Picasso

Flexibility is the key to working in the garden this time of year. It has been a week of moderately warm days and cold nights. This side of the mountains has not received the volumes of snow reported in the news. The beds by the house are waking up, a few weeds are sprouting and found a yellow crocus in bloom while weeding. Became a little to enthusiastic and dug up the irises which were scheduled to move last summer to a drier location. Their future bed just on the other side of the driveway was frozen solid. To create a hole would need the rock hammer and chisel. New plan required. Snow started just as the last rhizome was going into the soil. Only 6 weeks until irrigation season starts.