A few more days like this and Wall Street will start to panic

Do you want to know just how serious things have gotten? Do a Google search for 'stock market crash'. There are almost no results returned in the last couple days.
The top result is from Motley Fool. Stock Market Crash: 3 Absolute Bargains Just Begging to Be Bought


FDA admits they knew the J&J vaccine caused blood clots since spring 2021

The Food and Drug Administration on Thursday announced it was limiting access to Johnson & Johnson’s Covid-19 vaccine because of the risk of a blood clotting disorder that was discovered weeks after the vaccine was first put into use in the spring of 2021.


How bad could things get if Roe v Wade is struck down?

The Supreme Court’s ruling on abortion: The spearhead of a massive assault on democratic rights

Ukraine Update...

Since I left off the news in today's weekly watch I wanted to at least throw together a quick look at the proxy war between NATOstan and Russia. I hope you will add news sources you find reliable in the comments below as we all grapple with the end of empire.

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