Courtroom Drama - update

For engaging and compelling, there's nothing like courtroom drama for me – in reports, books, movies, plays, and television, fiction and non-fiction (including embellished reconstructions), criminal and tort, dramatic and comedic – except for when I was in a jury box and on a witness stand (both are stressful) and I didn't watch one second of the OJ trial and have avoided the all the “Judge Judy” type TV fare.

Papa Bear Numbers on The Asteroid Virus

With public life abolished, to the extent we have politics now, it takes place here in cyberspace. There is an election coming up and weather extremities continue to portend a very bad future, but both of those prominent topics are vague abstractions compared to the daily reality of the plague that I call The Asteroid Virus. Everybody's life is changed, everybody's future now is utterly different from what was planned as of just six months ago.

Who had crazy East wind storm for September on their 2020 bingo?

24 Hr High/Low: 92/44

White Catholic Voters Driven by Baseless Fear and Dark Money

White Catholics favor Trump by 59% as shown by a Pew Research poll conducted July 27 – Aug. 2, higher than the 54% of all white voters. (In this poll, Latinos were only 18% of registered voters.)

“Swing states, such as Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Wisconsin have an oversized influence on the outcome of the presidential election. Catholics comprise 20-25 percent of the population in these states,” according to the Political Science Now.  

How the Good Guys and the Bad Guys Handle Reality

After a dearth of opinion articles in the New York Times worth reading, they come up with two in one day.

You have to dig down a little to see how they are related, but you have Pico Iyer saying the Dalai Lama likes science, which I guess is a little more real than politics, because it gets us away, again, at least in theory, from all the partisanship, religion, advocacy. The good guy using reality.

Ignoring the Obvious in the Navalny Poisoning

Whereas Alexei Navalny is depicted as Putin’s major domestic political rival in the Western media, he is in fact a virtual laughingstock among the Russian public, garnering about 1% of their support. Which means that, whereas Putin would have no motivation whatever to murder him, his assassination – or faked attempted assassination – would work wonderfully well as a false flag with the Western public for further demonizing Putin and pushing the Russophobic NATO agenda.

Couple Cooking: There are no words.

This is not an essay about how to successfully prepare hamburgers, but more about avoiding the pitfalls of poor planning when two people are cooking what appears to be a simple meal.
As an example, A put the package of ground chuck out to thaw. A prepared the patties by shaping and seasoning them, then, A cooked them.
I have previously mentioned that B is THE WORLD'S GREATEST TOMATO SLICER.
Bravo to B!