Open Thread Friday

At times I may sound anti-drug treatment. I fully support taking medication if it is for the five rights: right reason, right dose, right response, right length of time and right monitoring. These criteria should be used for all prescriptions, over the counter drugs and supplements and evaluated periodically.

Polling reveals that people who always support wars are usually idiots

Anyone who thinks that supporting the troops means supporting pointless wars, or that bombing villages somehow "teaches them a lesson" is not a deep thinker. When you encounter people that reflexively support wars against places and people that they know absolutely nothing about, you should be aware that you are dealing with someone who is both ignorant and angry.

And the BS begins

CBS this morning reports the U.S. government is confident the Ukraine airliner that crashed after takeoff in Iran was shot down by possibly two surface to air missiles.

Government sources indicate satellite surveillance shows the aircraft was targeted shortly after takeoff, but no visual confirmation from anyone on the ground was reported.

the Insane US War on Iran: a lull, a window of peace, or tactical waiting?

Opinions abound, including ‘inside sources’; a bit of a Round-Up.

‘Iran sent ‘multiple messages’ to US that its attacks were done’, Pamela Brown and Paul LeBlanc, CNN, 12 hours ago

“Iran initiated contact through at least three back channels starting late Tuesday, including through Switzerland and other countries. There were “multiple messages and they were all the same,” a person familiar with the matter said. Iran wanted to convey their retaliatory action had ended — and was waiting to see how the US would respond.” [snip]

Connecting the Dots

This is an op-ed by John Steppling from Dec. 21, 2019 at off-guardian.org for your consideration.  We’d been discussing both capitalism and climate change recently, and although this all seems so utterly beside the point now given the ever-increasing US threats to increased war on Iran (now even nuclear war).  But I’d said I’d post it, so I am; I’ll offer a couple things at the end.  As John’s kindly given me permission to republish all that he writes, I’ll post it all.

Capitalists are no more capable of self-sacrifice than a man is capable of lifting himself up by his own bootstraps.”
Lenin – Letters from Afar