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Making the Most of the Moment

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After last week's topic of homes, I began thinking the most important things in life aren't possessions nor a nice house. Being happy and fulfilled is more about our approach to life, living the life we want, rather than one we've been conditioned to create. Our most precious gift is our time. I know I often get lost in the day to day, and forget to enjoy the moment. Those halcyon days must be recognized to be appreciated, otherwise, the moment is lost.


Billionaires' Toys

(ggersh highlighted this in Friday's Evening Blues, but an expansion might be of interest.) The jumping off point is Gordog's essay at MOA: The Space Race Technical Facts ... While I have little interest in space travel matters, Gordog's clear explication made this interesting to me. It also compelled me to take a look at the news that I had been avoiding.

The Disillusionment of the Deplorables

ICYMI the excellent Twitter thread Azazello posted in last night’s EBs or don’t like reading tweets here it is in article form. It covers the Russia Gate scam and the 1/6 capital event and election shenanigans.

Really worth a read.

Early voting began last Wednesday in Ohio Cong. Dist. 11

where Nina Turner is running for Congress.

A heavy blanket seems to have descended on reporting about the special election, even at so called Progressive sites, which suggests to me that she might be doing rather well. She has been endorsed by Sen. Markey quite recently, the new Rising has a segment about that at YouTube, and by the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Welcome to Saturday's Potluck

Republic of China is in the headlines again this week. Jeff Bezo's publication The Washington Post How did Taiwan become embroiled in Haiti’s political crisis?

A group of people in full military gear broke into Taiwan’s embassy in Haiti on Thursday morning, following the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse, Taiwanese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Joanne Ou said Friday. Haitian police arrested 11 armed suspects, described as “mercenaries” by Taipei.