‘Airstrikes’ & clashes: Libya’s Haftar forces claim control of Tripoli airport as rivals ‘bomb’ them

Someone please explain how much better life is in Libya since “We came, we saw, he died”.


Libyan strongman Khalifa Haftar’s forces say they have taken full control over the former Tripoli International Airport, 34km from the city. It comes amid reports that the UN-backed government used airstrikes against his troops.

"DoucheLeaks": featuring Markos Makesitso, Russia Maddow, Kurt Eivgonebald, Max Bootlick, and of course, Peter Douche

It's provable that the Pestilent Neoliberal Cesspool (or TOP) continues to plunge new depths. But you already knew that as a C99-er.

The place is unrecognizable. Occupied by the very worst, obnoxious, simpleton, fear-laden, incrementalist centrists. They alternate in fear and hubris. Scared of the changes that challenge their soft, meaningless lives of convenience, and so full of vapid self-assuredness that they know what's better for the lessers.

Jacob Levitch parses a Bill Gates and Google discussion of using AI in Health Care

‘Bill Gates talked with Google employees about using A.I. to analyze ultrasound images of unborn children’,
Mar 18 2019, cnbc.com

“Bill Gates, co-founder and former CEO of Microsoft, says he talked to Google researchers on Monday about the application of artificial-intelligence technology in health care.