French Revolution 2018-2019. Finally the Cataclysm That Leads To Global Revolution?

I spent a good part of last night, in between caring for a sick vomiting child, and this morning perusing Twitter and some websites. The scenes and descriptions were alternately exhilarating and nauseating, empowering and confusing, stirring and disconcerting. Perhaps how it was to many citizens of Paris in 1789, or again in the Spring of 1871 during the Paris Commune.

The Weekly Watch

It is a Conundrum

When the government is owned and controlled by corporate oligarchs (like some sort of feudal lord and master), how can politics offer a path to social and economic reclamation and restoration of the ecosystem? Add in the distortion of corporate media and it seems like checkmate.

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150,000 Dead. Reagan and Bush Did Nothing at All

We have listed many of George Bush's crimes against humanity that he committed over the pond, but let's talk about his crime against humanity here at home. This was how his administration ignored the AIDS epidemic while thousands of people were dying every year.

It’s a Disgrace to Celebrate George H.W. Bush on World AIDS Day

At the presidential debate Bush was asked: