Bernie's Corporate Accountability and Democracy Plan

Well, the MSM isn't discussing it much aside from a scare diss here and there, but Bernie has once again made history with a new far-reaching landmark plan for Corporate Accountability and Democracy designed to shift ownership and control of the US economy away from the very affluent and towards workers and the public.

Going into the debate tonight, Bernie is also now clearly taking jabs at his "capitalist to the bones" opponent Elizabeth Warren:

"There are differences between Elizabeth and myself. Elizabeth I think, as you know, has said that she is a capitalist through her bones. I’m not. I am I believe the only candidate who's going to say to the ruling class of this country, the corporate elite, enough, enough with your greed and with your corruption. We need real change in this country. I mean, Elizabeth considers herself, if I got the quote correctly, to be a 'capitalist to her bones.' I don’t. And the reason I am not is because I will not tolerate for one second the kind of greed and corruption and income and wealth inequality and so much suffering that is going on in this country today, which is unnecessary."

the turkish/kurdish debacle in northern syria

Please feel free to add what you know, what you suspect is so, and what you’ve read that’s  rubbish but dangerous. I’ll include the following sources.  Add your own sources at will, as well.

Smoke billows from fires on targets in Ras al-Ayn, Syria, caused by bombardment by Turkish forces [AP Photo]

Syrian army, Iran threaten counterattack against Turkish invasion of Syria’, Alex Lantier, 14 October 2019, wsws.org

“The war unleashed by Turkey’s invasion of Syria, targeting formerly US-backed Kurdish forces, escalated out of control this weekend as the Syrian army and Iran moved to counterattack. With Turkish troops and allied Al Qaeda militias advancing deep into Kurdish-held territory in Syria, the Middle East is only days away from an all-out war between the major regional powers that could trigger a global conflict between nuclear-armed world powers.” [snip]

The Deep State blinks: pulling back from the precipice

Deep State, deep fake?

Foregoing discussion of what constitutes the Deep State, DS, consider one of the most prominent extrusions of the DS into our daily lives. It is called the government. The government as originally conceived by the intellectuals, was a social function which endeavored to provide for the life and wellbeing of the common folk. But government has never been such. Government always coerces the poor at the behest of the rich.

No Opening Statements Allowed at Tuesday, Oct. 15 Debate

Interesting note that there will be no opening statements at Tuesday's debate:

Tulsi Says No Opening Statements

Since there will be 12 candidates on stage, this is sure to cut back on speaking time for candidates like Tulsi or Yang. They will be much more at the whim of the moderators to have any time to make a point.

eva bartlett commits actual journalism in Crimea

‘Return to Russia: Crimeans Tell the Real Story of the 2014 Referendum and Their Lives Since;
Eva Bartlett traveled to Crimea to see firsthand out how Crimeans have fared since 2014 when their country reunited with Russia, and what the referendum was really like’, Eva Bartlett, Oct. 9, 2019, mintpressnews.com (CC w/attribution)

As it is CC, I’ll include it all (save for a few photos), as much of her first-person reporting on several of the key issues defy MSM stereotypes .  (My bolds throughout)

Don't Buy into Corporate Polls

We all should remember how way off polls can be even the day before a primary. Take Michigan for example, which Bernie won:

The polls vary widely, even ridiculously so, this time around and simply don't have any grip on independent voters, now probably more than 42% of the electorate, who can vote in some primaries but not in others. And Bernie's appeal among independent voters is well established.

The Weekly Watch

Variety, Varmints, and Victims

It's been a week of protest around the world. Do any of you remember such a global protest movement? Thousands of people have been arrested world wide.
I've been struggling with a groundhog all week. The varmint mowed down my broccoli in one night. Its groundhog day all over again.
We're losing diversity and variety of our food plants. This week we'll examine some attempts to maintain and grow many types food producing plants.
This first clip is dedicated to 'The Voice In the Wilderness' our resident tree grafter (11 min)

Signal Wave


Good morning, everybody!

My partner, Kate, was hospitalized again last week. She's home, and doing reasonably well, but that didn't happen till last night. It was a hell of a week. So today this is just an Open Thread. No essay.