Russia Welcomes Turkiye's Interest Towards BRICS


"We, of course, all welcome this increased interest in BRICS on the part of our neighboring states, including our important partners such as Turkiye. Of course, the topic of this interest will be on the agenda of the BRICS summit, which will be chaired by Russia," Peskov told reporters.

It's getting to be a bigger club, and we ain't in it. (Para-quoting George Carlin)

Fauci Owns Up

Fauci Testimony

WASHINGTON, DC: Dr Anthony Fauci's testimony revealed that the six-foot social distancing guideline and other measures were not based on scientific evidence but were implemented to "protect" Americans from Covid-19. Fauci disclosed this to the US House select subcommittee on the Coronavirus pandemic in January.

The Weekly Watch

Whirlwind of Wars

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Are we on the brink of WWIII or are we already in it? There's a looming war with China. A NATO proxy war with Russia in Ukraine which has the west in a panic. Plus the Gaza genocide which has SW Asia in a swirl of conflict, and the global majority seeing the US as aiding and abetting the criminal conflict. Additionally our own government appears to be targeting its own people with health scams, mass migration, and the kabuki theater of election distraction to make us think we have options. Yeah right. All as the Biden regime conducts lawfare against Trump.
The positive news comes from the BRICS+ and their new world order prospering through cooperation. All this and more below the fold...

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Album of the Week - 6-1-24

Afternoon folks!

It's another small haul this week since my uploading schedule got interrupted by the holiday weekend bluegrass festival. Starting out we've got a mid-70's Albert King album with some really excellent cuts, and a Chambers Brothers album with an incredible version of "The Weight." After that there's a double live album of Procol Harum in 1969, the sound quality is less than optimal but the music quality is great, then there's a cool album of R. Crumb with a bunch of pretty talented players doing a variety of cool old tunes. In the diversity category there's British folk ensemble Pentangle and an album by Spirit.

Enjoy the tunes and have a great weekend!