Green Acres, is the Life for Me!

First and foremost, I just wanted to thank everyone here for their support. I would not have been able to do this with out you. So, with all of my heart, thank you!

Most important news first, Gigi is adapting and we're back to belly biscuits and being kitty furniture.

The view from about 15-20 ft. in front of my cabin.

No Foolin'?

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Believe nothing, and trust no one this April Fools’ Day.
So it’s just like any other day.

The origin of April Fools Day
While the exact origin of April Fool’s Day is not known, there are possible mentions of it in literature and history dating as far back as 1392 in Geoffrey Chaucer’s work, “The Canterbury Tales“. In The Nun’s Priest’s Tale, a cockerel is tricked by a wily fox on the 32nd day of March, or, April 1st. French poet, Eloy d’Amerval refers to the “fish of April” in one of his works from 1508, which may the first reference to April Fools Day in France, while in 1561, Flemish poet Eduard de Dene wrote a story about a nobleman who would send servants on foolish errands on April 1st every year. The tradition of playing pranks on April Fools Day has been a popular custom since the 19th century, and it certainly hasn’t shown any signs of losing its momentum.


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