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Sanction Insanity

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A study finds that the sanction regime often prolongs conflicts, collectively punishes whole populations and hinders third-party humanitarian efforts. Sanctions imposed by the US are nothing but war by other means. Ironically US sanctions are backfiring as nations dump the dollar and trade in their own currency...$114,500,000,000 in US Treasuries Dumped By China and New BRICS Member Saudi Arabia. All as US debt soars to the point that just interest payments are a trillion dollars a year and going higher.


Album of the Week 9-16-23

Afternoon folks!

There's a plethora of blues this week, there are albums from Junior Wells, Lil Ed & The Imperials, delta slide player Mississippi Fred McDowell and Charlie Musselwhite.

In the rock vein, there's another Spirit album and then you can get all folked up with albums from The International Submarine Band (Gram Parsons - Byrds, Flying Burrito Bros) first successful band, the Grateful Dead (acoustic) and serious folkie, Jody Stecher.

Have a great weekend and enjoy!

Welcome to Saturday's Potluck - Sept 16, 2023

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”
Pablo Picasso

Farm update - its been a while. Lots of changes, yet very much the same - a dance with natural cycles.

Officially calling the property a farm not a ranch since the last of the cattle left in January. Only have a couple of old sheep, donkeys and too many roosters for the hens. The last 3 years been focusing effort on a transition to more vegetative production and less winter responsibility of livestock.

Several of the fruit and nut trees planted 5 years ago yielded their small first crop; apricots, peaches, almonds and pears. The older trees are keeping by busy processing fruit; transparent apple, asian pears and 2 varieties of plums. The greenhouse fig, lemon and lime trees also did well.

Friday Night Photos Wall Art Edition

Happy Friday everyone. I hope everybody is doing well. Post any photos, memes, or music you like.

I was on call for jury duty this week but the group I was assigned to didn't get called in, so that was nice. That fulfills my obligation for the next 18 months. Also nice.
Weather wise the week started out a little hot with temps in the low 90s but by Wednesday things cooled off and it's been pleasant the rest of the week with more nice weather in the forecast for the coming week. I see Hurricane Lee is closing in on the New England area. QMS and other members in the area hunker down and stay safe.

This months camera club outing Tuesday morning was to photograph the murals and wall art in Chicano Park. The park is located in Barrio Logan underneath the east end of the Coronado Bridge where bridge pylons and buildings provide the canvas for some excellent cultural artwork.



Open Thread - 9/15/23 - Rain!

And with it, cool enough temperatures that I dug out a sweater out of the chest of drawers last night.

This happened close to where I live:

Girl Scouts swim away from charging alligator

HUNTSVILLE, Texas (KPRC) - A Texas Girl Scout group may need to add a new badge to their sashes: The ability to escape an alligator.

It happened as the Spring-area troop took an overnight camping trip to Huntsville State Park.

“This is an emergency here! The alligator, it’s in the water - what the (bleep),” someone says on phone video of the incident.

The emergency at the park’s swimming area caused panic and chaos just minutes after Girl Scout Troop 114204 jumped in.

The gator was estimated to be 14 feet long!