Human sacrifice is not good for the economy, and neither is class warfare

Wednesday in The Guardian online there was a piece by Jonathan Portes titled "Don't believe the myth that we must sacrifice lives to save the economy." This is an attempt to rationally rebut the notion that "the economy" is some kind of god or gods which demands continual human sacrifice if the un

the weaponization of coronavirus: more evil than ever

Xi, not China this time; how coy of him:

‘Blame Xi, not China, for the impact of the coronavirus’, Austin Lowe, Opinion Contributor — 03/25/20, the hill.com (two paragraphs of a propaganda piece)

“To refer to the coronavirus as the “Chinese virus,” as Trump and other members of the GOP leadership have, is deeply problematic. It is also misleading. The severity of the virus has nothing to do with action or inaction by the Chinese people; on the contrary, many Chinese citizens should be lauded for their efforts to sound the alarm on the issue.

Heroes in a 1st world country that looks more like a 3rd world one


COVID-19 update: the eyes may have it but the nose knows. A hot topic: fever

Time for serious contemplation once again about the flourishing pandemic. A recent essay entitled the nose knows has been submitted for your erudition. Loss of the sense of smell, which sensation is called olfaction, is called anosmia. Hyposmia is a milder form of diminished olfaction.

How I spent my summer vacation...quarantine, I mean

I have climbed out of the muck in my swamp long enough to write a non-political essay which hopefully will shed light on the current social-isolation = self-quarantine many of us are experiencing. Now being rather new at this business, the unfolding of forced solitude is a new experience. What's that old saying? Something like you can't teach an alligator new tricks--or sum thin' like that.

DIY Masks

[This essay is adapted and expanded from a comment I made in another essay.]

One of my businesses is an online vacuum cleaner supplies store. I just tested HEPA vacuum cleaner bag material for breathability when used as material in a do-it-yourself face mask. It turns out that HEPA is extremely difficult to breathe through when attached to the face with a good seal. It will not make a good DIY mask.