Tulsi's opportunity for political immortality

Tulsi publicly muses about boycotting the next DNC debate. Okay, don't think of a pink elephant. So now the punditry is locked but not yet loaded to shoot if she deigns to stick her head above the political air pollution.

Next tactic--for political immortality.
Repeat--for political immortality

I wish FDR hadn't run for President

It was really irresponsible of him to run when he had polio.

Our history would be so much better if he had just told everybody he couldn't handle the duties of the Presidency due to illness, and told the Democrats to run J. Hamilton Lewis. After all, Lewis was so much more electable and had so much more chance of beating Hoover.

Hot Air

Something to keep in mind…

We have an economic system
that is killing life on earth.
“Anyone who believes
exponential growth
can go on forever
in a finite world
is either a madman
or an economist.”
Kenneth Bolden

Two Drowning Men Pulling Each Other Down to the Bottom

Caught in a rip-tide and being dragged further out to sea, Mr. Brennan has hit the rocks and lost his ship. Floating with him, a hapless group of CIA and NSC Cold Warriors, all in way over their heads.

Having torn the sheets and smashed the hull, they bob in the waves. Lost is the wars they started far off over the horizon. Ukraine, Syria, who is to blame? Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, too.

Surreal: a true CIA palace coup against Trump

Warning: Absurdist Irony Abounds:
From Patrick Martin at wsws.org, Oct. 9, 2019:

‘Why do the CIA assassins and coup-plotters love this “whistleblower”?’

Ninety former national security officials under the Obama and Bush administrations—and three who served for a period under Donald Trump—have signed an “Open Letter to the American People” defending the CIA officer, as yet unidentified, whose whistleblower complaint has become the basis for the House of Representatives opening an impeachment inquiry into the president.