Tom Steyer Takes a Few Minutes out of His Bribery Schedule to Talk About Five Rights

Or more likely, I simply got a robomail from a group supporting the Blue Pig Faction calling itself "Next Gen America". Here's a little snippet:


Injustice has existed in the United States since long before Donald Trump came around, with a Constitution containing as many flaws as noble aspirations.

a psa: ‘Sept. 11th Legal Breakthrough’

‘U.S. Attorney For The Southern District Of New York Agrees To Comply With Federal Law Requiring That He Submit Evidence Of Still-Unprosecuted Federal Crimes At Ground Zero On 9/11 To A Special Criminal Grand Jury’,  News provided by Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry [501(c)(3) nonprofit], Nov 28, 2018

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Something to keep in mind…

The rapid degradation of the Canadian boreal forest
to have a global impact
exacerbating the effects of climate change
In just 20 years, an area nearly the size of Ohio
has been cut with a huge portion
of this harvested wood
converted into pulps that are used to manufacture
and tissue


Trump, the Regime Change Globalist, Endorses the USMCA. Democracy is Dead

"Globalism - the operation or planning of economic and foreign policy on a global basis."

"America is governed by Americans. We reject the ideology of globalism and we embrace the doctrine of patriotism".
Donald Trump, last week at the United Nations

(Note: that statement by Trump is a tell, a giveaway. He's clearly fucking with people and enjoys it. Three days later he signed this globalist agreement.)