Are We Ready For The Big Trump Surprise?

The politics of fear is potent, but it may be losing its grip

We are in the middle of a perfect storm of white supremacy, fascism, a police killing spree, an uprising against it, the Coronavirus pandemic, and a mad genius who will be willing to fake his own vaccine shot just to get re-elected in an election he has no intention of holding.

(BOMBSHELL) The case of Seth Rich's murder (and it's connection to the DNC email leak) has been solved.

No clickbait, no bullshit, just me presenting the result of countless hours of painstakingly researching, connecting dots, and critical thinking/deductive reasoning. Here is the summary of my findings.


Methodology : (For those who research)

Obama is the new Winston Smith and rewriting history

Rewriting History & Rehabilitating George W Bush

To hear Barack Obama now making the claim that Bush was committed to the rule of law and human rights is just the latest betrayal of a Democratic Party that has systematically prevented a reckoning for the crimes of the 43rd president, a party that is clearly uninterested in truth or accountability, and is more than willing to rewrite history to advance its political goals.