Project 2025 by the rhetorical appeals

This is the new version of "Look! Shiny object!" It's now all over Facebook. Here I'm going to try to connect the dots. Anyway, Project 2025. We are supposed to be deeply concerned, once again, about America becoming a theocracy, decades after Reagan put them into power and decades after the publication of Margaret Atwood's Handmaid's Tale.

The Weekly Watch

The Theater of the Absurd...

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JtC suggested Friday things seems like a Greek tragedy, or perhaps comedy. Neil Oliver said this week he thought the house lights in the theater of the absurd have been turned on and all the puppet strings, trap doors, smoke, and mirrors can be seen by those who look. Perhaps it is the many elections that bring the absurd nature of our system to light. Here in the US we debate about a self-serving egotist and a demented warmonger as our president? In the UK they had a choice of globalists and selected the war monger Zionist Stammer. In France lefties are protesting the election results and democracy itself. The EU is freaking out about Orban's trip to Moscow to talk peace. Peace is not acceptable to the EU appointed globalists. It does seem a theater of the absurd across the western governments.


Album of the Week 7-6-24

Afternoon folks!

I hope that you all are having a great weekend. However it turned out, there's sure to be some blues here to make it better. Starting out, there's an album from Muddy Waters with some of his lesser-known early 70's tunes on it, followed by an excellent B.B. King album. After that, it's blues rock with John Hammond and the Nighthawks and Little Feat. After that there's an album for all you guitar pickers out there, Merle Travis and Joe Maphis pick away sometimes at improbable speeds with clean articulation that should make most guitar-shredders jaws drop. We finish off with a 1966 album from Small Faces.

Enjoy the tunes and have a good one!

Saturday Open Thread - 7/6/24: Odds and Ends

Good morning, friends!

I hope you all had a safe and fun holiday.

Mine doubles as a Federal holiday, and personal anniversary. Our original plan was to spend 4 days in our favorite condo on the beach at South Padre Island. Weeks ago, we cancelled the booking. Here is what we missed, an event that happened very close to where we were going to stay:

Friday Night Photos Holiday Hash Edition

Happy Friday everyone. I hope everybody is doing well. Post any photos, memes, or music you like.

Normally I only go to the San Diego Botanical Garden once a year at most and since I was there in May I didn't expect to be there again until next year at the earliest. But last Friday I got an email from them announcing one of their Corpse plants would be in bloom Fri, Sat, and Sun. So on Saturday I stopped by to check it out. Contrary to its name, it didn't smell like a corpse but more like a dirty garbage can and the scent wasn't very strong.

I hope everybody had an enjoyable 4th yesterday.

Everybody say hello to Uncle Fester

Moderates are nothing without the left

If you just look at the headlines of the British and French elections you would never know just how important the political left factored into these elections.
In Britain, the Labour Party had an overwhelming victory over the Tory Party. However, it wasn't so much a victory for Labour as it was a defeat for the Tories.