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Having a cold snap here in Vancouver for the last few days. Temps at night hovering around freezing and rising into the high 40s during the day. Having to put covers over the outside spigots and winterize the Sea Doo and put it away. Winter is here.

The Weekly Watch

Signals Flashing

Train Wreck Coming

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Empires rise and empires fall. We're living during one of those transitions which have occurred many times before. The loss of the dominance of the US dollar is happening before our eyes as American arrogance, aggression, and bullying has turned much of the world away from the US/west and toward the evolving "fair world" multipolar order. There are many signals flashing, giving warning, and it is time to think ahead and prepare for the coming storm.
This chart looks back 1400 years and charts the estimated relative supremacy of the great empires. Of note: the blue American A-frame with a peak around 1955, and the meteoric rise of red China.

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