Here is the bailout brick congress just laid

Some of this might not be true or things will change, but let's look at what we are getting:

Julian Assange to apply for bail amid coronavirus dangers in British prisons

From Oscar Grenfell at wsws.org March24, 2020:

“WikiLeaks announced this morning that Julian Assange’s lawyers will file a bail application at Westminster Magistrates Court tomorrow. The attempt to secure Assange’s release from the maximum-security Belmarsh Prison comes amid warnings that the British penitentiary system is at risk of an eruption of coronavirus infections.

Confessions of a broken-hearted Tulsicrat

Nobody ever accused alligators of being all that smart, except perhaps Pogo (Sobek love him). So, when I started getting wet behind the ears as the saying goes--or at least, one saying goes. There are more sayings than that. For one, I am fond of interspersing wise musings from the past into essays--this may often be done without attribution, in order to promote an aura of my cleverness. You may cease laughing for the moment and listen respectfully as I recite my political stupidity.

Fact Check: Trump Handling of Coronavirus

Trump is taking a lot of abuse for his handling of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. For example, a recent essay on caucus99percent quotes LA Times reporting that "In previous emergencies, including ... the H1N1 flu outbreak, both Republican and Democratic administrations loosened Medicaid rules" and "months into the current global disease outbreak, the White House and senior federal health officials haven't taken the necessary steps".

This is patently untrue.


I’m self-isolating as instructed, for 4 weeks. I would find it soothing right now to be at a monastery in the mountains somewhere, which leaves me wondering how I can achieve a place of greater peace and serenity at home. What do you consider the necessary essentials for achieving greater peace and serenity at this time - and by what principles do you guide yourselves?

At least Spring is coming for you all in the Northern Hemisphere.