Open Thread Friday

Hello friends, volunteered to come back at the keyboard to write a series of Open Thread diaries which hopefully ends with Funky Fridays returning.

Catch up on a few issues from in my previous OTs and comments. The plants and animals on the farm are doing well. Expanded the vegetable garden and now have a strawberry patch. Almost all preparations for winter are in place. I keep thinking of one more project to get done. Hoping for less snow than last year. The possibility of the highway being rerouted through the property appears to be very remote according to Transportation Department personnel at the public meeting last week.

Going to try and create conversations on individual health, healthcare business in general and government roles in healthcare.

We may be Sick of the Impeachment Drama, but Those who Spoke up Bravely against Russiagate may need to do so again. Bernie’s Election Fortunes Could Well Depend on those few Brave Voices

Many of us watch with dismay the spectacle put before us, as august members of the house intelligence committee appear to wrap themselves into pretzels, parsing out who said what to whom and what could they have meant or didn’t – all in one conversation that lasted perhaps 20-25 minutes in all.

a joint project by the Intercept & the NYT

Via the Intercept (8:31):

Calling all sleuths who are intrigued by Media Brands!  Both versions I’ve linked below are far too long for me to read, rather than scan, although at least the NYT version doesn’t include the massive, eye-searing photos the Intercept version does. 

Here are a few questions readers and watchers might want to consider:  How were TI and the NYT able to verify these 700 pages of documents as ‘authentic’ (albetit Maz Hussain’s claim at DN! below)?  Is this simply more anti-Iranian (‘now “our new enemy” a Risen said) Imperial agitprop?  Given they’d allegedly been ‘leaked’ to TI anonymously, who had ‘leaked’ them?  Were they hacked or even created by enemies of Iran?  That would be a long list, yes?

Things I Learned from the Dem Debate

Elizabeth Warren is like Aunt Eller with an empty picnic basket.

I looked deep into Pete Buttigieg's eyes, but could not see his soul. I did hear him tell me that he wants to start a movement for moderate Republicans. So there's that.

Joe Biden's solution to the problem of violence against women is to "keep punching at it and punching at it and punching at it". Joe also does a mean Knute Rockne wax figure impression.

I Think Bernie's About To Take Off. Seems Warren's Campaign Is On Its Heels In Defense, Admits It Didn't Think It Needed A Healthcare Plan, And A Dark Money Campaign Event Is Held For Her In Iowa.

There's not a lot of theorizing here. I just threw this together from various things I'm seeing, and from trying to glean as much as possible as to where it all stands in terms of moving this country Left.