Album of the Week - 5-7-22

Afternoon folks!

This week I have a whole bunch of blues for you guys. Albums by Hubert Sumlin with James Cotton, Freddie King, also compilation albums featuring Earl Hooker and Magic Sam, the Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Eric Clapton with Powerhouse and The Lovin' Spoonful among others. There's an album by Taste, which was Rory Gallagher's band early on in his career and rounding out the week, there's a non-blues album by Peter Rowan with some of his best tunes on it.


Century-old musings about Forever War

This war without end is criminal. What is abominable is that they do not want to end it. No, they do not want. Do not try to tell me that there was no way to end it. Emperor Charles [Karl I of Austria-Hungary] offered peace; he is the only decent man to have appeared in this war, and he was not listened to. There was, through him, a chance that could have been seized... Clemenceau called the emperor a "rotten conscience," it's ignoble. Emperor Charles sincerely wanted peace, and therefore was despised by the whole world. [...] A king of France, yes a king, would have had pity on our poor, exhausted, bloodlet nation. However democracy is without a heart and without entrails. When serving the powers of money, it is pitiless and inhuman.

-- Anatole France

quoted in the Wikipedia Article on Karl I

Open Thread - 05-06-22 - I Fought the Law and I Won...

...just this once.

I've previously written about my 17 year old escapades. Here's another.

One fine summer morn back in '71 I was hanging with some buds near the County Courthouse where we "freaks" gathered almost daily. What's a "freak" you may ask, it's just another word for hippie albeit with more shock value. My hair was down to the middle of my back as was my attitude. I was young, dumb, and full of, well, piss and vinegar.

It was a small gathering, about 3 or 4 if I remember correctly. We were hanging around a street corner shooting the breeze. Next to us was a large trash container that one could find on every street corner in the downtown area of the small northern Illinois town where I lived. The trash container was approximately 3 feet by 3 feet and 4 feet high. The top was rounded so as to make a perfect seat if one was so inclined and, since I was so inclined I hopped up on top of it like a court jester sitting on the king's throne. We continued our deep metaphysical conversation that was most assuredly about freaky stuff.