Open Thread - 05-24-24 - The First American Dictator

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to America's favorite game show where this year our contestants will vie for the honor of being anointed as the First American Dictator.

As we all know, this year's show is the most important in history, and to commemorate this event, the stakes have risen from one lucky contestant being selected as simply the President of the United States to the ultimate prize, The First American Dictator.

We have several contestants this year all of which have been carefully vetted by a panel of experts that have bought their way to the top. After careful consideration it's been determined that only two of the contestants portray the necessary traits to lord themselves above us all. Those traits include but are not limited to, narcissism, arrogance, and above all else, the love of money.

So, without further ado, here's our contestants:

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. & Donald John Trump

Open Thread - Thurs 23 May 2024 - Music Memories

Music Memories

Let's face it, there are a LOT of 'modern' musicians whose music has been popular, played constantly, collected by music lovers and fans, blasted in every store around, on the radio constantly and so on. These musical stars deserve to be recognized for their contributions to music (playing, writing, singing, whatever) and many of them are at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. But, many of them aren't, and recently I found a couple of lists of musicians or bands who aren't in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (see links to these lists below, second paragraph from bottom). The fact that many of the musicians or bands on the lists haven't been recognized by the Hall of Fame shocked me. That might be because some of these bands are personally important to me, I admit, but still...

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, from Cleveland.com

Growing hope

open thread_112.jpg

More corn and carrots in the ground yesterday.Tomato starts are 10" tall and are sufficiently hardened to plant today as I host this OT. Got a tip to plant tomatoes really deep, even burying some of the lower branches, to get a better result. Worked out well last season.