what’s in the $2.3 trillion 2021 Consolidated Appropriations Act?

I’ve borrowed bits from three pieces at RT.com, plus: the Grayzone, Newsweek, off-guardian.org, yahoo finance, rge Federal News Network, the Chicago Tribune, wsws.org, and the Twitterverse without attribution. Apologies if I double-up on items.

The pdf of the 5593 page full text of H.R. 13 is here

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Of the $6.1 billion appropriated for funding foreign militaries, a whopping $3.3 billion — more than half — “shall be available for grants only for Israel,” [image above] and must be “disbursed within 30 days of enactment of this Act.”

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Happy New Year
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Here’s my conundrum. We have a new more virulent form of the coronavirus. Just how does that work? It seems to me that everything stems from viral load. So does it need less load, less distance, what? Once again we are at a point where things are undefined.

Here in California there are few ”beds”. And nurses! Our governor has increased the case load for nurses from four to six making it untenable for them to do their jobs safely. Some are striking now.

#My Story - #ForceTheVote

In March of 2014, I went to a PrimeCare medical clinic to determine why I was feeling so bad. Turns out, as the doctor that was treating me said, “son, you're hours from death”. He told me he was going to have his nurse call an ambulance for me, but I stopped him because I knew if I were to use an ambulance, it would cost a lot of money. So I told him, “forget the expensive taxi, I'll have my wife take me.”

#ForceTheVote - Join the Online Town Hall Tonight!

This evening at 8:30pm Eastern time, there will be an online Town hall to discuss #ForceTheVote.

Hosting this Townhall will be:
Brie Joy Gray – former Bernie Sanders campaign staff
Dr. Cornel West – Needs no introduction around here
Kyrstal Ball - of the Hill's Rising
Nick Brana - of the People Party
Kyle Kulinski - of Secular Talk
and of course Jimmy Dore, jag-off, pot smoking comedian.

bombs, missiles, and Apaches for KSA and other ME ‘partners in peace’: Updated

an alarming update here.

‘US green lights sale of 3,000 bombs worth $290 million to Saudi Arabia & flurry of other Middle East arms deals’, 29 Dec, 2020, RT.com (the accompanying photo: ‘Fire and smoke billow from an army weapons depot after it was hit by a Saudi air strike in Yemen’s capital, Sanaa’

“The US State Department has approved the possible sale of 3,000 precision-guided munitions to Saudi Arabia, alongside more than $4 billion in arms transfers to other regional states, arguing the deals support “national security.”

The munition sale to Saudi Arabia was authorized by the State Department on Tuesday, according to a Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) notice, giving the go-ahead for a transfer of 3,000 GBU-39 Small Diameter Bombs to the Gulf monarchy, worth some $290 million.

This is what is going on with the economy (simplified)

Have you wondered why the stock market has gone crazy, while the real economy slumps? Why the rich are getting so much richer, while the poor are getting so much poorer?
Oh, sure. There's plenty of fraud in this rigged economy, but how is it rigged?
This last question I can answer (from a bird's eye view).