"Big Bad Russia" was so bad we stole all their B movies.

Like Soviet rocketry, Russian sci fi movies were way ahead of anything Hollywood was putting out in the 50's. There were some very good movies that were quite well done and had better production values than found in the west.

Russian sci fi was about exploring our universe and about science and what was possible. Everytime that Hollywood stole a Russian sci fi movie, they turned it into monsters invading or threatening mankind.

How very fascist of us.

Why public grave dancing should not be censored.

Some of you are young enough not to remember the days before the internet. In those days, the media could muffle public outcries, turn a blind eye to protests. Movements like we see nowadays were not possible because it was easier to keep them compartmentalized. Outrage didn't go viral. People as a whole didn't get woke. An insidious form of censorship existed back then. It was censorship through ignorance.

The Law of Autonomy

What happens when a self-driving (autonomous) vehicle breaks the law? Good question. Law governing self-driving vehicles is lagging behind the development of the vehicles but some portions of settled law can be readily applied to the new circumstances.

Clinton Whistleblower's Home Raided by FBI

According to the article Sessions appointed Huber to investigate the FBI's investigation into Hillary's private email server and the Uranium One deal. Huber released a unclassified report on the private email server which has been discussed here, but I wasn't aware that he was also looking into the Uranium One deal.

FBI raids home of whistleblower who had ‘dirt’ on Clinton Foundation, Mueller

An update on members hecate and Knucklehead...

...and a notification of some down time.

We still haven't heard from either of them and under the circumstances that is understandable.

Since right after the recent California fires the plan has been to raise some funds with the goal of getting some supplies or whatever may be needed directly to our friends who have been affected.

Progressives make little to no progress, claim great strides.

This article is relatively long, so I feel ok posting as much of it as I am.

All I can say is anyone who thinks the Democratic Party can be reformed is either a fool or a sheepdog. The Democrats are like Trump in that no matter how many times I convince myself that they can't get much worse, they manage to make a liar out of me.

Scientific discovery causes trouble for identity politics.

Greeting fellow swampers and those who prefer to remain dry.

It has been a while since I shared with you some new insights gained from the world of genetics and political diversions. Fear not, your diligent swamp observer has been busy in the past few weeks (after digesting a really large pre-thanksgiving meal).