Rising Up - Time to Get LOUDER!

I came across this campaign video this morning and was struck by the rare and direct audacity of it. It confronts the unceasing barrage of BS neoliberal claims against Bernie and supporters. He never smiles, he's anti-women, Black folks don't support him. Blah, blah, blah. Anyway, it's worth a watch. Compare it to the 2016 Simon and Garfunkel and the newest Iowa ad . . .

A Classic OPOL Rant 3/13/2019

It’s Time

I’ve lost all patience with moderates, centrists, incrementalists and mainstream establishment Democrats who think the status quo is not so bad, just needs a little tweaking around the edges. They’d be satisfied just getting rid of Trump – which is fine as far as that goes, it just doesn’t go nearly far enough.

Double dose of bad news--the loss of OPOL and Bernie

I too am saddened by the loss of OPOL. And hopefully he has respite from the earthly concerns which shape us all. His loss will affect something hard to measure, the influence of a political stance, founded in compassion and its twin empathy, which will no longer be heard or read. Memories, can be powerful, altering behavior of those sharing those memories; and without even realizing that behavior has been altered in others exposed such a world scheme.

Wear Our Love Like Heaven

A friend dropped dead today: massive heart attack. One minute, he was here; the next, he wasn’t.

Randy Shields.

He and I met because we both have the writing disease. A few years back he published a fine little volume: Wear Your Love Like Heaven. You can find it in the tubes.

Today, a mutual friend, another writer, she, of Randy, wrote this: “He was always reaching for the stars and romancing a future utopia that was such a dynamic and enlightened place, with a superb view of the entire cosmos. It was a recurring visual mood in his writing, regardless of the topic. If you clicked on one of his essays, there was a chance you might be pulled into his utopia where you would scroll and scroll while love would fall like rain and peace would break out across the sky—because that's how nature rolled in that place. I never doubted that he had somehow caught a glimpse of this exuberant utopia, across time. And I don't doubt that's where he is now, wearing his love like heaven.”

further indications that the Pentagon is preparing for war on Iran

(I know it’s longish, but it’s all of a piece, and of major importance as well, imo.)

‘Amid tensions with Iran, US shifts Middle East command from Qatar to S Carolina’, Sept. 30, 2019, presstv.com

“The United States Air Force temporarily shifts its command center from Qatar to South Carolina amid US President Donald Trump’s escalation of tensions with Iran.

BBC World News reports Bernie Sanders heart surgery

From the BBC World News article:

The 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, 78, has been in hospital to receive two stents for an arterial blockage.

He was admitted after experiencing chest pain during a campaign event on Tuesday evening in Las Vegas, Nevada.

OPOL has moved on

I just read this dreadful news on daily kos.

Although he hasn’t blogged here in a long while, and I too have mostly been a lurker for many years, I felt I had to come here to share the sad news that OPOL has passed away suddenly after a massive heart attack. I learned the sad news of Randy’s passing on Facebook.