Trump Declaring National Emergency to Build the Wall

(Update: DOJ says Andy’s lying) McCabe confirms talks held at Justice Dept. about removing Trump

Who the hell does this SOB think he’s fooling? The more this guy opens his mouth, the more we find out how out-of-control these seditionists were/are.

McCabe confirms talks held at Justice Dept. about removing Trump

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day folks. I've temporarily changed the thumbs up image with a picture of a rose. Since roses seem to be the new currency to curry political favor, perhaps if we give out enough of them then we too can get a spot on national TV as a talking head.

Same as it ever was.

In the midst of the daily cray-cray

In the midst of the daily cray-cray (srsly), I sometimes like to pause and look on the bright side. We are having national conversations about many important issues: race and discrimination, police violence and militarized policing, LGBTQ rights, health care for all, free education, wealth and income inequality, dysfunctional government, human rights, immigration, socialism vs.

DailyKos Straw Poll

As much as I'd rather not give dailykos clicks or anything else, I think I would prefer Kos having to eat crow and have to declare Bernie the winner of his crappy, email grubbing, straw poll.

The last poll was on February 4, 2019.

The straw poll will run every two weeks, and candidate names will be rotated. I will cut off vote counts at 24 hours after the poll is posted (as votes can keep streaming in indefinitely).

Hot Air

Something to keep in mind…

The climate crisis is the greatest and the most complex challenge

that Homo sapiens have ever faced.

We must change almost everything in our current societies.

The bigger your carbon footprint is, the bigger your moral duty.

The bigger your platform, the bigger your responsibility.
Greta Thunberg