Amazon isn't the only company that paid $0 in federal taxes last year

We’re way past the time for pitchforks and tumbrels.

Amazon isn't the only company that paid $0 in federal taxes last year

Under President Trump's new tax law, 60 of America's biggest corporations paid $0 in federal taxes in 2018, despite earning billions of dollars in profits.

Pg. 1 Lede in Today's NYT: "'Stop Sanders’ Democrats Are Agonizing Over His Momentum"

...and a similar headline--regarding today's Times article--over at CommonDreams.org, on Tuesday: "As Sanders 2020 Campaign Gains Steam, Corporate Democrats Reportedly 'Growing Increasingly Nervous'," are basically telegraphing to the public that the writing's on the wall, as far as the Democratic Party's status quo's 2020 Presidential Primary campaign strategy is concerned.

The New Contras

I like to read Bloomberg. It offers such interesting opinions for why we can't possibly tax the rich or regulate corporations, while lamenting the mysterious and unsolvable tragedy of wealth inequality.
However, Bloomberg also publishes enlightening articles such as this one.

Wikileaks/Manning revelations treated with Respect by MSM in 2010

Examples of mainstream media coverage of Wikileaks and Manning releases of information are seen here in CNN and ABCNews 2010 reports on U.S. private contractors paying the Taliban for safe passage on supply roads.


Fox News Crowd CHEERING LOUDLY at Bernie's Town Hall, For Gov't-Run Healthcare, Taxing the Rich, Protecting SS, etc.

I ain't got much to say here. Just perusing Twitter and #BernieTownHall is trending, though obviously being overshadowed by the Notre Dame fire.

And while I don't believe much in electoral politics the message here, the evidence that the divide and conquer bullshit isn't as effective as we've been led to believe, the fact that when asked people on the Right do want many of the same things we want - are all something to behold.