Obama isn't even trying to hide what he did for the banks

At Elite Gala With Ex-Bush Official, Obama Implores Wall Street to Thank Him for Making Them so Much Money

GrayzoneProject — Barack Obama urged bankers to thank him for helping make them so much money during his tenure as president. He also boasted of turning the US into the world’s largest oil producer.

Chairman JCS - We Must Occupy Afghanistan Forever to Protect the Homeland!

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Insert Name Here, said at an "event organized by the Washington Post", that the feverishly flailing empire that is the United States needs to stay in Afghanistan forever or we'll have another false flag attack like we had on 9/11.

Well, he didn't really say it that way, I kind of embellished a little bit.

Bitcoin Miners VS DIY PC Enthusiasts

Recently the temperature sensors on my current graphics card have died. A good way to tell this is to look at the readings on your device's software (i.e. AMD Catalyst). If the temperature in the overclock section reads something like, say, -128 Celsius, that usually means the sensors are screwed. As a result, the fan now runs full-blast regardless of activity, meaning the fan will likely burn out sooner or later.

Innocent Until . . .

I will never make a great cartoonist. Political cartoons have one point and one point only. I tend to throw a dozen ideas into one picture. However, the overall meaning, I think, can be understood fairly easily. Opening the image in a new tab will bring up a much larger view.

EXCLUSIVE: Independent Candidate Files Election Fraud Lawsuit Against Debbie Wasserman-Schultz

Missed this the other day. AllI can say is BWAHAHAHA. Brenda isn’t around to take the heat anymore. Too bad, so sad. And I admit, I’ll enjoy seeing this unwind. DWS & Sipes screwed Canova so now it’s payback time (hopefully).

STATEEXCLUSIVE: Independent Candidate Files Election Fraud Lawsuit Against Debbie Wasserman-Schultz

"There is No Middle Progressive Ideology"

I'm not sure where this is coming from but I'm certainly interested to see if this catches on and where it goes. It's exactly what is needed not only in France, but here in this country and basically the entire planet. Organize independently from the corrupted political systems that represent the oligarchies and demand a complete change in human governance from rule by the rich to power to the people.

Tom Steyer Takes a Few Minutes out of His Bribery Schedule to Talk About Five Rights

Or more likely, I simply got a robomail from a group supporting the Blue Pig Faction calling itself "Next Gen America". Here's a little snippet:


Injustice has existed in the United States since long before Donald Trump came around, with a Constitution containing as many flaws as noble aspirations.