200,000 flags for Inauguration Day; Woot !

Cuz nothin' says Failed Republic like: 'Flag-packed National Mall, razor wire & military patrols give off surreal vibes ahead of Biden’s ‘virtual’ inauguration (PHOTOS)', RT.com

'Biden hosted a ceremony on Tuesday night to commemorate the 400,000 US deaths linked to Covid-19. The somber event featured a row of candles that lined the reflecting pool at the Lincoln Memorial, prompting CNN to gush that the lights were “extensions of Joe Biden’s arms embracing America.” [...]

In Your Face Racist Authoritarianism - Tucker Carlson w/Jason Whitlock on the Military Occupation of D.C.

Based on a manufactured threat - military occupation of Washington, D.C. not seen since the Civil War (when there was and actual war going on just the other side of the Potomac).

Effectiveness of vaccines to stop Covid-19

Two types of vaccine against Covid-19 are likely to become more available this spring. The mRNA vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer are approved and slowly being rolled out in the US. They both need to be transported and stored at freezing temperatures which makes distribution more difficult. The Oxford vaccine, which only requires refrigeration, will be easier to transport in rural areas and countries with poorly developed medical infrastructure.

The Weekly Watch

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Failed Strategies

I personally think the impeachment is foolish. Somewhere between 30 and 40% of Americans are Trumpeteers. How will they react to the Drumpster being de-platformed and impeached? My guess is not well. Just as the US doesn't support the election of people who we don't approve (because they won't allow US corporate rule)...from Evo Morales to Maduro...we don't believe in our own citizenry to reject Trump at the polling booth. So cheer on the corporate censorship...except you might be next. Just as these same folks cheered the banning of Alex Jones...but that led to the censorship of many voices on the left...and certainly their de-moneyfication and loss of revenue. Krystal and Saagar think son of a Mitch is playing the dim(wit)s yet again. They may be right.

Is This McConnell’s Evil Genius Impeachment Plan? (8 min)

Vatican Finances Now Controlled by the Company Men

The term “company men” refers to those whose loyalty can be described as willing to do whatever the company needs. During his reign, Pope Francis had appointed some men to control his finances who would allow their personal ambitions or agendas to influence their decisions. Not anymore.