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Giving Thanks?

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In our chaotic world it can be difficult to be thankful about the state of things. However, we can be grateful for the truce in Gaza and the hostage exchange. Too bad this isn't a permanent ceasefire, but merely a delay in the genocide perpetrated upon the Palestinians. One aspect is that this aggression has gone so far as to shock people awake to US and Israel's inhumanity. That story and more below the fold.

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Album of the Week 11-25-23

Afternoon folks!

I hope that you're all having a great, long fall weekend. This week we've got a blues album from Little Milton in I suppose the middle part of his career when he was recording for Chess records. After that we've got some live zydeco from Queen Ida. Then there's a bunch of blues rock - a double album compilation of early Fleetwood Mac with Peter Green and Jeremy Spencer, followed by a live album from Foghat. Then we go acoustic with a double live album from Doc & Merle Watson and we finish up with a change of pace - an album by Ghanaian musicians Osibisa.

Enjoy and have a great weekend folks!

Friday Night Photos Big Bird Edition

Happy Friday everyone. I hope everybody had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday. Post any photos, memes, or music you like.

Woke up to the pitter-patter of rain this morning, with more showers possible throughout the day. Sunny warm days to return tomorrow through most of next week. The price of gas has finally dropped below $5 a gallon for the first time in forever to $4.86. Food is still expensive as hell. 1 gal milk $5. 1 doz eggs $7. 1 loaf of wheat bread $6.50. 1 lb ground beef $6. I go shopping once a week. It's a rare day when I can get out of the grocery store for less than $100. All part of the cost of living in paradise.  I hope the paradise you live in is more affordable.

Since most people probably had turkey on the menu yesterday, I thought some other large birds would be fitting.

Great Blue Heron

11/24/23 - Open Thread from an Empty Head

Good morning, friends!

This is the day after Thanksgiving, a our feast of homemade pizza highlighted the occasion.

War news runs a tight gamut from seeming to draw to an end in Ukraine, to potential escalation into a huge regional war in the Place Where Oil Is. Over and over, I am reminded of the guide on my tour of Jordan. He had to laugh about Jordan having no history of invasions, since they have no natural resources anyone wants, except a bit of tar. His people take pride in that, since they can always be peace negotiators with nothing to gain, nothing to lose. They have far fewer problems being a poor country than we do being the Exceptional Country. Jordan's history is proof Smedley Butler knew what he was saying...war is a racket.