Saudi Arabia on the verge of losing the war in Yemen

Saudi Arabia has been bombing civilians in Yemen (and covering it up) for four years. Yet they haven't come anywhere close to taking back the capital of Sanaa.
The Saudi's most notable victory was defeating the Houthi assault on the old capital city of former state of South Yemen - Aden.

Pepe Escobar weighs in on Hong Kong civil disobedience

I’ll only focus on the Pepe’s Hong Kong portion, as I’ll bring other viewpoints as well.  A recent reader asked me to say that my (limited thoughts and content) are in violet,  hyperlinks turn blue at c99%; all else is in black.  This is longish, but given the current anti-China realpolitik afoot, this is a very big deal in my estimation.  Feel free to weigh in, even with contrasting sources and opinions.  Dagnabbit, I’d forgotten to see if Joe Biden’s blaming the protests on the Russians on Twitter.

‘Hong Kong, Kashmir: a Tale of Two Occupations’ Pepe Escobar, August 7, 2019,  strategic-culture.com (CC w/ attribution):

Hot Air Climate News Roundup

Something to keep in mind…

The subantarctic seas are some of the richest on Earth,
and there is a genuine paradox here,
for that richness exists
despite an almost total absence
of the nutrient iron.
The presence of sea ice somehow compensates for this,
for the semifrozen edge between salt water
and the floating ice
promotes remarkable growth of the microscopic plankton
that is the base of the food chain.
Despite the months of winter darkness,
the plankton thrives under the ice,
allowing the krill that feed on them
to complete their seven-year life cycle.
And wherever there is krill in abundance,
there are likely to be penguins, seals and great whales.
The Weather Makers
Tim Flannery

The Choice of TPTB megaphoned by MSDNC

This Chuck Todd clip pretty much sums it all up, methinks. It ain't Warren. And when push comes to shove, she'll play ball with Biden. Big Banks, Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Tech, Big Infocontainment, Military Industrial Complex, Global Security State . . . And it will never cease to amaze me how some folks equate Bernie with Trump (which seems to be the rage now) or even with Hillary or Biden or Obama. Oh well, horseshoes.

OMG! Bernie says the media is biased. Journalists fall on their fainting couch

Senator Sanders has dared to say that the media, the Washington Post in particular, isn't completely fair and unbiased in their coverage of him.
Where Bernie could have dreamed up this wild konspiracy theory no one knows.
So the media was forced to defend itself from this baseless smear.