The Weekly Watch

Insanity to the nth Degree

Summer arrived this week bringing more heat with both the weather and arrogant American aggression. We refuse to learn, and so march ever quicker toward our own extinction. In part, I refer to global heating and the US refusal to even admit it is a problem...as we continue to market "Freedom" gas and crisscross our nation with poisonous pipelines. Even worse, we promote coups and war in Central and South America, the middle East, the Ukraine, and all around the world. All promoted by the corporate greed of fossil fuel, finance, arms manufacture, and all our covert mafia like secret agencies. The facade of democracy peeled away long ago. We are trapped in a corporate oligarchy...victims of a run away profit motive which over rides all sensible approaches toward a peaceful, productive planet which treats people with respect, equality, and justice.

Phil Ochs reminds us this isn't a new approach in the US.

Picture this

broke my brownie camera.
You'll have to use your imagination.
It is an exceedingly beautiful image.
You know that snapshot in the back of your brain.
The reason you keep trying to find something equivalent.
Your eyes are the camera. Your mind the film.

Alligator University announces recent discoveries and our latest commencement

Greetings, fellow swampers and those who prefer remaining dry. My apologies for not keeping c99 updated on the happenings at AU. For those new to this site, allow me to inform you of Alligator University, a distinguished institution of swampology and other forms of higher learning.


Could we have a candidate, a leader, advocating for peace in this world?

Parties be damned, money be damned, nations be damned, religions be damned.

Peace to all people,

let the bells ring.

"War, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing."

Comparing Biden to Sanders on racism

Black people love Joe Biden, but don't trust Bernie Sanders because he is in some vague, undefined way, a racist.
That's what the media tells us. That's what black political leaders tell us.
And that's why I don't trust the media or these current black political leaders or anytime modern Identity Politics is used.