My Day in Court... Or... Jury Duty

Hey folks, Detroit here. I'm alive, I'm functioning, and I'm done with politics. Totally done. But when politics comes to ME, well, I'm gonna fucking say something.

So... got that lovely little notice in the mail. Jury duty. Fucking Jury Duty. Yeah, just what I fucking need, but hell with it, it's my civic duty, I'll go. And I'll do exactly what they tell me to do.

Buh-Bye, Top Tier Cop! The Desperation Is Noticeable For A Party So Phonily Invested In Racial Politics.

No one who's really paying attention should be the least bit surprised, especially those who don't pay attention to the stupid pageantry of the non-stop quadrennial circus, MSM debate/punditry barrage, that Kamala just dropped out. A couple of tweets at the end to cover the obvious.

Book review: Michael Bloomberg and Carl Pope, Climate of Hope

The subtitle of this book is "How Cities, Businesses, and Citizens Can Save the Planet." Okay so why am I reviewing a book that was published in 2017? Mostly it's because with the ascension of Bernie Sanders' second campaign, the elites are getting desperate. And so Michael Bloomberg to the rescue!

Six more European countries join INSTEX

This is potentially very good news for Iran, although I’ve raised a few (so far) unanswered questions below.  If readers know the answers, please fork them over.  ; )

From iranpress.com, Nov 29, 2019
“Six other European countries have joined the INSTEX financial mechanism to fulfill the E3 countries’ (Germany, UK, France) commitments to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden announced in a joint statement that they are in a process of attaching the Instrument in Support of Trade Exchanges (INSTEX) for helping the E3 countries, the European party of Iran’s nuclear deal or JCPOA, to facilitate legitimate trade between Europe and Iran.

The Weekly Watch

Leftover Potluck

Another holiday come and gone. I hope yours was rewarding. Visiting with family can be a two edged sword - sometimes stressful and combative, other times pleasant and fulfilling. We see one another rarely these days so it tends to be pleasant. My Mom is 88, so I'm glad to spend some time with her while I can. Both my sisters were there this year, one having returned from a tour of teaching in China. They are close to the same age and they have had issues in the past, but all was well this year. This week I thought I would pull together several sources I've collected but not posted and serve a smorgasbord of ideas from food to politics to the economy. Let's begin by getting back to the garden...

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