This is what you get when you don't include class in the equation

Everyone has a need to understand the world around them. When something really big and unusual happens this need becomes paramount. Problems happen when we don't have the tools to understand these events. Often we don't have those tools because we've been trained not to use them.
That is what is happening today. We are being buried in irrational conspiracy theories, victim blaming, xenophobia, and scapegoating.

I think many of the assumptions we seem to still be making here are wrong.

For example, I can show easily how the purported goals of the so called progressives are going to run into the purported goals of neoliberal so called Democrats which frame things like services provided by anybody besides corporations for anything besides strictly for profit as trade barriers and possibly illegal unless they are so completely frr and nonprofit, with no mony involved at all, not for profit that as far as I can tell such a thing doesnt even exist today in the US.